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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Airport security cameras were turned in another direction during the murder.

Luis Cardenas Palomino, Chief of the Regional Security Division of the SSP, states that there is a reward of 5 million pesos for the "traitors."   

El Universal. 6-28-2012. Luis Cardenas Palomino, Chief of the Regional Security Division of the SSP (Federal Police) said that the Security cameras in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) were directed elsewhere during the murder of three Federal Police oficers by two fellow agents.

Using images from the security cameras in other businesses in Terminal 2, the "traitors" Zeferino Morales Franco, Daniel Garcia and Felipe Lugo were identified. The first two fled from the scene in a taxicab.

Cardenas made it clear that AICM has exclusive control of the cameras and that the Federal Police plays no part in that. He stated that there is a 5 million peso reward for any person that provides information on the location of the officers. He stated they will continue to investigate whether airport authorities were complicit or whether it was an act of negligence.


  1. Pictures posted by CHIVO

  2. Traitor is an understatment! To shoot them in the back WOW! They will be huanted down by thier so called brothers and by the cartel they work for. Sinaloa will say we don't want them saying anything once they are caught!

  3. These cops could only hide for a short time police need to monitor close relative, If I was a cartel leader I would not want these guys anywhere near me to much heat and shoots people in the back cowards cannot be trusted these guys will be caught soon in Mexico or trying to get over the border thats their only choice

  4. This is a horrific crime! They need to put ALL of the airport police on lie detectors and get rid of all that do not pass! This is unspeakable! And yet Mexico has no death penalty! That is why they do crimes like this because they no at worst they will be sent to a prison that the cartels run! Its just pathetic! They need to hang the bastards on Mexican national TV!...-CHIVO

  5. It is obvious that the airport officials in charge of security are involved in this. Hey, this is the price for sincere condolences to the agents family. peace.

  6. The Policia Federal are and always have been crooked. Traitors? Maybe to a drug cartel. Maybe to Mexico. But not to the PF.

  7. The security cameras that is used in airports have better channeled dvr cards..


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