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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Proceso Journalist Murdered: Third Veracruz Reporter Killed in 1 Year

Associated Press
VERACRUZ, Mexico—The body of a correspondent for leading Mexican newsmagazine Proceso was found inside her home in Veracruz state Saturday, and authorities think the journalist, who often wrote about drug trafficking, was murdered.
Regina Martinez's body was found by police inside the bathroom of her home in the state capital, Xalapa, and there were signs of heavy "blows to her face and body," the state's Attorney General's Office said in a statement. Authorities said initial evidence suggested she died of asphyxiation.
Ms. Martinez was the Xalapa correspondent for Proceso, one of Mexico's oldest and most respected investigative newsmagazines, and she often wrote about drug cartels in the area.
Authorities provided no possible motive for her killing. But recently Veracruz has been plagued by cartel violence, some of it between the powerful Zetas and the so-called Jalisco Cartel New Generation, which is believed to be linked to the Sinaloa cartel. The coastal state is also on a human trafficking route north to the United States.
Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte has ordered an exhaustive investigation into her death, the statement said.
Police found Ms. Martinez's body after receiving a tip from a neighbor that her house had been left open since early in the day.
In the past year, at least three journalists have been found dead in Veracruz, including Ms. Martinez.
In July 2011, a reporter on police matters with the newspaper Notiver, Yolando Ordaz de la Cruz, was found with her throat cut.
A month earlier, gunmen killed Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco, a columnist and deputy editor with Notiver. He was shot together with his wife and one of his children.
Media watchdogs considered Mexico one of the most dangerous countries in which to be a journalist.
 There is disagreement on the number of journalist killings. Mexico's national human rights commission says 74 were slain from 2000 to 2011. The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists says 51 were killed in that time.
Photo Credit: Of Ms. Martinez-LaJornada,  Of Crime scene Proceso

Note: The following are the last articles written by Ms. Martinez and published yesterday.   Possible motive?  Proseco reported that Ms. Martinez was a victim of a recent burglary:

Last published by Regina Martinez Apro agency 'Proceso' 
"Attorney investigates the death of the coordinator of the Fas in Veracruz" (article #1)
Regina Martinez Xalapa, Veracruz, April 27 (approved). - The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) investigates the cause of death of the regional coordinator of the Social FA (FAS), Rogelio Martinez Cruz, which occurred last Thursday 26. The  Former leader of PRD in Veracruz  was found dead in his home, located on the Colonia Puente Roto at the port of Veracruz,   where agents of the Ministerio Publico came to testify to the facts. Following the ministerial diligence,  the body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service, for submission to an autopsy.
Without even knowing the autopsy result, authorities ventured to give a first report in the sense that Martinez Cruz "died of natural causes." This first assessment is at odds with the current version of federal deputy candidate by the coalition "Progressive Movement", Uriel Flores Aguayo, who said family members and witnesses revealed that the house of the leader of FAS "was in disarray" and that personal belongings were missing from the victim.  While lamenting the death of his partner, Flores Aguayo  called on the authorities to make a thorough investigation of the facts……Link to full article
"Nine policemen linked with drug traffickers in Veracruz”  (Article #2)
Regina Martinez Xalapa, Veracruz, April 27 (approved). - Elements of the Secretaría de Marina Armada de Mexico (Semar) arrested nine policemen of the municipality of Tres Valles, for alleged links to organized crime, pursuant to a warrant drawn by the Attorney General of the state (PGJ). In a coordinated effort among law enforcement agencies participating in the program Veracruz Seguro, in the early hours today was carried out the arrest of the officers of the municipality of Tres Valles, whose president (mayor)  is Carlos Alberto Córdova Morales PAN.
This gave effect to a warrant-ministerial investigation 76/2012- against members of the local police unit, who were made available to appropriate authorities, according to the PGJ. The preventive arrest of the Tres Valles, a town located in the Papaloapan, came a day after troops of the Marina and the Mexican Army arrested Maria Teresa Gonzalez Sanchez, identified as the “Comandante  Tere”, who along with a group of sicarios attacked elements of the Municipal Police of Tierra Blanca, which included a  shootout.
In the attack last Wednesday near a mall in Tierra Blanca, the command led by Gonzalez Sanchez, attempted to kidnap the head of the municipal police….. Link to full article

Source: La Pais Intl 


  1. Murder in Mexico,a daily occurance, not just journalist ,or women,or narco, why not? There is no Law,as a practical matter,so why not? People get killed every day,for many reasons,or for no reason, in a country where there are few consequences,so ,why not? Every time someone trys a reform its met with huge resistance, so thats Mexico where people are killed,Raped,kidnapped, daily, and there again why not,land of criminals run by criminals,feeding off a passive public,why not!

  2. That fucking pig Reynaldo Escobar, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he had his hands in her murder. The whole government structure in this state, from the lowest municiapl boss, right up to that puto de mierda governer Duarte, is riddled completely with heavy handed corruption and narco connections.. A bveautiful legacy of Fidel Herrera and continued PRI control in almost every municipality in Veracruz..

  3. That would also describe our good old usa

  4. Martinez reported the facts regarding efforts to clean up the Veracruz police, which invariably failed as more police are becoming criminals nearly as fast the corrupted were weeded from the forces. And Martinez keep on investigating. She knew the risks and did her readers favors spreading the news through Progreso which is heavily relied upon here at Borderland Beat. We don't need to mention the government officials have the same problem. Her death as all the previous journalists in Mexico before her is just a travesty. What becomes of the "exhaustive investigation", we'll see. I'd say nothing but why give up hope? All uncorrupted parts of the Mexican government (if there are any) should burn with shame at the loss of control of the country. This is a country not a colonia or county. The world watches Mexico which seems more third world in behavior every day! Mexico is too big and important to become so "Guatemala-like" -Get it together Mexico!

  5. Its just Unbeleivable that all these news reporters can be murdered all over Mexico
    and no one gets arrested..!))

  6. Mexican men,are you proud of yourselves ?

  7. Killing a journalist should amount to treason in any country

  8. It is infuriating that Mx cannot give a dead count. How many narco related deaths? Officially 47-55k which most agree is grossly under the true number, I am often asked to guess a number IMO..I say X3.

    Now in this post there is a journalist death count of 51-74, how difficult can it be to count dead journalists? Mexico simply will not give truth; everything is based on perception or anticipating perception....

  9. I would be willing to guess that Reynaldo Escobar is behind this.

  10. these monsters are ready on any given day to take your life. I hope that men of good character are joining ranks in the USA to respond to this threat.

  11. Do they have things like DNA testing at a crime scene...fingerprint logues in Mexico? It is curious how the only people who seem to get caught for anything are either red handed or ratted out.

  12. .

    Those who make possible crime to thrive in Mexico are also making it possible for 'THAT RAGING FIRE' To Make Its Way To Their Door and TO BURN DOWN "THEIR HOUSE" TOO!!

  13. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

  14. Chivis - "It is infuriating that Mx cannot give a dead count. How many narco related deaths? Officially 47-55k which most agree is grossly under the true number, I am often asked to guess a number IMO..I say X3." It reminds me of a quote by Stalin, when he said the death of one man is a tragedy - but the death of millions is only a statistic". It may not be "millions" in Mexico, but the same sad logic it true in the case of thousands vs one.

  15. "Murder in Mexico,a daily occurance, not just journalist ,or women,or narco, why not? There is no"

    There are actually more violent murders in the USA than they are in Mexico you just happen to be a ignorant poster.

  16. Must be terrible to live in Mexico. Can't have guns to defend yourself. At the complete mercy of criminals and corrupt government officials.

  17. " these monsters are ready on any given day to take your life. I hope that men of good character are joining ranks in the USA to respond to this threat."

    It is the phony drug war that is the cause. Americans will never stop doing drugs. Never.

    If it wasn't for the American government, there would be no drug problem and no drug war. The American government brings death and destruction to everything it touches.

    If there is a part of the world that is peaceful and calm, it is only because American government has not been there yet.

    1. Wow... Must suck to be so paranoid all the time. I understand people being corrupt but even in Mexico it is not the entire government.

      Once someone goes down the road of conspiracies, you might not ever return.

      Who to trust...
      Who to trust...

      Pretty soon you have locked up yourself in a hole and hiding from everyone and everything.

      Come back to the light... (reaches hand out)


  18. threat is real attacks on USA infrastructure.
    saw the report on channel 5 krgv tv but has not loaded it to the internet site yet.
    hope one of you writers pick up on it and run the story about the threat to the water system by drug cartels and traffickers.

    1. Jajaja kill u r best custumers? Why woul they do that? Narcos SELL their poison, they don't give it away.

  19. I can't help to think as I read these things...

    WHAT IF???

    The Medellin and the Cali Cartel did'nt RAT each other out and war with eachother???

    OR how would shit be, iF Pablo did'nt die?the goverment together?

    What would be the mindstate South of the Border NOW?

    I say this because with a "Game" thats involved with Billions, there's enough money to go around for everybody to have millions.

    I once heard of a story about a meeting in the Apalachin Mountains of New York in 1957.

    It was about the Big Heads in control of,
    "La Costra Nostra" for some time
    &&& Flourished till 1985.

  20. April 30, 2012 4:59 PM .
    This person is a troll,who wants to elicit arguments,by always attacking the US.This person always uses the same argument.Ignore it.

  21. "It is the phony drug war that is the cause. Americans will never stop doing drugs. Never"
    Never,ever,never,never,will the early hominids truly mature into the drug taking productive people we know they can become,as long as Americans continue on their ghastly and mutinous desire to rid the world of sexual aids.I,like you,grease up my backdoor for bi-curious pleasure.
    And the US is to blame for every ill,known to mankind,including their diabolical plan to liberate the pygmy marmoset and enslave it with drugs.


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