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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mexican Army bags 3 bad guys in Nuevo Leon

By Chris Covert

Three unidentified armed suspects died in an encounter with Mexican Army troops in Cadereyta municipality in NuevoLeon Monday morning, according to Mexican news reports.

The shootout took place near the intersection of Calle Mango and Avenida Naranjo in Huertas del Sauc colony.  The army unit had been dispatched to the area three kilometers from the La Boca-El Castillo road on reports on a criminal group operating in the area.

The road patrol observed a suspect run into a residence at about 0600 hrs after the patrol had been spotted.  Shooting began shortly afterwards.  Mexican Army counterfire killed two armed suspects inside the residence while a third armed suspect died while attempting to flee aboard a parked sedan.

The firefight lasted about ten minutes. Afterwards it was determined that two more suspects were in the house, but had fled into the bush.

Soldiers seized a stolen Dodge Stratus sedan, one AR-15 rifle, one AK-47 rifle and an undisclosed quantity of AK-47 ammunition found in the vehicle.

Milenio news daily on its website Monday evening reported that two more Cadereyta city workers were shot to death Saturday afternoon less that five kilometers where three other city workers were murdered.  The two victims, were identified as Alfonso Gonzalez Leal, 42 and Omar Garcia Mata, 59, and were workers for the Cadereyta Secretaria de Desarrollo Social or Ministry of Social Development.
You can read the Borderland Beat story on the three murdered Cadereyta city workers by clicking here (second listed item)
The report said that the two workers were travelling aboard a Nissan Tsuru sedan near the village o El Castillo,on the Allende-Cadereyta road when they were attacked, presumably while still on the move.  Their vehicle was attacked from behind.

Cadereyta is about ten kilometers east on Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

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