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Friday, January 11, 2013

Monterrey: Homicides Down 31% in 2012- But Now Rising

Borderland Beat

Bloody Start

Monterrey • Nuevo León has had a violent start of year, after registering in its first nine days, 44 executions, returning to standard indexes of criminality of  bloody 2010.
Meanwhile the preventive, state and municipal police keep decreasing by the operation of control of confidence and the resignations of elements that arrived from the center and southeast of the country.
2012 closed with a global decrease of around 31 per cent in the figure of executed but emerging January as "hot" since the beginning of the year.
Last year, months like November, June and July registered number of victims  of 40, 56 and 68 executed, while in 2011 there were months that had more than 200 deaths.
In nine days of 2013 ,the 44 executions have already exceeded the 50 percent increase of the 70 homicides registered in December.
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 Meanwhile, since the beginning of the new federal administration, from December 1 to date, the number of deaths related to organized crime amounts to 114.
According to declarations of the secretary of communications of the State Government, Jorge Domeme Zambrano, the violent journey is caused by the confrontations between rival groups of the organized crime, basically because of the retail of drugs.
The bloody disputes in the entity occurred after the Federal Government made an important retreat of the troops of federal forces.
Nationally, Nuevo León is the fourth entity with increased homicides  by organized crime.
In 2011, one thousand 827 people were murdered while last year the figure was of one thousand 260.


  1. Whats goin on in Monterrey? i thought it was owned by BLO and Los Zetas.

  2. Might be the zetas and BLO turf, but has been continually and strongly contested by the CDG. Now Chapos boys are in.

  3. Chapo has more money and organizational skills that will make a big difference who comes out on top.seems like zetas nowdays put a bunch of coked out kids to do their dirty work not that i approve of what either of them doing cause i dont but cokeheads tend to be unstable and that will probably lead to their downfall. Chapo crazy like a fox in a chicken house

  4. Im here in monterey and from what I can see,the zetas are losing ground..its sad to say,but those of us who are hard working people have come to hate zetas and wish chapos people could help rid of them cause they atleast leave normal people alone..

    1. Are you really in monterrey and are the zetas really falling or you just. Saying what you want to happen

    2. Yes I Am. But pretty soon Ill be back to Maryland

  5. I have lived here in Santa Catarina for a year now and havent much of anything. (Thank God) There have been a couple of shootings but nothing like my neighbors say 2009-2011 was. A crapton of robberies though.

  6. If its true that its only the zetas out of the ones fighting for control of Monterrey (CDG, CDS, etc) charge protection money to small business's then lets hope to god the others win as its destroying people who have no interest in the narco war yet they're getting dragged into it by people like the zetas. But make no mistake all narcos are scum period.

  7. Im the one who had said Im in monterey earlier..yes its true.I have a cousin who was a lookout for the zetas for awhile.his brother beat the crap out of him and now hes in a rehab..zetas may have large numbers,but they dont have good solid soldiers,they have young idiots..

  8. So without knowing much about all this drug cartel stuff eccept what is on mainstream news here in NYC, do you think a group of musicians traveling to a music festival in Monterry would be at risk for accidentally getting caught up in any of this type of violence?


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