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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Citizens Warn Criminals "We Will Lynch You"

Borderland Beat

Here is another story of citizens becoming fed up, then used a page from the book of narco terrorism to deliver their warnings...and it's working..

Residents of Xochimilco are worried over increasing assaults and robberies, they hanged banners in which they threaten of lynching thieves.
Ciudad de México.- Villagers of Xochimilco send a warning to thieves: if they catch you, you will be lynched.
Neighbors worried about the wave of robberies to businesses and houses, hanged on the main avenues of the community, banners with a warning.
These messages were placed three months ago and, since that time, there has not been any robberies registered.
Previously, commerce and houses of Santa Cruz Acalpixca, a village located on the highest part of Xochimilco- about 8 kilometers of Periferico Sur- , were defaced after delinquency tagged them  with drawings believed to be warnings.
“One day”, remembered Alicia, a neighbor of San Gregorio Atlapulco, “they broke into several houses and businesses (of Santa Cruz). They were marked with something like a gun and bullets and the next day they were found robbed.” And when people saw the same drawings outside of the businesses of San Gregorio, about 2 kilometers of Santa Cruz, they decided to send a warning to the thieves.
“That was the cause of the organization: the primary cause was fear”, said Luis Reyes, neighbor of this village.
Then the people removed the marks and made the banners with the threats: “Neighbors united against crime, we are tired of so many acts of crime, (delinquency)  don’t become the suspect, if you are caught stealing, we will act directly on you and you will not be sent to the authorities “We will lynch you!”.
The concerns extended to the village of San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, where the same warnings were placed.
Now, on the principal avenue of both villages, a banner greets the travelers. In one banner, it is reads:
 “Neighbors united against delinquency. Any rat (thief) will be lynched”
In another they warned:
“Thieves if we catch you, we are not going to send you to the authorities… We are going to lynch you!!”.
And apparently, it has worked; for the three months that the banners have been hanged there, there has not been one robbery conducted, subsequently, no lynching's.
Jose Luis Perez Martinez, coordinator of Public Safety of Xochimilco, said that there has been an desperate approach by the residents  and the SSP was notified to take precautions.
“We have had meetings with the corporations to begin operatives and make ourselves present. I told the attorney directly, but they became upset because there is no formal complaint”, he reported.
He added that the majority of the people don’t have the means of denouncing to the Public Ministry, nor they trust the police officers.
Daniel Cunjama, investigator of the National Institute of Penal Science, said that in zones where a social connection- characterized by a very intimate connection between the neighbors-, there can occur a lynching if the community feels threaten.
“When the safety , talking from the point of view of the State [ meaning the Police], is not enough to provide safety to those who needed, the reaction of these groups is to take justice on their own hands”, he says.
Source: Noticias Terra
Thank you goes out to the BB reader who sent the story in


  1. Woohoo hehe,more story's of these brave townsfolk please....and like just overnight no robberies hahahaha they could of added extra words such as " we will lynch you,you dirty filthy RATS!!!"
    We need every town doing this....proud of these People,thats what i call Mexican Pride.

  2. Tamaulipas on forum dont like it go elsewhere. bye bye

  3. As an American who has traveled extensively in Mexico and have actually been to Xochimilco ( A Lovely day I will never forget! ) I must applaud the citizens for standing up for their communities and I wish them safety and security.
    The people of Mexico get a bad reputation because of the Narcos and Corrupted Politicians.
    Many of my best friends are Mexicans and I love them dearly!
    And trust me on this, not all Americans are racist...
    Just because a few are ignorant and intolerant, please do not judge us on their Hatred just as I would never judge a Mexican for the mayhem caused by the Z and other Terrorist organizations..
    We are neighbors and must work together to end this Drug Travesty!

  4. Outstanding, there should be narcos hanging by their balls all over Mexico by years end hopefully!!

  5. So will the public lynching be on a live stream?

  6. Awesome articles BB....well done!!!!

  7. All of a sudden your health has become so good that it is now possible to post ONE BB POST AFTER ANOTHER.

    miracles are possible

  8. Thank you BB reader for sending this story in..I salute you and all the citizens of mexico for de fending your selfs from this brainless terrorists..God bless you'll and protect you'll bring peace to Mex. ..Viva Mexico Viva.

  9. hey Chivis? you mean too tell me that "reynosa" from forum was fake? i just ask cause it was me that was asking "reynosa" questions on mainboard week or two ago.(and like we come here to get the truth,annoying when people make shit up).

  10. I wish the Mexican citizens had our 2nd Amendment. I am proud for them standing up againts crime; it would make it a lot easier for them if they could match the criminals' firepower with an AR-15 or AK-47 in their hands.


  11. This is the kind of hope Mexicanos need to hear and read about. Others will see this and will be inspired causing the ripple effect. Take Mexico back mi gente!

  12. January 10, 2013 9:55 PM
    I get it

  13. I hope the people are safe,can band and stay together a long time,to send a definite message."not only will we hang you,we will hunt you down"Is this a trend starting,are the Mexican people finally fed up with all this.To stay out of trouble all you have to do is behave and don't be a dog.
    Simple really.All good on the Mexican citizens doing this.

  14. Its hard to believe this is happening in México city, but Im glad its working

  15. If the presedent really wants to get rid of the ciminal gans and all there violance declair marshal law!

  16. Like we have read in many of the post here. The people of these towns know who the criminals are and they know the families that shelter them. Sending a clear message to the criminals and families will make them think twice before committing a crime.

  17. Chivis,

    why did you not post my comment about humanity and how it works...i know you want to believe this will end well and all that...but those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it, and throughout history, movements like this end up with the formerly oppressed becoming oppressors once they taste power. isn't this how LFM started?

  18. this sounds like what the LFM did after they first formed

  19. Wow! what brave people. Hope they can win.

  20. the LFM was formed by Narco Traffickers close to the Gulf Cartel. They actually were using the Zetas (when they where under the Golfos) to fight the Valencias (milenio) in Michoacan which was the root of the wave of violence from 2004ish on. The tale that they where first a Vigilante group patrolling and protecting it's communities is pure myth.

  21. @9:55PM
    Thank you very much!
    Everyone was either injured, sick or busy with life. So I will try and robo-post as much as possible. Bad has one in the hopper and Vato is working on a long difficult translation post, and ACI also is working on one..

    We were getting complaints about lack of posts so I did my best, and thanks for noticing.

  22. Gracias Chivis, welcome back. Stay healthy.

  23. Bout time Takes a wolf to catch a wolf

  24. Great!! thats how the Mexican people need to confront this problem.Lynch thoses gangbanging assholes. Teach them a lesson that the public is done with thier terrorizing bullshit!. Hang them and then Bulldoze thier homes!! Good for them!!! When the good citizens confront the evil they can and will win!!

  25. All states Towns citys should do this and fuck the Mexican goverment and there gun laws the THE PUEBLO should be armed and protect ther ppl from all this scums

  26. I wish white Americans would use the same brute force dealing with black criminals and mexican gangs here. If it's ok for the nonwhite people in this world to stand up for the country and deal with violent criminals, then what's wrong with white people doing the same in their lands?


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