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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Attack on the Border has Authorities on Alert

The recent deadly shooting attack on a group of undocumented immigrants who were traveling in a vehicle near the Arizona border alerted U.S. authorities to the presence of criminal groups in the region.

Two people died in the April 8 incident near the town of Eloy, where the truck transporting between 20 and 30 undocumented migrants was fired upon by a group of men wearing camouflage.

According to information furnished by the Pima County Sheriff's Office, the bodies of Mexican citizen Gerardo Perez Ruiz and Juan Baltazar Lopez, a Guatemalan national, were found at the scene.

Some of the immigrants who were found in the vicinity said that the attackers shouted at them in Spanish to "stop" before opening fire.

"These criminals who attacked this group are people who have no kind of morals, no conscience regarding the life of another person," Tony Estrada, sheriff of Arizona's Santa Cruz County, told Efe on Thursday.

Estrada, who has law enforcement experience with groups of criminals operating along the border, said that these bands devote themselves to stealing drugs or human "merchandise" from other traffickers.

Another possibility is that the immigrants were attacked by a group of border vigilantes, but that has not been able to be ascertained by investigators of the case.

Sheriff Estrada said the gangs that target drug smugglers and human traffickers operate in the most remote parts of the desert, in mountainous areas where there is not much law enforcement oversight.

"The target in this case are humble people; working, struggling people who come from extreme poverty, who want to survive like any other citizen and who become the target of this group of people, whether they be racist vigilantes or criminal groups," Estrada said.

The sheriff said that the ideal situation is for everyone to be able to cross the border into the United States legally to work, and he says he feels that the only solution is for comprehensive immigration reform.

This is not the first incident of its kind along the Arizona border. In 2007, two similar attacks occurred, both of them with deadly consequences.

In the first of those earlier incidents, three immigrants died during an attack on the truck transporting them to the outskirts of the city of Tucson. In the other, two undocumented immigrants lost their lives when men dressed in black fired on the truck they were riding in.

In the first case, authorities were not able to make any arrests and the motive for the attack continues to be a mystery. In the second, authorities concluded that the armed group was looking to steal drugs without knowing that the truck was transporting undocumented migrants.

Matt Allen, special investigative agent with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, told Efe that the agency - along with local law enforcement - has focused on fighting the activities of these criminal organizations.


  1. "Near the Arizona Border"...???? Are you serious? Eloy is 120 miles from the border, Guys. Get your story straight.

    1. In case you haven't noticed, the "border" gets further into Arizona everyday!

  2. Please.. quit calling those illegal aliens
    undocumented .. lets face the truth and call them what they are. Illegal. Enough of this stupid political correctness. thanks.

  3. I juts finished this book, 'Crossers', that is a fictional story about that Arizona/Sonora border area, amazing book, I would love to visit that area, but it's sad that the immigrants are hunted down like animals, and murdered. There were several fictionalized incidents like this in the book. Highly recommended for anyone interested in these things.

  4. thats them goddam whiteboys trying to take the law into thier own hands. but they blame the mexicans because thats all they think we know . good way to lie to the public.and great dam job to wash your wash your hands of being the same shit in a different toilet .and the public eats it like dumasses.

  5. @April 21, 2012 9:20 PM why would u assume they are all whiteboys? ignorant fool.

    1. Because the Minutemen are 99.9% white boyz, I know that because I drive a 18 wheeler and I've been stopped before by this racist punks and they asked me for a green card, they act as if they are KKK or some shit like that. Last time they stopped me was before I took the exit ramp for the truck stop at Gila Bend.

    2. You mean pale face Europeian white wig
      Tights wareing MF That kiddnapped Africans an use them as a house pet and
      Murderd thousands of indigenous natives just For a sport
      Then yes white boys.

  6. I am somewhat familiar with Eloy. From as far back as the early 1980s this little town was a way station for illegals and drug trafficking criminals from Mexico. The town was ideal for these crooks as it was largely Mexican and had virtually no effective law enforcement.

    Although, it is far from the US border, it might as well be Mexican Narco turff.

    So much for U.S. sovereignty. Thanks Barry, Eric, and Nappy. Where is the outrage?

    Mexico Watcher

  7. legalize pot............... Humboldt will do the rest, tax the SH&# out it which will help pay for having 30% of the usa public from there cocaine and meth addiction. Oh yeah lets get some real jobs 4 real american's on the table.

    1. There are jobs put there the problem is that real "America's",
      Whatever that means to you.
      Don't want to take them. So the migrants are needed to, work the field,wash dishes and even to become more than that. So until you are willing to do any of those jobs shut your F***ing mouth

    2. You stupid fool! We are running out of Engineers and doctors! How do you expect to have a good society if it were legalize!? I wish all drugz would perish!

    3. What about those drugs some culture's religions use for their spiritual practice?? Define drug my friend...also, doctors are some of the biggest drug users out there! I know more kids that have died in the US from legal pain pills than anything else...

  8. April 21, 2012 8:36 PM
    Anonymous said...

    " Please.. quit calling those illegal aliens
    undocumented .. lets face the truth and call them what they are. Illegal. Enough of this stupid political correctness. thanks."

    Ok, but just because they're illegal, does that give somebody the right to kill them ? Murder is murder, there is nothing politically correct about shooting unarmed people.

  9. Hahahaha i hope all those stupid vigilante groups get sprayed by a commando of sicarios.....the vigilantees think they are tough but really shooting a group of unarmed hungry tired group of people,thats straight being a Coward. the United States people worlwide are extremely despised,yet,they are so clueless and think everyone likes them,all that selfishness will have its consequences and the United States will come down sooner than later from there halucinations thinking there the most powerful country in the much money does the United states owe? The United States needs to check itself first before they even look at Mexico.

    Fuck those people that kill tired hungry UNARMED human beings whether they are women kids men it doesnt change,whether they are born in Mexico that doesnt make them less of a human being.

    Vigilante groups=racisms,ignorance,Cowards.

  10. That's similar to saying Los Angeles is near the border!

  11. Damn, there are a lot of idiots misreading what was in the article. Nowhere does it say it has been confirmed who did the actual shooting. You guys are just bumping your gums as you reveal your racist and alarmist atittudes.

    First; the USA is the most powerful Nation in the world.
    Second; do we owe money? YES we do (BSing Capitol Hill) but how many countries around the world owe us money. Mexico owes the US Billions of dollars, even though most has been forgiven by some DumbAss in the WhiteHouse.
    Third; ALL Ameicans are immigrants unless you are 100% American Indian. It use to be people came here the LEGAL way and gave up their citizenship to their country and recieved citizenship to the greatest country in the world. Learned to Talk, Read & Write ENGLISH. My family is no different.
    Fourth; if you dont like this country OR you dont like it's LAWS get out, go jump the border to another country and see what that gets you. I don't ever remember seeing people flooding other countries by the 10s of thousands daily except during a War.
    Fifth; KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE is Very Cowardly and GOD will deal with you ShitHeads.
    Six; Think About This- if those illegals HAD NOT BROKE THE LAW & they had entered the US the legal way they would probably be alive today.

  13. I call bullshit**.they don't have suspects so the easier thing to do is blame a group of mexicans. BS

  14. If you engage in criminal acts expect bad things to happen to you.

  15. You can see the various racial aspects of this shit right here.No where does it say who committed this cowardly act.But Mexicans,start by calling out the"whiteboys" shit.And various others say it was an armed group of Mexicans,because they said halt in Spanish?
    Does it matter what fuckin color they were who did this shit?Are we agreed,white,brown,black,whatever.That it was a disgusting and cowardly act against unarmed"people"who are just looking for a better way of life.The legal aspects aside,these people were trying to find a safer,better life,if they could.Whoever,did this i hope they catch and expose them for all the world to see.If it matters,i,m"white"by the way.Seems the world we in,is getting crueler,and crueler by the day.

  16. Its funny how all white ppl assume right away dat all mexicans or latinos are illigal or dont know english when in reality alot of us are her legally. And we work doin the jobs the so call americans dnt want to do. If you live in az you would kno that theres german communities with ppl that are legal but there are sum that are illegal n mostly all dnt kno english but no one bothers them or they dnt get pulled over n asked for their green card just cus they look white but bein a german illegal us the same as bein a mexican illegal.

  17. It saddens me to hear so much racism from both sides. First off i was born in Mx i love Mx dont get me wrong but my heart is here with the Us. I hTe to hear soo much hate from pple when it comes to the Us because how can u hate a country that has given u so much my kids were born here i have my life here and i wouldnt trade it for nothing in the world thats why i became a Us citizen because its important not just for me but for my family. Pple open your eyes instead of coming here and bitching about pple bein.g racist and this Nd that forget all that bullshit and show them what you cN do learn english; better yourself dont just settle for the minimum wage job go farther take advantage of what this country has to offer because isnt that why we came here in the first place. You cant change how ppl feel somebody whos racist will always be so why wast ur time on that shit. I know its wrong for pple who ever it is to kill innocent ppl but who ever did it well they can hide from any one except God so they will be punished one day. And for ppl who say that illegals come here and get all the welfare and americans moneii well so not true or atleast were i live if u are not legal you will not get food stamps or none of that. But i hate to hear so many americans complain of illegals abusing the welfare. When the problem is not illegals its actually legal ppl who choose not to work both legal white, and mexican just last week I saw a white female purchasing alcohol with a foodstamp card yes alcohol when the tanf and the foodstAmps are supposed to be for food for her children. And i have heard of several pple who get 700$ in foostamps a month when they have a husbNd working but declare themselves to be single. So its actully legal ppl abusing the wwelfare programs. But i just hope that all the finger pointing from both sides would stop..

  18. Shit man,some of these comments like,April 23, 2012 4:23 PM...I,m white,and the area i live in,i,m getting pulled all the fuckin time,but there is white students where i live,and they get away with murder and never get pulled.But i don't whine about it,iv,e been pulled off the cops,taken the station and strip searched in the cells 3 times.The area i live in,all my kind of dude can do to make money is drugs.So if you in a car with your dudes,we are gettin a pull off the police.And i,m white,so stop whining,its about the area and your fuckin background,class shit.Students get away with shit,i would be coppin a charge for.Just because i,m the supposed bad guy.

  19. Kids at Santa Cruz HS were taking about it. They know who did it and they are white!!

  20. Anyone who believes Mexicans will yell "alto" has had too much Kool-Aid. Mexicans would've yelled "parense hijos de su p... m...." Mark my words - this was vigilantes all the way.

  21. April 24, 2012 6:54 AM .
    This brother right here is talking the most sense out of all of us.Saludos to you my friend i,m white and i got no hate for the Mexican people.
    I want to see a safe and prosperous Mexico,where young men and women can have a future,where they can find jobs and a way to support your family without having to resort to cartel shit.I do believe that if there was a better and safer way to earn your money,then the cartels would find it a lot harder to recruit people.But while it stays the way it is,it will not change.From the comments,all that matters is"what color were they,"Its a case of"i hope they were white"or"i hope they were Mexican"?How sad is that.


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