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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Former police chief daughter among those killed in Zacatecas

By Chris Covert

The daughter of a top police commander of Jimenez de Teul municipality in extreme western Zacatecas state was among those identified as killed in a shootout with Mexican security forces ten days ago, according to Mexican news accounts.

Maraa Consuelo Argumedo Recendiz, 23, was killed April 17th when a joint patrol of Mexican Army troops and Zacatecas state police agents exchanged gunfire with armed suspects, killing five. Argumedo Recendiz was the daughter of Jimenez de Teul Policia Preventitiva director Rosalio Argumedo Montes, who resigned along with three others when four of his charges were kidnapped by an organized crime group April 4th.

Earlier Mexican press reports referred to a total of ten kidnapped from the municipality, which would track with totals of the April 4th abductions and the disappearance of the first four municipal police agents.
You can read the Borderland Beat story on the April 17th encounter between the Mexican Army unit and an armed group by clicking here
Since that time Jimenez de Teul has been without a police presence.  Mexican Army and Zacatecas state police have been patrolling the municipality.  No word has been received from the state Fiscalia General de Estado or from other state officials about when a police presence will return to the municipality.  The absence has been described in Mexican press as a crisis since a number of competing criminal groups operate in the border area with Durango state.  Other Zacatecas municipalities currently with no police presence include Florencia de Benito Juarez, El Plateado de Joaquin Amaro and Tepetongo municipalities.

The five unidentified individuals who were kidnapped by an armed group included a Jimenez de Teul Polica Preventativa who reportedly attempted to intercept the group.  Reports at the time said that the five victims had been taken to Durango state.

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  1. zacatecas is a beautiful state but this loosers are fucking it up, its getting worse and worse. All residents with guns need to unit and take action and start killing this loosers cause it looks like the government can't do shit to stop them.

  2. VERACRUZ, Mexico — Authorities in the Mexican state of Veracruz say the body of a journalist with the national newsmagazine Proceso has been found dead inside her home.

    The Veracruz Attorney General's Office has released a statement saying Regina Martinez's body was found in the bathroom of her house in Xalapa, Veracruz, and that authorities believe she was murdered.

  3. What a shame the govt with all its resouces cant stand up to there low lifes. Corruption at its best in the area.

  4. Stand up to them? The government and the armed forces are PART of it. They are all corrupt from top to bottom. Mexican society is a narco society.

    1. You american people want drugs? We have all kinds of them! You pay gold for them. So don't blame the Mexican Government; because the American Government has not done anything to stop consumption. They have not even tried.

    2. That's ridiculous. Mexico has a whole lot of Drug addicts itself Amigo. The end to prohibition of narcotics on both sides of the border is the only way to truly stop this war.

  5. Mexico is worse than the u.s ....Mexico will never recover.their killing eachother....its sad...peace I'm out...

  6. April 29, 2012 1:16 PM .
    Keep blaming someone else for YOUR problems.
    That is really constructive,not?
    Keep hating on the"gringos",not on your own shortcomings and failures to grow up and make a stable nation.How long will it take?You as a people,whether you accept it or not,are complicit in the criminality that is consuming Mexico.
    Every nation has corruption,but the people sometimes have to say,no,that is wrong,you cannot just murder people when you feel like it.Your problem,not the US,not Europe,Asia,yours.

  7. Funny how those north of the border or so blind. Mexico is very violent but yet not as much as the USA. It's a cold fact that the numbers don't lie. There are more violent deaths in the USA every single year (about 30,000) and thats not counting drug deaths. The USA needs to clean it's own house, stop the consumption. Americans love to kill themselves slowly with drugs. Sad.

  8. "Americans love to kill themselves slowly with drugs. Sad"
    Is that you again?Are you trolling me now?
    Oh shit i got a troller,i thought you were investigating early hominids?
    Hey man,are you a racist?C,mon now,tell the truth,you can tell me.I,m not white honest.
    I know you don't like whitey and the US,but your ok by me.You stick to your thesis that the white man is responsible for all your ills,and you should stay sad and bitter ok.But i believe in you,weally i do.

  9. April 30, 2012 4:50 PM .
    Hopefully,you will get your wish and everyone will stay out of Mexico.After all,there is nothing going on there out of the ordinary.
    We are just commenting,that is all.
    Please,US,leave them alone,that is all they ask,and who are we to argue.We want nothing to do with it.

  10. "You american people want drugs"?
    Yes,yes,send us more.Send us as much drugs as you can ok.We will keep the drugs,and you can keep your beloved Mexico.Promise you won't come here though?

  11. Take thaa fuqkinqq president that's in Jimenez Del Teul , because they need a president that actually know what they are doinqq && helps out people that have less money then them . That is why Jimenez del Teul will never come up && rise . Thaa stupid presidents stay with every help that Zacatecas , Zacatecas send them to help out thaa people with no money .


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