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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coahuila Corruption:Searching Hundreds of Missing in Allende Massacre

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat
 As part of their operation to find missing persons in the Northern part of the state, Coahuila authorities reported that members of the armed forces, in addition to state (GATE) and federal police, Friday entered the Piedras Negras Ceresco (prison) in search for missing persons.  In September, 2012, the prison was the scene of a mass prison break where 129 prisoners escaped by using a tunnel and simply walking out the front gates.  52 escapees remain unaccounted for.
Authorities disclosed the possibility that some of the missing may be buried within the prison.   Interrogation of inmates, who were identified by people as having involvement related to missing persons cases, information was obtained by  detainees have shared information  with others, while they were outside of prison.
Experts with cadaver dogs inspected the prison since last Monday, along with Marina, and police, searching for bodies.
Earlier in the week, in the municipality of Zaragoza, human remains were discovered on a ranch in the municipality of Zaragoza, in addition to finding evidence that dozens of people were incinerated, this information from Jesus Carranza Coahuila Security spokesman.
On the large ranch, bones, clothes bullets, hundreds of bullet casings, were found among other objects of interest, at the ranch that was controlled by Zetas.
Steel barrels used to boil or incinerate bodies, were also found.

Coahuila is one of those notorious states, that allow little information out as to the consequences of the narco war and narco activity.   Additionally it is a state that has a death count and “disappeared” count of victims, seemingly stuck at about the same number for years. 
“¡No pasa nada!”, the familiar chant from citizens as they mock the press, state and municipal governments. 

I was already established in Coahuila, when the split of Los Zetas and Gulf Cartel occurred.  I have written how Zetas prepared for the split long before the actual break.  Once Osiel Cardenas was gone, it was just a matter of time.
Some may think Zetas are unorganized thugs, but nothing could be further than the truth, one needs not to look further than their takeover of CDG plazas after the split.  In making Coahuila their home base, the preparation began in 2009. 

Information surfaced during the Zetas Money Laundry trial in Austin, how they manage to acquire information from contractors and force their loyalty, “with us or not at all”, much the same tactic as they used when with CDG to acquire plazas.

One trial witness was Mario Alfonso Cuellar, aka "El Poncho", a trafficker in Piedras Negras, was living in Texas when he became a wanted man, prompting a move to Piedras Negras to avoid capture.  He testified that in 2011 Zetas crossed between 500 and 800 kilos of cocaine per month.
Cuellar testified drug proceeds were sent to Mexico in airtight plastic bags, which were concealed in the fuel tanks of vehicles.
Funds from the trafficking were handled by Cuellar,   Hector Moreno was his associate.
Hector Moreno testified that in 2011 Miguel Treviño and his brother Omar, accused him along with Cuellar, of leaking information to the DEA. Fearing for their lives, Cuellar and Moreno absconded with five million Zeta dollars.
Enraged, Miguel and Omar ordered them to return the money or else they would execute every member of their families, their associates and destroy their properties.

No doubt the men knew they were dead men either way, if caught by Zetas, so they men ignored the order, this initiated the reign of terror in “los cinco manantiales”, (five springs) in the northern part of Coahuila ..

In March, 2011 Los Zetas Cartel reigned a week of terror in Piedras Negras and los Cinco Manantiales which includes:  Allende, Morelos, Zaragoza, Villa Union and Nava.
Reports of over 100 people kidnapped of all ages including an infant.  The homes were destroyed by fire, as firefighters were prevented from fighting the  fires, in fact warned directly prior to the siege.
10 homes and ranch-houses were reported to have been burned to the ground in Allende alone. A family by the name Villanueva, said to be linked to organized crime, was hit hard in Allende, where family and anyone visiting the homes were killed, even pets were not spared.

It was known to local residents that Victor Cruz (at left), a local businessman, had links to organized crime. In 2011 he, his family and a teenaged guest named Gerardo, were kidnapped. It was reported that the Cruz family was killed directly after the kidnapping of, although hope remained strong for Gerardo’s family when his mother received a message that he would be released within 72 hours.  72 hours passed with no other communication, he was not released, nor ever located.

The lone remaining son of Victor Cruz escaped the abduction and sought refuge with his extended family in Eagle Pass.
The kidnapping and presumed killings were  “ajuste de cuentas” - settling of accounts- and  was ordered by  Zetas.

The number of people killed and missing in Coahuila, from the years of 2010 through 2011, will never be known.  But Coahuilenses know it rivals any other atrocity known about in Mexico, and many were innocents, in a reign of terror, using acts to control, eliminate and retaliate.

Zetas Climb to Power-With a little Help from Friends
With the climb in power of the Zetas, luck and good timing must be factored in, and they were in luck that the Humberto Moreira, Mayor of Saltillo, the capital of Coahuila, ran for the highest office in the state, and became the governor in 2005 and remained there until his resignation in 2011 when he left to become the national president of the PRI party, being primed for presidency of Mexico. 
Coming from a middle class family, Humberto began his professional career as a teacher in Coahuila, and began his political career in Mexico City as Sec of Public Education before returning to Coahuila and elected as the mayor of Saltillo.  He was married twice before marrying his current wife, Vanesa  Guerrero in a lavish ceremony, nationally televised,  held in Piedras Negras, home to the former Miss Coahuila.  It has long been long rumored that the father of Guerrero has cartel ties.

His brother Ruben currently holds the governorship, winning with 62% of the vote, and without any previously held experience, aside from his term as president of the state PRI party.  And before the scandal would befall his brother.
It is alleged that Humberto had strong Zetas ties.  An arrangement that benefited both, but more so Zetas as they operated in Coahuila with impunity and collusion, with the freedom to kidnap, kill, extort along with other crimes, to assure the state was solidly theirs. 

Coahuila is not a big trafficking state, not in comparison to its neighbor, Tamaulipas, but it is a perfect home base state.  One glance at the map posted with this article and one can see the logistical importance. Acuña and Piedras Negras are the important North border cities, bordering Texas.   

When Humberto entered the governorship, the state had a surplus and the S and P rating of AAA-, the top level credit rating.  When he left office it plummeted 6 levels.   

The once beloved governor was known for his show and tell extravagant giveaways.  The governor, provided gifts of school uniforms for every student, (with the exception of special needs children) thousands of laptops, major appliances, houses for flood victims, lavish parties for PRI loyal with high end gift giveaways, money among much more. 

All bought with state funds, or “other” means, to win the hearts and minds of  the people and to appear in control of good government.
The state has a modest debt of 25M when Humberto came into office and a debt of 37B when he left. He was forced to resign from the PRI presidency, for the good of the PRI party, in order to secure the presidential election of EPN, his onetime pal.

It has been confirmed that fabricated or dubious documentation was issued to secure loans and Humberto  is suspected of being aware and/or actively participating when credits were granted to the State using fake documentation, and the money has disappeared, along with thousands of people.  As of today however, he has not been charged.

After his fall, Humberto and his family moved to Barcelona, Spain as he acquired a degree from the University of Barcelona (see photo above left-a shell of his former self receiving his diploma). He is said to have returned to Mexico.
Moreira brothers in happy times 
When brother Ruben came into office it was clear that he was not going to be the bed partner his brother was.  Adding to the complexity is the severe estrangement of the once close brothers.  Assuring the brothers would not be reconciling any time soon, was the execution of Humberto’s son Eduardo “Lalo” Moreia. 
Ruben has been accused of controlling the press and paying off Coahuila's number 1 newspaper; Zócalo.
continues next page...
The grieving family, widow is far left, Humberto, his wife Vanessa and daughter in forefront
Humberto’s camp contends his brother Ruben had advance warning in threats and then narco banners that a Moreira execution would occur.  Ruben assured the safety of his children and family, but allowed Lalo to be exposed. 

In fact he had taken Lalo’s, (at left) armor vehicle and body guard a month prior, telling Lalo the municipal police would now guard him, he was given a pickup truck. The same truck he was killed in, by municipal police working from Zetas, including officers at the highest level.

A high level member of the Zetas later, a close friend of premier leader Heriberto Lazcano, later stated that it was Lazcano that ordered the hit on Lalo in retaliation for the GATE (state police force) killing of Miguel Trevino’s nephew.
How Ruben’s governorship will be written in the history books, remains to be seen.  I was of the school of thought that Humberto would mark a comeback.  That he was promised something significant in exchange for his resignation. 

Perhaps a promise of  being exonerated of any complicity in the Coahuila fiasco, paving the way for another bid for PRI president and the national presidency.  Lest you scoff, this is Mexico, stranger things have happened. 
Meanwhile, Humberto was given a nod on a Forbes “Most” list;

The Forbes “Most Corrupt Mexicans 2013”. 
CDG and Sinaloa cartel both want to remove Coahuila from the grip of Los Zetas.  It appears that any cartel alliance that the state government may have is rumored to be with Chapo Guzman.  His first action was to tighten the press of their narco reporting, and began action against the Zetas organization.  This caused a flare up in violence that dissipated, although the government continued with their campaign against Zetas.
How serious a campaign is the guess of anyone, but the home base municipalities of premier Zetas leaders, Miguel and Omar Trevino, is well known to many on the ground and until the DEA made it known that knew Miguel was in Sabinas, a move to capture him was never made.  His brother Omar, is known to be not far from where his brother was at the time of his capture.  If people on the ground know this, authorities must, yet he continues to roam freely.
 The missing
Coahuila is a land mass, the third largest state in the Mexican Union, but small in population numbers, at 3M it is about 800K less than the city of Los Angeles, California. 
In the latter part of the Calderon administration it was announced that 25k people were feared buried in clandestine “narco fosas” (narco graves).

That number would not be so scoffed at, had the government been speaking of an estimate for a portion of the north states of Mexico. Hot states such as Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, some have large masses of barren land and mountain terrain, perfect for dumping or burying bodies never to be found, or moved to the “Murdered” tally..
The second problem with the number is that it admittedly excludes migrants.  10K migrants go “missing” each year, but are traditionally excluded from homicide and missing tallies brought by the government.

One can only hope the answers to the families of the disappeared will be forthcoming.  Hopefully, the efforts of the state are sincere.  That said, organizations such as FUUNDEC and United Forces for Our Disappeared have been campaigning for searches for the past 7 years, and largely ignored.    
The high tech equipment and man hours used in this mass search, seems ill-timed due to the lack of funds in the now financially challenged state.  It would seem that the money could be better spent, at a time where classrooms lack materials, some without flushing toilets, and electrical transformers, schools receiving answers of “no money” to their requests.  Some have waited two years, what once was approved and supplied in 6 months, and no light at the end of a dark tunnel. 
Logistically important-Coahuila borders 5 hot states and a skip and jump to Tamps

One wonders, while the state is now using  a scientific approach to a complex issue, that is clearly dilatory and inexplicably delayed, is it all for show and tell, much as was seen in the previous Moreira administration, a story that had a disastrous ending for the citizens of Coahuila.


  1. Thanks Chivis for the excellent overview and tying of the searches in PN prison and Zaragosa to the Cuellar/Moreno retributions.

    So who controls Coahuila today? CDS or Los Zetas or is it shared?

  2. jack
    feds assisting in the so called search-most elements are GATE.
    GATE are exclusive to Coahuila. Feds fund nothing in the states, but will assist or independently conduct their own operation.

    As in the case of San Fernando and Durango, operations were impendent. They don't even like each other much if at all.

  3. Choco,
    thank you so much!
    I forgot to add the point that the prison is one in the same of the mass prison break of 2012 where 129 prisoners escaped thru a "homemade" tunnel and lots of collusion with prison officials. I added links.

    Zetas "own" Coahuila. Although CDG and "Chapos" are there lurking and have made attempts to gain plazas.

  4. Mexico is a modern day version of the movie "apocalipto" it would take a major ethnic cleansing, to get rid of corruption. Mexico the country with no law, rapes extortion kidnapping drugs and worse of all a population of "agachados" just a bunch of enablers. Expect good things for michoacan cause they want freedom at all cost.

  5. @chivis.... Your explanation of the political disaster of Humberto Moreira and how he allowed this all to happen is also very helpful. It is really nice to get the complete picture.... tragic as it is. Unbelievable the huge increase in debt. I humberto in Spain or something now I think I read? Too bizarre if he can really make a comeback.

  6. Looks like auto defence time

    1. there have been autodefensas that have formed in Coahuila with several articles published regarding them

  7. The longest the mexican population rich or poor regardless of location, tijuana , san Luis rio colorado, piedras negras, ciudad juarez , nuevo laredo, matamoros. No teman, formen sus propias auto defensa. Es la unica solucion. Nadie quiere sacrificio, eso ya sabemos, pero nadie te va a dar tu libertad. Puedes llorar, criticar, votar por otros , PRI. PAN. PRD. La verdad es que nada es gratis. Los gringos USA cobran impuestos todos pagan y ala misma vez reciben. 911, seguridad, empleos, educasion. En mexico quien paga? Nadie. Carreteras de cuota, educasion, asta la prepa gratis. Y lo peor de todo inseguridad y sistema de leyes que no se aplican con justicia. Esto es mexico, tan solo un pais de cobardes agachados, que miran televisa, el futbol de la liga mexicana. Y lo mejor de todo, permiten que les quiten su petroleo pemex. Jajajjaja. ademas su emperador azteca Peña nieto. Yo solo respeto a los de michoacan, por que ellos saben que estan muertos. Pero prefieren morir de pie. Y tu que clase de mexicano eres??? "Freedom isn't free"


  9. You make my point, Chivis, I thnk.

    The State , if they were taking the initiative for the investigation, if they were funding it ... they would not have invited the Federals, people they dislike, to participate.

    But if the Federals were the driving force behind the investigation, if the Federals were footing the bill ... they would HAVE to involve the State authorities.


    1. I perrsonally have seen many federal forces and very few state forces invokved in this search. I have seen the federal oolice, army and marina. arent they all federal?

  10. Hello Chivis! Great article once again. Anyways, a bit off topic but I'd love to hear about the Zetas and their operations in Coahuila . You say you saw how they started to prepare in 2009, could you elaborate on that? Either hear or what ever. It'd be great if you could write a article about Zetas, Coahuila and all that but I understand you're busy. Thanks

  11. True , but unbelievable or conceivable to most unless they live in the border region. They might as well take the cadaver dogs to Tamps & Nuevo Leon too. No one will probably ever know how many people fell victim to this horrible mayhem in Mexico. Somewhere it was written that 60 families are / were unaccounted for in Cd. Mier . Hopefully one day this booshit & violence will end.

  12. Celso está csuelto compa puro Zetas

  13. sorry jack I am confused. Or one of us is. study the two orgs I pointed on in the article and go back 7 years. They have become strong, and want the feds involved in any action. Same with just about every state. Goes like this; municipal gov's along the border 100% corrupt and in collusion- less so but holds true to a lessor degree with state gov- hold true to a lessor degree with the feds. Best scenario is feds or feds/state watching each other.

    you will learn as you go. But keep in mind, there is much work when we author a post, but little space to tell the story. So much I wanted to add and have added some since posting, I have been with family today, so I have added here and there. But I did my best.

  14. @ choco
    I added a bit about Humberto in Spain. He returned to Mx last week after his graduation. His wife is pregnant with their 4th child, their first baby died a few days after birth.

    About a comeback-my friends think I am crazy, perhaps so, but he had to be promised something huge. He may be the most arrogant person in Mexico, for him to step down without being charged formally tells me something was given up. Logic says the promised to clear his name, he is young enough to have a comeback and play the wrongfully accused, and wind the hearts of people.

    You know choco-Mexicans love a great novela.

  15. Humberto deserved his son's death!

  16. It is interesting how those who are quick to post the Zetas are weak are those who tend to be the most afraid of them. And the reason CDG's videos tend to be so brutal is because they are the most afraid of being disapeared.
    Es interesante ver cómo aquellos que están dispuestos a publicar los Zetas son débiles son aquellos que tienden a ser los más miedo de ellos. Y los vídeos del CDG tienden a ser tan brutal porque temen la mayoría siendo desapareció.

  17. 8:09 the mexican police all over the country, from all agencies have been in cahoots with military and ex-military elements, all well armed and supported by corrupt federal and state government who know how to keep the maases down and controlled by lead or silver.
    your comments blaming the cowardly mexicans outstanding in its cowardly and ignorant stupidity.
    retired military elements were located before all this rigmarole started, many of them started working as federal and state police agents and some went on to work for the cartels,effectively infiltrating them,like the gulf cartel where the zeta 1 started the take over that ended with osiel cardenas arrest and extradition, nobody the military nazi-fascist determination to do a job like the military headed by the ex-gafe elements that used to be the zetas, if they had not allowed the texas carwasher element in, for his texas gangs experience and connections helped by his bilinguism, they might still be there, only el taliban, not being ex-military but with similar background saw z40 for what he was, A MAJOR JUDAS, and the cause of the zetas problems. the ex-military that retired to coahuila to form a retirement colony, may hold the key to a lot of the corruption on the state, the military school of chapingo could have something to do with the agricultural know how of the marihuana loads harvested in mexico, and the inter-state transfers of coal to other countries. loads of cocaine found hidden in coal wagons moved into california come to mind, some powerful US politicians , with bad hearts come to mind, due to their economic interests and investments on mexican railroads inluenced by the globalization of the economy. little fall guys all over the place will always take the fall for the puppet masters, and on top of it, cowardly and ignorant sub-human geniuses will blame the cowardily and ignorant mexicans that foot the bill before during and after every regimen of a political system thas has been supported and tolerated by a US that is fast becoming the next victim of "globalization" where every economic system and country is falling into, unaware of the situation, the US like other USED, does not know who they are working for. NADIE SABE PARA QUIEN TRABAJA...
    satellites have been used to pinpoint areas where earth has been disturbed and there have been located areas full of crime victims in mew mexico, dogs take more time, but give criminals a fighting chance to run and hide.
    the nazi rat lines that escaped to america with the help of the US and the catholic church among others, have been training and infiltrating the latin-american countries since the end of WWII, and there you have their handiwork full of their fingerprints and their associates', inexplicably?
    Freedom isn't free,and the people will never have enough to pay for it, their carcasses are not even worth the soap or the glue they make out of them

    1. At 743 am... I understand your point. But what do you suggest? In Regards to mexico and cartel security issues. By the way I suggest. Autodefensa. "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE"

  18. muy buen reportaje chivis pero no se especula que humberto moreira y autoridades y militares estaban de acuerdo con los zetas ellos si estaban de acuerdo con los zetas porque durante los ataques a estas poblaciones se hicieron llamadas de auxilio al cuartel de soldados a 2 km de allende asi como a las policias y nadie acudio al auxilio de los habitantes

  19. spain's economy is all fucked up, its prostitutes walking bare assed on the streets,billionire frauds erpetrated by executives high and low can't be cleared, jobs for the people are really scarce, the peruvian immigrants and other nationalities are self-deporting since the juicy contracts obtained from their countries are in the bag, scandals of all kinds involving the family in all kind of frauds in spain and foreign countries...
    and bertie boy came to "study" there? i wonder what he learned over there, but there seem more people hellbent on not giving his ass another break, bertie boy said he is living in a friend's house in morelos state, in case somebody cares to go and collect some due bills, people from coahuila he owes to, like the guy that wanted to be senator but was denied by bertie boy, and has been spilling the beans about bertie boy ever since, manuel cavazos lerma, ex-tamaulipas governor and actual federal senator working on the selling of pemex,with accusations of being a drug trafficker and money launderer in the US now hidden from public view in the US...
    ...SE ENOJAN LAS COMADRES Y SALEN LAS VERDADES... thank GOD, bertie boy wants next to be redeemed like the salinas de gortaris, whose redemptions bring back the pri to power and send the mexicans a bit further on their way to hell while they live the luxurious life of the rich and infamous, on which pursuit they killed robbed pillaged and murdered. carlos salinas de gortari shot a female worker at the family house when he was about five years old, famous pemex union leader joaquin hernandez galicia "la quina" had saved the report from the mexican newspapers and brought it out, losing his job and freedom for being too smart, what was to be expected from a young chid assasin? now we know, another presumed murderer at the helm of mexico's destiny; king juan carlos de borbon, also shot and killed his little brother and his father favorite while he was a military cadet and francisco franco's pet boy, it cost king juan carlos his ass, but he got the crown and is now a billionaire,fuck spain and his subdits aah?
    let's hope bertie boy did not learn too well what he went to learn in spain, or we will get fucked up again by this motherfucker,who had to have teached or learned something from la chucki, what a cloud of popo for the e-cloud telenovelas loving US and mexican fans. the promises of the mafiosi don't really carry much weight, those in power would rather have more pliable henchmen than a powerful competitor,and there is nothing that a stab in the back cannot fix quickly. hope and pray here.

  20. Man, most narcos recklessly endanger their families with their irresponsible criminal behavior. Cuellar got a couple towns wiped out. What a guy.

  21. CHIVIS!!! Or anybody else have the full text of the Proceso article about Z and CDG in Tamaulipas? Both cartels tried to buy all copies of the magazine in Tampico/Reynosa/Matamoros/NuevoLaredo/Ciudad Victoria/ etc. When I went to Nuevo Laredo this last Saturday they told me they had sold out. I'm sure somebody on here has it. Would greatly appreciate if anybody could post it up or email it to BB. This is the article I'm talking about.

  22. Amazing, I'm really happy you posted about this. I'll comment more when I've had a chance to read through it. I remember reading about this in the Jose Trevino trial and thought "isn't this a bigger deal than the money laundering scheme itself, yet I've only heard of it on B.B". This was the article I remember having read, and I don't think it's come up on this thread yet:


  23. "A high level member of the Zetas later, a close friend of premier leader Heriberto Lazcano"
    This lends weight to the whole Lazcano conundrum.Of course they know where these guys are,especially when they are in bed together.I always wondered how they got to Lazcano in the middle of no-where?Marines no less were sent,it seems like a hunt and kill Lazcano for being too uppity.I wonder also why he didn't see it coming?Did he think he could kill a Moreira and have no comeback at all?He made an arrogant and big mistake.Who knows?

  24. Now we're getting a. belated discovery/investigation of the Coahuila Spring massacre of 2011. The reason nobody did anything about intervening in the butchery of Nava/Allende was due to the fact the Bert Moreira kept the fed. govt. at bay and had the state media keep quiet on the incidents inorder to help his business associates the Zetas carry-out the atrocities. Bert Moreira handed control of Coahuila over to the Zetas under his governorship; when his brother no longer wanted to play ball with the Zetas, his son Lalo was murdered. In retaliation, Pelon sent the Marines in a headhunting campaign of Zeta leadership that resulted in EL Lazcano's death. There in lies the hypocrisy/irony of the situation. Bert Moreira could tolerate the murder of 300 people, the price of their lives valued at $5mil.usd., but he could not tolerate the death of his son at the hands of his former associates the Zetas. The discovery/investigation of the Massacres Nava/Allende/PN is long overdue. Let the investigation be carried until its out discovered who were masterminds , or who had any participation into the planning, complicity, or carrying out these atrocities. ¡Hasta las últimas consecuencias! ¡Caiga quien caiga!

  25. Jeezes titty fucking Christ what a huge mess they were in in Coahuila corrupt ass state

  26. you are hallucinating dude, its GATE I have seen federals in marked cars for agencies of investigation but not in the actually search, that part is state I am here I know. where are you talking about, be exact? the only place federals in searching is ceresco pn

  27. @1:28PM
    that is a good article! I am sorry I only have an hour or so each day at the moment to devote to BB, and I am already in 2 articles.

    If someone wants to help by translation of the Tamps article I will post it, I have a subscription so I have access to the full article.

    thank you

  28. @8:43
    Clearly you speak the truth. calling for army or police is a waste of time. they have found murdered people in the barracks, even 14, 15 year olds. In my town this happened. and no big press story has been devoted to this. and I would never call the police, I made that mistake once, never again.

    There was so much more I wanted to write, but the post was intended to give an overview account of what happened in Coahuila resulting from narcos and collusion of a corrupted leader of the state, a man that was close to being President of Mexico....and one I say, don't think that may not yet happen...God help us all

  29. 12:10 FREEDOM ISN'T FREE of course, but before effective action, there is a need to know exactly what we are going against, demeaning comments about the victims of the sicarios is not a right approach, measuring oneself against lesser men, makes one even worse than them, our struggle is against our own personal shortcomings, and to help others find the truth and get wise on te process.
    the famous liga 23 de septiembre, that raised so much hell in the 70/80s was created and infiltrated at all levels from the start by the very same people that defeated it, the mexican DFS,heavily influenced by the CIA, so anybody that wants to do something must be aware that some of the most ardent and fervorous comrades ARE in fact plants to catch you doing something wrong or suspicious or both, even if it isn't so, that makes one try and do what we can within the law, and trying, finding, exposing, the truth,is not outside the law yet,but the opposition will always find a way, gary webb and barry seal would gladly testify to that if they could, those with crap to hide, artfully hide behind state secrecy, laws that protect them and their sicarios, and are now working to make it against the law to disseminate even the most innocent questios or proven facts about their dirty deeds, lately we saw how the murder of a black guy got justified in a court by corrupt judges, jurors, prosecutors and defense lawyers, we are lucky trayvon martin did not get imprisoned and if g zimmermann had been any whiter, he could have won the presidency of the teabagger party and their gun totting nazi white supremacista kkk membas.
    we must thread lightly, not every american or mexican are bad,cowardly or ignorant, and not everybody was or is an accomplice in the genocide anywhere in the world, our only chance is it is still not welcome in the world to be a genocidal maniac, and those interested on the shale and
    must be brought up,depopulating the land goes hand in hand with buying it at firesale prices, a traditional tactic of the US and other international big oil barons who have got their dirty hands on pemex and the buying of the presidential elections, after 12 years of pan party that tamed the pri more to their liking, through murder, political corruption and general mayhem.

  30. Chivis what about acuna there,are many people missing and a lot of people in fb claim to be zetas or to know them how come they dont investigate those peolple i am so tired of all those scumz that dont work and want it all for free with the extorsions and taking advantage of the people just b cause the pueblo dont have weapons the zetas are there taking hits and killing more inoccent people ya basta free acuna and coahuila

  31. @july 14 2010 at11:23 am anonymous.
    @july 16 2010 at 8:09 am and 6:09 pm anonymous.
    bertie boy was a crook after all, right?
    he keeps claiming that other people had something to do with the debt of coahuila state, sounds like he is threathening somebody...
    ex-governors like femat, granier, marin, fidel herrera beltran, pena nieto, all of them can't do bad enough to go to prison.
    laws should be made that forbid anybody from taking any debt, and any fraud should be prosecuted, looks like there are no accountants or lawyers in all of mexico, or their specialty doctorates are on kissing ass forever and ever. the debt should be disowned, but legislators were running like worried prostitutes they are, to acquire new more favorable interest rates
    TO PAY THE SPURIOUS DEBT,if the debtors can not prove they lent the money,who they dealt with,what happened to the money,where it went,and the mexican government CAN NOT DISCLOSE ANY DETAILS TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL 2019...why should the taxpayers of mexico pay that debt as they are trying to pass laws to that effect,to bail out the defrauded states.
    under bertie boy, te debt of the state of guauhuila grew 19 270% to about thirty four billion pesos 34 000 000 000.00 and there is nothing in the whole moterfucking state to show for it, no prisons, no hospitals , no schools, no roads, nothing, how can those mexican satraps be so fucking stupid? and pena nieto still trying to sell the idea that selling pemex is a good idea whose time has come.
    what is it going to take for the people of coahuila to revolt,they know a lot about bertie boy millionaire properties on the US,they should kidnap his motherfucking ass and his broters and sisters, all the mexican politicians need a good ass reaming. that is who the US government has put and kept in place overseeing the monkeys in the banana republic, luckily the US is becoming one of us, deeply in debt, with nowhere to go but the money lenders that the US themselves enabled to ger away with murder everywhere in the world.
    let's hope at least some of the missing find their way home, at least for their poor families, but the criminals in charge and their enablers and accomplices deserve not even a trial, any fucking donkey could be wiser than these unrepentant motherfuckers...

  32. This is an excellent post. Thank you from Monclova

  33. 6:55 Hey monclova! how is the SINDICATO NACIONAL DE LOS TRABAJADORES MINEROS METALURGICOS Y SIMILARES doing, is it now a more charro sindicate?...

  34. I agree with 6:55, great post from a writer that obviously cares and is infuriated

  35. Piedras negras has been infiltrated by the G.A.T.E they have taken over the dope houses and put their own people to sell the drugs taken away from the zetas

  36. I really think.g.a.t.e.,would be better to have than the zetas as long as they dont mess with innocent people good job gates take over all coahuila screw zetas

  37. chivas qué me dices de celso y del metro2 que radican en piedras negras coahuila yo trabajé pa celso 6 años antes de eso trabajaba para los alemanes Tommy y Chichi descansen en paz estoy cien por ciento seguro el puto de celso esta libre sé echow la culpa el negro conocido como el suyo ramos le dieron 69 años de prisión en puente grande y como siempre celso salió libre dicen que está en europa brasil panamá pakesepah el pueblo que el puto anda suelto sácame de dudas chivas perdió la pierna siempre hace 7 meses anduve jalando pal Malboro jefe de plaza de del cartel del noreste qué son los mismos pinches Zetas la marinos lo encontró en jiménez coahuila tenía los 5 manantiales pedras negras acuña serranía del burro laredo nava villa unión región carbonífera guerrero coahuila el saucito morelos fue el que remplazó laska cuando lo mataron como jefe del cártel del noreste lo que sí estoy seguro que la familia negrete y en cargado comandante Cuco es el que está moviendo todo a la marca a celso me arrancó un huevo atentamente el fantasma

  38. que me platican de beto casas dicen que está bien parado con los gabachos por eso no lo extraditan el 17 lo tumbó en los ochentas fue fue el comisionado rodolfo heredia vive en el aguilón pero están cerrados por fraude y por trabajar por el 40 fue cierto que capturaron al 100 en zacatecas que me pláticas del comandante 2000 nombre adán

  39. G.a.t.e. Is the same as the zetas they still pull people over and they also do levantones on innocent people and if they have no one to blame they pick up any junkie or homeless from the streets and display them on the media as cartel leaders. The only way you find out about these things is if you live in piedras.

  40. que me pláticas del aguilón gente atentamente el fantasma extraño a mi gente

  41. Bs you probobly are one z thats why you dont like g.a.t.e or how much are the zetas paying for you to say that

  42. 8:43 "y nadie acudio al auilio de los habitantes" y nadie ha investigado hasta el dia de hoy porque nadie acudio a ayudar, todos los jefes del ejercito, la policia y el gobierno estan embarrados de popo, y son aun peores de corruptos y cobardes que los zetas que hicieron tantas matanzas y desapariciones, y sin embargo aun gozan de la impunidad colgados de la pinga de El Pendejo Nacional y el PRINCHE PRI.


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