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Sunday, July 15, 2012

4 Murdered at Food Stall in Colima - One of CJNG Leaders Dead

Posted in Borderland Beat forum by Havana

Four people were killed and six others were injured this morning in Cerro de Ortega , part of Tecoman , Colima , when heavily armed stormed a food establishment in the town bordering  Coahuayana, in the State of Michoacan .

The Attorney General of the State of Colima reported that the incident occurred on Saturday morning when a group of people were having breakfast at a barbecue stand located at Calle Miguel Galindo, in the center of Cerro de Ortega, in Tecoman, when a group of armed men came and fired at will against the diners, resulting in four deaths and six injuries, which are reported as serious.

According to preliminary investigations by the Attorney General of the State said the attack was directed against Leopoldo Gonzalez Aviles "N", aka 'Pole", 33 years old, who was identified as one of the leaders of the Colima Cartel also called New Generation Jalisco (CJNG).

The law enforcement agency reported that the incident occurred when several armed men came to the place of reference and without saying a word opened fire with heavy weapons, depriving several persons of life and injuring six more.

The alleged leader of the so-called New Generation Jalisco Cartel arrived at the restaurant in a Mitsubishi van, Endevor line, pearl colored, overlapping plates of the State of Jalisco, which had been reported as stolen in that state since last January.

Similarly were deprived of life on the scene, Paul "N" Major, 52 years old; Elsa "N" 50, and a male person between 35 and 40 years old so far not yet been identified.

After the attack the likely responsible fled to an unknown destination, presumably in the state of Michoacan.

As a result of the same fact, others injured are Candelario ISAGA Rendon, 50 years old, Daniel Novela Juarez, 50, Cesar Alejandro Rosas Radillo, 34; Gaudelia Alcantar Cardenas, 85 years old, and two younger.

At the scene went public ministry, accompanied by the medical examiner and forensic services personnel, to attest to what happened, securing several vehicles and 133 AK-47 caps, and order the transfer of bodies to the Medical Examiner ( Semefo) for the autopsy, and with the help of the Police Law Enforcement investigation has begun to achieve the arrest of the alleged perpetrators.

At present the various corporations of the state's public safety, supported by military elements perform a large operation in the area of ​​Cerro de Ortega and Tecomán to try to locate the alleged murderers.

Note that in this area, there have, in recent months, been a series of clashes between various cells of organized crime, which meant that the Federal Preventive Police installed a base in place.



  1. Gentlemen of the CJNG...... Took out one of the bosses no halcones, no video, and no lame message next to the body step your game up! Saludos al Macho Loco!!!

  2. Macho Loco!!!
    C,mon man,CJNG been raining on your ass.Aint it about time you started tryin to hit bosses?Aint it about time you started hittin cell leaders?
    Then you can make all the videos you want of cell leaders getting murked without bleedin hearts whining?Good move though,give you that.None of that lame ass shit.Whats next guey,burn some bitch down?

  3. Too bad they couldn't all be eliminated. There is nothing good about about a bunch of phony sicarios pretending to be something they're not. Thanks for the information.

  4. Funny how the jaliscos are always putting lame videos w halcones or dudes at the bottom of the ladder or killing inoccents and labeling CT or Zs . CT has never put vids on the web for reasons im sure that comes from higher up. They did their homework on this dude but sad they killed the lady.

  5. Michoacanos took his ass out this fuckers don't fuck around

  6. Chingones los CT. No andan con juegos.

  7. Yea I guess they are some tough guys, those guys are bad asses. They also took out a mother, the owner of the stall and a father who was there eating , I know people from that town and it's so sad that you guys are here talking how bad ass the michoacanos are, when a mother and father got killed. By the way, that father was my cousin. He had just gotten there from Cali to visit his family. The lady that got killed her husband will probably lose his leg from the gunshots. You keep on cheering the tough ass michoacanos that took out some leaders and not some halcones.

  8. Man that's fucked up talken shit my uncle was One of them that got killed fuck the putos that killed him they called him Pablo aka El Mayor RIP

  9. The Attorney General of the State of Colima reported that the incident occurred on Saturday morning when a group of people were having breakfast at a barbecue stand located at Calle Miguel Galindo, Market Meats Tips


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