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Monday, October 22, 2012

The "Lazca Cocktail"

Borderland  Beat

Translated by Texcoco Written by Hugo Guiterrez for Indigo Reporte

Monterrey is a minefield. Lazcano's death brings three explosive components:

First,  differences between The Zetas because some think that their leader 'Z-40' is a traitor, while others are faithful to him. 

Secondly,  these breaks are affecting all criminal cells because they will have to commit other type of crimes to survive. 

And third, in addition to the CDG, now they "Los Zetas" will have to fight the Knights Templar.
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Everyone in Monterrey is wondering what impact the death of the capo will bring. There are three factors that have already set  a red alert on authorities in Nuevo Leon.

First, a potential infighting within the organization, because there are versions of betrayal by Miguel Angel Trevino Morales "Z-40", which would have revealed to the Navy about armed people in the ballpark of Progreso, Coahuila.

Second, the infightings within Los Zetas will break the chain of command and each cell will commit crimes on its own, increasing assaults and kidnappings.

Third, in addition to live for two years with a war between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas in Monterrey,  now in the city we have The Knights Templar group, to fight against Los Zetas.

These three factors represent a minefield for Monterrey.

A cocktail of factors that can cause an increase in executions between them "Los Zetas" and also between all three opposing groups that have a presence in the city.

Regarding the potential infighting between Zetas, an informant indicates that at present there is danger of infighting.

He exemplifies, he said that today if any member of that criminal group dares to call Trevino Morales "Z-40" a "traitor", he will be taking the risk of being killed by another member of the organization faithful to their leader.

But there are people who do think there was a betrayal.

This internal division of Los Zetas seemed like it would be over with the apprehension of Ivan Velazquez Caballero alias "Taliban" or "Z-50", arrested on September 26 in San Luis Potosi.

However, with the death of "El Lazca" there are versions that a division or infighting will continue.

In reality there were already groups of Zetas, led precisely by "Taliban" and they were pointing fingers at Treviño Morales "Z-40" as a traitor, saying that he delivered information on several commanders of that criminal group to be arrested; now whit the dead of Lazcano that suspicion once again become important.

These are questionable versions in how it was possible that a Navy patrol approached the ballpark in Progreso, Coahuila, without someone like a "hawk" (look out), to give notice to "El Lazca" that sailors were approaching the place where he was.

One version is ensuring that someone called SEMAR to warn about people with assault weapons in the park, a dusty field marked only whit lime.

You cannot believe that in Coahuila, a place to which is also known to be visited by Treviño Morales "Z-40", there will be no hawks (look outs) alerting their bosses about the movements of the Navy.

If those lookouts were not at their posts it will be because someone else sent them to another location, then the Navy patrol that was alerted that there were armed strangers in the park could go unnoticed to the baseball field.

Even colonia independencia in Monterrey has "hawks" (look outs) all over giving information about who comes and goes in the neighborhood through radios and mobile phones.

Harder then for people to believe that the state frequented by the two most important heads of Los Zetas will be whit out look outs watching and reporting the movements of the authorities.

These doubts were posted on blogs even the day after "strong indications" about the death of "El Lazca" were giving, reviving the internal division in the criminal group.

This differences between criminal groups can increase the executions and fightings among cells who have settled in Monterrey, one of the bastions of Los Zetas nationwide.

The internal division was documented a year ago, in October 2011, when Reporte Indigo reported that Velazquez Caballero was  accusing "Z40" of being a traitor through blankets and a video that went to You Tube by a cell under his command.

He will even blamed Treviño Morales of the arrests of several of his comrades.

He said that Z40 the second in the chain of command of Los Zetas betrayed Efraín Teodoro Torres "Z-14", murdered in 2007, in Veracruz.

"Z-14" was emblematic for the organization because it was one of the 14 original members of Los Zetas when Osiel Cardenas Guillen created the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.

In addition, Velazquez Caballero accused Treviño Morales of having betrayed other Zetas, like Jaime González Durán "El Hummer", in November 2008, and Enrique Rejon Aguilar, "El Mamito", in August 2011.

That version of betrayal grew with the death of "El Lazca" at the hands of the Navy, because this corporation coincidentally the same month has cleared the way for Treviño Morales "Z-40".

The Navy detained the two heads of the Gulf Cartel who were enemies of "Z-40", and also two other Zetas who were like a bad shadow to "Z-40" leader of that group.

The first arrest on this chain of events by the Navy was on September 4, when they arrested Mario Cardenas Guillen aka "El Gordo", brother of Osiel.

After only eight days of the first arrest, on Sept. 12, the Navy arrested Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez "El Coss", leader of the Gulf Cartel the man who used to always be Osiel right hand men in the past.

Then the Navy detained two more and killed another one, the three Zetas. These people were the only barrier between Treviño Morales and the leader in the criminal group.

On September 26 the Navy arrested Velazquez Caballero "Taliban" Zeta leader in San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas.

He was the main opponent of "Z-40".

Then, on October 6 the Navy arrested Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo aka "La Ardilla".
Henchman of "El Lazca", so close was the friendship that Heriberto Lazcano appears in photographs taken during the wedding of "La Ardilla".

The next day, on October 7, the Navy shot and killed "El Lazca" near the ballpark of Progreso, Coahuila.

One month and three days to be exact, the Semar clear the way for "Z-40" to became the main leader.

These doubts, and internal divisions, could cause the chain of command of Los Zetas to break up.

These breaks can produce disorganization that will lead to chaos.

Criminal cells without a leader will commit any crime to survive, they will work on their own in different was to try to make illicit money.

In addition to this chaos Servando Gomez "La Tuta", leader of the Knights Templar, will be fighting "Z-40"in Monterrey.

La Familia Michoacana (Nights Templar) organization already has a presence in this city and they even announced through narco blankets placed in various parts of Nuevo Leon.

This means that in addition to the war that has existed for two years between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, now the Knights Templar come to the fight.

The war in Monterrey seem to add more organizations, they are increasing, rather than decreasing .

Literally, "La Tuta" said in a video posted on You Tube on 22 August: "We call on all groups that exist in Mexico, groups called criminals by the media, television or radio, for certain reasons.

"And we also called all those legal groups constituted as civil organizations, to come together and make a common front to fight against Los Zetas, especially against" Z-40 ", Miguel Angel Trevino Morales.

"Since this person, whose boundless ambition has led so much terror and social decay in our country, in our Mexico, is the primary cause of all wrong doing that is happening in Mexico: robberies, kidnappings, extortion and all that entails to such actions.

"He is inviting all those groups, whether they are from the Gulf, Sinaloa, Jalisco's, or wherever they exist, including many groups that exist in Guerrero, including organizations criminal or well grounded ones whit in the law, to make a common front to attack the "Z-40" "Miguel Angel Trevino Morales until we kill him."

So the death of Heriberto Lazcano "El Lazca" can trigger a tragedy in Monterrey by doubt and infighting among Zetas, by breaking chains of command and the Knights Templar factor adding to this war.


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    Z= OMEGA
    Z= ZION



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  14. La Tuta spoke like he's some kinda saint....fuckin asshole

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