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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Violent Confrontation in the Remote Mountains of Choix

It is being reported a toll of up to 40 killed in a violent confrontation between the Mexican Army and an armed commando in events that allegedly occurred during the early hours of Saturday in the rugged terrain of Choix, specifically in the community of El Pichol.

At this point the version of the number of dead fluctuate among media sources but it appears that a confrontation did occur and possibly some sicario plaza bosses were captured, some military and police killed, and possibly even a helicopter was taken down. Some sources however have said that unknown government official have denied any aircraft down in the area during the confrontation.

Let it be noted that the report has not been confirmed and therefore not official, as some reputable sources have reported that only two were killed, one of which was fully identified as a municipal police officer Hector Ruiz Villar 43 years and the other one a potential suspects.

The Attorney General's Office confirmed that an element of the Ministry of Defence and a member of the municipal police were killed in the clash. The AG also reported that five gunmen were killed.

In another front Eleazar Rubio, Mayor of El Fuerte, said that in this conflict there was a report of at least 30 people killed, and that figure could increase to 50 victims. He also hinted to the report of a SEDENA helicopter that was shot down by gunmen.

The confusion gets worst because of the remoteness of the scene and authorities have not released an official report. There is also an unofficially reported of the downing of a helicopter without specifying to which agency the aircraft belongs to.

It has also been suggested that the report of the 40 killed was a ruse used by the same criminals to trick the military forces to enter the region where the commando has their influence of control, and when the military arrived to the point, they were ambushed by heavily armed sicarios.

A report indicated that the Mexican marines and military from Mochis participated in the confrontation.

It was reported that auhtorities seizes 3 trucks, one armored Hummer cloned to look like a military unit. Along with two Chevrolet trucks, type Cheyenne, also cloned, one with logos of the State Preventive Police and the other insigina of the Federal Preventive Police.

SEDENA personnel reported the seizure of five AK-47 assault rifles, a Barret 50 caliber rifle, four handguns, a fragmentation grenade, numerous AK-47 magazines, four high capacity disks AK-47s, 1,500 rounds of ammunition for AK-47s, and three shirts with the letters "PGR," seven caps with the logos of "PME" and "PFM," radio equipment, three police cloned vehicles, among other things.

There is talk about 40 killed in confrontation and ambush

The story says that a Mexican army pilot and a police officer were killed from the ambush staged by sicarioss against military and police authorities, which occurred between the towns of El Fuerte and Choix, in the most inhospitable mountains of Sinaloa.

Some sources have reported that the attack that presumably came after a shootout between criminal groups left at least 40 casualties during the first few minutes of Saturday.

An anonymous report via telephone by funeral homes in the municipalities in Choix and El Fuerte talked about the existence of at least thirty victims of members of two rival gangs and federal forces, but so far that information has not been confirmed by authorities at any level of government.

After learning of the shootout, military troops from Sinaloa and Chihuahua, as well as federal police moved into the area nestled in the mountains of Sinaloa, where they were ambushed by the criminals who managed to kill a municipal policeman. The soldiers were attacked by gunmen in the town of Choix, Sinaloa, in the early hours of Saturday. The gunmen were waiting for the soldiers between the towns of San Simon and Potrero de Los Fierros.

It is said that a military helicopter went down in support of the wounded officer and a pilot was shot by the sicarios, who died in a hospital while receiving medical attention.

At present the area of remote mountains in this part of Sinaloa where the confrontations and the ambush occurred are being combed by hundreds of troops and police, who due to an unsafe situation have not allowed media sources to enter the area and who remain outside the perimeter of the police line for their own safety.

El Chapo Isidro Falls?

There is talk of the possible capture of Fausto Isidro Meza Flores "El Chapo Isidro" who is plaza boss of Guasave, Sinaloa, according to sources in Sinaloa.

He mainly operates in Guasave and surrounding villages and is said to be a member of the cartel of Beltran-Leyva.

His group is one that was behind the shootout in "El Burrion" where they confronted a group of Chapo Guzman and El Mayo.

The group also participated in a shootout in Tubutama, Sonora, where they eliminated a group of the Sinaloa Cartel "Anthrax."

This group also was responsible for the murder of "Rey Castro" one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, the same one that had killed the singer Sergio Vega.

His sicarios also ambushed a group of judicial police where they managed to kill 7 of them.

This group is also responsible for the ambush of the escort for the Secretary of Public Safety Sinaloa, where 11 elements of the PEP and one civilian were killed.

This group also placed narco banners (mantas) around Sinaloa against the governor "Malova."

Sources: Debate, Noroeste


  1. Very thorough comprehensive coverage, of a mess of a story. The Beltrans, and their sicarios are evidently very adept at the rugged mountain ambushes and shootouts, having proved themselves a handful of times, in the last several years. Truly the stuff of movies, dozens, and dozens of men fighting to the death in a desperate and remote location.

  2. If chapo isidro was really captured Calderon would of been all over this one.

    I have my doubts.

  3. Thats nice ... Cant wait for more news

  4. Where is the perp.pic...this reminds me of the el.Fantasma debacle awhile.back, everybody starts shooting off names and nobody appears....Wtf..
    I bet they captured Elvis and Bruce Lee as well...
    PGR sedena Say something show something...

  5. Don't mean to offend anyone but I hope isidro wasn't caught. I don't like the fact that cds is greedy and think they can just move in on everyone's turf when ever they want to. One persons greed is a whole countrys downfall. All the beltran got to do is group up with ct along with the z and juarez and all the little smaller cartels then cds and cdg will be asked out.

    1. Ive been saying that for a while Michoacan was Sinaloas last big ally and now that CT is fighting cdjng shits gunna get ugly BLO, CT, Juarez and La Resistancia are more than enough to fight CDS and jalisco and throw in Zetas that's it for Sinaloa and its been said that CDG is closer to CT than Sinaloa and Jalisco the people from tamps don't want others meddling in their business

    2. Desde que llo recuerdo el norte de michoacan (el cartel del milenio) estuvo con sinaloa y el sur casi siempre trabajaba con los del golfo.

  6. Militares no busquen mas.el abogado de esos delicuentes es Carlos Lopez alias el cachora vive en el fuerte y maneja un jetta azul esconde alos delincuentes y se vende droga alli,investigenlo... y Las trocas pintadas y marcadas de policia son del chapo.

  7. April 28, 2012 11:03 PM

    Typical Z cheerleader pathetic!!

  8. yea What he said ^^^^

  9. The Anthrax group sucks ... They always lose jaja

  10. There are pics of the downed helicopter on another site.

  11. There are pics of the downed helicopter on another site.

    Mexican Army says their helo was hit but operable, and it was a Fuerza Aerea Mexicana bird.

  12. By the way,the picture is not of Isidro,it is one of his men Carlos Bakir Romero.Jefe of Sicarios del Chapo Isidro.

  13. Pos se dice que DEP al Chapo Isidro. Es lo que se dice por alla

  14. @ April 29. 4:12
    Thank you bro, exactly what iv been saying. Now does anyone have any info on the ct.vs.cdjng situation. I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about that situation

  15. Beltran Leyva???!!!!!??

    I thought those guys were long gone. How the heck are they still making news?

    Is Beltran-Leyva really a cartel today, or just a decentralized loose affiliation of distant groups?

    anyone know?

  16. its name is the Cartel del Pasifico Sur, and just like CDS, has groups under it. Mazatlecos, Mochomera, and a 3 more that i can not name. The leader of the entire cartel carries the family name Beltran Leyva.

    They are very active to this date and in all places that there are BL, there are Z. This occurs in the U.S as well, because the routes are shared. Of course, once the vegetable penetrates the border, transportion is dramatically made easy.

    There have been 100's of pounds of meth captured month after month in this small, middle class town; all belonging to BL. A pound @ wholesale fetches 16k, so @ least 100lbs is $1.6M that could have been made each month. Keep in mind, this is only what's secured from raiding a different safehouse every month, here in middle America. I estimate that there is a lot more around, or that there were waves of CEOs that fled settle in a town with 65k, and no attractions whatsoever.

  17. Beltrna leyvas are still powerful they have alliance with juarez cartel and the zetas beltrans have.the connections and zetas have the muscle mention vicente carillo they seem to see the big picture they are.triing to build alliances to take out mr..guzman its an all out war !!!

  18. And the Mexican Army babysitting chapos people AGAIN!.

  19. April 30, 2012 12:57 AM .
    Beltrna Leyvas,gone,broke up,no chance.
    There are new young bloods in the family as well,doing their thing.Still very much in the game,and have big players with them.

  20. chapo needs help again

  21. Beltranes control San Pedro N.L: its their safe heaaven



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