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Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23rd Death in Durango: 9 die

By Chris Covert

Four individuals, three of them unidentified, were found shot to death in a remote location in Durango state Sunday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

One of the dead was identified as Israel Diaz Martiniano, 43 from the village of Garrame de Arriba.   The four were found a few meters from the Los Herrera-Topia road in the Durango Sierras, but Durango state authorities have failed to disclose a more accurate location.

Five other individuals were killed in Durango state in ongoing drug and gang related violence.
  • A father and his son were shot to death in an apparent home invasion last Thursday morning in Gomez Palacio.  Armando Cardoza Marrufo, 64 and José Armando Cardoza Gutierrez, 31 were shot to death at a residence on calle 16 de Septiembre in Filadelfia, colony as they resisted an apparent attempt by armed suspects to steal their vehicles.
  • A man in his 20s was shot to death in Durango city last Saturday night. Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez, 27, was travelling by foot along calle Vicente Guerrero in Insurgentes colony when two suspects aboard a motorcycles shot him twice, once in the chest and one in the head.  Three 9mm spent shell casings were found at the scene.
  • Two men were shot to death and another two were kidnapped in Mapimi municipality Saturday night.  Ignacio Montelongo Cardenas, 36 and  Edgar Roberto Alvarado Montelongo, 19 were attempting to buy alcohol in the village of Bermejillo when several armed suspects travelling aboard two vehicles fired on them.  The suspects also took two other unidentified individuals and fled the scene.  A total of 18 spent shell casings for a .223 AR-15 rifle and 15 from an AK-47 rifle were found at the scene.
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