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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Forbes List: Mexico's Most Corrupt

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Forbes magazine  published a list of the 10 Mexicans who are perceived as the most corrupt. 

This comes on the heels of  Transparency International publishing its 2013 index of Corruption Perceptions  and placed Mexico in the place 106 of 177 nations   being slotted at 106 placed Mexico  the company of the world’s most corrupt nations.

 (the higher number represents most corruption, number 1 being the best or least corrupt),

Here are  Mexico’s most infamously corrupted persons according to Forbes.

Forbes, lists as number one, the former leader of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), Elba Esther Gordillo, accused in February of embezzling 200 million dollars union funds to pay for her lavish lifestyle.
Her love of Hermes bags, at 5000 USD a bag, extensive, and one could say disastrous, plastic surgery, three luxury homes in southern California, among them a waterfront 5 million dollar in Coronado Cays, an exclusive section of San Diego, the home is equipped with a boat dock, two boats including a yacht were a tip of the lux lifestyle the teacher had grown accustomed to, living full time in San Diego, with visits to her native Mexico.   
Coronado Cays
Also on the list
Carlos Romero Deschamps, Petroleos Mexicanos union leader workers.  His daughter Paulina Romero caused an outrage when she documented, with photos, on Facebook  the life of luxury provided by her father.  According to political analyst Denise Dresser, in 2011 he received $21.6 million for “aid to the union executive committee” and $15.3 million from union dues. My “hands are clean,” Romero Deschamps claims. The Peña Nieto administration seems to agree. He is not under investigation.

Adding insult to injury, Deschamps assured his jet setting children have high paying employment with PEMEX until the year 2999.
As children Carlos and Raul killed their maid
Raul Salinas de Gortari made the list, who Forbes notes is "considered a symbol of corruption and impunity."  He is the brother of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari,. He spent 10 years in prison convicted of a political murder, but was acquitted in 2005.
In her book Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and their Godfathers, award-winning journalist Anabel Hernandez links García Luna with the country’s top drug capos, including Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.
In 2012, Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez Villareal claimed that Garcia Luna  had been on the payroll of drug trafficking groups for ten years.
PRI party’s former Tabasco Governor Andres Granier, who was arrested on charges of corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering.  In a taped conversation leaked to the media, Granier bragged about owning 400 pairs of shoes, 300 suits and 1,000 shirts, bought from luxury stores in New York and Los Angeles. His yearly salary as governor was $92,000. His successor discovered that $190 million was missing from state coffers.
Former Tamaulipas governor, Tomás Yarrington, He was indicted in early December on racketeering and money laundering charges in Texas. Yarrington allegedly took large bribes from major drug trafficking groups in Tamaulipas, including the Gulf Cartel, in return for letting them operate freely during his administration (1999-2004). He has disappeared. 
Former Coahuila governor and PRI party chairman, Humberto Moreira, During his administration (2005-2011), the state debt increased more than  a hundred-fold, from around $200 million to $35 billion, creating the state’s worst financial crisis in history. The debt scandal forced Moreira’s resignation. Jorge Torres López, who took over as an interim governor, was charged with conspiracy to launder money and other financial crimes in Texas in November.
Moreira has not been charged. Moreira is the of  brother Rueben Moreira, Coahuila's current  governor, though they are estranged, a conflict that solidified after the Zetas   murder of Humberto's son Eduardo. Humberto and his family cast blame  on  Rueben for Eduardo's killing, charging that he left the 26 year old without protection, even after having advance warning one of the family would be murdered. 
He is living with his family in an upscale neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain, while earning a masters degree, which he says is paid for through a scholarship.  He further claims his expenses are paid from savings he earned while being a teacher and (corrupt) governor.  He is rumored to have close ties to Los Zetas while he was in power.  He was tagged to be the PRI party candidate for the presidency following President Peña's term.
continues on following page

Arturo Montiel, former Mexico state PRI governor, uncle of President Peña Nieto and member of the Grupo Atlacamulco, is accused by French citizen Maudi Versini, his former wife, of kidnapping their three children. Versini, who has custody over the children, claims that justice has been manipulated by her ex-husband to prevent her from seeing them. Montiel dropped out of the 2005 presidential race following allegations of millionaire masions and bank transactions in Mexico and France.
Fidel Herrera former PRI governor of Veracruz. under his administration Under his administration (2004-2010) the Zeta cartel’s criminal activities thrived. Allegations about his connections to the Zetas emerged during a trial in April in Texas. An FBI agent testified that Francisco Colorado Cessa, a contractor for Mexico’s state oil company Pemex, acted as an intermediary between Herrera and  and Efrain Torres aka "Z14".of the Zetas.
Alejandra Sota spokesperson of former President Felipe Calderon, is being investigated by Mexican authorities for alleged embezzlement and trafficking of influence.
The last entry is a bit bizarre since there are dozens more worthy of placement on this list.  It appears Forbes relies heavily on publish books and articles, and not by first hand investigation.  Michoacán state movement comes to mind as a perfect candidate for the list.

Click on chart image to the left column are the least corrupt nations:
And the chats continues below,  with bad to horrible...

a Big Thank You to my amiga Lacy...
Sources to write this post: Forbes, BB articles from archives


  1. Shit, the US Congress is more corrupt that this! Are they no. 1 on the forbes list?

    1. "Are you kidding me"-John Boehner-

    2. If they are number 1, that makes them the least corrupt.

  2. outstanding members of society...

  3. I wouldn´t put my hands on fire for Alejandra Sota, but the I also believe there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of other public servants with way more problems than Her.

    It good to note that save for Genaro Garcia Luna who isnt affiliated with any party and Alejandra Sota, all the others are/were members of PRI. and all of them linked really close to EPN.

    1. 6:09 these guys can't be the top ones,but they are not on Forbes protected species list since they all are partners in crime with "other"secret organizations you on to something,"dig and you shall find" pig's

    2. Genaro Garcia Luna,recommended for the job by Carlos Slim Helu's chief of security, and Carlos Slim 's brother,a member of the federal police,Garcia Luna's political affiliation is MONEY.
      Federal Congressman Fernandez Noroña questioned Garcia Luna about his inexplicable enrichment,his properties,his corruption and his manhood,in public no less,noroña received no honest clear answers from this "public officer"...maybe his fairy goodmother,Carlos Slim could answer for his godson...

  4. Yarrington has disappeared . lol 2013 They cannot find this guy . They got his aeroplane but not him. Adolf Eichmann was hunted down four centuries ago. But they cannot find these Mexicans. Real pieces of human feces.
    Its not your grandfathers Mexico.

  5. smdh at this list. they are missing the biggest corrupt scumbag of them all,


    1. Forbes,obtusely forgets how to express the inglish language?maybe they are one with the worst of the corrupt Mexicans AND their foreign associates,foreign businessmen, foreign gangsters,foreign magazines...
      Only forbes partnership with the powers that be could cause them to be so obtuse.
      They could have called the article:
      10 corrupt mexicans,etc
      Luckily, we at BB can propose our own candidates for many lists of top forty,or top ten lists of crooks.
      ---big businessmen,Mexican
      ---big foreign investors
      ---the ex-president
      ---the president
      ---state governors
      Kept as a to do list,maintained and renovatedcan be helpful to the Mexican people.
      popular movements,disgusting as they may appear have done wonders in the past,as in the popular movement against apartheid,all over the world.the domestic violence perpetrated by the ANC,and mandela's criminal past did not mater so much when the people's of the world spoke...

  6. All I gotta say is FUCK ALL THESE DIRTY SCOUNDRELS that's why Mexico is the way it is really sad especially 4 all the people's of Mexico

  7. Chivaaa! You made me happy,keep it up,drug traffickers and murderers are connected to these corrupt elements,and the big businessmen behind them are yet to be put on a list,appart from other dirty politicians like Carlos Salinas de Gortari,the ex-president that as a young child shot dead a woman working as a house servant wlth his family,I wonder why Forbes does not put his ass on the list,maybe because of right wing connections to the pirate vultures of globalization that have even the US on its knees,in debt,and begging for loans from the Chinese as payback for sending American jobs to China,And yadda yadda for now...
    " recover the former colony now known as the United States of America..." from the testament of Cecil John Rhodes.

  8. What about Carlos Salinas? His brother pales in comparison with him. He is widely suspected of killing Colosio and he is the one who enabled his brother and other criminals to steal. He didn't even end his term as president, he ran like a coward.

    1. "Un politico pobre es un pobre politico"
      Carlos Hank Gonzalez"el professor"
      "A poor politician is proof of his poor politics"
      He believed that stealing from friend and foe was OK, specially if he ended up with the money,he went from robbing the teachers union,to drug trafficking with his sons,who now call the shots,telling even the DEA, the CIA and the US government what to do.
      Operation White Tiger,brought up the Hank family shenanigans when son Jorge Hank Rohn was caught with his shitty hands on the shit,the US still can not put together the indictment,wonder why?
      His brother, the chicken ass Carlos Hank rohn stays quietly behind the courtains, carrying on his dead daddy's job of sticking it to the Mexicans and giving the finger to the US...with IMPUNITY! the motherfuckers are not even pretty,yet everybody kisses their asses...and they buy some pretty women like Ana Brenda contreras...

    2. A poor politician, is politically poor. Just sharing , no pun.

  9. Chivis,I know a gentleman is not supposed to ask "did you like it?" but i can't help it,did you like it?
    Keep up the good work,bring some shame where it belongs so badly,for our poor Mexico...

  10. If Mexico had I Cigar it would be called "El Corrupto"
    We have all known the corruption existed for years , however when the current violence and and deaths can be proven as result . Then is another story. Has Mexico greed corrupted itself into a sinking ship?

    1. 9:07 great idea,register the trade mark,and send the order to China.
      Then we make our own American blunts, that's where the money is.
      The worst corruption in Mexico,is caused by foreign investors,after their austerity measures fucked up their national economies,the natural consequence of Thatcher/Reagan's voodoo economics,now they want to invest their ill gotten earnings in getting back,as colonies,all the banana republics they exploited for so many years,now they want the titles to the land,and don't get in the way,poor little you.

  11. Youre missing pena nieto and carlos salinas ? The biggest ones of all

  12. Leonel Godoy (PRD), absolutely raped the finances of Michoacán.

    His punk half-brother is in ... Chicago hiding? Like the rest?

    His brother is STILL a fugative.

  13. Pero Carlos Salinas de Gortari es el santo de la familia verdad? Gracias Forbes por publucar lo ovio!

  14. This is much better than the Forbes article, with all the links it will take days to finish. great job.

  15. Y el raton orejon???el maestros de estos bastardos poca madres...pero como dice el gringo:"just sweep it under the rug"gortari to this day making money of mexico remember NAFTA???he rigged mex to his favor...

  16. What about the most hated mexican by mexicans the biggest corruption symbol for mexicans carlos salinas de gortari yes the ex president of mexico

  17. Replies
    1. 12:58 oostroolia exporter of fine kangaroos.
      Thanks for the eavesdropper in chief,a Rupert Murdoch,convicted of cyber-spying, even on dead girls.

  18. There is little hope,but i still hope for a better Mexico.

  19. Mexico more corrupted than African countries ?
    wow., what an achievement !

  20. The MONSTER is to big now! In order to take it down start chopping at the feet starting with the toes! Legalize marijuana is a good start! But then again there is some ugly drugs not taking in to account all the parmacy pills distructive power but meth crack ohh and that new one forgot the name of it but then again weak people will consume anything....but i have hope its a loooooonnnggg shot but hopefully

    1. Krokodil,or Molly?

    2. Krokodil,smoke it,no gangrena...what would the juggaloos prefer?

  21. Yet not a single one is behind bars. Thanks Fox, Calderon and now Pena Nieto.

    Stay classy, Mexico.

  22. Someone asked where does the USA sit in corruption. They made the remark #1. Actually no. They were #19 in the world of the least corrupt. Once you hit the Mexican border in all goes downhill clear into South America. As far as one person talking about bringing it to light, and picking on poor Mexico. That is what they are trying to do it here in Mexico. Hide the corruption and violence, silence it. Keep it alive. I live here in Mexico, and you feel it to the bone, from the police on the street, to the highest members of government. Including military and more. I lived in the USA also and you could at least own a business, without being extorted and not being able to do anything about it, like here in Mexico. Other then to close your doors or move.

    The best way to fight corruption is to expose it, then fight it. But at least in the USA you can report it and expose it and someone will take action. People in the USA are not afraid to talk about it, or do something about it. Here in Mexico they are afraid to report crime or anything, because they fear even the police. Remember about 92% of the people in Mexico will not report a crime. In the USA everyone reports a crime with out fear of retaliation from the police or the criminals. So do not stick your head in the sand. Report it, and bring it out into the open. GOOD JOB CHIVAS!!! You are a light in the darkness!

  23. These are just the most recent. Just in the state of NL a bunch of governors, mayors, and labor leaders have been robbing for decades. To name a few: Socrates Rizzo, UANL leaders, CROC, CTM, etc

  24. You want to take Mexico back for the people? Here is a good place to start.

  25. I just added charts of nations least to most corrupt....and a link to the website report.

  26. Start inacting the death penalty for corrupt officials,narco murderers,cartels leaders and ull see how fast things change,we as humans tend to misbehave and sometimes we need a reminder of wats right and wrong!!! Animo mexico!!

  27. Pay your police a reasonable salary and hold them accountable.

    Carrots and sticks == Plata o plomo.

  28. your respect?? Agan patria y diganle a este pendejo ke chinge toda su madre ke alcabos mucho lo an de respetar ni en su puta casa lo conocen

  29. 8:42
    -True, mexico's corruption is among the worst in the world,almost everybody in government is on the take,one of the most abject,no defense. -True, most public officers in government in the US are honest.
    -True,there is freedom of expression in the US like nowhere else in the world.
    The problem is the US has some of the most corrupt politicians on the take,
    only the most perverse of the vulture entrepreneurs,with the most evil designs can meet those politicians economic demands,on the table for their keep, they put all the banana republics,and the US middle class jobs.
    Benedict Arnold would be so proud of his disciples as of his masters.
    The global pirate corporatistas,have no motherland but they have faith in the corrupting powers of money,they forget that as absolutely power corrupts absolutely,in their shenanigans lie the seeds of their destruction...

  30. I don't need Forbes to tell me Mexico is corrupt. I need Forbes to tell me how to make mills.

  31. Now this list of people is what I would call "ORGANIZED CRIME"

  32. For those of you that don't think that US Officials are not as corrupt as Mexican ones read this!! If you know how to read spanish!!!!

  33. I will Never vacation in Mexico again. I've had it with the high prices, food that makes me sick, and especially the corruption. The US should not give a single dollar more, ever, to such a cesspool of a country. Adios.


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