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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The web of corruption discovered in the AICM; the hub Colombia, Mexico and Spain

Felix Fuentes

El Universal. 6-28-2012. Three federal officers shot to death and information from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), obtained by El Universal reporter, Doris Gomora, uncovered the drug drainage system in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). El Gran Diario de Mexico  (newspaper) revealed the presumed responsibility of Hector Velasquez Corona, director of the AICM, in the trafficking of drugs on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Zetas, human trafficking, piracy in the loading areas and black market of jet fuel.

Vasquez Corona has managed the capital's airport terminal since Jaunuary, 2005. In other words, he was appointed during the Fox administration and has stayed in place because of a close friendship with President Felipe Calderon. According to U.S. DOJ reports the general manager of AICM has links with several drug cartel employees and has only taken part arrests of "independents drug traffickers" or when shipments were destined for adversarial groups. As a result, he has received threats for raising the costs of "rights of way."

Reporter Doris Gomora pointed out that DEA agents and other U.S. agencies identify Velasquez as the principal suspect in AICM drug trafficking , but the Mexican government "lacks any intention" of investigating him. Information obtained from the U.S., reveals that, according to protected witnesses, Velasquez has collected right of way fees for transshipment of drugs beteen Colombia and Mexico, and between here and the Caribbean, the U.S. and Europe. This would explain why some shipments reached Spain, shipped out of AICM, and information media could not understand how that could happen without "anybody noticing anything." Now we know who authorized the shipments, but the PGR denied having any information that Velasquez had ties to the narcos.

In short, the PGR knows nothing. In the case of the three Army generals under arraignment (custody), [the PGR] tells us that Angeles Dauahare has been under investigation since 2010 and the PGR has just extended his arraignment (custody) due to its inability to substantiate the current charges.  

When Felipe Calderon convened PAN congressional representatives in San Lazaro, Velasquez was Secretary of Administrative Services and, together with Patricia Flores, awarded themselves bonuses of 200,000 pesos each. In Banobras (organization), this individual negotiated a 3,000,000 peso loan for the president to buy a house. In Washington, Velasquez Corona is listed as a "member of the Felipe Calderon inner circle."  This tells you why this person has been considered untouchable for more than seven years and why he has been kept at the AICM.

Perhaps Velasquez's actions will be made clear after the murders of three federal officers by fellow agents in Terminal 2 of the metropolitan airport.  There has been a deep silence over the motives for the murders and they're trying to give the matter a money laundering slant, because they are conducting audits of the Podrira currency exchange business in the DF and two of its branches. According to official reports, the suspects have been identified, but their names have not been released, and it is expected that this case will be cleared properly, that it will be disclosed if drugs are involved and whether Mr. Velasquez is involved. The day of the murders, President Calderon declared that "we have advanced to a trustworthy Federal Police that likewise looks for trustworthiness in all of its members."  

Day before yesterday, the president continued on the same theme. He asked that the next administration not throw overboard everything that has been done against crime and demanded that it "truly commit itself to fighting (crime)!"     


  1. those federales must be dismembered right now they fuck up!!! that airport is run by el mayo and for there greed they really f up!!

  2. That airport has been run by narcos since they built it.

    For all Calderon's "efforts" in the drug war they have acted like the airport wasn't there. This shoot out was crooked cops vs crooked cops.


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