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Monday, March 12, 2012

El 85 Presented Up and Centered

El 85 or otherwise known as Erick Valencia Salazar top leader of Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) was "presented" to the media in a press release by the Mexican military.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) on Monday presented Valencia Erick Salazar, alias "85", the alleged leader of the Gártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación or New Generation Jalisco cartel who was arrested on March 9 2012.

Also presented at the headquarters of the Office of Special Investigations in to Organized Crime (SIEDO) were his alleged lieutenants Otoniel Mendoza, aka "Tony Montana" and Jose Luis Salazar Gutiérrez, "El Chelis" who along with Valencia Salazar directed drug trafficking operations in the Pacific corridor.

If you recall from previous post in Borderland Beat the arrest of Erick Valencia that occurred in Zapopan, Jalisco, caused several blockades in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, carried out by CJNG and resulted in 12 sicarios arrested during the incidents.

At the press conference, the director of Social Communication of the Department of Defense, Ricardo Trevilla, announced that a federal judge who Specializes in criminal search warrants was asked to hold and restrict communications of "El 85" and two of his accomplices while they remain encarcerated.

The official said that the injunction was requested so that the Federal Public Ministry can continue the respective investigations and expects indictments against the men for various crimes.

The PGR is investigating all three suspects for the crimes of organized crime, possession of firearms only allowed for use by the Army, Navy and Air Force and also possession of ammunition also only allowed by the armed forces.

Ricardo Trevilla reported that Erick Valencia is identified as the leader of the criminal cell group known as "Los Mata Zetas," which allegedly executed 35 people in Veracruz on September 2011.

He said that the alleged offender became the successor of Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel and from July 2010 was devoted to consolidating the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel.

One of the main missions of this group was the control of drug trafficking in Jalisco, from South America across the Pacific route, as well as the port of Manzanillo, Colima, which is one of its strategic points for coordinating the distribution of cocaine from Colombia and ephedrine from China, the official said.

Trevilla went on to say that the group led by Salazar Valencia had struggled to maintain leadership from the organization known as "La Resistencia", for which at one point had formed an alliance with "Los Zetas."

He stressed that under the command of El 85 and in the period of his struggle, the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel managed to expand to Michoacán, Morelos, Guerrero and Veracruz.

At the press conference various weapons were presented that had been seized from the suspects, including 19 rifles AR-15 with grenade launcher attachment, six handguns, two machine guns, two rifles Barret, three fragmentation grenades, 119 magazines and 69,000 rounds of ammunition of different calibers.

Authorities also seized three silencers, communication equipment, tactical apparel, various pieces of documentation with pertinent information and two vehicles.

The Department of Defense spokesman said that at the time of their arrest, the three suspects resisted with gunfire, but the military forces managed to repelled the attack.
In the confrontation Valencia Salazar was wounded in his right hand due to the detonation of a grenade he tried to pitch against the military, while Otoniel Mendoza was hit by shrapnel in various parts of the body.

The detainees were taken to the hospital for medical care, in full respect of their human rights, said a spokesman for the Department of Defense.


  1. DEATH PENALTY! When is Mexico going to finally get real and start taking this shit serious? These people and those like them are worse than any terrorist and they deserve nothing less than the DEATH PENALTY!

  2. Death Penalty would deter nothing with these guys. They skin each other alive and torture each other to death. Obviously the fear of death doesn't stop them. They would just kill every possible witness if it meant death penalty for them.

    They need to put these guys in military prisons so they do not get out ever again. Treat them as prisoners of war subject to military justice.

    They are taking this guy very serious, notice the two guarding him don't even want their eyes shown, they are wearing sunglasses. Dangerous people they are dealing with.

  3. LOL
    Donde esta el 75 y el nacho? Y el carne? Y el caballo?

    Gracias por la mota, carteles! lool

  4. These punks need a good American ass kicking! Drop them off in the country and see what happens!

    1. Yea. They would stop and set up shop with the meth head rednecks.

  5. ...Im always taken aback when I see the pictures of these guys who commit these atrocities against their country and their own people. I always picture them looking more rugged, bigger, and hardened, but what I aways see is some little timid looking punk. This guy doesnt look like he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

  6. Dicen k el peinado queria matar a este buey, y este cabron no era jefe, porque dice eso?


  8. This stuff is confusing sometimes, other media sources said this people were zetas allies.

  9. @March 12, 2012 1:49 PM Anonymous
    Are serious????? You need to stop getting your information from CBS News, please do us a favor, do a search for "Mata Zetas" on this site and learn Mexico cartel 101 so you are not so confused!

  10. @March 12, 2012 1:49 PM
    Por favor, cual cabron no es jefe con esta clase de armamenta? Dejen de pasar falsa chingadera!

  11. Blog del Narco got this news confusing they tough that they captured a Capo form the Valencias Cartel aka El Cartel del Milenio that's why they ended up with the Zeta's alliance.

    I Wonder is Chapo turning a lot of his own people so we won't get caught,maybe he did a deal with Mr.Borracho aka Mr.Calderon turning all of his people so they can say "Look they are getting all of Chapos people"

    Or Is Chapo betraying people that are not doing there work right or thinks they can snitch on him...............

    There is a big rumor that they say Calderon wants revenge what they did to Blake Mora.....

  12. En Michoacan los putos de jalisco andan? I think not these dumbfucks are scared of fighting CT in Gto what makes thhem think they can go head to head with them in CT HQ

  13. Get these fuckers off to prison where they can look forward to being arse raped everyday for the rest of there lives.
    You deserve far worse.

  14. Being a capo is about connection and influence u have, people this far up the chain dont need to fight, they got unlimited soldiers to do you in.

  15. This is Mexican culture.No kind of right or wrong,just Mexican culture.Now it is in the full glare of media outlets,but its always been there.This is the Mexican culture and people.

  16. @ recon19 your right most of these guys are little and dont look to be the fittest. But until you meet one of these hard core cartel killers then you can understand. Some of these guys will make an ordinary person shits their pants. And these guys dont want to fight hand on hand combat...they dont fight to leave their enemy a black eye...they wanna stick a machete up ur ass and slice ur stomach and pull ur guts out with their bare hands. A real serial killer mentality that is becoming more and more frequent amongst these greedy cartels.

  17. If they go to prison they prob break out...Best option is giving all those cabrones an opportunity to fight till the death....

  18. Death penalty? do some history before commenting irresponsibly. What do you think would happen in a country as corrupt as Mexico with a death penalty? how many innocent people would be blamed and cases would be shut closed? We need to end corruption first.

  19. To Recon19Delta: If you really are a Recon you should know better not to be judging people by their looks, you aren't or haven't seen any real action, you sound more like a movie buff than a Recon. The Canadians that got whacked in Vallarta had the same line of thought as you, tattooed, & tried to look 'hard'. Looks are deceiving sporto, brains are way more advantageous.

  20. There is one thing i would like to know, how come CJNG is in Veracruz ( other side of the country) to get rid of Zetas and fight for the Veracruzanos when their own Jalisco state is getting invaded by Zetas too.
    It's like me,for example im from California and i would not go fight in Texas if my own state CA is being destroyed by a criminal group, i would fight in California first. Anyone know why CJNG did this ? Please no jerkoff answers.....

  21. Probably a deal they worked out with Sinaloa/Chapo/somebody, like, we'll handle some work in Veracruz, because you have your hands full elsewhere, and we will back you in Jalisco and hold the line for you. Maybe share routes, buy into shipments. For awhile, last summer, before 'MataZetas', CGNJ was against everyone, they wanted their own thing, I guess it turned out to not be very practical, seeing all the contesting that is going on for Jalisco, Nayarit, Guadalajara and Colima.

  22. I shouldn't be surprised, but Erick Valencia should have had a clue that hanging out in the suburbs, like Nacho Coronel, makes it difficult to escape if the army surrounds your neighborhood.

    They must have thought they had protection by the government, but after Nacho Coronel was killed he should have at least had a helicopter fueled and ready if he was serious.

  23. Its CJNG not cgnj, this wont stop Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, El Chapo will always need them in the Jalisco Zacatecas Nayarit Colima Michoacan and all those areas

  24. @ Anonymous 10:26 PM

    Do u know why is the CJNG is fighting for the Veracruz plaza? it's because it has a port and is Connected to a highway to Tampico Tamaulipas,they can move dope in CDG plazas and move sicarios to help put the CDG on Tamaulipas....I know there is Mata Zetas operating in Tamaulipas helping out the CDG against the other faction of the CDG and Zetas but it's to complicated to fight Zetas in Tamaulipas for a lot of reasons.......

    And Yes There is a lot of Zetas in Jalisco helping out the Milenio Cartel and there is a Cell of the Zetas in the Resistencia.......

    For what i see the Zetas are going to try to take the Colima plaza currently controled by the CJNG I don't know if the CJNG is kinda hurt form the capture of there Boss El 85 he was in charged in the Colima Region.....

    Colima has the Best Port of all the ports in Mexico that's why the Zetas want that region,The Zetas just has two borders to move dope into the US and has some port's too....

  25. At recon19, haha I often think the same thing too, I would expect to see this guy standing outside my local home depot.
    But it is true, the most dangerous are the one who dont look it. No one is scared of someone who "looks" like criminal, "looks" like your supposed to be scared of him. Those days are over, both the enemy and the police will know who you are right away.
    The true menaces hide in plain site, and look like everyone else. Cut off 5 heads today, and then go eat dinner with the wife and kids.

  26. "the most dangerous" ones don't look it? I think people try to use ironies like that to create a falsehood of an intelligent opinion - what about tormenta? what about el chango? how do they not look it? profiling top criminals is so interesting because it reveals the truth behind characters that are so dangerous - some look more dangerous than others, personally i think el 85 is one of the most dangerous looking yet, this dude as committed some serious atrocities on peoples lives man.

  27. CJNG Veracruz,in and out.Kidnap a load of mostly innocent young people,over a couple of days,suffocate and dump them in one go,to make a big statement,but not much else,and then get the fuck out. CJNG MataZ,fuckin liars,killing Zs?Where?

  28. I support the group because they are not just taking out zetas or there alliances they are taking the carteles that kill innocent people so lets go cjng


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