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Thursday, January 10, 2013

"It Will Be an Eye For an Eye" Guerrero Community Takes Action

Borderland Beat Translated by 'J' the Mover

Thumbs up all around as citizen police set up check points at all entrances and exits
 Community members anticipate "it will be an eye for an eye"   in retaliation of narco violence against the community..
One of the community police said that the communities have no other alternative but to retaliate for the crimes committed against them in past few years them by narcos,  which include extortion, kidnapping and murder.

Guerrero - Community police from Ayutla de los Libres expected that if the groups of organized criminals take revenge on the community, the community will do the same thing in return:  "we know who they are, where they are, and we also know their families.  It will be an eye for an eye."
In an new year interview that took place  on the Ayutla de los Libres reserves,  most community members covered their faces with handkerchiefs and balaclavas. Coordinators justify these actions by the complicated situation of living in a state of insecurity.
“We did not see any effective action against organized crime and for this reason this movement has been create with the intention of liberating the people.  We, the citizens and the families, decided that we had enough harassment because we were no longer able to walk in the streets.  The night is dark, but the day is also.”
Robust and short in stature, the man who is recognized as one of the leaders of the movement indicated that the action that they have implemented is no longer only about vigilance, as it was in Olinala and Huamuxtitlan in 2011.
“We are going to locate  people who are not satisfied with living in a normal society  and we are going to kick them out. The villages are fed up and for this reason we decided to organize ourselves against those called ‘hit men’”, he comments.
He indicated that as he has advised the Attorney General (PGJ) on Monday night, that  they have detained three men who are accused of collaborating with organized crime: “They have a lot to do with this problem, because we found them with weapons and evidence that they were involved in kidnappings.  That is why there are conditions to re-educate them.”
With respect to the possibility of delivering the men to the Public Ministry of the Common Law (MPFC) as the authorities have suggested, he said that the agreement is that the people are going to defend by their own methods, but those detained will be subject to re-education in a house of justice under the Regional Coordinator of Community Authority (CRAC).
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They still remained in Ayutla this Thursday but they anticipated that they will then be turned over to Tecoanapa and afterwards to other locations.
He added that their activities had already been reported to the Secretary of the Navy, the National Army and the State Administration, because the agreement is to maintain the fight against crime in an indefinite way.
And preventing reprisals on the part of the members of the organizations that they are confronting, another member of the leadership noted: “The people can do no more and are going to have to act maybe in an unlawful way, but it is clear that they are left with no alternative and that if necessary they will have to see an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”
Against those who might doubt these men, he specified: “They (the criminals) also have family and that they will be hurt in the same manner that the criminals hurt people, so I hope that they do not do here what they have done in other places.”
Although it is calculated that 500 men have been mobilized, the leaders have indicated that there are at least 700 but that they are going to recruit more.
He said that with so many people have joining the mission he has been able to gather a large amount of information with respect to who is a part of the criminal cells:”
 “We have names and addresses, everyone is located and we want to make it clear that if something happens with our families, the same will happen with their families, they may fight like men or better yet, retreat and live life in an honorable manner.”
It is assumed that the stance  can be lamentable, but he says that in these moments the communities have no other alternative.
 Source: Milenio


  1. This is what must be done , only throughout Mexico But take no prisoners.

    1. There is a small spark in dead coals

  2. wow! NIce to see the people of the town taking an interest in their fate....even if it means a few of them may die in the fight.

  3. I've been waiting for this.I learn about fear in the army.if its on you; you will get it off.if they organize in nuevo Laredo I'll send my family away and join.

  4. Good luck to all of them who picked up a weapon and have issued their warning"we know who you are,where you live,leave us alone to live"
    Been saying this for along time.Fuck all the mealy mouth do gooders who bleat about justice and law from the safety of their house's and offices looking on and writing about how much they help the community.
    It has nothing to do with these type of idiots,these people are the front line who are in real danger of losing their lives and families,unlike many on here who try to portray themselves as martyrs.This is real life danger,not imaginary.

  5. Yeahh, its about time they defend them self against this terrorist killers..remember el grito de la independencia de Mexico...Viva Mexico..

  6. this is not new,but this seems more organised.
    And i hope they grow to a million strong,baha just imagine that...then they can rob the cartels of there money and weapons for the good of all mexicans,I honestly cant wait to hear more from these people.....someone had to stand up to the filth and they have a big job ahead of them especially in the state of Guerrero,i think every cartel has a cell or two there.
    I pray to god help them help themselves.

  7. This is the only way to fight the drug cartels!
    In fact, if the Mexican government has any brains, it'll do such things on a nation-wide scale!!!
    Remember Pablo Escobar of Columbia?
    He did to that country what the Mexican drug cartels are doing now to Mexico.
    Killing anybody who stood in his way!
    And the government, with its so-called "lawful" methods got nowhere.
    It was the rival drug cartels that drove him to distraction and forced him to make the mistakes that led to his location and subsequent killing.
    How did the rival drug cartels do it?
    They did it by going after and destroying anything and everything connected with him.
    His businesses, family members and friends were fair game!!
    That's how they pressurised him in every which way until he was very desperate and started making mistakes which led to his eventual killing!!!!
    The Guerreo community is doing the right thing but it must be done on a national scale.
    And this is where the Mexican government comes into the picture.
    That is, if it has any brains!!!!!!

    1. I read the president is trying to arm civvies at Sinaloa

    2. They were called los pepes and the were citizens and relatives of those killed by escobars organization. they were also funded and givin intel by the rival cali cartel

  8. If I was chapo guzman and/or the government I will send them ak 47s and a lot of ammo

  9. Revolution is the answer! Revolt against crime. Revolt against corruption. Revolt against poverty. Revolt against oppression. Kill anything or anyone who stands in the way of Mexico becoming a healthy industrialized nation. Beautiful people. Beautiful land. God bless the righteous.

  10. Godspeed to the good Citizens of Mexico..
    May Jesus watch over you and condemn the evil thugs who have Usurped power from the people!

  11. Reminds me of the Sunni Awakening Movement started in Al Anbar, Iraq which sounded the death knell for Alqaeda in Iraq. Viva México! take the fight to these scum and wipe them from face of the planet!!

  12. Armed civilians are no match for them!! People with only handguns or escopetas vs Ak47 50. Cals, grenades, R15's and grenade launchers? Lmao really? These civilians i bet dont even have combat experience or bullet proof vests. Put yourself in a narcos shoe's for once, you see a checkpoint with armed civilians ahead with no police uniform you'll definetly think its enemies or an ambush and what are you going to say? Nothing your just going to spray bullets. If not it wouldnt be hard to bribe them, Money talks!! I wouldnt be surprised the narcos greeting these people with bullets. I understand these people are trying to do the right thing but this is not the way, they are just asking to get killed. More inocent people are going to die over this. Hahaha they say they have addresses hahaha! They are bluffing!! No matter what people do they are never going to stop this virus! Atte Cesar El Guero Pesado o " El 15"

    1. Callete el osico cocho!! Dejate de estupideses y ponte a trabajar honradamente!!

      La gente ya esta cansada de los pendejetes como tu!! El 15..El guero pesado? Ponte a trbajar piche panson!!

    2. Chinga tu pinche madre culero.
      Cesar la guera pesada. Hahaha! Pinche lambehuevos. Ignorant piece of shit.

    3. Look stupid you will never win this war at the end el gobierno es el gonierno and have all the meas nessesary to kill you all putos guevones don't you believe me just look back in history none of this bandidosgroups ever take over the government not even pancho villa and zapata did it

  13. So... not to be a downer or anything but after a while they will grow and get some taste of victory/action. They will see some $$$ that can be madr and then boom, we have a new cartel.


  14. Muy buena suerte mi gente. Que mi Dios Santisima los acompania.

  15. "Reminds me of the Sunni Awakening Movement started in Al Anbar, Iraq"
    The Iraqi people were misdirected for a bit,but finally got rid of them.It has to come from the people who live there.Now,hopefully Mexico will get rid of the couple 1000 dogs who are ruining Mexico.Get rid of them and Mexico could be great.

  16. It is about time! God Bless those residents. I hope they keep thier guns clean and their powder dry.

    "There is a time to take counsel of your fears, and there is a time to never listen to any fear."
    ~George S. Patton

  17. Independencia, motherfukers!

  18. This all sound greate and. I wish the good people of mexico the very best however my advice is that when you're playing with a snake of this nature you must cut its head off before it strkes evenmore, talk is cheap in the twentith century

  19. Kind of like that game homefront. Instead of being a soldado. Your a freedome fighter. They dont have fighting experience but their well arm. Maybe those people will know how to aim one when they catch or kill one of those sunch of bitches. Maybe there taking lessons somewhere in the village. I wish them luck.

  20. They can look at how cartel players take a town,use that shit,and you don't need combat experience to kill a motherfucker,that comes naturally.All they want is to be left alone and not have skeezers causin cain,frightening women and children,,,and men.
    Good luck to them and stick together,back one another up in all circumstances.

  21. glad to see people fighting for there families, the citezens need to be armed to stand a chance. In michoacan, the mexican army ramsacked my fathers home and took all the guns we had, and left him with a non workin .22. this is why good citizens cant do much. .22 vs ak47/m16? dont make sence. govm. needs to regulate weapons not band them! my father told me stories, when he grew up, almost all men carried guns. no one was killing children in schools, in streets, just people who was asking for it!

  22. "So... not to be a downer or anything but after a while they will grow and get some taste of victory/action. They will see some $$$ that can be madr and then boom, we have a new cartel."

    this is smartest comment posted thus far...anyone who knows history, knows that once the oppressed obtain the power, they become the oppressors. Its the history of the world.

  23. Buena idea nada mas las falta que consigan mejor armamento. Los rifles que salen en las fotos se ven que son espanta pajaros.

  24. For the person who the said that the carteles have superior weapons and etc.. The point is not to have a gun battle or go toe to toe with them, but to have some sort of protection against the criminals who are taking advantage of them and suppressing their liberty's.

    If a town of people can become armed, they can deal with the cartel's on more even terms, the cartel's will think twice about trying to extort, kidnap, or kill innocents.

  25. January 11, 2013 12:03 PM
    "Callete el osico cocho"Who are you responding to?
    Err,do you mean Callate el hocico ? By the way who the fuck woke your dumb ass up?Aint you the heavyweight war machine El 15 Gente CDG?Whoever.Are you one of these skanks runnin round scaring people?Is that why your puttin your nickers on your head?Don't take it out on us if people are fed up with your sad ass.Where do you keep your Glock?In your nickers?Keep it on the DL my man,you know they aint diggin on that.Keep it wrapped

  26. Im sure slowly but surely the townsfolk will be capable of getting weapons to the same fire power as the cartels,like im sure they would have an ex-soldado or two amongst them or with military background with connections to military grade weapons....just as long as they have this united front for defense of there neighbourhoods anything is possible,but like what 4:00pm said they can get much done even without weapons, for instance the Banners worked very well.
    But do believe they need military grade arms for when that day arises...for it surely will.

  27. I predict the beginning of a civil war

  28. Kill the zetas the extort kidnap and murder. Chapo vowed he would never extort or kidnap the average citizen only other cartel members who do that to poor civilians.

    Chapo has been in the game since the 70's the zetas are new and the violence is new put two and two together.

    Zetas = destruction of mexico

  29. 10:22pm stop your bullshit propaganda,CDS cell's been busted doin what Zetas do,so have CDG... and so on,they all do your research NUTTHUGGER!!!!

  30. Hahaha pinche gente comica. Don't worry about wtf i be doing. Worry about your soon to be dead self, y sigue abriendo el hocico cabron de los guevos te voy a colgar perro. No por nada soy respetado! Atte Cesar El Guero Pesado o "El 15".

    1. Pesado tienes los huevos porque te la pasas de huevon ....pendejo trabaja como la gente onesta,wuey

  31. The narcos with better weapons wont do anything about it. If all those people want is to left alone why bother the ant hill. If they decide to go against the town, it wont go well for either side. Townmembers know who the bad guys are, where they live, who their families are.

    They need to weight the consequenses of just going around them or having every narco related family member in town square with a noose around their head.

  32. @ Cesar El Guero Pesado o "El 15"
    I know im fuckin comical aint i......
    Give it to me baby.Its all good and its just words,do what you gotta do and keep yo mofukin head down,and wey,be cool for fucks sake.

  33. Those Citizen patrols better have big balls because thoses cartel gangbangers are coked out and can organize lots of guns and boots on the ground and are not afarid of much.

  34. Kill, kill, kill those criminal cartel cock roach bastards on sight!

  35. we should make an account for donations and use the money to buy guns and ammo for these freedome fighters> ariva la revolucion gobierno aste a un lado porque el espiritu zapatist esta en el aire y huele a muerte

  36. "So... not to be a downer or anything but after a while they will grow and get some taste of victory/action. They will see some $$$ that can be madr and then boom, we have a new cartel."

    That was my thought too. Unless all of mexico does the same, then the narcos are still a minority.


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