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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mexican federal security forces disarm Zacatecas cops

By Chris Covert

An undisclosed number of municipal police agents in Zacatecas city were disarmed by Policia Federal, Mexican Army troops and Zacatecas state police agents early Sunday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

El Sol de Mexico news daily reported on its website Sunday afternoon that federal security forces had conducted an inspection of firearms in use by the Zacatecas municipal Policia Preventativa agents, and then decided to seize all weapons.

According to the report, the Zacatecas state Secretaria de Seguridad Publica (SSP), General Jesus Ortiz Pinto and the commander of the Zacatecas state Policia Preventativa Víctor Manuel Bosque apparently approved the plan to disarm the police agents.

After the disarmament took place, police agents scheduled to do so went out on regular road patrols unarmed.

Mayor of Zacatecas municipality Dagoberto Muñoz attempted to receive information as to why the police had been disarmed, but was told to contact the Secretaria de Defense Nacional (SEDENA) the controlling agency for the Mexican Army.

The disarming of local police agents en masse in Mexico is rare but it does happen, usually when a municipal police corporation fails certain security and reliability tests.

According to the article, federal and Zacatecas state security teams would be performing additional patrols for election day.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. If they cant be responsible enough to carry a firearm then they are completely useless as any type of law enforcement officer... What a joke and I really wish that the people of Mexico were smart enough to be embaraased by what their pathetic government has done to their country. At least here in the U.S. we have real law and order and are not living like animals... Mexico is pathetic!

  2. Corrupt Mexican cops, nahhhhhh.

  3. As soon as the PRI pulls all the military and other security forces there will be no one around to make sure the municipal cops are walking the straight and narrow! Great job Mexico! Voting the PRI back in has set Mexico back 50 years or more!...-CHIVO

  4. So they gone be throwing shoes when they get ambushed

  5. Now them dirty ass cops dont got no way to intimadate the innocent people they always harass. COME ON MEXICAN PEOPLE ITS TIME TO UNITE N STAND UP N TAKE DOWN ALL THE DIRTY COPS THAT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF. TAKE BACK MEXICO.

  6. I wish y'all would find a clue. This isn't a dirty state and local cop issue. It is Sinaloa/PAN versus any local cartel/state and municipal police. And the Military are not good guys. They rape, rob and murder more than the locals. They just have zero accountability. This war and Calderon's entire 6 year term has been about stripping power and commerce from state and local governments and federalizing Mexico. It is not how their constitution was written. Those cops are really lucky if they don't send federal hit squads after them. That is what they usually do. These cops have "NO" choice. They have to play the game to live. There are so many green law and order types on this site now. This site has digressed by years. I can't wait until Calderon gets what he has coming. I hope it is a public display. The Mexican Military is more dirty than all.

  7. The US yokel above is the one that has no clue. Pri is more corrupt than any. Chivo is right, we have been set back 50 years by pri getting back in. Do some research, the states with pri governors are the most violent. Pri gets bribed by the narcos, pulls the military and they go on freely unchecked. Less media coverage does not mean less violence, the poor get it even worse.

    Go back to mississippi yokel, you know nothing of Mexico.

  8. u have no clue of what really happens in Mexico. not even what happen on the border of US is all about. corruption. smuggling of drugs n money n it happens here in Mexico and also there on the other side of the border...... just pass by and take a look on towns like Roma TX Rio Grande. TX and u gonna be wondering how it works and what's. the reality of the problem.....

  9. July 2, 9:22 PM...I have a clue. i've been following very closely for many years and still have friends directly involved. I know how the corrupt PAN destroyed Juarez, Mexico and they might as well have poured gasoline in the streets and set it on fire. It was so corrupt, that it had no mercy on innocent men, women or children. Before PAN took office, it was pretty calm and a very nice place to go. Any corrupt move PAN could make to put Chapo in an advantage they did. They wanted to strip all the money out of Juarez and into the hand of Sinaloa and all those federally aligned. I can't wait until the true Calderon story is written and it will be. I will laugh my ass off at all the Calderon/Chapo nut huggers when they find out the people they worship are slimy snakes with the most greed. At least when PRI is in office, you can visit Mexico. Monterey was a great place prior to PAN. It was being considered for a MLB baseball team. It had great Universities, tremendous culture and people too. PAN believed Chapo and all cartels aligned having the Monterey Plaza was more important than there citizens. They value tourists more the being war mongers (Calderon). Calderon is being considered by the international court for war crimes. In case you don't know, kind of like Hitler. Yes, I can support PRI. At least they have business sense. Do you really think there is a way to win this drug war? PAN didn't work, flush it. Calderon's greed and need for personal fame drown PAN.

    1. Are you from Monterrey? Do you really believe the PRI will stop the corrupt policia be it Municipial, PGR, Federales in Mty or Mexico? And stop the crime such as the protection money small local businesses pay? The cobre de piso.

  10. You know what annoys me the most about my home of Mexico and the PRI? The fact that they voted him in becaus he is hansom, what the fuck is that!!! 65% of his voters were from females aged 18-25. Never mind his weak polices, never mind his connection to criminals(the photos say it all) and never mind his parties corrupt history because he is hansom and that will make him a good president. Idiots.


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