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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4 die in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

A total of three armed suspects were killed in armed confrontations with Mexican Policia Federal agents Monday, as intergang firefights continue in Zacatecas and Fresnillo municipalities, according to Mexican news reports.

A news report which appeared Monday evening on the website of El Sol de Zacatceas news daily said that armed suspects in Guadalupe municipality was  where armed suspects exchanged gunfire with a Policia Federal road patrol.

A group of armed suspects travelling aboard a Volkswagen Jetta sedan was ordered to stop by federal agents in Las Quintas neighborhood.  Instead, the suspects opened fired on the road patrol and initiated a pursuit on a road towards Monte Bello colony.  That road was a one way road.

Armed suspects crashed their vehicle into a residence and then attempted to flee, but were caught by police gunfire and were killed at the scene.

A subsequent search conducted by Mexican Army and Naval Infantry units failed to turn up more suspects.

Meanwhile gunfights continued in Zacatecas municipality last Sunday around avenidas  Torreon and  Quebradilla Sunday.  A local police cordon briefly blocked the area.

Also, an unidentified man in his 40s was found shot to death in Zacatecas municipality Sunday.  The victim was found on Mexico Federal Highway 54 near the Jardines del Recuerdo cemetery.

Separately, intergang gunfights continued in Fresnillo municipality last Thursday night, centering around Arboledas colony.  No one was reported hurt in those gunfights.

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  1. Anyone know if these cartel firefights are United Cartels against Zetas?Is the fighting with these crews still going on over there?

  2. Which cartel was it that engaged the army?

  3. What other cartel has the balls to engage the army on a regular basis? only zetas

  4. The CDG engaged the army in October, in this same plaze Zacatecas, resulting in 11 dead.


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