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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Congress Moves to Make Mexican DTO's into FTO's

Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012

On March 29, 2012 US Representative Mr. MCCaul introduced a bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker. The bill was to direct the Secretary of State to designate as foreign terrorist organizations certain Mexican drug cartels and submit a report on the activities the Department of State is taking to assist Mexico with drug cartel violence, and for other purposes.

Congress finds the following:

  1. The Office of Counterterrorism of the Department of State has stated, ‘FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organizations) designations play a critical role in our fight against terrorism and are an effective means of curtailing support for terrorist activities and pressuring groups to get out of the terrorism business.’
  2. Assistant Secretary Brownfield acknowledged in sworn testimony on October 4, 2011, that ‘[M]any of the facts on the ground, the things that are being done by those organizations (drug cartels), are consistent with what we would call either terrorism or insurgency in other countries.’
  3. On October 27, 2011, Secretary Clinton during a Congressional Hearing stated: ‘. . . we are sensitive to the characteristics that some of these drug traffickers have adopted that certainly resemble terrorist activities . . . I have said it has characteristics of an insurgency . . .’.
  4. When Americans at home and abroad, including agents assigned to protect United States borders and national security, are targeted, threatened, and attacked by such foreign entities, it threatens the safety and security of the United States and its people.
  5. Mexican drug cartels maintain drug-distribution networks, or supply drugs to distributors, in at least 230 American cities, leading the Justice Department to call Mexican drug cartels the ‘greatest organized crime threat’ to the United States.
  6. On March 13, 2010, Lesley A. Enriquez, an employee of the United States consulate in Mexico, and her husband, Arthur H. Redelfs, a detention officer with the El Paso County Jail, were targeted and killed allegedly by a drug trafficking organization (DTO).
  7. On February 15, 2011, the Zeta DTO boldly attacked and killed United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jamie Zapata, and wounded a second agent, Victor Avila.
  8. Since President Calderon took office in late 2006, assaults on Border Patrol agents have increased from 729 in fiscal year 2006 to 1,039 in fiscal year 2011.
  9. In Mexico, there have been over 8,000 homicides in 2011, increasing the number of deaths related to organized crime and pushing the number of deaths to over 40,000 since President Calderon came to office in late 2006.
  10. In early August 2010, President Calderon described the violence perpetrated by the DTOs as ‘a challenge to the state, an attempt to replace the state’.
  11. In 2010 there were 13 political assassinations, including several that took place around the July municipal and state elections.
  12. In the 5 years of the Calderon government’s crackdown on the DTOs, more than 40 journalists in Mexico have been murdered or disappeared according to the International Committee to Protect Journalists, including at least 7 journalists in 2011.
  13. DTOs use car bombs, displays of murdered individuals, body mutilations, beheadings, and other indiscriminate attacks on civilians, including the August 25, 2011, Casino Royale arson fire in Monterrey, to intimidate the public.
  14. President Calderon’s response to a DTO’s burning of the Casino Royale and murder of 52 innocent civilians was, ‘We are facing true terrorists . . .’.
  15. The Mexican drug cartels meet all of the legal criteria for designation as foreign terrorist organizations under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189):
The report asserted that the organizations are foreign organizations, engage in terrorist activity or retain the capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity or terrorism and the terrorist activity or terrorism of the organizations threatens the security of United States nationals or the national security of the United States.

The Secretary of State shall designate under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189) as a foreign terrorist organization the following:
  1. The Arellano Felix Organization.
  2. The Los Zetas Cartel.
  3. The Juarez Cartel.
  4. The Beltran Leyva Organization.
  5. La Familia Michoacana.
  6. The Sinaloa Cartel.
  7. The Gulf Cartel/New Federation.
The Secretary of State shall submit to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate a report on the activities the Department of State is taking to assist Mexico with drug cartel violence, including programs under the Merida Initiative, training programs, and equipment.

In this section, the term ‘Merida Initiative’ means the program announced by the United States and Mexico on October 22, 2007, to fight illicit narcotics trafficking and criminal organizations throughout the Western Hemisphere.


  1. So with congress naming them a FTO, does that mean we can shoot on site to defend our land? We would be doing the world a favor.

  2. sounds like the USA may be contemplating a diaper change for Mexico..the almighty zetaz...

    how will you maruchanezzz do against the 101st airborne

    die running..die fighting..die begging..many options

  3. Looks like the US is looking to take complete control of the drug trade...

  4. So what will this change if any? To change the declassification $

  5. Uh oh, it's happening....US special ops teams are licking their lips right about now!

  6. Good news for any law abiding, civic minded, citizens. It was getting absurd that this step wasn't being taken. Especially with the collateral damage piling up as the ghoulish cartels wallow in gore and greedy self-importance.

    This is BIG. I hope fat Chapo and the rest of the terrorists get waterboarded before they spend the rest of their miserable lives in a concrete closet.

    The fanboys just lost their last argument. Now they're cheering like any other slow witted terrorist sympathizer would. Useless rabble.. Even the fanboys are going to taste the lash when the reckoning comes.

  7. If calling the cartels “terrorist organizations” will make the fight against them more efficient, then I’m perfectly fine with this appellation. However, we have to remember that there are technicalities in the definition of terrorism. The DTO, for example, do not have a strong ideology behind what they do, and some may argue that they are NOT terrorist organizations, but rather overgrown criminal groups.

    I really do not care how they are called; I am simply pointing out that there is a huge disagreement on what the cartels are.

  8. WoW a step in the right direction,This may be a real deal if any of it is acted on and does not get sidestepped by the Obomacrats.

  9. agree its about time!

  10. I wonder why all of a sudden. Did they just happen to find massive oil reserves in Mexico or something.

  11. I wonder why all of a sudden. Did they just happen to find massive oil reserves in Mexico or something?

  12. Of the major racial/ethnic groups, the rate of drug use is highest among the American Indian/Native American population (10.6%) and those reporting mixed race (11.2%), followed by African Americans (7.7%), Hispanics (6.8%), whites (6.6%). The lowest rates are found among the Asian population. (3.2%).

    Read more:

    It's such a shame that we as a people are only doing this to ourselves. We either grow it, harvest it, ship it, and or sneak it across all the while we kill our own Mexican people in the process as well as our American Gente who use it in the U.S. And what do we do about it?..Nothing. What the fuck is wrong with us? Why are we so hard-headed to learn from the mistakes of the previous generation? This has got to stop! We look like fools in the face of the world. God, please punish us and make us see our wicked ways.

  13. Yah, no shit. Forever it's been like calling cold blooded killers "early life extinguishing professionals". Liberal assholes who can't call it like it is out of fear of hurting ones feelings are good at it. There's always an excuse for ones horrid behavior. Including these guys. They blame a bad economy, no father, no one hugged them as a child....blah blah blah. It's money. Greed. For every one of these guys who end up in a cartel, there are others from the same side of the tracks who made an honest go of life. They are terrorists in the purest form and definition. Fuck em and hang em out to dry.

  14. OK, So much for that..what does this mean? Are the drones taking over?

  15. any chance of the bill passing?

  16. They r a bunch of terrorists,just as bad as the taliban .they r killing and raping women and children . Hooking our kids on drugs and/or kidnapping them and turning them into hookers if they r girls and mailing body parts to the families if they r boys.hope this helps...

  17. Doesn't this open the door to US troops 'officially' in Mexico?

  18. Monterrey - Five people were killed when a command broke into a massive dance in a social center in northern Monterrey.

    The multiple homicide occurred in the "Dorado Saloon", located on Avenida Camino Real and Primero de Mayo in the neighborhood CROC, which was crowded at the time of the incident, at approximately 12:30 hours.

    The state police said the attack was directed at the owner of the ballroom, who was not identified. The other victims were customers of the premises.

    According to witnesses, the armed group stormed the place and suddenly opened fire on several occasions.

    They indicated that they tried to protect customers when they heard the shots outside, while others went to safety.

    However, outside it was said they had another group of armed men waiting aboard several vehicles who also fired out at those who were escaping the event center.

    According to neighbors in the area, a lot of people ran out of the place, some with bloodstains and other in shock.

    Los Reyes del Vallenato

    The lead singer of Los Reyes del Vallenato, Javier López, was shot in the back, so that aid workers from the Mexican Red Cross was taken to a hospital.

    Ambulances arrived on the scene and transported the injured to hospitals.

    Elements of the Federal Police and the State Investigation Agency closed the area.

    Mothers said that on the premises were minors, as they searched for their children.

    Meanwhile, the attackers managed to escape. So far the authorities have clues to their whereabouts.


  19. Still does not stop the demand for drugs in the United States..

    call them what ever you want as long as there is the demand there will be someone making Big $$$ because its illegal. 40 year of a failed Policy..

  20. do we HAVE to go change Mexico's diaper..

    why can't they get their shit together on their own

    what a fukn mess..

    come on Mexico..DO IT!!!!

  21. So why hasn't Hilary, in conjunction with "our partners," called for the massive invasion of Mexico along with substantial parts of Central America to get these new "terrorists?"

  22. anything that hastens the death of any cartel has my vote.

  23. LOL. youre broke and opening 1 more front against endless wars, how pathetic.

  24. if this passes the next time USA finds out where Chapo we will be sending in the S.E.A.L. teams in after his ass. we will probably even arm our drones and put some fighterjets over Mexico to help catch/kill sicarios and defend small patrols that are engaged in rural area's. but i'm no military expert.

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  25. A US military presence in Mexico (even one invited by the Mexican gov't which would NEVER happen)would be absolutely disastrous and counter-productive. Do not, I repeat do not underestimate "el orgullo nacional" (Mexican national pride) and the fact that Mexicans have certainly not forgotten the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. They are very wary of any American meddling into their affairs. All that being said, hasn't the Mexican military (SEDENA) proven itself more than capable in dealing with the cartels?

  26. And no one seems to be bothered by the fact that citizens associated with cartels in any capacity could now be called terrorists. Before long, any drug user will be considered a terrorist.

  27. uh oh its about to be on. US has to do that a lot adjust what they label something so they can attack. our federal agencies are fixated on terrorism have been for a while. if this goes right the cartels are in for a world of hurt. we have a couple different special forces groups that would sh** on the cartels.

    I'm picturing the pictures of those magazine ads where it says 'there's five navy seals here...can u see them?' highly trained, invisible, hi tech weapons yeah the cartels would be F'd In the A with a D

  28. First of all, the significance of classifying DTO's as FTO's has more to with the US having flexibility to provide funding and resources to Mexico. Along, with the US to began more in depth intelligence operations (expand). As far as the US putting troops on the ground...that's not going to happen! The Mexican gov't is not going to allow US military to perform large scale operations on Mexican soil....just like the American gov't would never allow the military to mobilize there either! It is what it is..very political and very touchy situation. Funding (money) and intelligence (intel)...yes..US military operations..NO!


  30. First, since 2005 there are an estimated 200,000 Mexican army soldiers are "MIA". Several thousand of them were Special Forces trained. Where do you think these dudes are employed right now? That's a significant army right there. Except its really 5 to 6 smaller armies.

    Second, if the US is planning an intervention (or backing up accidentally into one), the President better have a strategy worked out well beforehand. This is not our strong suit. If they get flipped to FTO status, then what were considered before smaller, more isolated, violent acts could escalate faster and more dramatically than we've seen up to now because of US counter-actions and some of the automatic procedures associated with the designation.

    I'm inclined to agree with the silliness of the notion of US troops in Mexico. Not because the political will or military industrial complex war lust is lost. The reason why it's silly is that the US is financially broke. There's no more money to prosecute yet another military war with Mexico nation building as a side-show. The US should be pro's at it by now. Strangely, the US suck at it. Still, Mexico, if does come to pass that the US does rebuild you, be grateful someone else isn't doing it. Like the Chinese. Or the Russians.

  31. lol you civilian types don't have a clue.
    start doing research on southern command.
    here is a blog message from the commander himself.
    "Combating Transnational Criminal Organizations

    Posted by southcom in Posts from the Commander on April 18, 2011

    This month I travelled to two countries, Honduras and Mexico, which are bearing much of the brunt of the violence and brutality caused by transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) and armed gangs. These two great nations are working diligently to reduce the violence and bloodshed the TCOs wreak as byproducts of illicit trafficking. In close coordination [...]"
    you cartel are going to die so kiss your money goodbye. was going to say family but we all know what you love best.

  32. I don't understand how you could designate cartels as terrorist organization for providing a a product that is so desperately needed

  33. Stupid ass arrogant sheeple with there seal team government puppets along with the rest of the cocky im the best of the world u.s armed puppets there as arrogant as the sheeple who think the u.s forces could eliminate the cartels really fast hahaha dumb idiots dont they see the taliban is still active and how many years has the u.s been trying to "eliminate" them yeh thats right just like the u.s war on drugs is an epic fail so is the war on terror and so would the war on cartels all fails and not to mention mexicos sovereign wouldnt let the u.s army puppets enter mexico like they did in iraq get that in your heads American sheeple

  34. nothing funnier than a stupid ass ..calling other people stupid asses

  35. @ 4:49 I cringe at your grammar. Rant much?

  36. you can't compare Mexican cartels to the Taliban come on now... the Taliban was so much more powerful then all the cartels together.

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  37. Anonymous said...
    you can't compare Mexican cartels to the Taliban come on now... the Taliban was so much more powerful then all the cartels together.

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

    i don't know about that Mexico they exert so much control that you are constantly aware of their covert/overt presence..

    every aspect of life is lived with them in the back of your mind...i mean EVERY aspect..from walking to driving ...ALWAYS you are thinking..i hope this guy is not a big time guy..or connected..or i hope the guy next to me is not a target

    you drop the head ...cause you never know

    it creeps on your mind

  38. i hope it identifies the millions of drug addicted mayotes who infest inner citys in the USA as terrorists..because they already are in truth

  39. 4/16 4:49PM,
    Talk about not having a clue? Hey, joker it is because of the American Allied forces that the Tailban has been largely dismantled. Proof is the fact, after 9/11 there has not been another terrorist attack on American soil! Sure, the American military has sustained losses in Iraq and afganistan but that is nothing compared to the Tailban or any other extreme Muslims in the region. Call it what you want..but there are plenty of dangerous assholes being held in Guantanmo Bay that would otherwise be attacking American targets! Your a troll..btw the Tailban has no love for any non-Muslim group or country to include Mexico you fuck!

  40. @4/17 6:54AM,
    What? The Tailban may be better organized and willing to commit self-sacrifice but powerful is not to word to describe the Tailban! They are radical extremists (religious), whose greatest strength lie in suicide bombings..that's not powerful! Their conviction and strong hatred for the West may be powerful but as a fighting! On that note, the DTO's power lies in their ability to corrupt political and Law Enforcement groups in Mexico! Without the corruption/bribes the DTO's have no is the power of money that keeps them in business. I mean c'mon these DTO's drive around in broad daylight armed to the teeth and nobody with the exception of the military stands in their way! Almost all the local police forces in the problem areas either quit or they are working for the cartels! The power has more to do with the amount of people involved who want a piece of the action!

  41. The cartels have more money and are just as powerful as the taliban if not more all in all cartels are unbeatable they cant be stopped by seal team 6 or any other team america world police they wouldnt be able to stop drug cartel traffickers one thing hard headed sheeple have to understand is drug trafficking cant be stopped as long as theres a demand in the u.s there will always be drug trafficking cartels in mexico

  42. The mexican cartels are going away end of story they cant be stopped by any u.s seal team cocky douchebags so save your send in the troops into mexico bullshit all they do is cause more choas and death as long as the u.s is an ocean of drug addicts then mexico or any south american country will be there to sell the u.s there fix and just like mentioned before the mexican cartels have way more money then the taliban and more power el chapo isn't called one of the 60 most powerful people on this so called world

  43. the Taliban had its own country with Military and Air Force there was no other criminals in Taliban territory unless permitted. Taliban has much more money and resources then the Cartels

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  44. drugs will never go away people

    and as long as they are illegal, they will be dangerous.

    its the POWER not the drugs that are dangerous. who cares if people want to become potheads junkies or crackheads... that's their choice if drugs were legal it would take away the illegal money involved..

    people are so stupid. oh boy! we are going to suit up and finally win the war on drugs..

    wtf u smoking?

    I'm sitting here reading the article like hmm sounds good but you know I got a bill on party supplies this weekend.

    the only thing it might help is put the cartels back to hush ssshhhh mode

  45. If The USA was NOT a welfare State where ENTITELMENTS are the BIGEST growth industry,THEN NOBODY would care if Drugs were Legal, Nobody would care if Latinos pour across the border. People would be FORCED to work and provide for themselves, Today we have a shrinking working population paying for a GROWING, ENTITELMENT POPULATION, is anybody surprised that all 51 States are in Huge DEBT stuations, AND the US Fed govt is Flat broke?? THE STANDARD OF LIVING IN THE UDA IS DROPPING LIKE A ROCK, MEXICANS/DRUGS and MEXICANS/ ENTITELMENTS play a huge role along with the other untouchable 12.6%.

  46. As long as corruption reigns king in Mexico, than I agree the DTO's can't be stopped! Mexico has a long history of corruption even at the lowest levels! How many accounts have you heard of people being stopped in Mexico for alledged traffic violations and having to pay on the spot "fines!" Or having to give personal property away to excuse the alledged violation! It gets worse the higher up the chain of authority you police, gov't officials, etc allow DTO's to function with impunity because they are paid very well! That's the real reason why cartels will never be many people are makin money! There is very little in the way of "ethical or moral" behavior in Mexico from officials who are in the position to make a difference!

  47. A FTO Person Is a Terrorist and any American should and soon shall have the right to defend by death. Every time a terrorist is killed it makes national news about a great success, It is time we stand up and bear arms if it is a certainty!

  48. Doesn't this open the door to US troops 'officially' in Mexico?

    Yes IT DOES!! Now it makes sense sending all those weapons to Mexico. The perfect excuse to go in GUNS Blazing!!!!! While they're at it why not nuke us all.....we're after all just savages!
    I can already read the comments when they accidentally wipe out entire villages( for our own good of coarse changing hearts & minds)
    For example and I've read this one before...
    200 less illegals! Because of coarse
    Mexican= Illegal.
    For reference a Mexican citizen on Mexican soil
    is NOT an Illegal!
    It's pretty much the same as an American citizen on American soil!


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