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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Polizetas": Killers of Lalo Moreira Captured

Borderland Beat
 Jorge (police)  Roberto (hiding fugitives) Victor (police supervisor)
“Polizetas” linked to the death of Moreira are captured
Note: They were called polizetas because they were police officers but worked for the criminal group zetas.
Secretary of Federal Public Safety presented yesterday the alleged kidnappers of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, whom were municipal police of Ciudad Acuña and are accused of giving protection to the criminal group Zetas.
“These elements of the Munucipal Police gave protection to the Zetas and among them are identified as “Polizetas” which the leader was Victor Landeros”, Said Luis Cardenas Palomino, director of the Regional Division of the Federal Police, in a press conference in DF.
Victor Landeros Sifuentes, known as “La Iguana”, was arrested along with the now former police Jorge Tenorio Takajasi, “El Taka”.
Both admitted before the SSP of being those who turned over the son of the former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, to three unknown people on October 3rd.
“Victor Landeros Sifuentes refers that on the day of the events, he sustained communication with Rodolfo Castillo Montes, sub director of operations of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Acuña and direct boss of the people involved, which held direct communication with the victim to meet in a convenience store”, pointed out Cardenas Palomino.

He added that Moreira Rodriguez was given to Carlos Arnulfo Flores, aka “El Flaco”, alleged chief of plaza of the zetas, and to his subordinate, Ruben Sifuentes Cadena, aka “El Shaggy”.
Landeros had been signaled by the Attorney office of Coahuila as one of the alleged intellectual authors of the homicide of the son of the former governor and former leader of PRI Humberto Moreira.
(Photo taken a few hours before his murder)
According to Cardenas Palomino, one of the strongest line of investigation about the cause of the kidnapping and execution of Eduardo Moreira is focused in the vengeance “for the actions of the Government of the state against that organization.
Along with the alleged kidnappers, it was presented Roberto Clemente BArcenas Cepeda, of 30 years old, who presumably lend his house to the “polizetas” with the purpose of protecting them from the authorities.
At the time of their captured, two short guns and four cell phones were assured.
The investigation of the Federal Police showed that Victor Landeros owns four properties in Ciudad Acuña and a ranch, in which a gun with a golden handle with the word " Iguana” monogramed.
Days before, the State Attorney Office of Coahuila had given notice that they were looking for six individuals connected to the homicide of Moreira. One of them, Carlos Flores Flores, who was apprehended by mistake and set free.  The Man was  a police officer of the city of Monclova and not related to the Moreira murder.
There are five captured

With yesterdays capture, there half a dozen agents held in due to the homicide:

-Victor Landeros Sifuentes, supervisor of the Municipal Police of Acuña

-Rodolfo Castillo Montes, sub director of police operations (chief)

- Jorge Tenorio Takajasi, municipal pólice

- Victor Carrizales Prieto, municipal pólice

- Jose Trinidad Landeros, municipal pólice
Source: Reforma
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  1. Prison is going to suck bad for these guys.

  2. 120,000 dead and counting cause the authorities can't catch anyone; and yet, these polizetas are arrested in record time.
    message: Don't kill the important establishment criminals or we will get you!

  3. Question for our Mexican readers:

    Is there a particular reason so many suspects give statements when they are arrested? I've noticed this with suspects in all levels of the "game" from Mexico -- "La Barbie" giving statements, these police officers, etc.

    Are they being beaten and tortured? Or is there some other reason (just wanting to save their own ass?)

  4. Once again, THANKS AGAIN, great job BB! The 'news' on the US side says nada about the bust down there. I can only surmise that given 'the' amount of dirty cops over here is a huge problem and they have no prob. NOT letting us know about it. I have to get most info.from other sources like BB. It was a nightmare trying to get any info.when the 'OUT OF CONTROL' fiasco happened here between the shoot out between the Zetas and DEA in Houston. Having children I think it is important to keep informed. I pray for all the families in Mexico who have lost loved ones due the insanity of drug cartels who will do ANYTHING to feed the US hunger for drugs. It is so freaking sad. Keep up the amazing job and please keep us updated on the "MAYBE DAUGHTER" and the "MISSING Z BODY".

  5. They actually caught them or did they find some suckers and pinned the murder on them?? Now find the murders for the 100,000+ people so there families can have some peace... No wait there not cause they were not son's of a politician..

  6. Yea, it's all so amazing...when some high profile murder takes place, all of a sudden they (Gov't) is able to apprehend the individuals responsible! But when it comes to Mexico's most wanted individual (El Chapo)...the trail goes cold!

  7. And still Mexico has no death penalty! Why does Mexico put more value on the lives of the criminals than they do on the innocent people? That is pathetic and makes Mexico look like a haven for criminals!

  8. They will just walk out of what ever prison they are put into to go and kill more innocent people, Mexico is nothing but a country full of criminals!

    1. Mexico a country full of criminals!!! Haha that's funny.. and everyone in the good ole USA is a saint... Get the Fuck out.. you don't know everyone in Mexico .. dumb ass

  9. "Prison is going to suck bad for these guys"

    Contrast the demeanor of these guys with that of that thumbs up guy (squirrel-snitch). These guys know that the sweet life as they know it is over.

    They KNOW that they're between a rock (PRI) and a hard place (RataZ)and at this point they're the expendible trash they've always been.

    No more getting pleasure abusing your authority to get gold plated guns at the expense of the public you're supposed to be serving.

  10. This is what happens when low level criminals kill high level criminals!

  11. Can you all shut up with "Mexico is a country full of criminals" crap. In that case UNITED STATES IS A COUNTRY FULL OF DRUG ADDICTS!

  12. October 23, 2012 3:23 PM You're right. The US is a country full of drug addicts and yes, Mexico is a country full of criminals. I would add that the US is a country full of criminals too - the entire political ruling class and business class are criminals. Bush is a war criminal - the felons that run the big banks should all be in jail. So it goes.

    1. Bush threw a birthday party for Pope Benedict. Haha what a fool. The oligarches are like untouchable.

  13. I take offence to those who would suggest only the privileged have access to, An expeditious or speedy juctice system. I've come to find that here in México there's always more to the story. Some Fact everyone is privy to whilst the media ignores it. I feel as thought they're trying to play this down in the media here in mexico.Perhaps its the young mans Father relation to the cartel while he was in officeas governor of Coahuila(Recently reffered to in the media as a headquarters in the region and home to recently deceased cartel leader) and president of the PRI political party while the PAN was in the pesidential office. But like KC JOJO said "nobody knows it but me". At least that's the feeling I get. I mean Paco Stanley's murder got more air time. It appears that plenty remains in the shadows. Brings to mind an American chant "No Justice No Peace!" it almost aludes to the current situation in our country. BTW I bet the american govenrments face was red with that whole "fast and furious" Operation. saw it coming when Bush was in office. I believe that our countries have that in common. Much of what really goes on remains in the shadows.

  14. Accomplices not killers


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