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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Translation: American TV Interview of Caballeros Tamplarios Leader La TuTa-Part 2

Chivis Martínez Borderland Beat

The translation of part one is now posted, and part two translation is below the video..
Below is part two, once again ending with a cliff-hanger when the reporter asks"are there Caballeros Templarios in the United States?"...(yes, there is at least one more part).

Huge Thanks to "777" who translated the video above, part two....

The reporter begins part two outlining some of the “rules” that Servando  “La Tuta” Gomez has established within the Caballeros Templarios.

- A council decides who is able to join the cartel.

- Once you enter the cartel you stay for life.

- They promise not to rape or be involved in extortions.

- They are sworn into absolute silence and promise never to reveal any information regarding the cartel.

- There will be no personal gains. Everything that is done is to help benefit the community.

He then explains what a “denuncio minero” is. The Caballeros Templarios control mining operations in that region. A person that applies for a “denuncio minero” on a property informs the government that they intend to extract from that property, even if he isn’t the actual owner.

Reporter: Is Servando Gomez an assassin?

La Tuta: There are three forms of sin. With words, acts, or carelessness. That answers everything. Involve me in all of them.  

Reporter: So then you are?

La Tuta: That’s what I’m telling you. I won’t tell you everything I have done. But involve me in all of them. I know one day I’ll have to explain what I have done and I hope it is to God. I have never killed any innocent people.

Reporter: Do you fear being caught or killed?

La Tuta: I don’t fear dying. Maybe to be caught and what is there waiting for me. They have made those 2 meter squared rooms famous. Dying, no because I know one day I have to die.

Reporter: You say you have rules and that you punish anyone that violates them. What are the rules?

La Tuta: I have talked about them before and there is a big list. We do not permit any robbing, kidnapping, or rapes. There are things that you must understand about being a criminal and what it takes for this thing to exist.
You know what we are accused of  but all this talk about us stealing 2 billion dollars worth of metal is a vile lie. Let’s just say its true we have our hands in the metals. Everyone is earning. The land owners. The “denuncio” owners… The extractors… etc… There is money for everyone not just us. I invite you to investigate, invest a month of your time, and get to the bottom of this. You will see if we are thieves or if we are what the Mexican media says.

Reporter: How big is your business? Monthly income? How much money do you have? How much are you worth? Do you have any idea?

La Tuta: I don’t want to know. I only want people to be calm and peaceful. I want my guys to be good and have something to eat. I want people to know that this is just like any other job but robbing and kidnapping is prohibited. Worst is rapping be it male or female. There will be no forgiveness. I’m not interested in numbers. You have seen that we give most of it away.

Reporter: How much do you pay these guys?

* Tuta points to sicarios*

La Tuta: How much do you make?  continues next page.......

Sicario 1: 15,000 pesos monthly. (1500 USD)

Sicario 2: 12,000 pesos monthly. (925 USD)

Sicario 3: 25 to 30,000 pesos monthly. (1925-2310 USD)

Sicario 4: 12,000 pesos monthly.

La Tuta: It all depends on what they do. Some guys make 100,000 pesos (7700USD). It all depends on their position. You understand? But we have to work. You know those coin operated machines? The video games.. Well they are not regulated. They are illegal and they make a lot of money. Why don’t they give us a cut so I can pay my guys and establish order. I go after the illegal stuff. Yes, I’m a criminal but not a petty thief. I’m not out robbing small stores or enchilada vendors. Some of our guys make mistakes and they are punished.  

Reporter: What do you do to them?

La Tuta: Depends on the violation, from beatings, to being tied up, to almost losing their lives, depends on the violation…

Reporter: Is there someone La Tuta steals from? A business? A government agency?

La Tuta: Me?

Reporter: Or the Caballeros Templarios?

La Tuta: Take someone’s personal property? What can I tell you….

Reporter: And why?

La Tuta: What can I tell you…. We are a group, a brotherhood, a business. There are things that are allowed and I’m not saying stealing. I say we are giving the community what is of the community. Isn’t it possible for people to make “denuncios” without the land owner even knowing about it? The guys with the “denuncios” make X amount of dollars per ton and the landowner doesn’t even make half of what the guy with the “denincio” makes. We are only helping the community to get what is theirs.

Reporter: Are the Caballeros Templarios in the U.S?


  1. Robin hood theory .. Morelia is by mom home town uruapan michoacan its somewhat true most of the narcos only mess with u if ur involved in cartels but hold or if your family member doing your family will pay the ultimate price . i have to be very cautious who i visit when i go out their . cuz i know every lil single uncle aunt etc lifes.. Greetings from modesto ca!

    1. arriba michoacan saludos desde modesto ahi me miran por la crowslanding jaja puro templario

    2. Yea that's what I've been telling everyone, they only mess with you of you are involved with cartels... I was born in zinapecuaro but raised in SoCal, we go every year and we haver had any issues So far... Saludos Desde Cocahella valley

    3. 11:10 "templarios"mucho nombre para una bola de culos tan pendejos,creerse la politica ranchera de la puta tuta,es para pendejos de marca mayor...

  2. hahhahahha!!! doesn't this reporter know it's rude to ask how much you make?!! now the idiots in the background holding rigles know howmuch each one make. now there will be jealousy in the workplace. and that's not a safe work environment for anyone.. I hope human resources does something about disclosing howmuch you make to other persons..

    1. Who cares how much they make! what they are doing is illegal! They should be in jail or dead!

    2. Some make more for seniority, or experience it depends on what they do

  3. Ey chivis I saw on Facebook that Gonzalo Inzunza died aka macho prieto mayo Zambada right hand man he was I'm charge of da Sonora desert and Mexicali along with checo find that out for us.. The perso bearly posted it up 20min ago so i haven't read up on it

  4. jajajaja, ke buen comentario hizo ese el primero..... si como puede ser ke uno gana 15 y otro 30, Tuta se te van a poner al brinco...jajajaj

  5. In the the ct org. They punish you if you disclose your activities look a broly they made him like men..

  6. jajajajajaja! What a load of basura y mierda !

  7. Porque trae la corbata roja de clavillazo en la frente? That poster is too cute for tuta...
    Hope he gets asked who he works for.
    Hope he is asked about Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy,Jesus Reyna and governor vallejo

  8. @chivis can u confirm if el macho prieto is really dead???

  9. "I don’t fear dying."

    That's what they all say, until they get caught, blindfolded, taken in some cornfield, hear their kidnappers talk to a camera and get beheaded.

  10. La tuta should be the leader all of cartels.. that way Mexico can go back to the way it was.. peaceful .. like when el padrino rule all in the 80's

    1. Buy some of tutas meth soak it in some water and shoot it up in your lower oriffice and then comment..

  11. you need to credit your sources. it discredits the entire website

  12. Dunno why the hell anyone cares or gives him the time of day.. big fail BB

  13. Enjoy your last days dumbass. Next interview should be with the communitarios

  14. What piece of mierda he is and his estupidos seguidores.

  15. @4:26PM
    credit my sources? sober up and look at the gazillion watermarks etc on the video.

    Thanks for appreciating the hard work. Most reporters are too busy to post at the moment and my time is very short. People like you are why reporters walk away.

    1. Chivis,please,please don't go!
      If you have to go don't forget the pics,for chrissshakes'! Please!
      Never mind the disciculos del chupacabras, it's the season,and they are lonely,they know a "todas contra todas"is coming for Xmas...

  16. Tuta won't take shots at sinaloa or the us govt???smart or skeered???tuta is a grifter ill give him that but if your cold gangster mafioso you must shy away from cameras,mexico is not colombia where drug dealers become political forces....or has it been since the mexican empire was founded????? Smoke kush people and think about it..

  17. Chivis la tuta 3 video just came out today

  18. jeez, how much money one makes is usually too much if they answer I dont want to know

  19. no trigger discipline on his little cronies in the back, that just goes to show you they are a bunch of dumbass ill-equipped, badly trained scumbags.

  20. ANSWER WHY MEXICO IS WHAT IS IS READ THIS:For all americans who dont understand situtation in mexico this is what is briefly, we americans have gangs in new york ,cali,nevada, etc so gang members only kill other gang members but they also rob and kill innoncent people but not all that same with cartels, but why is it out of control ? The mex govt fault by not protecting people and legalizing guns, jus imagine here in usa if the cops didnt protect us citizens from gang members surenos nortenos lating kings, hells angels we would be like mexico, atleast will have guns to protect our homes! Emphasize people.. Greetings from modesto california a person who seen the violence in mex and knows.

    1. 6:37 in the US gangs start forming and recruiting at the junior high level,by high school,they are deep in the gangs,the government coddles the youths to and into juvenile corrections,then onto Correctional Centers Corporation's of America,to keep the private business making ca$$h,the late intervention of the government has hardly any effect on the gang problems.
      It all is very well organized by vultures of private enterprise,next all the American prison guards will be replaced by Chinese security guards from private contractors...

    2. Organized and planned,drive down any interstate in the south with drugs for sure you are doing a dime of slave labor if you get busted by corrupt state patrol officials..

  21. He said they make money based on what they do. I'm sure you wouldn't get paid less if like for instance you butcher the shit out of someone. Compared to just a shot in the head. I'm sure the dirtier the job the higher the pay. A nurse can't make more than a doctor. RIGHT?

  22. ask him cheyo is alive

  23. Tuta tienes que enviar el mensaje del communismo y mandar alos capitalistas ala chingada!!


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