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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Federal Police "traitor" identified

The Federal Police reveals the way the crime was committed by three Federal Police agents during an anti-trafficking enforcement opertion in the airport. Federal agents involved in drug trafficking shot their fellow officers in the back. 

El Universal. 6-28-2012. The Chief of Regional Security Division of the Federal Police (SSP) , Luis Cardenas Palomino, revealed that Mexico City International Airport (AICM) authorities and several other local and federal agencies are being investigated for participating in a drug trafficking network that began in Peru and ended in the airport terminal. He also disclosed the names and photographs of the three federal police agents that took part in the murder of three fedeal police agents that took place last Monday in the AICM Terminal 2 corridor, who are part of a drug trafficking network.

Cardenas Palomino called the oficers who murdered their fellow officers "traitors." He identified them as Zeferino Morales Franco, Felipe Lugo and Daniel Cruz Garcia, this last was the one who shot his companions in the back.

Cardenas Palomino states that the Federal Police is not currently investigating AICM director Hector Velasquez y Corona, although he said he did not know whether the PGR was investigating him.

Last Monday, Federal Police officers implicated in a drug trafficking network, which involved several public employees from various federal and local agencies that work in the AICM, started the shootout in which three of their companions investigating their acts of corruption were killed. Security cameras that allowed the identification of the suspects were key in investigating the case, which is being handled by the Subprocuraduria de Investigacion Especializada en Delincuencia Organizada (SIEDO- Specialized organized crime investigations unit).

The SSP revealed that after several drug seizures over the past 18 months at the AICM (around 300 kilos of narcotics), a cell was detected composed of public employees working for drug traffickers, presumably for a group with the Sinaloa cartel, whereupon federal police agents were assigned to locate the members (of the cell).


  1. Damn, you cant even trust your police coworkers...cop va cop, all about greed.

  2. You should post Chivos information in here, he has pictures and more info on this.


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