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Shootout between Armed Groups and Feds: 5 Dead

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Armed commandos aboard three trucks ambushed federal police on Tuesday, passing through a vehicle in order to open fire.  Five gunmen were killed and the rest of the attackers managed to escape.

This new attack of violence occurred along a local road that connects the communal land Vergeles, located in the municipality of San Fernando, along a gap seven kilometers east of a road checkpoint known as the “Y”, located at kilometer 202 of highway Ciudad Victoria–Matamoros.

In that area, the gunmen passed through a Chevy Cheyenne over a gap and shot up the convoy of the federal forces.  After several minutes exchanging gunfire, the other two trucks with several gunmen on board escaped.

The occupants of the Cheyenne were gunned down; one inside the truck, two in the truck bed, and two more were left scattered in a field of sorghum.

In the agricultural area, an impressive operation was carried out by air and ground in order to locate the two other trucks, but the operation was unsuccessful.

The five bodies were taken to a funeral home in the seat of the municipal government of San Fernando.

Two Identified

Michoacán: 6 decapitated-dismembered bodies discovered in Jalisco taxi

Thank you Daily Reader-Lucio R. Borderland Beat-info from SDP, Sveb noticias, Cambio Mich

A grisly discovery inside a taxi was found this morning in the Michoacán municipality of  Venustiano Carranza.

Six bodies, which had been decapitated and some dismembered were in the taxi abandoned at kilometer 10 on the LaBarca-Sahuayo Hwy.

The municipality is within minutes driving time to the Jalisco-Michoacán border.

The site was immediately guarded by police authorities, who confirmed the discovery of the decapitated bodies of three people in the back of a taxi with local Public Service 49-60-LCY plates and dismembered bodies of three others whose limbs were found in the trunk of the vehicle, along with the heads of the decapitated victims.

The office of the attorney general of Michoacán, reported that agents were on tour in Briseñas, when detecting a public transport vehicle entering Michoacán from  the municipality of La Barca (Jalisco), followed by a dark vehicle.

Realizing they were being tailed by police, the taxi was abandoned, and the dark vehicle was used for the escape through Ibarra, before returning into Jalisco through La Barca.
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Suspect is directly involved with deaths of Adriana Coronado, father, police say

Lucio R. Borderland Beat republished from Click2Houston

14 y/o girl watched her father being killed, before being  
sexually assaulted, shot to death

Sheriffs executed a search warrant at the home of a man police called a person of interest in the brutal deaths of Katy, Texas  teen Adriana Coronado and her father Cesar Coronado.

Police found Jose Solis Jr., 34, to be directly involved with the murders of Adriana and her father. Adriana was found shot to death after her father’s body was found burned inside a pickup truck in March.

Solis is accused of helping to transport 16 kilograms of cocaine on commercial buses from Laredo to Houston. He's charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiring to distribute cocaine.
The faces of a devil and an angel, Solis and Adriana
He was arrested Thursday on a federal drug charge, which is not related to the teen's death or her father, Cesar Coronado. Investigators have not revealed how or why he may be connected to their deaths.

A handcuffed Solis was escorted into the courthouse Monday by several U.S. marshals wearing bulletproof vests, days after agents raided his Magnolia home Thursday and confiscated property to be processed.

Several law enforcement agencies are investigating the teenager’s death and are looking at all possible motives, including illegal drug activity.

Solis and another man, Ramon Sanchez, are considered persons of interest in the case, and they have been linked to a drug trafficking ring.

The federal complaint states Solis and Sanchez worked for a drug trafficking organization and that DEA agents had Sanchez under surveillance since February.

After his arrest, "El Peter" reveals CJNG structure in Tijuana

Lucio R. Borderland Beat-material from Reforma and Facebook

The Ministry of Public Security of Baja California announced the arrest of Pedro Stanley Herrera Jelinek.  The ministry also reported that El Peter revealed  hierarchical order of members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in Tijuana.

"El Peter" was captured in an operation by the State Preventive Police and military, he was with  Pedro Herrera Estrada, the latter in charge of trafficking drugs from the south  to the border area.

Stanley Herrera was in charge of ordering the executions, and the logistics of drug planes  from the south.

Currently the organized crime cell is directed by Jesus Felipe Olea Sepulveda, alias "El Felipón" who collaborated closely with the captured Alfonso Lira Sotelo, alias “El Atlante”.  During the investigation it was revealed that hitmen were recruited and paid 15,000 a hit,  (815 usd) pesos for killing members of rival groups, especially in the west region of Tijuana.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

El Chapo threatens to sue Netflix/Univision for his life story... he wants his cut

Lucio R. Borderland Beat
One would think Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo”, has bigger fish to fry without worrying what Netflix and Univision are doing, but today his attorney Andres Granados reported to The Associated Press, that if the studios film and air the planned series of Chapo’s life…they will be sued.

It is not that he is opposed to such a project, he just wants his piece of the pie.  He has even offered his services, where for the “right price” he would be willing to assist by providing information that could “make the project better.”

Chapo’s attorney says the networks must pay to use his name and nickname, "If they air this, they are immediately going to be sued.”  His contention is that permission must be obtained from Chapo, because he is not dead.

However, they are “willing to, and it would be a pleasure to, negotiate with them.”

You may recall that Chapo signed exclusive rights to his life story to Kate del Castillo, Chapo’s attorney says, that Castillo would also negotiate with them.

If he is successful in getting paid, it is ironic it will be the first time he has earned legit money not procured through organized crime activities. Albeit, it would be legit money from a project highlighting his illegal activities.

Neither Netflix or Univision has rendered a comment.

Drama has surrounded the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, since his recapture last July.  It was shortly after the arrest that his family and attorneys began a campaign on his behalf of several grievances.  His wife, who until now has rarely been seen, began a PR onslaught which included dozens of interviews, some televised. 

Veracruz: 5 dismembered Zetas with messages from CJNG, and 6 Killed in bar

Lucio R. Borderland Beat; material from Facebook, CostaVeracruz and Plumas Libres

Veracruz continues being hit with violence not seen for years.  CJNG is making another attempt to gain control of Veracruz from Los Zetas, resulting in the showy mass killings and dismemberment's common in 2011-2012. Slaughters are appearing from both sides.

Inside plastic bags, were found the dismembered bodies of several people, on the Mexico-Veracruz highway at kilometer 300 below the bridge on the stretch known as Rancho Trejo.

The corpses were accompanied by at least 2 cartulinas with the following messages;

We CJNG are here to clean Veracruz, ‘Marino’ ‘Chuky’ ‘Cachorra’ ‘Pechuga’ ‘Estrella’ and the scum that follow, here is your trash.

Other points in the messages:

This happened to me for coming here (Z going to Veracruz)
To you double RR, here is your garbage and authorities that follow an "X for a clean Veracruz"

We will clean Veracruz of all the Z scum

6 killed and 13 injured in bar attack

This finding comes off the heels of a massacre at a gay bar in Xalapa, Veracruz.  On Sunday the assailants entered the interior of the nightclub and began shooting from the DJ booth. (images above left and top)

The victims began calling for help via social networking and chat, giving the account of how the attack had happened.

Los Zetas control the plaza of Xalapa, the capital city of Veracruz, but both CDG and CJNG are present, fighting for control.

If the above photo was disturbing to you I would strongly advise not clicking on the next page.  
The images are horrifically graphic.  There is no further text.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Heavy drug shipment falls in Ensenada

Heavy drug shipment falls in Ensenada

Less then a week after the arrest of rival cell leader in Ensenada, El Mass de Los Aquiles and El Tres Animales de CAF, a shipment worth millions was seized by Los PEP, the same agency that made these arrests, and similar arrests in Tijuana in recent weeks. 

A single 24 year old man was arrested in connection, and possession of the shipment, Solomon Rafael Arriga, of Culiacan, Sinaloa.  Though, seeing that a single man could not even transport 1/3 of this lost product, it should be assumed others were involved.  Circumstances of the arrest and seizure were not available, but the figures are impressive.  

634 kilos of crystal, 48 kilos of cocaine, and 80 kilograms of heroin, white or black is not specified. The crystal likely straight from Sinaloa is worth an easy 2 million, at roughly 1500 a pound.  The cocaine would be around 20/kilo in Culiacan, and 24 in Tijuana, is another million, in the upper 20's upon importation.  The heroin, which has flooded through Southern California, and the United States in recent months, and years, is around 30,000 a kilo in San Diego.  Likely 15,000 or so at cost price, after the purchase of opium, and the conversion process into black tar heroin.  (Anyone wants to weigh in with purchase price of opium, plus converting into tar)

* I made an error, calculating the meth kilos, as pounds.  I've corrected that.  

The 1100 kilos seized of the three drugs are worth an easy 2 million at a conservative estimate, far from the kind of staggering loss in the tunnel found late April in Tijuana/Otay Mesa, but a heavy loss nonetheless. The shipment was likely being bound over for transport through Ensenada and up to Tijuana, to be held briefly, and crossed in smaller loads.  Some of the crystal and heroin may be sold to retail outlets in Tijuana.  

The role of plaza bosses is to coordinate and assist in the transport of product  that comes through their city, by using their local contacts to ensure the loads safety.  Product that falls, reflects badly on the plaza bosses, and many are dismissed (with prejudice) after one too many accidents.  The loads are often seized when rivals inform, bribes are not paid, or larger bribes by rivals are paid.  

The chatter will read CJNG, but, the shipment is so closely aligned with other Sinaloa shipments, it's much more likely it belonged to a group operating within that structure.  Also, the recent arrests of two people who would have some knowledge of a shipment like that, isn't likely a coincidence.  Note the markings on the kilos, 'Machin', or 'heavy' as in 'working heavy'.....

Sources AFN Tijuana 

Tijuana: Cartel Tijuana Nueva Generacion member arrested

CTNG member arrested in Tijuana

In a knockoff Michael Kors shirt, carrying firearms and crystal, another cell leader falls in Tijuana, a cliche at this point.  In the latest of a series of actions and seizures, SEDENA and elements of Los PEP arrested Pedro Stanley Herrera, 'El Pedro'.  'El Pedro' is wanted for the 2013 killing of Hacho Kayolan, 'Hacho' was the first office manager of the municipal sports institute in Tijuana.  

Hacho's death made headlines across Tijuana, as authorities and journalists could not find an explanation for his murder that made much sense.  It was a targeted killing of a seemingly innocent, or innocent enough city employee.  Los Aquiles and his people were blamed, and a theory of a personal feud over a woman was eventually offered, which never seemed to fit. 

Over the last 3 years various low level sicarios, and cell leaders were arrested, and blamed for Hacho's death, but never was any more explanation or context given.  The latest arrest links El Pedro with Arturo Giovanni Herrera 'El Gross' and 'El JP', who are responsible for much of the violence in Colonia Sanchez Tadoaba, and other areas.  Gross and JP are who opened the door for the presence of Jalisco in Tijuana, as far as narco mantas and operators, traffickers from Jalisco have worked in Tijuana forever, with the consent of various other groups.

Pedro is said to operate in western Tijuana, in charge of retail drug dealing, and enforcement activities against the rivals of the CTNG/CJNG alliance, which includes Los Aquiles and Los Uriartes.  This comes a week after 51.5 kilos of cocaine were seized in the city, said to belong to CJNG.   Arrests in other areas against CJNG/CTNG members were said to have taken place, but no details released, though weapons and drugs were seized.  

El Teo enjoyed about a year and half before he was detained in La Paz, in a role similar to CTNG, a Tijuana local/operative, who flipped to let in a rival group.  Teo killed dozens, if not hundreds, of people in his crusade to drive Fernando Sanchez Arellano from the city.  He received support from elements of Sinaloa, including weapons and product, in the form of large crystal meth and marijuana shipments.  Gross is a former Aquiles cell leader, and likely a Tijuana native.  El JP formerly of Los R's, aligned with Tigre also of Sinaloa.  

JP and Gross have a dozen or so corridos, championing them as saviors of the city, and warriors amongst men, their preference for beautiful women and expensive taste, their bravery in the face of sure death.....

Sources: AFN Tijuana

"Gangster Warlords" an interview with Ioan Grillo

Chivis Martinez with Adan V interviewing Ioan Grillo
By Chivis Martinez, (review and excerpt follows)
"Every ghetto youth is a soldier" A shower Posse gunman poses in
Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica (Ioan Grillo)
When asked which of the journalists covering Mexico’s narco war do I most respect, it is a lonely list.  I allow myself to be so critical of big named “experts” paraded on CNN who haven’t a clue, or of mainstream media devoting a section for daily narco reporting, ” provided to them by “secret sources”, which in reality is  news gleaned from narco blogs and social media, worse yet they focus on sensationalism not being concerned with validity. A journalist on my list whose work I respect is Ioan Grillo. I trust his work. I am impressed by his method of gathering information, not from afar, but up close and personal.  A rarity in this day of journalism in the computer age, electronic communication will never replace being on location when researching a story, or being eye to eye gaining the trust of one with information.

Mix his authenticity with his brilliant storytelling ability and you know why he earned the elite status of "most trusted work".

Grillo is from Brighton England, he is now based in Mexico City (DF) and has been covering Latin America since 2001.  His book “El Narco” was published in 2011.  Although I had seen his work in mainstream media, it was that book that motivated me to follow him more closely.

I can’t recall when we began communicating, 2 or 3 years ago. But I have always been impressed how respectful and complementary to our blog he has been.  And he is a gentleman.  Always.

FYI; He has mentioned that he reads the comments from you BB readers, and finds them informative.
Last fall he offered me an advance copy of his new book, “Gangster Warlords”, I eagerly accepted.

This book is an even greater offering than El Narco.  Grillo invited me to meet him on his book tour, but as chance would have it I experienced a series of personal issues that resulted in my having to take a pass. But after looking at his schedule and seeing it was taking him to Berkeley, I knew who I would ask to meet Grillo for an interview.   Adan is a huge fan of Grillo’s work and lives in NorCal, he quickly accepted.

Grillo had his book presentation, was tired, had not eaten all day, but kept his word to sit down with Borderland Beat for a chat. Otis also attended the London presentation of his book, where Grillo was kind enough to recognize his presence and his representing Borderland Beat.

In Gangsters and Warlords, Grillo branches beyond Mexico in presenting a broad perspective of narco war sites/regions.  The book is comprised of 6 parts with the bulk of it being within 4 case studies presented in parts 2 through 5.

The four studies:

Brazil: “Comando Vermelho” (Red Command) Rio’s oldest and largest drug gang.
Kingston Jamaica: “Shower Posse”, the Carribean’s largest drug trafficking organzization
Central American Northern Triangle: (Guatemala, Hondorous, El Salvador)Mara Salvatrucha
Michoacán Mexico: Caballeros Templarios (Grillo uses “Knights Templar”) featuring Nazario Moreno, aka El Chayo aka El Más Loco (The Craziest” Grillo uses “Maddest”)

The chapters are much more broad than a concentrated effort of these four subjects, I promise you, no matter how astute one may think themselves in, about  all things narco, the scope is so large that it will keep the interest of anyone interested in organized crime and drug trafficking.
A Mara in Honduras shows his tats (Ioan  Grillo)
I recognize a heart of a humanitarian in Grillo, I sense that as all of us thrown into ground zero of the narco world, we “get used to atrocity”, in a way that allows us to continue with our job, but we never get used to the human tragedy and suffering.I heard Grillo speak of this in an interview.  He highlighted his first conversation with Ann Devert, mother of Harry, kidnapped and killed in Michoacán.  He said her heartache was palpable; her voice racked with pain, her only child having disappeared.  I too spoke to Ann at that time, and never stop speaking to her, today we are friends, brought together through the worse time of her life.  On a real level I could relate to her loss, and that of the mother of James Stacy.  My mother was a mother of a murdered young adult. But also their pain exemplified what over 100k mothers experienced in this so called drug war of Mexico.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Baja California Sur, a war zone.

Baja California Sur, a place abandoned by the federal government.

The security cabinet of Enrique Peña Nieto is concentrated in states where insecurity has overflowed and authorities have been overwhelmed by criminals and drug traffickers, such as Tamaulipas, Guerrero, and Michoacan, entities that had been peaceful but now they are on the doorstep of unprecedented violence.

Baja California Sur has been a tourist paradise. Particularly Los Cabos and the capital, La Paz, have been preferred by tourists from the United States and Europe. In fact it had remained as one of the states with the lowest rates of drug-related violence. It even recorded zero executions in the years when Mexico's northern border was in flames.

The calm of this prodigious peninsula, a true wonder of nature, has change because of the bad government administration from Narciso Agundez Montano, a member of the PRD political party, he even set foot in prison for his bad administration, that kept the criminals unpunished and made Baja California Sur a haven for drug traffickers.

It was there where they protected members of the Arellano Felix cartel who sailed on the sea of ​​Cortez, they party here and lived quietly since no local authority were investigating or pursuing them, while the federal government look the other away.

Who killed El Montoya and why? the theories

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

Subject Matter: Don Carlos, El Montoya, El Artista
Recommendation: See link to article on his assassination

In the primary revision and analysis of the execution of the ex jefe de plaza of  La Paz, Don Carlos aka El Artista, Luis Antonio Montoya Beltran, authorities both Federal and Military suggest that he may have been killed due to treachery, among other causes.

Reporter: Zeta Investigations and photos by Cortesia
In the analysis and revision of the assassination of the drug trafficker and plaza boss for La Paz, Baja California Sur, Luis Antonio Montoya Beltran "El Artista", "Don Carlos" or "El Montoya", according to members of the Group for Coordination of Public Security, there are three hypothesis for what occurred on the morning of the fifth of May in the Arboledas de La Paz Colonia.

1. The principal head of the Beltran Leyva/Los Zetas/Mayo alliance was betrayed and was given up to Sicarios from the Sinaloa Cartel from the organization of capo Damaso Lopez Serrano, El Mini Lic.

2. It was the end of the criminal circle of the capo

3. To open the way for the Cartel Jalisco Nuevo Generacion and the Cartel Arellano Felix.

CDS: Body of Adan Salazar dumped at the doors of a funeral parlor

Lucio R. Borderland Beat material from Face book and Reforma

On Friday, the lifeless body of Adan Salazar Ramirez, 48, was dumped in front of a funeral home in Navojoa, Sonora. Salazar was an operator for the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) in Southern Sonora.

The body, which had several bullet impacts, had been discarded by 3 men who transported the corpse in a pick-up. 

The identification of the body was unknown until two sisters of Salazar’s came forward and identified it has being their brother who lived in the city, in Colonia Constitucion.

At about hours before the body being discovered, an abandon truck with multiple bullet impacts was reported.  The truck was empty, police searched the immediate area but found nothing.  Four hours later the call came through about the body left at the funeral home, and they were able to link the two events together.

Salazar is the son of a drug trafficker of the same name, who controls several regions of Sonora.

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Killed for refusing to work for Sinaloa Cartel...

Posted by Lucio R for Borderland Beat Republished from VICE

Note:  BB readers will recall those people displaced, shot at and homes destroyed by helicopter fire during the hunt for Chapo...these are those people.  BB has long reported about Sinaloa forcing these people into organized crime activities. In 2014 BB reported a story of 5 killed for refusing to work for Sinaloa. Read that story at this link

This is the first story in a three-part series on the impact Mexico's drug wars is having on indigenous people — a project by Dromómanos, VICE News, and Periodísmo CIDE with the support of the W.K. Kelloggs Foundation.

By Dromómanos, CIDE, and VICE News

inaloa cartel hitmen killed 18-year-old Benjamín Sánchez on February 26 2015, after he refused to work for them.

A month later Cruz Sánchez, Benjamín's father, was on his way back from visiting the authorities in the nearest big city to their village in the mountains. As he made his way home he received a call from a friend, warning him that the same men who had killed his son were waiting for him on the road.

Cruz left his pickup and continued his journey by foot in order to avoid the gunmen. It took him eight hours walking along mountain trails to get to his community of El Manzano.

Three days later, the gunmen were back. This time two of Sanchez's children heard a voice screaming "finish them off" as they walked to a local shop in the village to buy food. They ran to the house of a relative and grabbed the rifles most families keep in order to scare away the coyotes that roam the area.

The shootout lasted for seven hours. A cartel hitman died and one of Sánchez's sons received three bullets. The military arrived after nightfall. The family decided it was time to leave.

El Kike Torres is heading for the United States

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Riodoce article

Subject Matter: Ines Enrique Torres Acosta, "El Kike"
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

After a hunt that lasted almost two years, the Mexican Government detained Ines Enrique Torres Acosta, El Kike, who allegedly was the right arm of Ismael Zambadas Sicario's, El Mayito Flaco, and boss of one of the principal cells of security that has access to Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to information provided by the National Commission for Security (CNS), Torres Acosta had been located some months before by the Federal forces, and they had located the zone in which he moved, and after confirming the conditions were right to carry out his detention, they proceeded with the arrest.

We do not know the details of the operation, but given his level within the Sinaloa Cartel, Torres Acosta never moved anywhere without at least a 20 man personal bodyguard.