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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Knights Templar Dismembered by CJNG in Guerrero

Note: This is an old video that has been seen before, but recently translated from unknown source in the site "Best of Gore" and posted in the Borderland Beat forum by user Kaddafi.  We are posting it for historical and revelant value to set the record for the archives:

From the site Best of Gore:
Newly released video from Mexico shows interrogation and dismemberment of two members of Los Caballero Templarios (Knights Templar) drug cartel by sicarios for CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación aka The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, formerly known as Matazetas or Los Meta Zetas). CJNG are a relatively new cartel, having only entered the big drug trafficking game in 2009 in a response to atrocities committed on civilians by Los Zetas (hence their original name of Los Meta Zetas – the Zeta Killers), however they quickly grew into a powerful and formidable force and are considered to be the fastest growing new drug cartel in Mexico.

Los Zetas, as we all well know, is a feroucious criminal organizations lead by deserters from the special forces. They are well trained and considered to be the best equipped and the most technologically advanced criminal group in the world. But they pissed the boss of all cartel bosses – El Chapo Guzman so the offensive against them has been vicious as of late.

As their name would suggest, the CJNG‘s foremost interest was control of the state of Jalisco however they’ve experienced rapid growth and are now in control of much more than just one state. As a matter of fact, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has a very solid grip on Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Colima.

CJNG was believed to have been started by young Mexicans who got sick and tired of watching their families and friends get massacred by narco sicarios. So they created a force of their own to counter the narcos. But as it goes, once you get the taste of power and money, you won’t stop at just being a presumed do gooder. CJNG now appear to be closely affiliated with the Sinaloa Cartel and focus on exterminating members of Los Zetas, La Resistencia and the Knights Templar Cartels.

In this video, it’s two members of the Knights Templar who got a taste of brutal treatment ala CJNG. The video starts with two men with hands bound behind their backs being interrogated as they’re seated on a floor with their backs against a wall.

The first half of the video is all about interrogation. The cut then shows a Viva Mexico picture and the camera then cuts straight to an extremely graphic pictures of one of the Knights Templar with duct tape over his mouth as he chokes on his own blood sitting next to a toilet seat. His throat was sliced just enough to have his life expire slowly and painfully. The CJNG left him there to twitch in agony as they watched from behind the camera.

The camera then cuts to the images of a decapitated body being slowly dismembered with a knife. That catchy Mexican music plays in the background while all the gory stuff takes place. Much of the graphic content appears to have been filmed by a… retard with an Iphone. Could all Apple retards fucking die already and rid us of their idiocy, for fuck’s sake? Please, you fucking dimwits???

The video is extremely graphic, discretion is advised. Link to video.

The execution and the dismemberment are said to have been carried out in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. At the beginning of the video the caption shows which reads:


According to Google Translate the meaning in English is:

CJNG from Zihuatanejo interrogating and dismembering the sicarios for the Templars

English Language Translation:
CJNG: “What’s your name?”
Caballero Templarios (right): “Alexander Ramírez Cizaño”
Caballero Templarios (left): “Marco Arturo Hernán González”
CJNG: “What do you do for a living?”
Caballero Templarios (left): “We are hitmen for the Knights Templar”
CJNG: “Are you hitmen of “Knights Templar?”
Caballero Templarios : /They move their heads in an affirmative way/
CJNG: “Who’s the groups’ boss?”
Caballero Templarios : inaudible
CJNG: “Who’s the boss taking part in this?”
Caballero Templarios : “Arcángel and the Tívez”
Caballero Templarios (left): “Well, the Tívez, too”
CJNG: “Who cut the blankets and why? The blanket that the fishermen throw in the soil, who said that we gave 150.000 pesos to the gentlemen”
Caballero Templarios : “El Yuca”
CJNG: “¿El Yuca? The fuck, why did they cut it?”
Caballero Templarios : “Commanders orders”
CJNG: “We use the blanket to heat up or the fishermen don’t work. How many bodyguars does el Arcángel have?”
Caballero Templarios : “Around 14 or 15 people”
CJNG: “14 or 15?”
Caballero Templarios : /They move the head in affirmative way/
CJNG: “What do you want to tell to anyone who’d like to work with the Knights Templar?
Caballero Templarios : “To not believe a thing, they won’t get the control of the situation. They don’t do what they promise”
CJNG: “Why does the family do it?”
Caballero Templarios : “Because of what the family is doing”
CJNG: “Which municipal patrols are working for you?”
Caballero Templarios : “12th and 18th . All the municipals”
CJNG: “How many patrols? Which patrols do you control?”
Caballero Templarios : “The 12th, the 18th ..”
CJNG: “The ones that you incrimate”
Caballero Templarios : “18th and 12th ”
CJNG: “18th and 12th. And 23th?”
Caballero Templarios : “Yes”
CJNG: “How do the Knights Templar earn money?”
Caballero Templarios : “Kidnapping, theft…”
CJNG: “Any kind of stuff?”
Caballero Templarios : “Anything”
CJNG: “Ok. Here’s a message for the municipal police who supports Knights Templar. Commander Moso, of sector 2, this is for you. If you deliver that lot, the one you took from the Pocomo sea, with 4 large weapons, if you deliver it to the Knights Templar, keep an eye open, my friend.”
CJNG (camera-man): “We are from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and we are here to break the hands of the Knights Templar, fuck it!”


  1. On a totally different topic, did El Junior get sentenced last month?

  2. Giving the violence and snuff addicts a little"pop?" Sounds nice to couch an old video from "Best of Gore" as for the historical record. Nonsense.

  3. Your story is wrong. The cjng is a splinter group from the milenio cartel, they call them los torsidos. They betrayed the milenio cartel and wanted to take over their drug plazas. That's why la resistencia, made up of golfo cartel, milenio cartel, and la familia cartel ar fighting the cjng. That's mainly why the cjng is fighting the caballeros templarios. Get your facts straight!

  4. innocent people being force to read a script.

    1. There is no script you must be high off bath salts and coke. These people were
      Probably hardcore killers like the Guy
      Behind the camera that's just what happens when u join a narco gang in
      Mexico. You get killed in front of a live
      Studio audience. Anonymous
      July 15.2012 1:07 you are an IDIOT.

  5. July 15, 2012 12:06 PM .
    Saludos man,i don't believe that shit about young Mexicans fighting back.Makes all the more sense what you sayin,all the same,they been makin moves and are energetic as fuck.They got some dudes who have a go alright.They been busy,murkin fuckers all over the yard.Most of these dudes are young bucks anyway.

  6. CJNG is not a new cartel.. they have been around since Nacho Coronel. CJNG is Nacho Coronel's people. They have always been very powerful and are beginning to expand pretty rapidly

  7. Is the guy in the video dismembering the other vato the same dude that's getting interagated at the beginning ?

  8. @ 9:31PM Yes, same guy being interrogated is dismembering his own homie

  9. Hey why the hostility towards apple users, I'm reading this shit on my iPhone. O, and FYI apple products are the best d:

  10. "Is the guy in the video dismembering the other vato the same dude that's getting interagated at the beginning"
    Thats right man,bro sittin next to him,gets to cut him up.You can see its him.Two caught,i wonder how they decided to use him to do it?Cause he was more talkative and helpful or some shit?I wonder what happened to him after he had finished cuttin up his compa?Hard core man,hard core,what the fuck is he thinkin,as he doin that?Is he dead or what?Who knows.

  11. How come the video gets cut off and another one comes up a total different one antone else have this problem

  12. At the end of the video it doesn't say "we are here to break the hands of the Knights Templar". That doesn't make sense. It says "venimos a partirle la madre ha Los Caballeros Templarios" Translation "we came to fuck up The Knights Templar".

  13. "How come the video gets cut off and another one comes up a total different one antone else have this problem"
    Thats why the bitching at the iphone shit,the clowns who own them always seem to film the wrong way,the way the iphone films shit is fuckin horrible.Fuck iphone and the millions they rode in on.
    What happened to the other dude i wonder?Bang,bang?

  14. Innocent people being forced to read scripts again...poor innocent people


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