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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15th Mayhem in Monterrey: 15 die

By Chris Covert

Five individuals were shot to death and at least three more were wounded in a shooting at a dance in northern Monterrey, Nuevo Leon early Sunday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

The shooting took place at around 0030 hrs at El Dorado Saloon near the intersection of avenidas Camino Real and Primero de Mayo in CROC colony,  where several armed suspects entered the dance hall and started firing their weapons in the air demanding everyone get on the floor.
El Dorado Saloon in Monterrey early Sunday

Reports say a second group was waiting outside the hall to fire on anyone attempting to leave the establishment, and did wound an undisclosed number ofvictims.  Four died inside the hall, including the owner of the establishment, Jesus Martinez Martinez, 35.   A third victim was identified as Alberto Zamora Bernal, 28. A fifth victim, Iris Yajaira Roca Guardiola, 19, died while receiving medical attention.

Police detectives think the shooting was actually a failed  attempt to abduct Martinez, Martinez.

After the shooting the armed suspects fled the scene aboard several Chevrolet Suburban SUVs.

Amongst the wounded was the singer of the music group Los Reyes Vallenatos, Javier Lopez, who was playing the venue.

About 50 9mm, AR-15 and AK-47 spent shell casings were found at the scene.
Elsewhere in Monterrey and in Nuevo Leon state, 10 other individuals were murdered or were found murdered in ongoing drug and gang violence.
  • In Juarez municipality two unidentified men were found tortured and shot to death on the slopes of Cerro de Silla.  The men were found in La Trinidad colony and were in a state of decomposition.  The victims were killed at the scene.
  • One unidentified individual was killed by Mexican security forces in Mina municipality Saturday.  The incident took place presumably on Mexican Federal Highway 53, which runs between Monterrey city and Monclova, Coahuila, at about the 54 kilometer marker.
  • A second victim was killed by Nuevo Leon state police agents on the same road at about the 90 kilometer marker.
  • Two unidentified men were found dead near Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon late Friday night.  The victims were found on the Libremento Linares at about the 6 kilometer marker. The victims had been  handcuffed and gagged with tape.
  • A man was shot to death in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon Saturday evening.  The victim was identified as Jose Juan, 39. He was shot by armed suspects at a residence near the intersection of calles Acatlan and Tala in Noria Norte colony at about 1830 hrs.  The shooters fled the scene aboard a Volkswagen Jetta sedan and a Jeep Cherokee SUV.
  • An unidentified woman was found shot to death in Monterrey Saturday night.  The victim was found in the road near the intersection of calles Manuel Doblado and Ruperto Martinez in an eastern sector of the city.
  • An unidentified armed suspect was killed by soldiers with a Mexican Army unit in Cadereyta-Jimenez late Saturday night.  The unit intercepted a vehicle near the intersection of Calle Puerto San Agustin and Carretera Cadereyta-Allende in the Bella Vista colony, then attempted to signal the driver to stop, when occupants opened fire.  Army return fire killed one. Reports are unclear what was the fate of the other occupants in the vehicle.  Army units do not release information, except to respond to specific press inquiries owning to restrictions placed on federal and some state governments not to release information during federal elections.
  • A 13 year old boy was found shot to death in Monterrey early Saturday morning.  Gerardo who Rusbel Martinez Arellano was found near the intersection of avenidas Paseo del Acueducto and Alfombrilla in the Laderas del Mirador colony.  Reports say the victim has been kidnapped five days before he was found.  Several 9mm spent shell casings were found at the scene.
Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Monterrey is on fire now, there's been at least thirty murders in the last week, easily, probably closer to 80, I think it's looking at becoming another Juarez, as the CDG/Zeta and their street gang proxies become more entrenched in the city.

  2. so who shot Javier Lopez..los zetas?

  3. "Several Chevy Suburbans" - sounds like the police were kidnapping people AGAIN!

  4. They murdered a 19 year old. This just makes me want to fucking punch a hole through my monitor!!

  5. I don't understand why people continue to attend these music venues/clubs...knowing this type of shit tends to happen! It seems it's not just the "targeted" people are affected but innocent bystanders, as well. These sicarios are reckless and care very little with regards, who they shoot! Why take the risk? There are other ways to entertain yourself without putting your life at risk.

  6. This sounds more like Golfas to me, being that Monterrey is Zeta territory and most of these cholos that listen to this music are Zetas.
    Brito, it turns out that Javier Lopez was not shot after all, they hadn't made it to the concert, they were still 3 blocks away when they heard the shooting.

  7. Heating up the plaza, baby!!!!!!

  8. Jeesus why people say "heating up the plaza" like every other sentence?!! what is it with this term all the time??!!!

  9. Bringing heat (heavier police presence on a plaza controlled by a rival cartel) is commonly used as a tactic to generate increased police/army activity thus taking up resources of the cartel running said plaza. You don't shit were you sleep, but a rival will. They come in heat up the plaza then leave.

    1. Ok,ok...u been doing ur homework!! We know what it means,Einstein.We didn't need a freakin lesson!!

  10. The Golfas are Heating the plaza once again nothing new in Nuevo Leon specially the Metropolitan Area where there is a BIG Presence of the ZETAS....

    The Golfas will never Accomplish there Goal not even in a decade because the Zetas have a lot of Contacts with the Government in La Plaza de la Silla........

    The Zetas Control 80% of Nuevo Leon the Golfas just control the small towns around the Federal Highway to Reynosa.......

    Most of Cholos or Thugs in Nuevo Leon are from the City and every day they are recruiting more poeple the Zetas Cartel.....

    Nuevo Leon is for the Regios not fucking Golfas!!!

  11. that is good news...still feel for the other what a shame you can't go out anymore...without risking death..

    i just heard last night there was two people killed in the macro plaza..

    nowhere is safe

    1. Yeah I think the two people you mentioned that were killed in the macro plaza were 2 of the prisoners who escaped from the prison in Acodapa NL. Both were zetas.

  12. are you guys sure it is los golfas doing it?

    i am not so sure about that

    before los zetas put up thier banners to recruit ex policia y militares..Monterrey was doing pretty good

    i am not that knowledgeable about it.. BUT...i do know that before the was calm..annd i do know the police and the streets were controlled by the same people..also the same people who collected the mordidas from all the bars/clubs/tables/boleros/vendedoras/an all the rest..i am pretty sure it was not los zetas ..

    the Z bought off the policia i know that..and also the bolsitas of the Z were pinky orange /coral colored ..if the policia seen that you were ok... but if not the right color..nno bueno

    i think the Z are the invaders..not the homeboys

    mebbe iam wrong..but i am pretty sure i am right

  13. So, what does this development mean for the large university, ITESM/EGADE, which obviously is a huge resource to the city and its innhabitants? Is the rather large international student body considered safe?



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