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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Mexican Psychopath

By ACI for Borderland Beat

They called him the hand with eyes, his legacy was one which left heads severed through out central Mexico.  His organization thrived on fear and violence and from the shadows he killed.  As his narcobanners continued to appear his reputation grew into myth.  He was a modern day psychopath, one of many in Mexico.  Their hands stained with blood, their souls deprived of conscience, these men roam the highways of Mexico, killing, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.  This is an examination of one of these monsters. 
He openly admitted to killing 300 by his own hand and bragged about ordering another 600, if his claim is true he would rank as one of the worlds most prolific killers.  He surpasses many who haunt dreams, Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, to name a few.  These are men, who inspired nightmares and slasher films; whose crimes have become infamous throughout generations.  But Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya may not even go down as one of Mexico’s most prolific killers; he may just simply be another one of Mexico’s psychopaths.

Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya or “El Compayito” as he was originally known as, was a native son of Sinaloa.  Born in 1975 in the town of Gausave, located in the northern part of the state, Garcia Montoya grew up in an abusive and neglectful household.  He enlisted in the Mexican Marines receiving training from one of the most brutal and feared elite forces in Central America, the Kaibiles.   This sets Garcia Montoya apart from many of his counterparts in Mexico, while many came from broken homes, most have never served in the Marines much less received training from los Kaibiles.  

The Kaibiles; a product of the cold war, have a reputation for producing killing machines; men who kill without thought or conscience.  Created in 1975 to combat the civil war in Guatemala, the Kaibiles quickly earned a reputation of brutality.  The training which was supposed to have been heavily influenced by the CIA is perceived by many as torturous.  From having to forfeit any previous medals or honors, to having to drink the blood of animals for courage; these methods of training are designed to take away individuals identity and replace it with one of a stone cold killer.  Garcia Montoya would later boast that the Kaibiles trained him to become a killer. 

He returned to Mexico and left the Marines to become a police officer in Baja California, and it is thought from here he entered into the world of the cartels around 2002.  He was brought to the attention of José Gerardo Álvarez known as"El Indio,” who at the time was a powerful lieutenant of Arturo Beltan Levya.  Garcia Montoya due to his background was promoted to chief of security for Gerardo Alvarez.

In 2008 Arturo, broke from the Sinaloan Federation and went to war with Guzman and Zambada.  When Arturo was killed in 2009, his faction splintered, with Gerardo Alvarez and Edger Villarreal known as “La Barbie” going against Arturo’s brother Hector or “El H.”  The ensuing war left bodies piled up throughout much of Sinaloa and Guerrero.  With the arrests of Villarreal and Alvarez, Garcia Montoya was left without a master and without a leash.  He began a systematic murder spree which aim was to control the local drug trade around Mexico City.

In 2009 Garcia Montoya beheaded 24 laborers in the La Marquesa area of Mexico City, a crime which at the time shocked the nation, for it’s level of brutality.

In December 2010 the authorities recognized his organization, in February he left a head with the message; "I'm Arturo García Pacheco and this happened to me for thinking I was under the protection of los gaseros and los fox. Also, I was an extortionist. To the people, it appears you do not understand: this plaza already has an owner. You don't know what I have in store for all those who pass themselves off as "tough guys." You're next Lalo, Charly, Belen, Negrom Jacobo, and you too Mecho. I'm going after all the rats, rapists, and extortionists. The Plaza Has An Owner. ATTE La Mano Con Ojos   

This was the first of many victims claimed by Garcia Montoya.  His next victims were a man and a woman were left Naucalpan; both had their head severed, left with another ominous note from La Mano Con Ojos. 

Another head and another messege: My name is Ivan Cruz and this happened to me for working with LFM and for extorting business owners by falsely claiming the I am la Mano con Ojos. Let us all be clear about one thing: La Mano con Ojos doesn’t kidnap or use extortion to make his money, and whoever does so in my plaza will get whats coming to them. ATTE La Mano con Ojos

Many victims were taken to what appeared to be mechanic shop, which in reality served as a killing house.  It is thought that many of those killed were taken here, that this was where the beheadings took place.  While no blood was seen, officers used luminol, a chemical agent that reacts with trace levels of blood.  The room glowed brightly under the black lights, it was clear this place was full of death.

In August of 2011 he was arrested.  He was interviewed by Attorney General Alfredo Castillo.  Chivis did an excellent translation of the interview..

What is your name?
       Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya

How old are you?
       36 years old

Where are you from?

      Guasave Sinaloa, raised in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

What are you called?
     La Mano Con Ojos (hand with eyes)

Which organization did you work for?
      The Beltran Leyva Cartel

Whaich area did you work in?
      Naucalpan, Atizapan, Cultitlan, Tultitlan, Huixquilucan and parts of the Federal Distrct

How many addresses did you have?
      I had three addresses, one in Naucalpan, on Pinon Street, another in Luis Cabrera and the other one around Becale in Tlalpan, in Naucalpan, I had two other addresses close to Visas City.

Where did you start you life of crime?
      I started in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan

Who was you mentor?
      Raul, in Zihuatanejo, that was the frist time I meet him. We went to Lazaro Cardenas, but we were sent back. the people we were supposed to take out were not identified yet, when we got there they told us the plan had not turned out right, whoever want to leave may go, whoever wants to stay, well you can stay and work.

And you stayed to work?
      I stayed to work

Who did you stay on with?
      I stayed with Raul, and from there I was commissioned here in Pedregal, then we went to Cuernavaca to work with Don Arturo, before he passed away, I was commissioned to work with La Barbie.  I spent very little time with La Barbie because he already had his people, so he sent me to work with El Indio, under him I became his security Chef, I was in charge of all his bodyguards, hitman, basically chief of everything.

Were you involved in the incident of La Marqueza?

Did you participate in the Kidnapping?

It was in Olivo, wasn't it?

And were you involved in their executions?
       No, not in the executions

Why didn't you participate?
    Because one guy wanted to kill them all, I mean only one person executed them, all of them

Who did it then?
        Raul I accompanied them to Marquez, I was trustworthy so I had to go

Why were they killed?
        Because they had seen faces they shouldn't have, they were also mislead, mostly though because they saw faces, they were innocent people. The saw too many faces, they couldn't be let go, we had no choice.  When Indio was captured, I went to La Barbie and he told me to take over the structure of El Indio.

What structure?
     Well he had control of Huixquilucan and Naucalpan, at the time I was handling about 25 halcones.

And did you have the support of the Municipal Police?
      At that time yes, we did have the support of the police because I was paying them.  Ricaldi was a former police of Huixquilucan, he worked directly with El Pelacas.

Who did El Pelacas kidnapped?
       He kidnapped that bearded guy from PAN, what's his name,  ummm Don Diego Fernadez de Cevallo  

How do you know that was the man responsible for Don Diego's kidnapping?
     Because information is information, I'm telling you everything is known when you are in the business. Who did this, who did that, everything is known.

Is el Pelacas the one in charge of that organization, who supports them, are they still operating?
     He has always operated with the financial support of el Hongo from the Central Cartel.  When I was given Indio's Structure, my buddy was captured.  When Montemayor was captured I kept the structure I had been given.  It was when El JJ wanted to take everything away from me, he wanted to take everything from me from the beginning.
    JJ thought he should have everything that belonged to his father, but JJ never fought for any of it, it was given to him.  JJ was a coward, he never went to fight when we fought in Monterrey, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Guadalajara, Michoacan, or Guerrero.  He never fought once, he was given a zone like an inheritance, but he never earned it, he was giving everything I was given nothing.  I didn't come from that kind of background, I came from the bottom, and worked my way up.  This is why I don't like that kind of stuff.  I was also a cop in la Paz, and los Mochis, I was also a corporal in the Marine Infantry, 4th Batallion in La Paz.  I also took 6 courses in Antibomb training and counter insurgency, I was trained to kill.

Where did you receive training?
          In Guatemala, I am Kaibil, a person who is trained to kill and survive anything.

How executions have you ordered?
         I ordered about 600

And how many did you kill?
         Another 300, with my own hands about 300

And how did you decapitate them?
           With my hands, knifes and saws.

Those you killed on election day, how did you do it?
           With my hands, I started picking up people that Monday

Was it planned to have them picked up and executed on election day?
          Exactly true

          To call attention, I reasoned it was a special day, a day where it would hard to cover up.  That is why I ordered it and did it, I read about it in the news, I buy newspapers everyday, to read up on the how the system is working and what people are saying about the situation. Yes, yes I used to watch you (referring to the attorney general), and I watched what you said.  Every time I watched you, I would cuss at you, I am sincere, I was cussed at you because I had a lot of anger toward you.

You are telling me that it was personal between you and I, you thought I betrayed you?
           I will tell you something, I mean there was no betrayal, I mean you didn't betray me, because frankly I was the one deceived, I had given money thinking you were paid for.  He told me you received it so yes I thought you betrayed me, but now I know that wasn't true. I mean he was the one who deceived you and me.

What did you did you do to that person?
           I killed him

Can you confirm that?
          Yes, I got him, picked him up and killed him

And did he tell you he had given me the money?
        He told me the documents were delivered , he said it was delivered

But who did he give it to?
          Well that was the problem, I am telling you I could not get anymore information out of him and that was a serious issue, I couldn't have a person of that kind of weight with me.  And because I was so angry he deceived me I gave the Oder to execute him as soon as possible.

He was the the one that deceived you?  The one you gave 40,000 dollars to?
           400,000 dollars

And he was the one who was going to deliver it?

But you still thought the money was delivered?
          Exactly, it was stuck in my head, that was why I took it personally against you.  I didn't have any problems with the attorneys office,  but directly with you, because that is what they made me believe.  Now I realized that I was wrong. 

What would've you done if we didn't catch you?
           I would've killed you, I would've looked for you and cut you into pieces.  Just like that I would have done that, I am telling you my anger towards you was intense, I was even going to send you a video.

 A video?
         Yes a video directed at you

What was it going to say?
         It was going to say everything that was happening in the state. but you didn't let me, look you have me her already, now you can say you poked the eyes of the hand.

Why do you call yourself La Mano Con Ojos?
       I chose that because I see everything, I hear everything.

But that doesn't make sense?
         No No, well I guess that's the point, its a distraction, I was El Compayito and with this type of organization, it needs to have to have a concept, a foundation, a name that makes me look stronger and intimidating and to get attention mostly.

Then you were going to kill 6 people this weekend?
         6 or7, I almost had them ready

Do you have them now?
         No, no, no, we were working on it but motherfucker.... And they were to be used in my video to you, you were going to see how I was going to execute them, because I was going to do it personally, you were going to see me in action, the message was to be directed to you.

What about the person you killed and dumped at the school?
       Oh the one I put a thong and a pink bra on?

Yes that one......
        That was a fucking coward, I killed him because he was turning me down, all my strongmen, he was playing tough.

Who are your strongmen?
          My strongmen are the hawks.

How many hawks do you have in you zone?
         Now, now I just have 5, I don't need more

How many hitmen do you have?
          Now about 50 people.

Are they all well armed?
         Yes everyone has their own equipment

Who else wanted to work with you?
         People of the Gulf, Zetas but I never wanted to work with them because they all extort and kidnap the people and I disagree with this, so that is why I never accepted any alliance with them, but they did offer proposals, the last came from the Arellanos.

Do you work independently?
         Totally, I am completely independent since the time my partner was captured, he was the last that i worked with.  after that i went independent, I was fighting with JJ, and killed someone working for him. in his territory.  From then on I was at war with him.

Who did you kill from his group?
        A strongman he had there and a hawk, I killed him fast and easy.

Who do you hate?
       All the people that betrayed me.

Who betrayed you?
         JJ betrayed me

 Who else?
         Ricaldi is another person that I hate.

The one that is with El Pelacas?
          El Pelacas, I have anger toward him and this other guy El Hongo

Would you like for us to send them to your cell?
            Fuck I sure would like that!  Fuck! I sure would like to kill the shot out of them I have immense anger towards those motherfuckers.

He is one of many; Mexico has an infestation of psychopaths, monsters that are glorified through song and culture.  La Mano Con Ojos is a product of the cartel wars.  He would not have existed in any other time or place; his crimes would not have had the impunity which they received.  The situation in Mexico has bread a generation of killers like Montoya and to think he might not even be the worst, is most terrifying of all.


  1. What a sick person he is....
    Still dont understand why mexico doesnt have the death penalty ..
    even before you get extradite to the US.. the US has to agree no death penalty .. that is so messed up!

    Wake up mexico! You need the death penalty...

    1. usa has death penalty but that doesnt stop criminals does it? its a war so they need to execute them like they use to 100 years ago .fusilarlos a todos

  2. The one thing I can say I like about this guy is he was against extortionist and kidnapping. What he did was wrong, but it seemed evil was fighting evil. I am sure its tough to not be a psychopath once youve killed many while in the military and have had stone cold training.

  3. Great article by the way, what ever happened to La Barbie? Was he ever sent to the US to spill the beans?

  4. Funny the attorney general never asked the name of the guy that was supposed to have given him $400,000US? You would think it might be important?

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  6. Who is Pelacas? never heard of him. Ive heard of el hongo. He was captured last year in Guerrero

  7. Man this shows how powerful la Barbie was all the liutenants he had under him that became their own leaders el hongo el jj la mano con,ojos el compadre and el koreano and all the ex c.i.d.a organization thatw some serious power not to mention el indio and el guero huetamo I am convinced la Barbie did not setup Arturo Beltran it was the zetas lime,Barbie said he stopped trusting Arturo when he,became a drug addict and started doing,business with his big,nemesis Los zetas the zetas knew where Arturo was they gave him,up knowing el h would think it was la Barbie the zetas knew he would,need assistance and that woukd open the zetas a path to sinaloa to go after chapo Guzman without el h and his help zetas would never enter sinaloa funny how the zetas murdered the soldier and his family right away wen Arturo was,killed how did they,know,who he was zetas have,brains or at least lazcano he masterminded the whole thing!!!

    1. Everybody and their mama knows cds set up arturo you retard. Cds has been using the military here in mexico since day one. No cartel has any honor any more. Atte el paisa

    2. Do you think that la barbie had chapos blessing to do business?. In the interview barbie said that nacho was telling him that he was going to send him money.

    3. U are a paisa enuff said so el chapo and labarbie were at war u think chapo let Barbie walk did u nkt see Manuel Mendez leyva execution the zetas were,behind arturos death to,align,themselves with Beltran leyvas cell and enter sinaloa to take out el chapo book it fucking paisa the sinaloa and the millitary shit is,getting,old by the way im from n.laredo I know wat im talkin bout

    4. Im from juarez puto. Here we have the same problem you have with zetas in n.laredo. With cds. All these people are criminals if you aren't part of the solution you are the problem.

  8. Hmmm but north of the border in the states, serial killers kill simply for pleasure, for fun. Anyways, no matter what side of the border this is horrific.

  9. "He openly admitted to killing 300 by his own hand and bragged about ordering another 600, if his claim is true he would rank as one of the worlds most prolific killers."

    In mexico you can confess anything at that situation. It's totally different later on. Those words ain't shit in court. ;)

    1. This guy is telling his captor that he was next, he was gonna chop him up. With balls like that why would he fabricate the number of kills. There's tens of thousands dead, 600 is a small percent. He has earned the right to be respected and feared. He is an evil motherfucker. This is a great translation, but the original interview is one of the best along with la barbies interview.

  10. What is his status now? Obviously hes incarcerated, but is he in isolation, killed anyone, anyone tried to kill him, etc? We only hear part of the story most of the time. Being that its Mexico i guess theres not much investigative reporting to be done without getting killed.

  11. OMG...What does Mexico plan to do with these types of killers??

  12. Very good story b.b. I liked this guy, to bad he got caught. I watched his full interview ,and I was like wow this guy is awesome ,has no fear of anyody,and doesnt put up with shit.good work guys

  13. They should just drop this guy in a hole 50 feet deep and let him rot...


    1. Bullshit these guys are loyal to mano con hojos. Not EVERYBODY clicks up with cds. These dudes are old school and respect the code. Guzman is the defenition of a backstabbing snitch along with lasca and 40. This guy is the only one that wasn't a complete bitch in his interrogation video. He may be a piece of shit like the others but he has accepted his fate. So fuck him fuck sapo ,lasca,el40, el snitching vicentillo. None of these hoes would make it in the streets here in the states. We deal with SNITCHES accordingly

    2. His men are NOT with chapo COMADRE.

    3. Nueva generacion chapo!? What the hell are you talking about? Haha there is no cell called nueva generacion chapo

    4. "None of these hoes would make it here in the states. We deal with snitches accordingly."
      Its funny when lil gangbangers from the states try to act so hard. A couple tats, a cheap gun, rims, and some rap music all of a sudden, oh my god your so scary. If the prosecutor says 5yrs ya'll start singing for a deal.
      Not to mention the drive by techniques is hardly effective and most are to stupid to remove their license plates or wear gloves so they get to act out the bad mutha fucker routine in the pokey forever.


    5. Hahaha, yeah, so tough in the streets, going back to your mom's house at night probably....these guys are too smart to be "in the streets" ese.....

  15. Sounds like General Rudolfo Fierro who killd three hundred Federal Soldires with his own pistol in one afternoon. The psychopaths are always among us. Th cultural and political climate is what brings them into their own. It is so wrong to lionize these monstrous miscreants. Yet, who is providing a positive roll model that can survive among these psychpaths/

  16. The person who wrote this does not seem to know the difference between "mass murder" or "serial killer". He compares Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya to Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper, who were both true serial killers, but as horrible as he was he was not a serial killer by definition. The author seems to have wrote the article with an assumed definition that even some military veterans would count as "psychopaths" or "serial killers". By his standards perhaps the military men who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan would by grouped with Montoya.

  17. After readin this post i went to look for the video of this interview (I dont speak any mexican) But the impression i had of this guy is that he seems like a very calm and reasonable person. This just proves that you cant judge people on the way they look and talk

  18. Dude seemed very interesting ...

  19. I think he should write a book on his life. Than have Quentin terentino make a movie .. Bam that it ..!!

  20. Thie is the same guy cutting up a guy from that video where the victim is hanging upside down that gets castrated with the corrido in the background , i herd this on a youtube video , It happened in guerrero when compayito was with arturo beltran

  21. @July 2, 2012 2:59 PM: What do you mean you can confess anything in that situation? Are you allowed to just give a complete confession to the police initially and then it not be able to be used later? What would be the point of them doing that?

  22. he is one crazy Sinaloan a ture mafia hitman I would like to met him and fight him see how bad i get my ass kicked

  23. Well written article ACI...

    "The situation in Mexico has bread a generation of killers like Montoya and to think he might not even be the worst, is most terrifying of all."

    So, so true...-CHIVO

  24. Tough and mean with back up and guns but one on one he is a bitch.

  25. Arm Chair this is an excellent article, but a few things are wrong. Arturo broke from the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008 after his brother's arrest and he didn't got killed in 2010, it was in 2009.


    Googled it came up with a few recent story from el DF, looks like there is a new cell called Neuva Generacion del Chapo in el Df...

  27. Well if they are mass murdering other cartel scum then I say let them continue.

  28. July 2 9:44pm lol you wont get your ass kicked, youll get your ass choked out and murdered.



  30. Wonder if he was ever in " FEDA "
    Fuerzas Especiales De Arturo.
    They were some ruthless motha'fuckas.
    Thing is, there are some very demented people working for the cartels. Takes a very demented person to be able to decapitate, castrate, skin, dismember a human being. Also I don't buy that he killed people that extorted, kiddnapped etc. He also killed people because they were selling in his territory. That is the sole purpose they get killed.

    1. El borrado and pancho 2000 were the head of feda not el compayito

  31. The person in the article picture, the face on the hands, looks like a young Mexican snoop dogg.

  32. Updated: Jul 3, 2012 12:16 PM

    NEAR HARGILL - FBI agents are trying to find out who chased two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and shot one early this morning.

    The shooting happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. today. The agents were conducting surveillance on a home near Hargill when they were chased by unknown gunmen. One agent was shot. He was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

    Officials have not released any details on the suspects, but said the stakeout was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

    During the pursuit the agents headed north on FM 490 toward Hargill. At one point, the agent driving the SUV lost control. The vehicle crossed an ntersection, plowed through a wire fence and became airborne landing a few yards from the road near Highway 186, said authorities. It is not known at what time during the chase the agent was shot.

    Officers and agents with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, FBI and ICE walked a three-mile stretch of the chase route collecting evidence. At least two bullet casings were found.

    The stretch of FM 493 heading into Hargill will remain closed until investigators finish searching the area for evidence.

  33. Don't compare these pieces of shit to the the brave marines in uniform! The whole point of being a service member is to serve your country!!! To protect the innocent!! To safeguard the freedoms and liberties of all our federal and state Institutions. These guys have no idea what it takes to be a goddamn marine

  34. Bundy? Gacy? Are u kidding those guys were the real physcopaths one murder women.. there other raped and murder little boys... I'm not saying what Mano con OJOS does is right, but he killed mostly drug dealers and halcones.. people who worked for the cartels... This guy is the real deal , he's no joke like la Barbie was... Hes snitched quick.. and Vicentillo too... He's old school... You can tell he has no fear and he doesn't like.. told the DA he was gonna cut him up, if he would caught him... And ge smiled when he said it....

    1. If you are old enough to remember what happened and what was.on the news and books written about him. The you should remember the news about that John Wayne Gacy was a good friend of first lady Nancy Reagan.

    2. Gacy had a picture taken with Mrs Jimmy Carter in the 70's, and not Reagan which was the 80's....there was no friendship it was a photo-opportunity (like a modern-day selfie)... nothing more

  35. Status now? Probably in some nice comfy "prison cell" with the works. Mexico prison system is not the same as the US prison system. As my grandmother would say..con el dinero baila el perro. If you have the $ you can buy anything and more importantly anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow "escapes". We'll see how long it takes him to buy his way out of this one.

  36. They should burn this animal alive!

  37. Pretty simple, you cross this guy and he executes you. His honesty is laudable however his deeds were unforgivable.
    Not sure the 300 (he killed) is believable but 600 is considering the 10s of thousands that have died in the past years.
    Unfortunately his acts were so surreal he may end up perceived as a folk hero, a fairy tale figure for the disaffected to admire.
    Frankly he should be dispatched publicly in the town square.

  38. Nueva Generacion was Las manos con ojos or someother cartel that changed its name i think the article was on this site

  39. I will visit mexico. NEVERRRRRR

  40. A pretty good resume to be a hardcore cartel killer.
    1.Former ministerial/ municipal police officer
    2.Former Mexican Marine with training in Guatemala from the Kaibiles(killing machines)
    3.Worked for Arturo,La Barbie and El Indio(All heavy duty cartel bosses)
    4.Fought as a hitman/sicario in Guadalajara,Monterrey,Veracruz,Guerrero,Michoacan,and Tamaulipas
    HOLY SHIT !!!

  41. I`ve been wondering what the logical outcome of this Mexican drug was is, and I think I have found the answer; Supervillains. Because, they all kill each other, all these drug guys kill their rivals. So after a while only the truly hardcore, insane, filthy rich, powerful and brilliant men will be left standing. This is like natural selection, they weed out those who are not hard enough. Worst case, we`re gonna be left with a handful of the hardest motherfuckers the world have ever seen. And they are probably gonna invade the US.

  42. Here in our town we had a problem with la linea. They were killing and abusing our families. When chapo amd his peiple came we were happy that he cleaned up the town. Our happiness turned into horror now that gn runs it they are worse than the others. Becarefull what u wish for. Todos los carteles so MIERDA . They thrive on our fears and pain . Chapo or cdg or zetas or ct they are here make money and kill anybody they Want to. Just because we live in laredo or read notaroja doesn't mean we know whats best for mexico. One cartel is no different than the other

  43. This was an interesting article. You are right that the cartels have created an environment which breeds the worst kind of evil.

    The real question is this ... does it make sense for the Mexican Gov't and the Marines to keep going after the drug capo's? Or would it be better if they targeted these mass murderers, and the places where they torture and kill their victims. Every time that the Mexican Marines could take down one of these mass killers - hundreds of lives could be saved. So is a change in strategy a good idea??

  44. It seems that we have alot of people who know quite a bit abput cartels on this blog. We even have some members or whatever. Either way when the time comes are you willing to give your all and fight to get mexico back. Soon i hope we get the opportunity to take back what is rightfully ours.

  45. I hope with the Mexican Pres. He will establish the death penalty for these asses.

  46. July 4, 2012 10:01 AM .
    "Just because we live in laredo or read notaroja doesn't mean we know whats best for mexico. One cartel is no different than the other"
    SALUDOS SENORE,you make a lot of sense.The same all over the world,just because you live in a place,doesn't mean you know whats best for that place.
    I hope against hope,that the PRI,will help Mexico by trying to create more jobs and a way to earn money,instead of the select few taking it.
    Cuidate senore.

  47. July 4, 2012 10:01 AM .
    Man,i wish there was something someone could do for you.How the fuck did it come to this?
    Take care dude.

  48. this guy is full of shit he was hiding like a coward from everyone now he so bad with his talk and his cute little hair. have a fun now tough guy jajja

  49. Anybody who thinks a stupid death penalty would deter these monsters, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would love to see you. These guys see death, participate in death, and are routinely killed in some of the most horrific ways possible. So the possibility that some state agency would inject a poison into their body to humanely and slowly take their lives, is almost a joke to them. There already is a death penanlty in their line of work.

  50. @ July 4, 2012 10:01 AM
    You have made a very wise assessment of the situation in your town...I pray that Mexico can somehow place itself on a path of true justice and righteous rule for all its citizens...

  51. Yeah, right. Like fucking USA was a damn paradise. Full of shootings everywhere, people killing children in schools just for fun. At least this guys do most of their killing among them, not targeting innocent people like those retarded mother fucker crazy bastard veterans fro Irak or Afghanistan killing innocents. Who wants to live in wonderland USA? I don't for sure, thank you.

  52. He would have done Mexico a favor if he followed through on Alberto castillo


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