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Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Mexico Druglords Spend their Ill-Gotten Gains

Mexico's narcotics magnates have billions of dollars at their disposal.

Some of that money goes toward the staple bling, such as gold-plated semi-automatics and so forth.

Adam Raney tells us how they spend the rest of their ill-gotten gains.

 By: Al Jazeera


  1. Awash in drug money and awash in crime...they go hand in hand. It is also how most of Mexico’s population are participants in their own demise...shameful, just shameful

    1. You shouldn't open your mouth before knowing what the real situation is going on in Mexico. Ya'll talk about things you see in the news. Truth is they don't reveal whats really happening in Mexico, the only way to know is to be there and live the life that millions of mexicans citizens have to go thru every single day.


  3. Mexico is full of greed and drugmakers.

  4. News flash buddy America is just the same. Same game, different language.

  5. suspects it how about proving it???
    bullshit article how about the american banks?? we suspect them tooo

  6. Look it turns into the old,us against them.
    Man,how many people would willingly go and live in Mexico right now?Can we speak the truth?Every nation on this planet has corruption,but it is no-where near as rampant as Mexico.This has been going on for years,and will not end anytime soon.
    The Mexican people themselves,are antagonistic against any suggestions that they may have a problem.If they don't want help,why should any nation help them?Why not leave them to their own way of doing things?They neither want or ask for help,so leave them alone to get on with it.You cannot force a people to change,unless it is the people themselves who have had enough.Just looking at the Mexican post's on here tells you a lot about their attitude towards the US,and "white people",it is very negative,and antagonistic?Real or imagined,they don't want change,enough,to get out of this "problem"and many may not even see it as a problem?Leave them alone to get on with it.

  7. This is capitalism at its purest: he who has the most money, can buy the most power. In Mexico, it's the drug cartels. In the U.S., it's the military/big business cartels.

  8. I will take living in the us anyday over the lawless country that Is Mexico.... newsflash Americans are not rushing to cross illegally into Mexico.

  9. Perhaps you all American "do gooders" should look into Haliburton,CCA & Walkenhut,Walkenhorst & all these private prison corporations.They are the reason why your Government will never stop the flow of drugs into your country.Haliburton is the reason the U.S wages wars against any & all countries.These major Corporations are all owned by your politicians & their family members...but,you dont have corruption in the U.S,do you Jethro??

  10. @ anon April 29, 2012 9:39 PM,Some of your comment is true,especially the part about our people(Mexicans)consuming more drugs.Not every Mexican agrees with the situation we live in.But it would take a massive up-rise for this to change.As long as the Government is in on it thats not likely to happen.The fact that it is illegal for a Law-Abiding citizen to own firearms makes it difficult to try & even the odds.Americans blame Mexico for their drug problem,We blame Americans because they are the country with the most addicts...if both countries dealt with their problem accordingly maybe things wouldnt be so screwed up.In America it is a fact that Race plays a huge role when it comes to drug convictions & sentencing.So whos really to blame & why play the blame game?Lets be honest,if no one used dope,we wouldnt have Dope-dealers!


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