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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sinaloa Cartel, the Threat to Arizona

The Sinaloa cartel is the largest drug trafficking criminal organization that threatens more counties in Arizona that traditionally has large problems with drug trafficking. This has been the case through their continued dominance in and through the region, according to a Justice Department report of the United States.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) estimated that drug trafficking organizations that have allied with the "Sinaloa Cartel" belonging to cells of "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, and "EL Mayo" Zambada Garcia, are currently responsible for approximately 90% of all drugs crossing the border into Arizona and recently there have been a series of arrests in that state that have connections to the powerful cartel.

On Friday July 6 Arizona authorities dismantled a network that was smuggling different types of drugs from Temple, Arizona, to the rest of America, and the operation arrested 20 people, some of whom had many years working within the US for the Sinaloa cartel.

Some of those arrested were responsible for the coordination and distribution of drug shipments coming into Arizona from Mexico through hidden compartments in commercial trailers," said Ramona Sanchez, a spokeswoman for the DEA.

In contrast, she added, the organization used aircrafts to send currency of proceeds from profits of drug sales in the United States to Mexico, Central and South America, some of the property seized in raids was a Cessna 421 that was found in a hangar located south of Tucson.

In addition to the 20 people arrested and the Cessna, Arizona authorities executed search warrants in several safe houses in the cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Tempe where they confiscated about $2.4 million in US currency, three tons of marijuana, methamphetamine, 14 weapons, 10 vehicles and large amounts of cocaine.

The Sinaloa cartel uses the control of brokers on both sides of the US-Mexico border to extend their dominance in Arizona, and controls most of the illicit money and weapons that are trafficked across the border and areas of high level of drug trafficking in that state.

Throughout 2011 the Sinaloa Cartel dominated the trafficking routes of drug trafficking in Sonora in northern Mexico, and have controlled the drugs routes that are connected to the Arizona and Sonora border. "The numerous organizations that make up the Sinaloa cartel control most of the corridor that includes the Indian Reservation of Tohono O'odgam and the Nogales port of entry," she went on to say.

Source: El Universal


  1. Sinaloa al 100 parientes el Chapo se la Rifa el Senor trabaja bien....... gente corriente como los zetas nuca ban a ser grandes como el Chapito Sinaloenses, Gente de Durango, Chihuahua, Michoacan Jalisco al 100

    1. El nombre de chapo es economia

  2. And thanks to Holder and the "Justice" department, the federal arm of the government has washed their hands of Arizona and have left them to fend for themselves (ourselves). OK, you don't like the law we passed here. We take a stand opposite to broke ass California, who welcomes illegals with open arms and free money. But we are where the shit hits the fan. And our justice dept and PRESIDENT has told us to go fuck ourselves. I never though I would see the day when my own US government would openly fail to enforce the laws passed by popular vote, and leave a state hanging out to dry. All to get the Hispanic vote. You Hispanics who buy this bullshit and vote for Obama, they are making you their bitch. It's been the Democrat game since the 60's when they began using the blacks as their pawns. We have a black president who has upped the black unemployment level to %14. All they do is promise you free shit so you'll vote for them. No jobs, future, or way up the food chain. They keep them down so they can keep promising the moon. But by all means, if you are satisfied with free handouts that will keep your generations sucking on the federal tit, then keep voting them in. I don't like the Republicans social views, but at least they back those who want to make it on their own without the government thinking they deserve a piece of your pie.

  3. Good story Buggs, but not your best proofing of the copy with.....

    "Arizona that traditional have a large problems with drug"

  4. good job, now go to nat city, san diego, el paso, san antonio, laredo, brownsville, because i'm sure that people from those cities know where the mexican narcos (or their familes) live

  5. al 100? that phrase is overly used.. el chapo trabaja bien? thats why mexico is where its at. the pits

  6. Make them make their money from kidnapping and extortion. You have to be the most ignorant person out there. How stupid can u be

  7. otras ciudades tambien!

  8. 8Al 100?? F*** Chapo and all the drug lords.. I'm Mexican and I hate hearing on peoples cars the narco corridos.. I hate corridos.. all they are narco propaganda.. ban this music from the radio... That's why all this dumbass kids think narcos are saints ...

  9. Simple economics . Supply and demand. It won't be long cartels will have their own television networks and YouTube accounts for everyone to join in and pay for live rapings and executions. Then Pepsi and McDonalds and Nike will make products . Like the Nike air sicario or the mCchapo sandwich maybe a Pepsi pozelero soft drink.

  10. Getting all the Illegal's to leave has made the criminals more obvious. Thus, easier to nail.

    Note the phrase, oft used in this article, "Arizona authorities," which seems to mean the feds were carrying on as usual, doing nothing to stop the cartel.

    The SCUS raped the bill that made sanctuary cities like Tempe, Guadalupe and Scottsdale stop protecting the dirtbags. So now those places reputations suffer when their upstanding residents are busted. Watch when Chapo is taken down and the war for control starts.

    Good article. My local liberal media didn't say a thing about this. Why am I not surprised.

  11. 7/21 11:21AM,
    Your a prime example of an individual, who doesn't have a clue! Hilter youth..really? That's what you come up with? So, the heads of the Zetas and the CDS have an agreement with the US and are exempt from prosecution? Really? Show us your documented proof of this agreement! El Chapo sits at the top of the FBI's number one most wanted list...but hey he has nothing to worry about..right? Tell that to El Mayo's son (Zambada-Niebla) he thought he had an agreement to! Yet he's on his way to spending many years in a US Federal max prison! I guess he didn't read the fine print of that agreement!

  12. It's all about money. We are all slaves but of different masters . We are sheep lost and the end is near . We will all become food for the vultures . We have no future but hope in God . All you fools don't see the big picture . This is a sign of the end . Disasters , famine and disease will consume us all . We are lost and will never attain peace and security as long as man rules we will never be happy . Only God can help us . The Devil is in control of everyone . All of you will die and some will die alone which is the worst . Pray you fools because that's your only chance . No man can direct his own step only through God . Wake up you baffoons ! Our time is ticking .

  13. declare war end it all.

  14. Its simple all you fucking junkies need your fix so our poor neighbors below see the opprotunity to put food on the table not there fault there geographic location is a meca for drugs it so its not gonna stop not as long as there someone out there needing something and that will always be look how our not to country popularized that shot to our youth movies music news all that shit and then to talk shit about as my state look at the state your from all your fucking junkies our probally getting it from my state and just so happens the biggest cartel is on our border so fuck you hating on az just cause we get it cheap from them and sell it to you fucks more its a recession people do anything to put food on the table and take care of the family


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