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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mantas Left Naming Culprits of Chihuahua Bar Slaughter

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

(Chihuahua) Unknown persons left  narco mantas which names the persons responsible for the slaughter on Friday night that left 15 victims dead.  The massacre was in the Colorado Bar in Chihuahua city.

The mantas were displayed on vacant land draped on wire fencing.

The manta text translated is:
"To the people of Chihuahua, the masterminds of the massacre of Bar Colorado are Javier Llamas Orta (Harry Potter), Jesus Salas (El Chuyin), Alejandro Areas (El Grande) brother of El Indio, Benjamin Valeriano (El Cachilas), Uriel Canton and Jose Borunda Cadenas.
Sincerely: Concerned Society"
Original text in Spanish:

Al pueblo de chihuahua, los autores intelectuales de la masacre del Bar Colorado son Javier Llamas orta (Harry Potter), Jesus Salas (El Chuyin), Alejandro Areas (El Grande) hermano del Indio, Benjamin Valeriano (El Cachilas), Uriel Canton y Jose Borunda Cadenas.
Att. Sociedad Preocupada”.


  1. They need to make a display in a museum of narcomantas. Put this one next to the photo cropped one from the other day in Nuevo Laredo to compare style and grammar.

  2. Hermano of El Indio,who was working with Barbie,who was working for BLO,until it all split up into factions.So who are they hittin for?Themselves,or El H?
    Anyone with ideas,some of our Mexican bros?

  3. Anyone know what cartel those people named belong to?

    1. La línea cartel organizado por amado carrillo fuentes alias el señor de los cielos

  4. Thank you Chivis-Nice to see your post! Who really did it and who is "concerned citizens or society"?

  5. Are these dumb ass Zetas? Or stupid affiliates of Sinaloa or...


  7. Don't believe it. Sounds like they are just trying to pin it on la linea. All they did was name bosses. maybe if they would have put more info like a reason or a motive then Maybe it would be some what credible. I hate what's going on in chihuahua and the rest of mexico. Before sinaloa tried taking over the whole damn country I actually used to be able to visit my relatives. People blame it on zetas and cartel de juarez but just remember that things didn't get bad til sinaloa wanted to control All of mexico and their government is behind them %100 .greedy bastards

  8. If those are the guys who did the murdering it{s good news to find out that the bastards have been identified

  9. It's "Cachitas" not "cachilas"

    El Guero de Cerralvo

  10. CDS or Linea, the banner looks more like Juarez, but I think some of the recent GN ones have been in that same style, who knows? I'm guessing they know who the those responsible are, because they know who would coordinate those attacks, from counter intel, snitches, people playing both sides, it's a very complex situation. I think Juarez has put up those concerned citizen mantas, and videos before, back in 2008, when Sinaloa conflict was in it's beginning stages.

  11. Chivis, who are the gang members named ? Zetas, Gulf ? Sinaloa ? etc you have any idea ?

  12. El Indio mentioned,worked with Barbie,they were Beltran Leyva.Who knows now,El H,themselves?

  13. according to the banner la linea did it, Benjamin Valeriano el cachitas is from la linea

  14. Wait so guys that used to work for beltran leyva work for vicente carrillo now im assuming? Things are getting interesting in chihuas. So much fr la linea being dismantled, this is showing theyre still going strong

  15. I'm guessing there are probably at least dozens of 'El Indio' in the industry. Probably not the brother of the one you guys are talking about, who was arrested in 2010. I wouldn't say strong and able to coordinate a massacre of 15 bar patrons are synonymous.

  16. This reeks of El Chapo cry baby heating up the plaza. Thats all he knows how to do is kill innocent people and patrons of bars. He has done it for years.

  17. April 24, 2012 7:37 PM

    +those attackers' age (according to witnesses), not even close to strongness.

  18. I,m sure i seen somewhere that GN are being named as the perps.Fuckin CDS shit,shooting bar patrons,because they didn't find the dudes they were looking for.The El Indio guy was pretty well known,but as someone said,they all use similar claves and nicknames,plus i think that dudes name was Valdez,i think.

  19. Ya basta Mexican killing Mexican for gringos drugs
    Killing each others kids killing each others moms wife's exct. This is systematic genocide and Americans are so fucking stupid they say that they wage war on terrorism but they the same ones who sell them guns aks m4s Rpgs
    Obamas atf sold guns to cartels lastyear
    just like when bush & Regan and bush Jr sold guns to Taliban is Obama guna declare war on Mexico? Maybe and if so another wasteful way to lose soldiers in a land that will never change example Iraq &Afghanistan what the fuck are we still in Afghanistan

  20. No valen nada ningyno me dan lastima


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