Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Fly-Wheels weekly drug bust roundup

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat

A ton and a half of Marijuana confiscated in Juarez

Location: Juarez
Drug: Marijuana
Weight: 1.7 tonnes
Discovery: Safe House

The Secretary of Public Municipal Security, arrested and detained two alleged narco traffickers when they arrived at a safe house, where they had 1.7 tonnes of Marijuana and various rifles. The list included a .40 grenade launcher, an Uzi 9mm and a revolver, in one of the vehicles used by the suspects, they found a further 200 rounds of AK47 ammunition. The subjects were identified as Francisco Javier Amaro Ortiz and Jamie Arrieta Bustillos, 22 and 36 years old respectively.


170 kilos of Cocaine seized in Manzanillo

Location: Manzanillo, Colima
Drug: Cocaine
Weight: 168.5 Kilos
Discovery: Chinese registered ship

Elements of the Marina and the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) confiscated 168.5 kilos of Cocaine in the port of Manzanillo, Colima, the drugs were found inside four bags inside a ship which had embarked from Peru and was sailing under a Chinese flag.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"El Mano Negro" cartel hitman pleads guilty in California of 9 murders

Lucio R. Borderland Beat with material from Sac Bee, and Tulare D.A. office

Investigators believe Martinez may have killed as many as 34 across 12 states

Jose Manuel Martinez, the self-described hit man and debt collector for an unnamed Mexican drug cartel, pleaded guilty Tuesday to nine counts of first-degree murder in California.

Martinez, 53, the man known as El Mano Negro – the Black Hand – will be sentenced to consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, Tulare County Superior Court Judge Brett Alldredge said as family members of at least one of the victims looked on.

“Are you pleading guilty because you actually are guilty?” Alldredge asked Martinez as he pleaded guilty to murder after murder.

“Yes,” Martinez said each time.

By pleading guilty, Martinez gives up his appeal rights and can’t fight extradition to other states that may want to try him for murder.

Based on his statements to investigators from Alabama, Florida and California, it is believed that Martinez, 53, may have committed as many as 34 slayings in 12 states.

Tulare County Assistant Sheriff Scott Logue said Martinez claimed to work for a drug cartel, but investigators couldn’t confirm it.

“He said he was a hit man for the cartel,” Logue said. “Which cartel he wouldn’t say.”
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

El Chino Antrax pays thousands of dollars to the United States

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: El Chino Antrax, Jose Rodrigo Arechinga Gamboa
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

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El China Antrax, in a prologue to his sentence, paid 100,000 dollars to the Government of the United States. In total the drug trafficker will have to pay a million dollars, as part of his guilty plea deal with the Attorney General.

Reporter: Ines Garcia Ramos

A million dollars, that is the figure that the United States Government puts on the fortune of Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa "El Chino" Antrax, obtained and saved during his years in the service of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Imprisoned since December of 2013 in Holland, extradited to the United States in July of 2014 and declared guilty in May of 2015, "El Chino Antrax is at the point of being sentenced for cocaine and marijuana trafficking in the San Diego, California Federal Court.

2015: Map of major cartels operating in Mexico

by Lucio R. for Borderland Beat

DEA report and map of major cartels and areas of dominance in Mexico.  The DEA identifies the major cartels as a total of eight.  C.J.N.G is identified as  the cartel with the most significant growth.

Click on map to enlarge  or use the map in the scribd report below.  Report and Map is found on page 2.

Monday, October 5, 2015

La Barbie aspiring to be a snitch

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

[ Subject Matter: La Barbie, Edgar Valdez Villareal
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Extradited to the United States on Wednesday the 30th of September, Edgar Valdez Villareal is a contradictory person: narco trafficker for most of his life, he was apprehended in 2010, one time in prison, he has converted to be a religious fanatic that has broken the code of silence among mafiosa. Now in his birth country, he will arrive at an accord, to reveal sensitive information, capable of altering the structure of Mexico.

Annabel Hernandez
Edgar Valdez Villareal, La Barbie, is a singular criminal. After spending half his life trafficking drugs, in prison he has converted to Christianity, in "Altiplano" he is always seen with a bible under his arm, and he has disobeyed the code of silence that narco traffickers submit to.

On the 30th of September he was extradited to the United States and with him went information about the networks of corruption between the drug cartels and the Mexican Authorities, in the terms of Vincente Fox and Felipe Calderon, including the criminal network in the State of Mexico when Enrique Pena Nieto was the governor.

What Mexican federal agents were doing when they should've been monitoring El Chapo's prison cell

Borderland Beat posted by DD republished from Business Insider

DD;  While Pena Nieto on his jet en route to France for a state visit just continued  playing dominoes (he was winning - you can't blame him)  when he was informed of Chapo's escape.   The guards were playing solitaire were playing solitaire on their computer monitors that were supposed to be focused  on Chapo' cell.  (you have to pass the time somehow).

Photo from security footage of the Image Monitoring Center four minutes before Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán escaped
 While the world's most notorious drug lord calmly stood up and slipped out of one of Mexico's maximum-security prisons, the two federal agents responsible for monitoring surveillance footage from his cell played solitaire.

Mexican Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN) agents Juan Carlos Sánchez Garcia and José Daniel Aureoles Tabares were assigned to supervise the every move of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán while he was detained in Altiplano prison.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

U.S. legalization generates a new Mexican premium weed market

Lucio R. Republished from Daily Post to read the full article link here

A multibillion-dollar legal cannabis market could be in Mexico's future. It depends on how
serious the government is about legalization. Photo: Paco Servin

Well-off stoners are ushering in a new marijuana market in Mexico 

by Luis Chaparro

El M is sitting on a bench in Parque España, a pleasant urban park that divides the two economically comfortable Mexico City neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma.  A slim young man with dark skin, bulging eyes and a backpack over his shoulders, El M won't reveal his real name.

He’s a marijuana dealer, but not just any marijuana dealer. He sells Kush, Silver Haze, Gypsy Widow. The best weed. And only the best.

M’s clients will get WhatsApp messages from him, informing them of what merchandise is currently available. Then they’ll consult, a site that describes and grades the various types of marijuana on the market — their potency, effects, aromas and flavors.

If they like what they see, they’ll pay up to 3,000 for an “ounce.” That comes to about $180 dollars for what in the marijuana world usually amounts to 25 grams, not 28.

Compare that to the 200 pesos that everyday pot buyers might pay for everyday Mexican pot in the same amount.

El M says he doesn’t know where his product comes from. But law enforcement agencies, as well as expert analysts, think they do. They’re placing the origin of this premium weed in the crops of U.S. legal-marijuana states, such as Colorado.

Reverse trafficking, from Denver to Mexico (reverse flow)

Last July, a Mexican customs agent at the Ciudad Juárez checkpoint found more than five kilos of marijuana in the luggage rack of a Honda Accord coming in from Texas.

Larry Hernandez, facing 30 year prison sentence

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[Subject Matter: Larry Hernandez, Court Appearance, Kidnapping
Recommendation: read this article on his arrest, and this article by Lucio on his processing]

After being imprisoned in the West Valley central penitentiary, In San Bernardino County, Caifornia, the narco corrido singer will contest his charges of kidnapping and aggression in South Carolina,where he was summonsed. If found guilty his sentence could be up to 30 years in prison.

Reporter: Trinidad Ramirez Toriz
If found guilty, Larry Hernandez could be sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison. According to the laws of South Carolina, United States, that in Article 9 of section 16 3 910,on kidnapping, it states:

"Whomever illegally captures, confines, scams, kidnaps, deprives of liberty, or taking a person by any means without the authority of the law, except when a minor is being captured or taken by his father, is guilty of a felony, and on having been condemned, should be imprisoned for a period not more than thirty year, except when his is convicted of murder, as set out in section 16 3 20".

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Altiplano Prison: High profile extraditions and transfers were due to security risks

Lucio R. Borderland Beat material from LaRazon (thank you reader)
Transferred to federal prisons in Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Nayarit, and Durango
Not taking chances of another embarrassment, many high risk prisoners are been moved from Altiplano prison. Since Altiplano has the reputation of the most efficient and secure max prison in Mexico, what are the chances of additional high profile escapes?  Before the escape of El Chapo, Altiplano was the only prison in Mexico without a successful prison escape.

The National Safety Commission reported that in cells at Altiplano Prison, the prison El Chapo escaped from, guards found many prohibited items. 

The finding of prohibited items in their cells, along with an attempt to disrupt meal time a week ago and groups that had formed inside the prison of Altiplano, were some of the reasons why the National Security Committee (CNS) conducted the transfer of 39 prisoners, highly dangerous criminals to other prisons around the country.

Friday, October 2, 2015

"El Coss" agreed to extradition 2 yrs ago, pleads "Not Guilty" in Brownsville

By Lucio R. Borderland Beat

Jorge Costilla-Sanchez, also known as “El Coss,” was escorted by federal police and armored vehicles to a Brownsville Texas federal courthouse Thursday where he pleaded not guilty to charges of drug trafficking and distribution, money laundering and threatening federal officers in a 1999 incident. Security was tight in and around the courthouse including the closures of streets adjacent to the court. He was flown from San Antonio via helicopter to Brownsville for the hearing. His attorney, Ed Cyganiewicz, has represented Coss for three years, however only bring able to speak to him via telephone while he was in Mexican custody. Thursday morning at the courthouse was the first time they had met in person. He said the extradition was so secretive, that he was not given notice that his client was being extradited on Wednesday.

Cyganiewicz said his client has agreed to extradition to the United States for two years. ExplainingthatCosshas more faith in the U.S. judicial system, saying he considers it safer.

In the November 1999 incident, FBI agents, Joe DuBois and agent, Daniel Fuentes were in Tamaulipas Mexico to meet with an informer. Cartel del Golfo (CDG) leader Osiel Cárdenas Guillén. was tipped off about the meeting and whereabouts of the agents.  He along withheavily armed men in a 6 vehicle convoy, including the former Matamoros policeman, El Coss, set out to find the agents.

The agents saw they were being tailed and called the municipal police for help. Help never came for all intents and purpose, as the municipal police followed the group but never exited their vehicles.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Parácuaro Autodefensa Leader Assassinated

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

A shootout between suspected criminals and members of the autodefensas of Tierra Caliente left two people dead in Michoacán.

 The incident took place at noon in the village of Los Bancos, located in the municipality of Parácuaro.

The men that died were identified as Jaime Oseguera González, “El Jamo”, who was allegedly the leader of the autodefensas of Parácuaro and his bodyguard whose name hasn't been identified yet.

At the time of this report, a strong operation by the Federal Police and the Mexican Army is taking place in order to establish the whereabouts of the gunmen who killed these two men.

Source: 1aplana

Dedos Blancos of Antrax Gunned Down in Culiacán

Lucio R. Borderland Beat posted by SiskiyouKid-Thank you to "M" for the photos-from Debate

At a gym in a Culiacan commercial center on Isla Musala [near where Ivan Guzman's cars were recently seized] a man was pursued and wounded by gunfire as he drove his 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. The victim appears to have been the owner of the business where the attack occurred.

At 2:15 yesterday, Ruben Jimenez Molina, 39 years old, was shot by several individuals who fired at him, he drove wounded through the streets looking for help, hitting several other cars in the process.

He arrived at the IMSS public hospital in the Infonavit Humaya neighborhood and was treated for his injuries and died.

It has been reported that Jimenez Molina was known as "El de Los Dedos Blancos" and that he was a half-brother of assassinated chief of Los Antrax Francisco "Pancho" Arce.

700 families flee death in Chihuahua

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article and image from Google Maps

[ Subject Matter: Milpillas, Las Chicanas, Los Salazar, Sinaloa Cartel
Recommendation: If you don't know who Los Salazar are, see link to article by Havana Pura]

Click on image to enlarge, marker is the location of Milpillas

Around 700 families fled Milpillas and Las Chinacas communities in Chinipas, after attacks by a new criminal group. On Sunday the 20th, armed men arrived at these villages, killed two men, burned three houses and strafed one more with gunfire, that was found to be empty. After the events, the villagers fled their houses terrified.

In the crossfire, a child of nine years old was shot, and there are other injured children. There are two dead men and others disappeared, the only families that stayed are those that are burying their dead, and the families of the two young men that were kidnapped, said a farm worker.

The villagers of Chinipas have been accustomed to the fear and uncertainty because of the actions of this regions resident criminal group, but on Thursday the 3rd the fear started to grow when three leaders of the group that dominate the zone "Los Salazar" were executed outside of Milpillas.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"La Barbie", "El Coss", and 11 others Extradited to the United States

by Lucio R. for Borderland Beat

Edgar Valdez Villarreal, aka "La Barbie lost his long fight against extradition today when he along with 13 other narcos was sent to face justice in the United States.  Planes transporting the suspects landed in Tucson for processing.

Cartel del Golfo (CDG) Capo Jorge Costilla Sanchez, known as "El Coss," was also extradited.

Garcia Sota
Another extradited person in the group is Jose Emanuel Garcia Sota, who is charged in the 2011 killing of ICE agent Jaime Zapata in San Luis Potosi.

Early reports indicate a number of those extradited were from the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1 "Altiplano" maximum prison now defamed since Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman successfully tunneled his way out of the prison, the first successful escape in it’s history.  Speculation is that the mass extradition resulted from the escape.

El Barbie was arrested in 2010, he faces multiple charges in Georgia, Texas and Louisiana.

From State Department about La Barbie