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Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 die in intergang shootout in Durango state

By Chris Covert

Three men were shot to death and two others including four year old child were wounded in an intergang shootout in western Durango state, according to Mexican news reports.

The incident took place early Saturday morning in the village of San Miguel de Cruces in San Dimas municipality.  San Dimas is on the western border of Durango with Sinaloa state, about 25 kilometers north of Mexico Federal Highway 40.

The dead were identified as Ismael Pulid, 26, from San Dimas, and Javier Nunez Ortiz, 19, and Leonardo Rivas Sanchez, 23  both from the vilage of El Durazno in Tamazula municipality.

The wounded were identified as Victor Manuel Reyes Ayon, 25 and  Herbando Reyes Meraz, 4, both from the village of Huachimetas de Abajo in San Dimas municipality.

Reports are an undisclosed number of armed suspects aboard two pickup trucks rolled up to the village and started shooting.  The two wounded victims were apparently waiting for a bus bound for Durango city when the shooting took place.

San Dimas municipality has been a location of drug cartel violence including four incidents in just 2011 which killed 11 individuals who had run afoul of drug cartel operations in the area. Locations of the incidents in San Dimas municipality include the villages of El Zapote de Buena Vista, Flechas and El Muerto.

Drug cartels use indigent populations in what is colloquially known as the Golden triangle area of Mexico which include western Chihuahua and Durango states, treating them as serfs if they refuse to grow and manufacture drugs.

San Dimas is in the Mexican Sierras in some of the most rugged terrain in North America.  Many municipalities in Durango are so remote it takes hours to travel by vehicle just to get a cell hone signal.

Three other individuals were found shot to death in western Durango state, including a former Durango ministerial agent.
  • A former police agent with the Durango Fiscalia General Estatal (FGE) or Durango attorney general, was found shot to death along with another unidentified man.  Enrique Diaz Reyes, 41 was found presumably in Durango city near the intersection of bulevars Domingo Arrieta and Durango.  Enrique Diaz Reyes had been kidnapped in front of his wife and children last Wednesday.  He was the former head of the Durango FGE anti-kidnapping unit.  An apparent written confession and narcopintas, or blankets painted with messages were left at the scene, but their contents were not disclosed.
  • A 29 year old man found dead along Mexico Federal Highway 40 Saturday has been identified as Alejandro Quinones Escobedo of Nuevo Pueblo municipality in western Durango. The victim had been shot once in the chest and once in the stomach.
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  1. Good news about the 4 dead criminals,bad news about the wounded bystanders. Is there a word in Spanish that means responsibility? How about Morality,Ethics,Compassion? Oh well the growing pains of a country experimenting with the idea of being a possible functioning State.

  2. i keep hearing about san dimas, the image that its dodge city, is it that bad?

  3. Any info on badiraguato sinaloa area much thank-you

    1. Yes,its a dump.Don't even bother going there.

  4. "Is there a word in Spanish that means responsibility? How about Morality,Ethics,Compassion?" coming from an american, thats like the pot calling the kettle black. control the american appetite for drugs then you can talk from your high horse...

  5. those dead were relatives of mine and they were not criminals.. one thing is to know the truth and the other is to believe what the police reports. mexico all around is soo corrupt it makes inocent people look bad!
    r.i.p javier and leonardo..
    btw... my cousin leonardos both parents which are my aunt and uncle were murdered 5-10-12 one week after losing their son..they were also not criminals..


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