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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saltillo: 3 Men Executed and Casa Migrante Death Threats Continue

Borderland Beat

Two unrelated stories but both from Saltillo.  The first is a report of the execution of 3 men.  The second is one I touched on in my comments in the past few days.  It is in regards to "Casa Migrante" in Saltillo.  These migrant shelters are ones we  assist with our "Project 72".  It is a fairly large shelter with 110-130 migrants being accommodated each day.  Brave Catholic Priest operate Casa Migrantes and their lives are always in jeopardy, I explain why in my post following the El Diario article.
El Diario
Tortured, with bound hands and executed by the coup de grace, the bodies of three men - one of them an employee of a used car lot - in Colonia Loma Linda.
The bloody incident occurred in the first minutes of Wednesday in the eastern sector of the city.
It is unofficially reported that families of the victims appeared before the Public Ministry representative for legal procedures, they also knew that they could run a relative of one another.
The victims were identified as Cecilio Casas Padilla, 53, employee of a used car lot and  brothers Enrique and Miguel Sanchez.
Later, in a statement, the Attorney General launched an investigation of Coahuila for the triple homicide.
The report notes that the triple murder was committed on Tuesday 8 January at 23:50 hours in the stated colonia.
The incident report was received at the State Emergency System 066, via anonymous calls, but the bodies were found shortly after 00:15 hours Wednesday.
In that sector three people were reported dead, all being  males,  they were located on a dirt road from a vacant lot located between Calle Nopal and Chaparral, the colony of Loma Linda.
For the now deceased were found tied hands yellow plastic ties and were displaying firearm projectile impacts in various areas of the body.
The prosecutor arrived at the scene, as well as  Expert Services,  staff from the Medical Examiner, and officials of the Deputy of Research to perform the corresponding investigations.

Reinforcing security at the Casa del Migrante
by Chivis Martinez
For over a week death threats have been received at one of the migrant shelters in Saltillo. Death threats have been delivered against the managers of the shelter.  Father Pedro Pantoja has also received death threats, but it has not been made clear by authorities  who is issuing the threats or why. 
Over one week ago I heard about the threats, and at that time I was told the threats were against the entire shelter and everyone in the shelter.  It now appears to be more specific than first thought.
Reports state:
Authorities announced that different state police forces are guarding Casa del Migrante, after the death threats they have received against several of its executives.
"We are investigating the death threats he received in recent days by  Father Pedro Pantoja de la Casa del Migrante," the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).
 In a statement, the agency added that "The relevant inquiry PGJE started and is gathering evidence to identify the source of these threats.."
On Tuesday, Amnesty International (AI) and the Network of Civil Human Rights All Rights for All (Red TDT) called for the intervention of state authorities at the increasing threats of staff working at the shelter.
Shelters and Priests operating shelters are frequently under attack by cartels.  They oppose safe havens for economic migrants as migrants they are a valuable resource for criminal organizations. A,side from extortion, they are forced into criminal activities,  recruited into cartels, or exploited and used for other the drug criminal activities such as  the sex trade.
Economic migrants migrating from Southern Mexico and Central America on their journey to the United States, are preyed upon, kidnapped, extorted. forced into servitude, or recruited for narco work by force. Another practice is for narcos to be waiting for United States deportation buses along the border and literally snatching deportees as they are forced by the U.S. into walking across international bridges and into Mexico with little or no resources.
Senseless protocol dictates that the United States supplies Mexico  with a list of ages, and sex of the deportees and the exact point of entry, date and time the buses are scheduled to arrive.  As bad as that is, many deportees are not a citizen of Mexico, in essence undocumented migrants are forced into unlawfully entering a country in which they are undocumented. 
This is with full knowledge by the United States.  They are deported with a blue bracelet and deportation papers that depict their country of citizenship.



  1. I'm confused...are these victims from the shelter? Or just as in Monterrey, rise in violence against small businesses for not paying extorsion or "cuota".

  2. Sheep to the slaughter...obviously either side dont want to fork out $$$ for safe passage.
    Anyway where the hell is the UN in all this, they should be all over this problem....there is a war on in mexico whether anyone believes it or not.
    This is unbelievable thugs picking on the poor and helpless for the sex trade, extortion,"safe passage",kidnap n ransom,forced to work or get yah head cut off....despicable acts!!!

  3. And you are COMPLAINING when the US returns the illegals to the country from which they gained illegal entry to the US, and to the country where the citizens aid their progress and provide food and shelter so they can enter the US illegally. YOU ARE FUNNY. The US has NO RESPONSIBILITY to mexicocause mexico DOES NOT help prevent these3 illegals from entering the US. Fair is Fair ! You help us, we help you. Nuff said !

  4. The kidnapping and extortion has to stop. Why no martial law Pena Nieto?

  5. @8:46

    Learn to read the 3 were not undocumented persons.

    your comment reeks of racism and ignorance.
    10k migrants per year vanish in Mexico, 6 of 10 females rape even little girls, Mexico hates central americans and do nothing to assist them. know WTF are you are peaking of before expressing an opinion. I am a conservative, but what I am speaking writing about is NOT a legal issue it is a humanitarian issue.

    Don't let your bigotry cloud the issue.

  6. @ 3:09

    absolutely! I was stunned to discover my beloved US was a part of this.

    The thing is, if bigots like 8:46 had two brain cells to rub together to create a spark they would be pissed off for their own racists views, because the majority of those dumped at the border that narcos do not snag try to cross again within 48 hours. They tell me this.

    I asked if they get help, some do by means of finding a coyote to accept credit payments or simply keep trying themselves. So bottom line it is senseless and a money and time waster as well.

    If they were all sent back to the country of origin few would try the trip again, it takes thousands of dollars and many are killed.

  7. If there were no safe houses provided the immigrants would think twice about thier glorious journey to illegally enter the U.S. It's Americas job to keep them out of her borders and not to give them a free ride back to China, Guatemala, etc! Don't let your ignorance cloud the issue.

    1. Nobody deserves this no matter where they come from.if we deport illegal immigrants we as human beings ought to make sure they arrive in their country of origin safely.i am native american descent and what if we would have put all the europeans back on their boats and just let them drift. I see no reason for this.they are people illegal or not.i dont care how many immigrants come here just dont want criminal elements here.that guy who made that comment just needs to go burn his cross and put on his sheet elsewhere.

  8. Chivis- I agree with you 100%` Firstly, about the racism.This is 2012 and it sickens me to tead that this still exsists. We all bleed red blood people.Secondly, learn to READ before writing your ignorant comments. Lastly, innocents die daily,do people just not care??? I was raised in a country in Europe,where no racism was. We then moved to New York city, where all my friends were another race. All these yeard later we are still friends. My parentd would have beat me senseless if I made a racist commit, due to the fact it is wromg but I'm also Scillian. A different culture period. Yed, I'm a dual citixen but the USA is my country. I am embarred for my country with these arrogant,hateful.comments. Great way to get to Heaven but maybe you don't care about that too. Thanks Chivis and BB for having to deal with these hateful morons. Texas Grandma.

  9. I dont think all Mexicans hate Central Americans. We have a great friend from El Salvador who has been staying at our place he is undocumented & will be going to the US, he does security watch on our house in exchange for staying there. AND he works hard selling food in the market as he has no ID or papers to work in Mexico & he is a nice person. My husband who is Mexican gave him the job. We have been to Guatemala several times from Mexico & the people are mostly peaceloving (the citizens who are not into bad things)

  10. Only another racist will fail to see the glaring racism in that comment about "illegals". Continue calling them out...great job

    I am tired of all the racism here it gets out of hand and detracts for the subject of the posts.

  11. BB why even bother putting those comments? Avoid publishing them, problem solved. By the way, 9 murdered on Wednesday at Monterrey : ( and not counting today's death toll brings the number to 53 just for the month of January.

  12. @.....KG
    I hope you get all the luck in the world,you,your husband,family,and your Salvadoran friend in his quest.
    Greetings and luck from over the line

  13. It's a bad situation for the "economic migrants" because even after they come to the USA, they are forced by the cartels to steal from businesses and allow home invasions and kidnappings in the houses and offices where they are hired. So, people are getting worried about hiring illegals because (even if they started out to be good people) you bring the evil cartel into your home or business. You give access to cartels when you hire economic migrants because the migrants are so desperate they have no choice. They fear for their lives so they give the criminals access. That's been a huge problem here in the Rio Grande Valley.


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