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Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Masons/ Kidnappers/Killers Arrested in DF

Borderland Beat

Jesus Rodriguez Almeida
Mexico City - The capital's attorney general, Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, announced this afternoon they recovered the fourth body of another taxi driver in the clandestine graves located in the town of Parres, Tlalpan.

Fourth Body Pulled from the Grave in Parres, Tlalpan
The Antikidnapping agents continue to look for one other body. The information was  provided by two of the three suspects in custody who are now being rooted..

Clandestine graves of kidnapped victims  in Parres
The alleged kidnappers modus operandi was posing as passengers. They had the taxi drivers take them to the wooded area in the town of Parres, and  forced them to contact each family member for ransom.
Rodriguez Almeida indicated the suspects could be related to all five kidnappings,. They dug mass graves to bury the victims and the set fire to their cars.
The Antikidnapping officials gave advice to the wife of one of the victims who was about to give money for the supposed release.
Arrested  are Rafael Garcia Delgado, head of the kidnapping cell and from the state of Veracruz, and Cajal Crescencio Gomez, 30 and 35 years old respectively.
The  PGJDF confirmed the suspects MO was to ask the taxi drivers to drive them to the town of Parres, Tlalpan in order to supposedly fetch their tools as they are masons and they would want to be returned to the same place 
"They assaulted the drivers with sharp blows from a gun and forced them to penetrate deeper into the forest where the victims were stripped of their belongings, including cell phones, tied up, deprived of freedom, killed and buried," he said.
He added that when the family began to look for them, the cell phones rang,  The alleged perpetrators answered calls and reported that they had been kidnapped.  They demanded such large amounts of money for the alleged release of the drivers, in two of criminal case they managed to receive 200,000 and 100,000 pesos.
At the same scene a Nissan Tsuru with B34405 plates was located, and another with A72806 plate; which was damaged by fire.
Rodriguez Almeida said the Special Prosecutor for Abduction Research related five preliminary inquiries to these subjects with initiated by the kidnapping of the equal number of taxi drivers.
He stressed that to continue with the improvement in the preliminary investigation, prosecutors sought and obtained an injunction against Rafael Garcia Delgado and Cajal Crescencio Gomez  to hold for 30 days.


  1. Do we still want to bleat about human rights for dogs like these?Taxi drivers for fucks sake?They gotta work long hours to make money anyway,and you get these skanky bastards takin them and killin them?They actually deserve to get tortured.Poor fuckin taxi drivers gettin off their ass to work and gotta put up with this?Arm yourself and kill them without hesitation,seriously they are not gonna be missed,i don't give a fuck if they got kids,if we all chose to do this shit,it would be anarchy.Just cause they are human beings people think they cannot kill them?Human beings have always killed each other?With justification.
    Dirty worthless little skanks scurryin round like little rats lookin for prey.Are you gonna be their prey ?

  2. Not masons but brick layers. Translation is incorrect.

    1. It dosent say Freemason, it says mason the translation is correct, damn

  3. Just kill those mofos

  4. The worst types of human beings, right there. Horrible piles of shit. I hope they find similar anguish in this life.

  5. Put these two in the same box and bury them alive.

  6. El Chapo will be king of all narcos by this year end as promised to him by Calderon.

  7. n grupo escindido de Los Zetas, que acusa de traición al líder Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, 'El Z-40', anunció su surgimiento como organización independiente bajo el nombre de Los Legionarios, informaron hoy medios mexicanos.

  8. Nope not masons, or else they wouldn't get arrested. Title of topic is a bit misleading.

  9. @4:40 PM - Masonic lodge masons, you mean? That didn't cross my mind. Then certainly you would be mislead by the title. Because those masons, they are not. Masons to me are people who build walls, structures, pathways with stones, brick, etc.

    1. Next thing you know, Shriners will be in on the action. LOL

  10. I don´t think the title is misleading. The word mason had to be in capital letters, like in all titles. When you read the article it states masons.

    Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2009 Oxford University Press:
    mason / ˈmeɪsnʲ/ sustantivo
    ( Const ) albañil mf;
    (stone ~) mampostero m
    also Mason (Free~) masón m, francmasón m

  11. Come on dude at 4:46, the title is fine on this story unless you are looking to split hairs.I guess you are. No one would ever think Mexican Masonic orders unless they have a few screws loose and want to be as my mother says, " a total pill." What you should be thinking is how 2 people, maybe three, could go so wrong that they thought the answer was to kill and bury taxi drivers and force their families to pay their hard earned money to get them back, when they were already dead. That is where your misplaced outrage should be. Not on the stupid title!

    1. "A total pill", lol my wife says that to our kids!!!

  12. Mexico is in such deep shit because the previous PRI regime had been cosying up to these criminals under the mistaken believe that they will leave the normal people alone.
    What they fail to realise is that the cartels will sooner, rather than later, start fighting for turf and it's a matter of time before the present state of affairs arrive.
    The only way is to exterminate them, although if the problem was nipped at the bud, it would have been much simpler.
    But the price must be paid, otherwise the cartels will just carve up the country and continue to fight each other in turf wars!!!!

  13. lol, Rule #1 about the internet thesedays Havana is if you mention ''Masons'' dont be meaning bricklayers or stone masons. Cause everyone will think ILLUMINATI because of all the new world order mumbo jumbo people see on youtube and think its real life. So yeah maybe change title Havana to save more confusion.


  14. Chain them to the steering wheel andale them drive a cab in zeta territory until their trajic end.

  15. Yes when I think of mason someone working with concrete or mortor comes to mind

  16. You clowns make me angry,fuckin moaning about the title?Fuck offfffffff.Read the content a little and you get the picture,stop whining about every little thing.Do you people whine like this in everyday life?
    I would bet you don't,because here it is anonymous and safe to whine.This story is about rats killing working people,and then asking for ransom from the families?How fuckin cold is that,how outrageous is that,these guys need some brutal violence inflicted on them,eye for an eye.

  17. "Yes when I think of mason someone working with concrete or mortor comes to mind"
    Is that all you can comment on?What about the story?
    You would rather comment on the title?Spout bullshit opinions about spelling and titles?For what?

  18. 4,28 pm it was his mother not his wife....but now we know your an idiot!!!

  19. @ 8:23 learn how to read and the wife are idiots


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