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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Moving Target, on the Trail of Chapito Isidro

Borderland Beat

Chapito Isidro: A Moving Target-RioDoce
After being placed on the most-wanted list by the United States, the objective of capturing him does not stop.
The Mochis. - the morning of October 13, in Nayarit, it was announced that the federal Government had launched an offensive to capture the leader of the organization. Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, “El Chapo Isidro”, was on the verge of being captured that morning during the posboda (post wedding celebration) of one of his sisters, who was celebrating her wedding in the paradise resort of Santa María de el Oro.

The wedding was on Saturday and the posboda that night, the organized crime leader was a no-show.  Isidro is one of the most wanted by the governments of Mexico and the United States.
But at midnight Sunday he arrived at the fandango, finding the celebration continuing with banda music and the musical company of the popular folk minstrel of the narcos, Remmy Valenzuela.

Two hours after Isidro Meza arrived on the scene, ground vehicles and helicopters arrived with elements of the Marina, provoking a confrontation, resulting in a singer by the name of Remigio Alejandro Valenzuela Buelna sustaining injuries.

An alleged gunman died in the conflict, in addition to the arrest of at least seven municipal police forces who were guarding the celebration venue.
In fact, anonymous sources consulted in Guasave, el Chapito Isidro was also injured, with two bullet wounds, although he managed to escape.
In January 2013, the Department of the Treasury of the United States listed Meza Flores and several of his family and alleged accomplices as part of a criminal organization (Kingpin Designation Act).
With that, the U.S. Government officially gave,  the category of most wanted criminal organization which they identify as a rival of the Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán. Also identified as a leader of that cartel is Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, el Chapito Isidro, and the list included seven members of his family and three companies within the criminal group.
According to the press release, the Meza Flores group emerged in Guasave, Sinaloa, and since the decade of 2000 to 2010, they are responsible for smuggling into the United States large quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and cocaine, according to the information office.
Since then, they have been in violent conflict with the Sinaloa cartel, led by the most wanted drug trafficker in Mexico, El Chapo Guzman, which has resulted in many deaths in the State.

In addition to the leader of the cartel, the Treasury Department recognized  as drug traffickers; the wife of Meza Flores, Araceli Chan Inzunza; his father, Fausto Isidro Meza; the mother, Angelina Flores; his sister, Flor Angely Meza, and uncles Agustin Flores Apodaca, arrested last July in Sinaloa county; Salome Flores, and Pánfilo Flores.

The Hostilities
The Northern part of the state is one of the most patrolled by federal forces, predominantly by the army. This has led to clashes between military forces and criminal groups.
Just ten days ago, a clash between soldiers and gunmen took place in the district of El Burrión, Guasave, one of the bastions of the organization that El Chapo Isidro controls. They seized guns, an armored vehicle, and a tiger that, according to the locals, goes by the name of Bruno.
It was a warning. The morning of Thursday December, 12th  Ignacio Gonzalez Peñuelas,”Nacho”, brother of Jesus Chuy Gonzalez Peñuelas, considered number two in the criminal structure of the Guasave BLO cell by local law enforcement authorities, was arrested in a shootout with soldiers, in their home area of  Batamote, Guasave.
El Nacho, alleged chief of the Guasave killings and who allegedly controlled drug sales, collection of piso de plaza (extortion fees), and dozens of assassins, this according to statements given by low level dealers arrested previously.
He had the zone under his control and influence and he was responsible for the area from the field 38, in Juan José Ríos, up to the limits of the municipality of Sinaloa, to the West of the international highway Mexico 15. At the time of his arrest, there was an arrest issued against him for federal crime. The criminal charge was not revealed.
Gonzalez Peñuelas, lost his freedom along with their accomplices, Marcos Eduardo Félix Arredondo, José Cruz Pérez Vega and Hugo Moreno Sarmiento, Moreno  was transferred for medical attention to a hospital that for security reasons was not disclosed, , Attorney general of Justice of the State, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez revealed at a press conference.

Alejandro Rivera Montoya, identified by an identification he was carrying on his person, died in the military operation. However, his identity will be confirmed by those claiming the body and the testimonials of the bereaved.
He was dead in the Miguel Hidalgo Street opposite the 04872 post and a drain, where initiated and concluded the facts with military forces.
Also seized at the site was  armament of conventional war: nine offensive grenades caliber. 40, four hand (fragmentation) grenade, a rifle Barret caliber 50 mm, a rifle, a rifle HK-19, two AK-47 rifles known as "goat horn", a carbine AR-15, a 10 gauge rifle, and a Magnum revolver caliber. 45, as well as nearly three thousand cartridges for the seized weapons, some of them expansive, three vehicles and 15 kilos of narcotics.
According to the facts narrated in inquiry that the Attorney General of Justice of the State initiated through the crime of homicide, the end of Nacho González and his group, began around 11:40 hours of Thursday 12 December when a military command noticed a group of suspicious people. With assault weapons they  gunned down the soldiers, who repelled the assault.
A pursuit ensued that culminated at a house, where the four subjects were arrested and a fifth individual died.
After the fact, the Batamote area was cordoned off by dozens of ministerial, municipal and effective military.
In the evening, calm returned to the village.

Higuera Gomez was reserved in establishing of which criminal group the detainee and his accomplices belonged, as the public prosecutor of the Republic is required  to make this clear, he retains the case since weapons and drugs were detected. "We only act for the reported killing, and described here is what the agent of the public prosecutor of the common jurisdiction had before.

He did not reveal the possibility that the detained group had participated in the killing of policemen in several ambushes perpetrated in the municipality of Guasave, Sinaloa, and a home, and the summary executions of civilians. (click on any image to enlarge)
Bosses of Guasave
Months ago, was published a chart of the operational command of Fausto Isidro Meza, who would be later identified as head of the cartel of Guasave and in which Jesus Gonzalez Peñuelas, brother of the detainee, el Nacho, now was the second in importance.
On the chart next to Chuy Gonzalez appears Samuel Lizarraga Ontiveros, nicknamed el Tortillero and Juan Francisco Patron Sánchez, with the alias “El H2”.
Just below Gonzalez appears Juan Pablo Osuna Sánchez, known as “El Cien”, who passed away in 2011 after ambushing a convoy of judicial police in the village Tetamboca, in El Fuerte. Followed by Juan Miguel Pacheco Samaniego, el Pecas, who according to Los Mochis police authorities we consulted, has opted to go to ground to avoid their capture or order of execution, the same as José Sabá Ávalos Sánchez, nicknamed el Güero Saba did.
Instigators of Delinquency  
According to old criminal records, Ignacio and Jesús González Penuelas began their first criminal activity being sheltered from the famous Miguel Ángel Beltrán Lugo, el Ceja Güera, murdered in the maximum security prison No. 2 at Puente Grantde, when he was about to regain freedom in 2004, after the escape of his supporter, Joaquin Guzmán Loera .
After his fall, they spent time in the shadows and reappeared on the scene of the crime after kidnappers loyal to Alfonso Avila Palafox, el Loncho, better known as “El Mochadedos”, were considered responsible for the killing.
Their names began to appear on narcomantas hung in different points of this city, where they were held accountable as perpetrators of the disappearance and subsequent murder of radio journalist hotline, José Luis Romero.
In underground publications, the brothers were presented as bloodthirsty murderers, kidnappers and other crimes were blamed on them.

For an excellent article about Isidro written by ACI here


  1. what about chapo guzman is isydro a threat to cds is that whyyyyyyy isydro is a threat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chapo is a piece of shit snitch

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  3. Chivis ....

    a small question, por favor. You wrote:
    "He had the zone under his control and influence and he was responsible for the area from the field 38, in Juan José Ríos, up to the limits of the municipality of Sinaloa, to the West of the international highway Mexico 15."

    How do you know this??? Is the journalism business getting a bit dry? You are thinking of opening your own business line :-)

  4. Chapo isidro gots some balls!!!

    1. Nahh he just acts like it.

    2. Isidro is chapo's worst nightmare but aint got enough $ n people to take over sinaloa , but he does work for beltran leyvs cartel , thats chapo guzman competition

    3. Isidro was in a clash earlier this year n escaped by boat , :D that guys crazy , see he fights with his sicarios like a boss should

  5. my respects to ysidro taking on chapo with success and blo gaining territory for blo and really rocking chapo guzman boat so like it said hes a threat so the government is making him public enemy number one

  6. Hmmmm Marines got off clean than ...jaja that's BS. If I'm not wrong the number was either 8 or 11 dead Marines ohhh the public can't know that not even the Marines can control a powerful CELL jahah be honest also a bird went down.. Jaha oh that's right only the locals know this huh hahaha the government will never post casualties when its more than 10 they will put 2 when its 8 or less they always put 1 hahaha. So all of a sudden everyone stops looking for Chapo since his rival has shown to be a threat? Dumb move by the government. Since 2008 the Beltran leycas openly declared war on CDS and even with 2 of their top leaders dead till now 2013\ 2014 the war hasn't stopped its obvious that their approach or offensive hasn't worked and won't work.

    1. True.. like a year or so back there was reports of a huge gun battle in the desert. It was reported by locals to have seen more than 2 choppers go down. More than 50 or 80 soldiers dead or wounded were reported by an official at the scene and then later a higher up dropped the numbers to 10 wounded and 50 gun men, no helicopter crash. When they looked for the captain that gave the first accounts he said that the official story was in pepper and he was not authorized to speak on it. But the locals said there was more than 300 gun men ... and these ppl said they where sure because they knew all the sicarios in those mountainous region and that day most of them they had never seen before. This happened in Sinaloa desert that goes into my state of Durango.

  7. Chapo isidro is the reason why chapo has 300 bodyguards with him in la sierra..he doesnt want to cross paths with this gallo..isidro and his gunman have more kills of contras than chapo..and chapo has the military to help him when his people get destroyed by la mochomera..fiero pa la phoeniquera...

    1. You know why it seems like isidro has more kills? Because isidros people aren't well known in corridos and stuff like that. But I can assure you that his people get killed just as much. Theres a reason y his family is in nuevo leon and he's in nayarit.

    2. When the war was declared on cds..he did a smart thing and moved his family..he knew they would be killed instanly..isidro has general skills in the battlefield..hes killed anthrax members in culiacan and escaped easily..any confrontation with cds gunman..they win..thats why el cholo ivan is whining about him and chapo cant stop sending troops to northern sinaloa..they all get icedddddd...

  8. "Adding insult to injury, Deschamps assured his jet setting children have high paying employment with PEMEX until the year 2999"

    WTH? And people wonder whats wrong with Mexico. Its going to get even worse. Greed feeds the monster.

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    Mrs Inzunza,chapo isidro's wife,is she family with Kately Inzunza the r5's young girlfriend?
    Done told you,pinchis culeros,think of your families first if you are really men,jotolones de Rancho... chivaaa! not taking too much time off,
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