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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Autodefensas Accuse Each Other Of Being Narcos

The differences between the two blocks that make up the General Council of Autodefensas have escalated into accusing one another of being linked to organized crime

By: Laura Castellanos

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán— The roadblock that blocked the advancement of the autodefensas towards the port of Lázaro Cárdenas ended up showing the differences between the two blocks that make up the General Council of Autodefensas.  The roadblock that was set up on the coastal road of the village of Chuquiapan prevented the liberation of the port, considered to be the main financial stronghold of the Caballeros Templarios.

This roadblock was set up on February 26, two days after a front of farmer guards and Nahuas indigenous peoples from the municipalities of Aquila, Coahuayana, Chinicuila and Coalcomán would take off to the opposite end of the coast and in nine days, would advance 260 kilometers to Caleta de Campos.

A skirmish, which occurred on April 27 when the autodefensas of Caleta tried to cross the roadblock, with an outcome that left five people dead, caused the two main blocks that make up the autodefensas to accuse each other of having links to organized crime.

The group that Papa Smurf leads is part of the main leaders in the area of Tierra Caliente, who include agricultural farmers, and ex “forgiven” Templarios; the other side is led by Manuel Mireles, who is supported by autodefensas of the purépecha plateau and the coastal communities, who refused to let “forgiven” Templarios integrate with them.

On May 1, Adela Micha broadcasted an interview with Papa Smurf on Televisa, which asked about the autodefensas of Caleta.

—Are they from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG)? (Originally from the state of Jalisco)

—[Yes] from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, they were going with another purpose: the port of Lázaro Cárdenas— Papa Smurf responded.

Meanwhile, Mireles states on the same incident that: “None of the dead were from Chuquiapan, they were only Templarios from Lázaro Cárdenas and from La Mira”.

The autodefensa leader of Caleta, Gabriel Caballero “El Plátano”, stated during an interview with El Universal that Caballero Templario leaders in the region, such as El Chabelo and El Quinientos, who funded the militia of the roadblock, are allied with Papa Smurf.  “And they have told me through the phone that they want to fuck me up”, “El Plátano” says.

The Attack

On April 27, at 15:30 hours, 200 autodefensas from Caleta, on dozens of trucks and accompanied by a convoy of Federal Police (PF) towards the end, commanded by Chief Valerio, headed towards liberating Lázaro Cárdenas.

A makeshift camp with civilians was at the roadblock, apparently unarmed, and masked men controlled the free transit of individuals.

The rural guard Aníbal Barajas says that the instructions were to shoot only if they were shot at.  When they tried to pass through the checkpoint, a truck crossed onto the road and shot at them.

“Someone who was at the hills shot, and two who were at the roadblock came out firing, they were the ones who first opened fire”, Barajas says.

But from the opposing side, Jesús Ramírez says that they didn’t have any weapons.

“It’s a lie, we didn’t shoot at all”, he says.  “No one was at the hill”.

Hours later, Manuel Mireles and Papa Smurf arrived at the place from different routes.

Mireles arrived accompanied by a dozen trucks and met with the autodefensas of Caleta.

Then, Papa Smurf and some 50 vehicles came down from the mountain with a convoy of State Police to protect the roadblock.

The Evidence of Caleta

In the joint operation of the autodefensas of Caleta and the Federal Police, in Chuquiapan, they found a document signed on March 8, 2014 by Papa Smurf and 50 people, who asked the Vice Admiral Luis Orozco, of the Tenth Naval Military Zone, to protect the roadblock because they feared an attack “by a criminal group”.

The letter talked about the masked men: “we don’t have any type of weapons and that is why we cover our faces”.

In the operation, weapons and official uniforms of the Mexican Navy and the Mexican Army were found buried in the village.

The autodefensas group took four “hawks” to Caleta, videotaped the interrogations without showing their faces, and then let them roam freely.

In the testimonies the youths say that a woman named “Mary” from Playa Azul, paid them 1,200 pesos per week in order to “work with the (false) autodefensas to benefit the people”.

Each of them says that Papa Smurf would even come down to the roadblock to visit them.  One says: “He (Papa Smurf) hung out with the Templarios a lot”.

The autodefensas also obtained some official statements by the “hawks” of the roadblock, in which they say that men with large caliber weapons were there.

In five videotaped testimonies, a man and four youths stated that they came from La Mira and Lázaro Cárdenas.

The boys, who range from 15 to 18 years old, explain that they were paid between 1,000 to 1,200 pesos every two weeks to be at the roadblock.

One of them states that around eight armed men “were up there, at the wall”, which is what they called the cliff of the mountain; while other armed men were on both sides of the road hiding.

“El Plátano” also states that the autodefensas also found a narco-laboratory close to Chucutitán with a witness who incriminated Papa Smurf: “Without pressuring him or anything, [he said: ‘It’s Papa Smurf’s’]”.

The Meetings

On April 29, the General Council of Autodefensas met and mentioned “El Plátano”.  He didn’t attend, he sent a representative; his expulsion was decided, and the autodefensas under his command were unrecognized.

The following day, the Council held another meeting in a seaside bower in Aquila, in which Papa Smurf did not attend but his second in command, El Gordo, an avocado farmer who is linked to the Templarios, did.

“El Plátano” attended and gave his version, he showed the document and some shirts that said: “Grupo de autodefensa”, who according to testimonies, were given to the people who were at the roadblock by Papa Smurf.

Mireles says that at the meeting, “El Plátano” scolded El Gordo and told him that he had a video that shows him receiving money from Servando Martínez Gómez, La Tuta.

Mireles says: “That is when El Gordo stood up and said: “We have all been sitting down alongside La Tuta, and I said: ‘Not I, Not I’”.

Later on, El Gordo returned to the issue and justified his encounter with La Tuta with the reason of being extorted, “Who hasn’t met with La Tuta?  Businessmen, packers, farmers”, he listed.

The Council did not expel the autodefensas of Caleta or “El Plátano”; on the contrary, they decided to stick together. 

The next day, at the meeting that the Council had with Alfredo Castillo in Apatzingán, Papa Smurf introduced a dozen people who said they were affected by Chuquiapan.

After the end of the meeting, Castillo and Papa Smurf, with Mireles behind with a tense face, met before the press.

Papa Smurf said that the autodefensas of Caleta were unrecognized until it is clarified “who is to blame for the killings” of Chuquiapan.

His unilateral declaration angered the autodefensas of the coast; the majority of which are Nahua indigenous people, who have strengthened the view of their own community organizing without media leaders.

Semeí Verdía, a Nahua leader of Ostula, said: “Papa Smurf is just a spokesperson and is not someone who can run off someone else”.  He also added: “It makes you wonder how they have liberated a lot of municipalities without even catching a fucking ‘hawk’.  Wouldn’t there be a little business with the Templarios?”

The Statements

On the afternoon of Saturday, May 3, Papa Smurf, El Gordo, and a dozen trucks were at the roadblock in Chuquiapan with men and women there as well.  They had arrived there the previous night with 50 vehicles, accompanied by a convoy of State Police.

Papa Smurf was to move to the square of Chuquiapan to formalize the local autodefensas and also the citizen committee of that same group.

Upon commenting to him that they accused him of having ties with the Templarios for supporting Chuquiapan, he pointed at the people who were next to him and said: “Are they Templarios?  They’re townspeople!”

 He continued: “I don’t support any criminal and I don’t have any differences with Dr. Mireles, let’s make it clear!”

However, Manuel Mireles, without making any direct accusations, says that: “There is a lot of economic interest and they’re going to kill for the economic interest.”

“Here, there are bastards who used to be lemon pickers who are now owners of six avocado orchards”, Mireles says.  “There are bastards who didn’t even have a fucking bike before who are now owners of 12 trailers, and I’m denouncing them”, he adds.

—And is Papa Smurf involved or infiltrated?—they ask him.

—I can’t tell you because if you publish it, there are going to be more people who want to fuck me up—he answers.

Source: El Universal


  1. "Many of them, to satisfy tyrants, for a handfull of coins are betraying and spilling the blood of their brothers."
    -Emiliano Zapata

    "Greed has poisoned man's soul. A decent world that will give men a chance to work - that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will! Dictators free them selves but they enslave the people!!!"
    -Charlie Chaplin
    " Curse them all of those who help people with their words, but harm them with their actions"
    -Benito juarez


  2. Word is that papa smurf has teamed up with broly. Broly has agreed to change his name from Bandera to smurfette.

    1. Nah! That nickname is already taking by Melissa Plancarte! Lol Broly can be happy smurf!

  3. misleading title. the plantano says smurf is narco
    smurf allows narcos in his group
    dr Mireles does not allow even reformed criminals in.

    so my vote is for dr, Mireles, he is the only one of this bunch that is clean, for sure.

  4. I was worried this day would come.

    Let us not be surprised that the Autodefensas split up even more now, becoming weaker and ultimately dissolved, as rival cartels move into battle the sparse Templarios.

    I can only shake my head in disbelief.

  5. --The people knows better, time to form Dr Mireles all volunteer army, the only one authorized to bear arms.
    --all agricultural or mining property to be community owned, no single leader will have the right to any property they did not own before the movememt started.
    --any and all vehicles need to have proper registrations, and prove procedence, have license plates, and ideally barcoded documemtation, at all times.
    --every community needs to know who is every member, and what they do for a living, and carry ID, with foto and fingerprints, at least until the problems subside.
    i know it's hard, but losing the movement to infiltrated criminals from all quarters is a lot worse.
    when all those guys are proving to be a bunch of greedy comadres, it's time to let them go, CEREMONIOUSLY, in front of everybody, a vigilance commitee, not allowed to kowtow to anybody, needs to watch over the cleaning up and disciplining, when people start pushing levers and influencing others for their personal benefit, with success, it is all over.
    the indian communities need to be heard, and allowed to self govern, not by a self-monitored comission of exploiters designated by anybody foreign to their community...
    ----BECAUSE I SAY SO...

    1. do u work for the government ?

  6. Somebody in the autodefensas needs to kill papa smurf he seems to be a bad apple. Mireles is the only man for the people.

    They should have a Mireles day in mexico as a national holiday he is a true hero thats for sure.

  7. Yes, I think the title is not accurate... it clearly states that shit smurf lets former CTs and probably CTs into his groups. Mireles does not.

    Could you pls change the title to make it more accurate? Mireles is getting enough bad press lately, without inaccurate headlines.

  8. they all have there faults

  9. May 8, 2014 at 10:50 PM
    "so my vote is for dr, Mireles, he is the only one of this bunch that is clean, for sure"
    If i think anyone is decent it is Dr Mireles,i don't care what he does in private,hes a handsome dude,bet he got women throwin themselves at him.
    “El Plátano”said after L Cardenas killing that Smurf was dirty,anyone see that little clown in his shorts?He thinks hes an half-assed rock star?Whatever else this is a sad development to something that gave Michoacan and Mexicans a good example.Look what the AD achieved in a few short months,hopefully they can get back on track,but human nature usually does give us cause for concern?

  10. Calm down fuckers no need for worry, in all struggles there is friction. Remember the doctor is no pussy; were he one, the Pap smear smurf being jealous would be an issue. Being that the good doctor is no pussy and not gun shy, I suspect the movimiento will go forward as planned. Animo Defenzas Rurales!!!!

    1. You calm down it is all gonna go downhill with out mireles but he was just like the spoke person he dident know what was going on only what thry told him to say or do. He was not in the mix!

    2. @159 how can you tell me to calm down when you're the one sounding all freaked out like you're actually there. You're not. Calm down. Also, I know what the article says because I read it. Thanks. None of this shit means anything to mireles he knows what he's doing and does it well. Take a fucking chill pill.

  11. En la union esta la fuerza ...El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.....Autodefensas have liberated many cities ,however without unity another cartel will take over.I agree with the Doctor no ex Templarios should be allowed to join the Autodefensas .
    14 Gente del Mencho CJNG RIP El Bravo Y R5

  12. Evil & greed have possibly taken over. Not everyone in Mexico is infected by evil and satan This is not about drugs anymore. It superceeds that .
    With people being found in mass graves , The San fernando bus massacres,
    foreign citizens and journalists disappearing. Still evil prevails and the infection grows. What kind of sick beings slaughter a whole musical group
    (Kombo Kolombia) and throw them into a well? Where on earth does this happen? How many children are affected ? I guess Nigeria does not have fancy tourist beaches to divert and distract the horror. Peace .

  13. First and foremost. Mexico needs to modernize it's police forces, where only police corporations are carrying out the work of law-enforcement. The CAMs are for all practical purposes an citizens' army carrying out a war against organized crime. The danger with that is that they are obtaining power and as we all know absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some of these AD leaders are seeing opportunities appear to them, I'm afraid P. Sniff is one of them, and have decided to capitalize on them. I believe drug trafficking is one of them. Woman might be another. Leaders like Dr. Mireles must prevent the corruption that is infiltrating some ADs from taking over all of the CAM. If not his movement will fail. His fight against OC and the forces that want to continue the status quo is something that can definitely cause him his life. Furthermore, this Migueladas has seen his desire to remove the CTs has occurred through his fomenting of the CAM. The problem with that act is that he fomented a movement that grew into something more than a disguise to overthrow CT. It has grown into a movement to overthrow organized crime altogether and the dark forces that collude with the oc. Migueladas is ready to hand the CTs sword of their holy grail over to Pap Smurf, so Americano and H3.

    1. They are doing it as we speak check out tancitaro new police forces

  14. Carlos Arnoldo Lobo, a Honduran citizen who worked for Mexico's Sinaloa drug gang, was transferred to U.S. custody on Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.


  16. the scenery in the picture with the ocean in the background, looks very pretty, except for pitufo in it.

  17. Wow, you would think they would take care of the dirty laundry in the back yard not for everyone to see, i thought they were allowing anyone who wanted to join, if they were low levelguys it was ok they had to earn their trust by doing menial shit which is funny because some of the low level guys were doing the same for their former cartel groups, but dont make necessity the enemy of perfect, why are they going to act like drunk Mexican now, like 1 or 2 days before the cutoff? This bickering bullshit will hurt the movemnt since the world is watching, if. You cant get over it before things get to press or go viral, the bigger audience will get bored of hearing and seeing the fragmentation , this is no time to do this now, argue and get things out before the rest of the world forgets all the hard work you have done..

  18. The world press needs to jump on this and report on all of the corrution!!!!!

  19. Patrice Émery Lumumba: I only gave voice to words of freedom and brotherhood, words they couldn't accept. Just words.

  20. @1:13 GODDAMNIT! why can't you stop using the wise words of wiser men --that nobody can argue against...
    --you are the worst of the wiseasses...
    --and i wholeheartedly welcome the approach...
    atte: chill pill hillbilly phil
    PS the Mireles commitees were not to engage on secret deals on quiet dark rooms behind closed doors behind the backs of any other AD members.
    el pitufo, EL CINCO HINDU, el americano and all the front line fake AD have shown what they are made off from, pura cagada!
    --it is time for dr mireles and the real AD, the people that supported the movement for reals to unite again and vote up or down what is up and what is not, that is why it is community, communitarian, people based, not pri based, much less greedy judases and sellouts.
    --chill pills and no chill pills, unite! stop your bullshit and horny stray she/cat yakety yack, when we win this i promise i'll join the wet panty fight, ok?
    --CHIVAAA! loves you bunches, rememeber john paul jones, when with his ship in tatters and hanging from his bloomers he was suggested by the brittish to surrender, he said "I ain't started fighting yet" and went on to win that battle, and the french support for ben franklin, the old womanizer, bless his heart, and the cause of the US of A.
    of course, we have the results of the other denial to surrender to the duke of wellington at waterloo, MERDE ! was the response of the already defeated imperial guards of Revolutionary France's Satrap #1 el chapo, napoleon bonaparte...

  21. Hi there, all iss going sound here and ofcourse every
    one is sharing data, that's really good, keep
    up writing.


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