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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shamed Mexican Generals Transferred to Prison

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

New diggs for the shamed men, Altiplano Prison
The office of PGR (Attorney General) released a statement announcing the Third District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico, issued an arrest warrant for;
Ricardo Vargas Dauahare Escorcia (Retired General)
Thomas Angeles (Retired General)
Roberto Gonzales Dawe (Brigadier General)
Isidro de Jesus Hernandez Silvio Soto (Retired Lieutenant Colonel)
It was an hour before midnight at the Federal Research Center of Mexico City when gates  opened allowing the passage of  two SEDENA trucks containing 8 elements each. 
Directly behind the trucks was a white van containing the disgraced men in handcuffs.    Last in line of the convoy were three artillery trucks having a total of 15 soldiers.
Police closed lanes on Cuauhtemoc Avenue until reaching the Mexico-Toluca Highway to the State of Mexico.  
The convoy arrived at the Altiplano Prison at 35 minutes into Wednesday.  
Federal Rehabilitation Center, No. 1, known as the Altiplano, the new home of the four men once considered heroes.
Third District Judge issues arrest warrant against General Thomas Dauahare Angeles, Ricardo Vargas and Robert Dawe Escorcia Gonzalez on charges of organized crime
Sources: EFE, Televisa                                                                                              
Read additional information on Badanov's post HERE


  1. The title should read, All Mexican government behind bars for corruption.

  2. Who were working for??

    1. Beltran Levyas

    2. Beltran leyva cartel when the hefe of hefes died but mostly they worked for Edgar la Barbie on his payroll and probably the only person that had ties to government officials at the time when he thought he was at the top or he was.

  3. They were working for BLO.

  4. it doesnt matter who they work for. they betrayed their country in exchange for money.

  5. Hojala y tengan los mismos huevos en prision ke tuvieron pa
    Traicionar a la patria

  6. Only a couple out of how many more?? You think Need to excite them as they come into prison!

  7. Probably all cartels The Corruption in Mexico
    Is just a big cycle Hidden Alliances lets not
    Forget its Mafia. You know what these Guy's
    Are capable of. They dont care who they touch. I just wonder who the other generals
    Were that took their job's./corruption.
    There Replacement on being currupt
    Sad reality in Mexico may God and the holly son watch
    over the good honest people of Mexico
    An punish thy wicked/Mafia. God bless

  8. "Who were working for?"

    Some say for Sinaloa

  9. Hang them by there balls in the middle of the street to teach the rest of them crooked military,cops etc.. that they will ALL be judged... What about the president, I'm sure his a crook too? I'm sure his on chapos payroll..

  10. They got out already.


    It's not sarcasm- The real crooks have always been the Generals- The only difference was back in the day the agreements were to keep low and not to sell drugs to the locals....

    The money flowed all the way up to the Mexican president.

    These mofos probably worked for BLO....

  12. I'm pretty sure they were working for beltrains and sinaloa b4 the split cuz this was with help of la barbie peace Loks

  13. they claim working for BLO

  14. It's the Mexican state that is killing most Mexicans . . . social cleansing, criminal activity . . . how do you think only 200 soldiers have died in the drug war? apparently being a Mexican soldier in the drug war is one of the safest jobs you can have in Mexico

  15. why arrest these guys? I wonder what was so special (unique) about their situation? Besides, You might as well arrest every other mexican offial as well.

  16. Obama sold guns to them

    1. No you Idiot Obama sold guns to
      the cartel foot soldiers not
      Mexicos generals. The generals
      were supposed to have stopped
      the narcos and restore peace
      But Money is the game changer
      In this war. The more general's on
      Your payroll the less you worry about
      Your Narco Rivals.-Al Quds God bless

  17. Update: News stories from several sources now say that El Indio and La Barbie are denying they ever met the generals. Also, Gen. Escorcia says he was tortured and forced to sign a statement incriminating Gen. Angeles Dauahare. The prosecution's case appears to be based entirely on statements by narcos who turned informant/protected witness. Reliable, credible individuals of high moral character, but, hey, you use what you got.

  18. Why does everybody blame Obama? The Bush family have been in this game since the late 80's.. they would allowed huge loads of coke and heroin to go thru Texas.. then retard baby Bush did the same.. this mess has been around before Obama.. and guess what?? It will still be here after Obama goes...

    1. Yeah but Obama sold guns
      To them. bush sold guns to Taliban.
      and I agree the bush criminal family
      did push in 1980s I mean they from
      Texas they must have goten a
      Fat cut. -AL-Quds.God Bless.

    2. Yeah! George Bush in Texas, Jeb Bush in Florida, that way they controlled everything from Mexico and Colombia.

  19. these captains were protection for chapo i dont know why there saying los beltran leyva when el r12 was arrested these captains were mentioned in protecting aquiles and la rana and el chapo and zambada i guess chapo is starting to loose the political support he once had well its just a matter of time chapo will get arrested or killed my guess hell fight and rather die than go to jail

  20. They say there is a fight on who is going to run SEDENA (Mexican army) and a couple of this guys were candidates for it. its funny the timing of the arrest. My guess politicos are starting to get paranoid on who to trust and who to get out of the way. politicos vs military. can u smell coup? Mexico is ripe for it and believe it a lot of us want it.

  21. All generals have always been corrupt especially in the mountains of Chihuahua and Durango. They set up road blocks to extort those who have not paid their "cuota". Those areas have always been lawless, only the narcos rule there.

  22. It's a failed country. Totally. What resolution can be applied when the very infrastructure by which any resolution can be applied is corrupt. It's like expecting a jonesing junkie to self-regulate in a room filled with drugs.

    Failed state. Close the border. As for the asshole users in the USA. You want drugs? Fine, you get busted, you get a one-way ride to Mexico. Have all the dope your dumb ass can handle there. Good luck, God Bless and don't forget to tip your executioner, it's just a job, nothing personal.

    1. Send the american drug users to Canada or England, we don't want them here in Mexico, we already have plenty of those assholes, or keep them over there, we will continue to supply whatever they need, just have the money ready.

  23. "Send the american drug users to Canada or England, we don't want them here in Mexico"
    Tellin ye man,you got enough of your own losers with no money.Ha,ha,ha.

    1. You know you are right! The present situation in Mexico would make.the devil puke!

  24. "Good luck, God Bless and don't forget to tip your executioner, it's just a job, nothing personal"
    How long did it take you to make that shit up?


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