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Saturday, April 21, 2012

UPDATE: Chihuahua Massacre Photos

By Chivis Martinez for Borderlandbeat

The slaughter began at 9PM Friday night a group of armed men entered the El Colorado Bar located in Colonia Granjas. Shooting from both the left and right sides of the bar, the action appeared to be indiscriminate as the gunmen opened fire on customers, servers, bartenders and musicians. 
In vain people dove under tables or used chairs as shields from the large caliber bullets.  16 people were  killed leaving a flood of bleeding bodies everywhere of those killed and injured.
Unofficial reports indicate that 5 vehicles with 10 gunmen were parked  outside the bar, witnesses say the gunmen appeared to be very young minors.

The shooting occurred in the northern Mexico city of Chihuahua, the dead included two journalists, prosecuting attorneys said Saturday.

"They have been identified as Hector Javier Salinas Aguirre and Javier Moya Munoz, who were journalists from the city of Chihuahua with many years working at radio stations," said a source from the Chihuahua state attorney's office.

Nine other people died violently between Friday night and early Saturday in nearby communities, where gang drug violence is common.

They included four others from the city of Chihuahua; four from Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas; and one from the town of Madera.

Hector Salinas, who for years was a radio reporter and former press chief for the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party, most recently worked as director of the local news site, officials said.

Javier Moya, a journalist and veterinarian, was chief news officer for a local radio station and recently was working as a press spokesman for the city of Chihuahua.

Witnesses said that in the attack Friday night about seven heavily armed men burst into a bar called La Colorada and demanded to know the whereabouts of two or three other men.

After getting no response, they opened fire, police said.

The massacre follows a similar shooting February 4, when an armed group burst into another Chihuahua bar and opened fire, killing nine people. They included five members of a band and a policewoman.
Authorities have not established a motive.
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  1. Good to see Chivis back at it

  2. Thank you..another few days and I should have my strength back....Saludos

  3. hate to see innocent people dead. This a fuckn war not crime.

  4. So were these people totally innocent or involved with a cartel at all?

  5. What kind of pussy are you when shooting innocent unarmed people? You are really the lowest of the lowest...

  6. looks like they were there thinking that the two men whose names they shouted were there, and those were the intended victims. The gunmen were very young, teens and trigger happy. I have not heard of any victims having narco connection....paz, chivis

  7. "Appeared to be very young minors",,,that right there tells you who the killers were,most likely members of the Sinaloa Cartels Gente nueva.

    Heating Cities is all Chapo knows how to do.

  8. This is sad very very sad. God let these victims souls rest n heaven with Jesus.

  9. I read on another blog that some of these people had criminal records. Thus some one knew something and everybody paid the price.
    Usa+ euorope drug consumption has led to the murders of the inocent.

  10. @Anonymous 10:50AM
    Which blog? I want to see that..thanks, Chivis

  11. insight on how LA LINEA still controls Juarez or at least trying to keep.


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