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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mexico: As Many as 50,000 Children, Ages 9-17 Are Involved in Organized Crime

Borderland Beat
El Ponchis-The notorious American born teen assassin

By Eng. Raul Ponce de Leon
In Mexico, 30 to 50 thousand children are involved with organized crime, according to organizations that protect children.
The creation of a justice system for adolescents is paralyzed, it operates at federal level until 2014 and progress in this matter is inexistent in the states of Mexico.
Roberto Salgado Garcia, a professor at National School of Social Work at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), presented a document on Children and Armed Conflict in Mexico, according to it, 10,000 children were orphaned as a result of the violence experienced in the country, the UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) has estimated 23,000 youth have been recruited by organized crime. The report conducted in 2010 entitled “Alternative Report on the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and their Involvement in Armed Conflict”, stated that about 30 thousand children of both genders, between ages 9 and 17, are exploited by criminal groups in various ways, ranging from drug trafficking to kidnapping and human trafficking, extortion, smuggling and piracy, as well as 22 different types of crime.
“For 9 to 17 year old, boys and girls who are involved in crime, are mainly involved in human trafficking, while the younger ones are used to monitor or act as informants. They are also used to board the trains and monitor the amount of migrants arriving every day from South America,” explains the report.
Moreover, according to documents filed to the Committee on the Children Rights of the UN, youth starting from the age of 12 years are used as watchman for small houses where kidnapped victims are kept, so they cannot escape, the older ones, age 16, work in violent exercises, such as kidnappings, murders, and all of them carry guns.
The figures are alarming; about 24,000 children are incorporated in the Sinaloa cartel, over 17,000 with Los Zetas and about 7,500 with “La Familia Michoacana”, for a total of nearly 50,000 children and adolescents.
Although many people do not want to see that organized crime is having a cultural impact on children, even the cultural identity of many of them are being transformed to admire and want to be like the most famous leaders of certain cartels, this can be seen on how they sing the “narco corridos” (narco-music), using clothing and speaking a language that appears to be in the form of code, for example the so-called “Altered Movement” which is becoming more popular.
The specialists in the field, Jose Manuel Valenzuela Arce Ph.D. in Social Sciences with a major in sociology at El Colegio de Mexico, believes that “the figures that represent the ethical dimension of society are damaged and there is a correspondence between ethical values ​​and social recognition, in the eyes of many children there is no qualitative difference between the police and the drug dealer.”
When interviewed for the report cited above, Valenzuela Arce said that the lack of options, especially in terms of education and employment, is reflected and confirmed in two national surveys, the Survey of the Mexican Institute of Youth (IMJUVE) and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare on children and young people who neither study or work in the country, pointed out that there are about 1.5 million children from 5 to 17 years of age who neither study nor work, and about 7,800,000 thousand young people from 12 to 29 years of age who also do not study nor work, “that population is easy prey for the drug cartels and organized crime.”
When talking about organized crime in Mexico, it is very important to distinguish between local gangs and transnational gangs which are much more organized that the first one, and work together with major drug cartels. Often, local bands and gangs are not involved in transnational organized crime, and they only want the control their territory.
Source :Dominic Bracco
The local gang is usually the easiest and most common way for children to enter into regular interaction with organized crime. In that case, the main role is limited to small drug-selling, and in some cases acting as protectors of the activities of criminal organizations, this is not consider as membership.
We can talk about child membership in a criminal group, when these children are incorporated into the operating headquarters of transnational gangs, working with and for the drug cartels. For example, it is known that the “Mara Salvatrucha” is working with Los Zetas and about 35,000 children and young people are involved, while the MS18 is operating with the Sinaloa cartel and enrolls about 8,000 children and youth.
There are no hard data on numbers or types of crimes committed by theses gangs, whether local or transnational.
Carlos Astudillo, director of the organization “Humanistic Culture” said in a interview with that the problem with children linked to organized crime is a complex situation to be addressed by all sectors of society.

He also indicated that the first ones to respond in such an important problem must be family members in order to prevent, ” it must be a labor of awareness by the parents in regard to the duties they have with their children.”
Even when Yucatan has the lower crime rates in the country, it is ranked one of the first in human trafficking. The Mexico Attorney General Office released a repot performed by Celina Izquierdo Sanchez from the organization “Redes Turismo” in September 2011 stating that Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Jalisco, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero are states with a high index, which is related to their touristic activities.
The Yucatan State Police has received the visits of several specialized police corporations from Canada, U.S, and Israel, which has trained the local police to handle very violent situations, also law enforcement has been equipped with more and powerful weapons, the new Police Complex of Security was inaugurated two years ago, which works with cutting edge technology and a new surveillance system in certain parts or Merida, all this is to maintain the environment of safety that the Yucatecans enjoy.

(In the video below Dominic Bracco speaks about the NiNis of Juarez and how CDS created them.  He touches on why children become ninis in the first place and the cost of education making it out of reach for most children)
Last May, during the visit of the presidential candidate Gabriel Quadri from the Nueva Alianza party, in an interview he declared that Yucatan is not ready to handle the threat of the organized crime, which sounded contradictory to the present situation of the State Police.
However, this year the federal budget assigned to Yucatan in this item received an important cut back, also the “trust test” that must be applied to every single police or security enforcement in the country presents a significant delay in the state of Yucatan, with only 1% of the tests applied on the three different corporation in the State (State, Municipal and Magisterial polices), raising several concerns about the people who take care of our safety.
Is the Yucatan police ready to deal with the very bad guy? Are they ready to be vigilant to watch for our children when the organized crime try to enroll them? Obviously we do not want this situation to actually happen, we love our state for its tranquility, but we need to be ready, our biggest mistake will be to lower our guard.

The Numbers

For info on Altered Movement link  Here
Translated from Spanish
All Photos-video and charts were added by Chivis
Charts are the work of Juancho Barron


  1. So half of the children involved in drug mafias work for El Chapo? I thought he was supposed to be the good guy? What a disgusting asshole he is. Maybe he does it because it makes him feel taller...small mans complex.

    1. El Chapo is the biggest bastard of them drug lords and he is supported by the CIA..kudos to the USA..whenever it suits them they turn a blind eye to crime & human rights violations.

    2. Supported by the CIA? You are an idiot.

    3. No sir you are the idiot. Read investigate even the people who work in the gov have said it.. this is a war to control the drug game. Both sides are sponsor by.the same.government. why because the us economy is a drug economy. Open your fucking eyes

    4. Looks like someone is still drinking the cool-aid. It has been prooven many times over that the CIA supports drug cartels, learn you history. Start with central American in the 80s...

    5. I agree, although Mexico isn't as bad as say Brazil, it is too close to us to let this happen without some form of monitary gain. This is not the first or the last time they have done this. Remember it was the US that originaly started and trained the zeta's as well. I hear rumors that now they are trying to kill their own creation by using rival drug cartels.

    6. War is a Racket. $$$$$$.

    7. No your the idiot, El Rey De Reyes doesn't work for anyone but himself. You people think just because you go on the Internet that you know facts. Few facts are actually in the media whether it be mainstream or private. Like all this money he has. You don't understand how much money it takes to run an international company let alone an illegal one and a private army. Losing countless product daily. El Señor is no different than your governments. They are trying to destroy his assets do he has to take immediate action. Just like the U.S did on Bin Laden, Saddam, Ghadafi, countless innocents in the "War on Terror" He doesn't order massacres or beheadings the lowest people do shit like that to show more power than they have. The boss has helped more people than you can ever meet in your life, Not to mention he hasnt been directly involved for years the only reason his name came up is because the people love him so much. If you ever met him you would no he could never think of a C.I.A scam or these strategic moves. He's a simple man of the mountains. I don't see them hunting alcohol CEO,s like dogs and that takes more lives per year than all drugs combined. Judge who you please but I've met few people with as much legitimate care and compassion than the boss. Once you people learn what your government has done you will understand. Are we good people? No are you better than us? Same answer
      Comandante A-1
      CDC de California

    8. So you are saying a simple.mountain man ,some how get high power weapons ,somehow is allowed to travel around the world. Traffic tons of.coke oh n.lets mother.forget the money laundering. Which by the way thwart bank hbsc i think ,just payer a huge amount for it jot to be prosecuted for the immense amount.of.laundered money . Yet they said " we just find out " my ass.
      People can look for excuses to objectively opposed what they don't like or believe. This shit is bigger then a.simple government or s.cartel. Teresa bigger players simply making.this war.,sponsoring.all sides to.simply.make.more profit.
      They don' if a Mexican children, or American kid gets.killed. they don't care if a soldier of either nation dies in the line.of.duty. they don't care. N its all about divide n conquer. You may ask who? Well us.

    9. Launder money? Why it's not the US cash is king if you had 100 million cash you'd get whatever you like AND alot of weapons were bought from Russia after the soviet collapse you think they need ATF? You people are lazy and scared of everything to scared to take control and do for yourself so you think of these bullshit plots an secrecy to make yourselves feel better fuck you and the bullshit CIA

    10. El Rye De Reyes is the biggest bastard of all the narco bastards..All narco gangs along with those shit scumbags who support them are terrorist..CIA wants to control mexican drugs money via El Chapo the coward for their covert operations in other countries.

    11. El rey de reyes is not chapo guzman.... El rey de reyes has ties to the gente in culiacan... By the way rey de reyes has pissed of some higher ups for his lack of discipline and gruesome killings... Word from las oficinas in las quintas is that they are close to giving a green light to take his out.... He is bad for our business image... So please stop comparing el senor with the scum..

  2. I think the figures are way off. Not to be supportive of CSD or any cartel, I am an equal opportunity hater...however I think from what I have read it is Zs that have the most NiNis as recruits. Donnie Bracco has reported extensively on this subject in addition to his amazing photos.

    Though I think the numbers are low, and a couple of points off, for the most part the article brings the issue to the forefront, including facts such as how terribly young these children are that work for cartels and thought it worthy of posting....Paz, Chivis

    1. *Dominic Bracco* not to be confused with Donnie Brasco.

  3. .

    Culture Creation in other words:

    Although many people do not want to see that organized crime is having a cultural impact on children, even the cultural identity of many of them are being transformed to admire and want to be like the most famous leaders of certain cartels, this can be seen on how they sing the “narco corridos” (narco-music), using clothing and speaking a language that appears to be in the form of code, for example the so-called “Altered Movement” which is becoming more popular.

    equals: NARCO Culture Creation

    And the USA is not involved in this destruction of Mexico??

    We see the USA in many parts of the world destroying countries with armed their armed USA forces, removing the leader in charge of the country, STEALING NATURAL RESOURCES, setting up that targeted country with a Central Bank (if a central bank was not yet in place in that country as in Gaddafi’s Lybia) so why would it be so impossible for the USA to be involved in doing the same thing with Mexico(?) before the USA invades Iraq years ago let's look at other countries they had invaded and how they in history constantly seen MEDDLING in other countries's affairs: "GOD BLESS AMERICA!" (who came up with that fine slogan I wonder?!)

    Taza De CafE (sin crema!)

    1. It's always someone else's fault. Your thinking is the problem.

    2. @ 4:50 it takes two to tango, you really believe that so much drugs moving north and money laundering going on can take place with out corruption on both sides???

  4. This whole war is disgusting. Kid victims & Kid criminals...... Generals arrested , poverty ,
    desperation , fear , corruption , class distinction , with no end or answer in sight.
    It was sad enough kids had to sell chiclets
    and shine shoes. Very sad story.

  5. They are young men not kids,,,they are eager to work for a big boss,,,,

  6. It is definitely worthy of posting, Chivis, no question, even if you say some stated facts could be off-you gave us more than the gist here that this is going on and it is so bad for the future of Mexico. What are the cartels thinking-greed, greed, greed. Shame, shame, shame. Speaking of Shame with a capital S Is Ponchis out yet? Does anyone know? Thanks Chivis

  7. what does the Mexican Gov't do with these kids and teenagers once they are arrested? What do they do with the teenagers who have already been acting as sicarios? Are they just thrown into adult prisons??

  8. Replies
    1. M18 is la mara18 a part of 18st gang in I.s but the difference is that they are in el Salvador

  9. "El Chapo is the biggest bastard of them drug lords and he is supported by the CIA..kudos to the USA..whenever it suits them they turn a blind eye to crime & human rights violations"
    You go round in circles all the time,chasing your fuckin tale,why is the US mentioned.This clown is talking about"human rights violations"

    1. Where do most of the coke heads,tweekers live?

      "What does this have to do with the U.S.??"
      IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE u.S open your mind learn more,,,,,,,,,maybe like that next time you wont ask such stupid questions

    2. The person who keeps saying
      That the C.I.A IS NOT BEHIND

  10. The children go into a juvenile facility until 18. No matter what the crime, children canot be tried as adults. Ponchis is in one of the juvenile jails. He, like all children in these facilities are released uopn the age of 18 as mandated by Mexican law.

    It is hard to believe but unfortunately the children that work for cartels are becomming younger. Ponchis himself was thrown to the streets at the age of 9 after his grandmother died. It was then he began working for narcos. I imagine frist as halcon..

    M18 is MS18, I made the correction, sorry for the error....paz, chivis

    1. It would be ms 13 chivis your mixing to rivals ms and 18 st but there is a mara 18 peace Loks

  11. Cartels choose to have younger soldiers just
    like in some parts in Africa. child soldiers are
    Expendable the Warlords don't care about
    children they only care about there Agenda
    Harsh Reality.God bless

  12. what is the so called "altered movement"? I havent heard of this

    1. Is the Mexican hillbilly version of gangster rap , mostly rancholos listen to this shit it glamorizes narco life style. rancholo - cholo hillbilly.

  13. Is there going to be a civil war in Mexico?

    How can this trend of The Young Joining Criminal Organizations BE TURNED AROUND, STOPPED, IMPEDED? Can this youth be taught Not To betray their countryman, NOT go to war against the countryman for any price?

    What is the new president proposing to remedy Mexico's Ills?

    I see no better future for Mexico than what we see happening with the country now daily.

    *While I'm here I may as well repair a previous message I wrote BB today:

    Before the USA invaded Iraq years ago, let's look at other countries it had invaded and how those in control of the USA, in The Past, have again and again MEDDLED in other countries's affairs by direct or indirect invasion of one country or another. Who benefits in these wars by the USA?

    Will Mexico EVER be free & more prosperous? HOW?

    T. de Café

  14. The American drug war destroys everything it touches.

  15. I would say the cartel recruiting more kids is the Z's and CDG. CDS can be blamed for alot but reports show more of the youth killed or involved have been in the Z's and CDG territory.
    Not saying that CDJ, CDS, Beltran or Templarios don't recruit kids cause likely they do. No one is exempt for it anymore, the narcos have lost all shame. Years ago you woudn't recruit a kid to do a mans job, I know it sounds bad but back then they woudn't have stooped that low.

  16. A couple of months ago there was a news article I read about a small group of paid juvenile assassins in Tepic. They killed another youth for the equivalent of US$40. This was a paid hit, not a street fight. I believe all involved were between 12-16 yo and the victim was 14. This may be just a small glimpse of this problem but it made it real to me. With cell phones and computers the can be very effective communicators.

  17. This is just a symptom of Mexico's government and elites ignoring poverty.
    To some degree the lower classes are exerting control through arms and violence.
    This concept is difficult for most Americans because there is more upward mobility in the US compared to Mx. The rich in Mexico see poor people as being inferior, people make very low wages (like $7 a day) there. Even if a poor child gets a good education, they may not find a good paying job because they don't have 'connections' , and the elites will look down on them for their social class. No wonder these kids say 'fuck you all' pick up some guns and get involved in gangs and narcos

  18. ok, they are set free at 18 years of age if they were in prison for crime. But we're talking heavy crime when it comes to murdering and these youngsters MUST BE tracked daily given the fact that organized crime will try to recruit those little squirts and they'll be back on the street TO KILL ONE OF YOU if you are currently living in Mexico!

    S. o. a. B.

  19. All u people that never been to Mexico and are white need to shut up you don't know how Mexico is just by reading dumb shuts

  20. @1142-If our country is so messed up, why do you mexicans keep coming here? My grandfather was "wet", and he came here on the work-exchange. Maybe if your men stayed in Mexico, they could help better their own country. Mexicans are quick to blame us for their problems. Yes, we have a drug habit, Yes you are supporting it with your crooked cops and federales. If your cops where not corrupt like our cops (trust me your cops are a 1000 TIMES more corrupt than ours), they would protect the people.

  21. Chivis: This is a great article. It tells us things we need to know, not necessarily things we want to know, or that we enjoy reading about. The key word here is "options"; these young people have none. As Bryan Stevenson said, the opposite of justice is not injustice, it's poverty. When the system is set up in such a way that it virtually guarantees you will be living in extreme, soul-killing poverty for the rest of your life, that is not a just society. I would not complain but for the fact that amazing fortunes are being made (or stolen) in Mexico. So, in my opinion, the potential to end poverty exists, maybe not to the degree found in the U.S., but it's there.

  22. Is there a page somewhere with stats by country?
    It would be an eye opener indeed.

  23. The system? What system? You think we are so far evolved that there's a system? The big ones take advantage of the small ones. The rich have more than the poor. That system?

    The system you are thinking about is a figment of your liberal/progressive/populist imagination. The one that talks about lack of opportunity for the poor, class struggle, the deck is stacked against us, etc.

    Poverty? Poverty of intellect? Poverty of character? Poverty of pocketbook as in no money. What is that idiot talking about education costs so much in Mexico. The tuition at UNAM is practically nothing. Look into it.

    The problem IS too many young people and no jobs. Yes. But that is not the fault of some system.

  24. Vato..

    Its a heartbreak. This so called drugwar has no solution unless it includes education and opportunity for all children, whatever is available for one, must be for all.

    The decision to place greater value on the lives of one group of children than another has created an endless pool of recruits for cartels. Mexico did this to themselves. I have worked 9 years within screwed up federal, state and private educational systems of Mexico, I was stunned to discover a system that throws away 60% of its children based solely on race and financial station.

    and now? and now its come to bite them in the has created a generation of Ninis, children with nothing to aspire to, except working for cartels.

    The test scores of Mexican children are the lowest in North America and among the lowest in the world.

    The drugwar is much more complicated that most realize...Paz, Chivis

  25. A bleak article, for sure. The one thing that always makes my skin crawl is the blurb about how the Yucatan police still haven't been checked out. How is it possible that they've managed to avoid taking those integrity tests?

    How can civilized Mexican society move forward when the government infrastructure is so infested with corruption? It makes these sad problems in the article seem trivial when the stench of crime, and its collateral damage, fills every aspect of life.

  26. until all children have access to school, not only those of wealthy parents, this will only get worse! ....... unfortunately it will be the latter!

  27. Hello "6:39 PM (ugust 1, 2012 )"

    YOUR MESSAGE IS SUPER WELCOMED, please share more of what you know with us when it comes to mind, including your sentiments & suggestions in the matter dealing with Mexico's chaos & incredible plight. Muchas gracias,

    T. de Café

  28. It's not just Mexico, teens are involved in every country. How many teens are involved in the U.S., France, England, it's everywhere. Let's not fool ourselves. This epidemic is global.

  29. He mentions an "extreme form of capitalism" which is what you get with a weak federal government and a strong corporate influence. A few families flourish and the rest boil on the ant farm.

  30. This is the way conservatism works. Geto over it until you can make people stop voting Republican in the US.

  31. I wonder if some of these numbers are the farmers kids that take care of the crop with there parents peace Loks

  32. P.S humans just like to high. its no ones fault really, if things were more legal and geographically optimal here in the states we would grow it ourselves. its just that mexicans pride themselves on their pride and, rarely take responsibility for their own shit. you guys have the weed we have the guns and disposable income. no american college kid makes fucked up cartel sicarios hack each other up, lets say what its really about. because a bunch of mexicans dont know what the word share means..

  33. U ever heard of the contra scandal? Freeway Ricky? imagine all rest of the shit that goes down that we dont know.

  34. What happen with the last anonymous? Is he from MEX? He has to come out with another message soon.

  35. Chivis: I just posted a short editorial about the (illegal) "cuotas" that parents in Mexico must pay for their children to be allowed to attend classes. This despite the fact that tuition is supposed to be free. The article is not related to the narco problem, as I stated there, but anything that prevents children from receiving an education has consequences.

  36. August 1, 2012 1:50 PM Didn't the US use the blame game to attack Iraq?

  37. This is a civil war so treat it like one.....everyone in Mexico should be called upon to lead this revolution...the Catholic Church should step up to the plate, as I think they are the only authority in Mexico that are not corrupt.

    Mexico you are losing your children....stand up now.

  38. When you are growing up in poverty and all the wonderful things that come with it, it is hard to see a reason to live. It is so much easier to accept a reason to die no matter how ridiculous it is.

  39. Sorry, I hit publish too soon.

    Last year, my fiancee and I drove around southern Mexico for two weeks. We started in Q. Roo, then Campeche, Tobasco, Chiapas, and Yucatan. We saw some pretty amazing things, but a lot of poverty. It would indeed be hard to see much of a future growing up in such an environment.

  40. Why blame the U.S blame the 100,000 parents who dont know how to whoop a punk little kid

  41. Greeting 11:14 PM (August 1, 2012)

    I myself like it that people from all parts of the world can make a stop here and have their say. We want more and more people to become aware of the Mexican Tribulations. Also, 'suggestions' from visitors that might help resolve current ongoing Mexican problems are definitely welcomed.


  42. Figures Sinaloa Cartel would have almost all the kids working for them,thats why Chapo Isidro is advancing and his group is all over Sinaloa,Culiacan.

    Chapos people aré falling like flies.

    El compa H as he is known in Culiacan is choosing pure experienced,loyal people

    Unlike Chapos people who only want money,and fame.

  43. Well, it makes sense. This kids kill as juveniles and they get a slap in the wrist til they turn 18. For the money they can make, one can't blame these kids wanting income to live better than others and take care for their families.

    Many might think its wrong but what can these kids do in a country with a broken education system? Mexico is a failed state.


  44. "What does this have to do with the U.S.??"
    IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE u.S open your mind learn more,,,,,,,,,maybe like that next time you wont ask such stupid questions"
    You Mexican?Figures,so nothing to do with Mexico then?OK,Einstein.Take responsibily for your own problems,if Mexico wasnt making and flooding the US with drugs,maybe that may help.

  45. The American economy is a drug economy?
    What a genius,so much for wall street etc.
    Now we all know how the US operates,,,it is a "drug economy"?You wouldnt happen to be Mexican would you?This is getting ridiculous.

  46. August 3, 2012 9:45 AM .
    "El rey de reyes is not chapo guzman"
    Guey,why wont no-one say who his ass is then?
    I can understand why no one wants to dry snitch on people,but this dude isnt a Guzman,Lazcano?
    Sometimes i think people speak on it,but dont no who he is,why the fuck wouldnt you say his name?
    Someone already put a name out there,but i cant remember what the fuck it was.I think he was in Tamaulipas,cant remeber.Well if he gets greenlighted,we know you aint talkin shit.

  47. Dude ,how much we make / export domestric.products. to the amount we spend yearly. Doesn't add many times has a bank has been.charged in money laundering. No one gets jail but only a fine. Aka white collsr crime...did you know in wall street you can invest in stocks as much want ,no need to report it to the gov. Tax free....also lets go to th3 80's . Ricky ross n the cia operation flooding LA wth drugs to finance the war in Nicaragua.cia planes crashing doqn in south America, with tons of coke inside ,money n.weapons.dude take a.political science course learn to research beyond what they show you in the news. Brainwashing is what allows such atrocities to keep happening. Being a.patriot also means speaking up against wrong doing by ones government.

  48. █ lito brito █August 4, 2012 at 7:05 AM

    hola are you these days?

    to me the whole thing is a simple equation ..

    in a society that values wealth over any other thing..which is inherent in any and all capitalist systems..

    kids admire those who attain wealth

    kids see that society excuses any actions involved in attainment of wealth

    kids see things in simple terms

    kids seek wealth by any means

    no mystery here

    as far as US involvement ..that is a no brainer..we ARE involved as a tool of the hidden hand, all over the is ridiculous to think "we"..or more accurately "those who spend our tax money" aren't meddling in our resource rich, next door neighbors affairs

    all over the world .it is the same ..a small elite group lives on the backs of the masses...and it is not the ones you can see...the real ones are so well hidden you never hear about them..Carlos slim is a pauper compared to the REAL ricos

    all over the world ..the same ..poverty, corruption ,drug, addiction, rampant crime..all the while the earth is being mined, logged, exploited , and destroyed at the detriment of the majority, for the benefit of the self proclaimed chosen elites

    clean air, clean water, freedom of movement, food ,enjoyment of all that a healthy planet offers..these are the birthright of all humans....

    who are these exploiter thieves that they are allowed to operate and be admired ...

    i bet you can find the answer on Wall street USA, and the "CITY OF LONDON" financial district in London UK

    research and learn..the truth can set you free

    1. The Rothschilds, The Rockefeller & a few other elite bankers...they control the world.

  49. using kids for crimes is super cowardice, meaning this has spun out of control already almost the same situation happened in africa with warlords tribe leaders using kids that were enslaved(from genocides before) to go kill the next town and tribe. the price for this shit is way to high they will find out in the afterlife and there next lives, either way its an all out shame...

  50. Mexican schools are owned and operated by Mexican school teachers unions. Always have been. Got a problem with schools, take it to the union and see how far you get.

    If the schools are charging quotas it is with the approval and involvement of the teachers unions. Pena Nieto only got elected with the support of the teachers unions.

  51. Continuing from where anoymouns 3:18 AM left off:

    Rothschilds' favorite saying who along with the Rockefellers are the major Illuminati Banking Dynasties: "Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!" The Rothschilds wealth is currently said to be $350 TRILLIONS !! Imagine how Mexico could benefit from just a TINY half of a trillion of the 350 trillion that Rothschilds 'own'. Because that bad dude and his clique DEMAND WORLD DomiNation all you can expect to see continue to happen in the future is more of the world's money and resources being grabbed by this clique of ferocious Big Hungry Bottomless Pit For a Stomach 'Bankers'.

    The part he left out was WHAT a man takes with him when he Kicks The Bucket.

    There's a nice little song Hank Williams (senor) used to sing, play. The words in the chorus are:

    Yeah, my bucket's got a hole in it
    Yeah, my bucket's got a hole in it ...


    1. NEW WORLD ORDER..It stared a while ago..Elite Bankers Rule.

    2. I agree its not coming
      It's. All Here
      But in fact. Its been. Here FOR A


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