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3 Michoacán Mayors arrested after seen in La Tuta Videos

Monday, September 1, 2014 |

Chívis Martínez for Borderland Beat

The Tuta meeting with the mayors now arrested
A federal judge ordered the arrests of three mayors of Michoacán, including Salma Karrum Cervantes, mayor of Patzcuaro, for alleged links to the Caballeros Templarios.

Thomas Zerón Lucio, Chief of the Criminal Investigation Agency PGR reported today they conducted the apprehensions of Karrum with Archimedes Oseguera Solorio and Dalia Santana Pineda, mayors of Lázaro Cárdenas and Huetamo,  for links to organized crime. Santana was also arrested for murder.

"PGR in investigating the Caballeros Templarios operating in Michoacán, the preliminary investigations, and videos that reveal the mayors were involved in at least  "at least two meetings between Servando Gómez Martínez, leader of Templarios, in the state of Michoacán.”

On August 14, Santana, mayor of Huetamo, was arrested on separate charges for  extortion and murder.  according to the investigations, the mayor allegedly ordered the murder of her friend Antonio Granados Gomez, with whom she had a personal conflict, the killing took place on 9 April 2013 in the city of Huetamo.

As for Karrum, she has the distinction of being in two "Tuta videos".   The first is one in which she sits down with a representative of Tuta's, "Tony" the plaza chief of Patzuaro.  In a disgusting display of behavior, remember she is the mayor sitting with the organized crime plaza chief of her city.  She grovels, show respect, and even takes his hands in her own as she pleads for answers.

The video shows the two seated at a table, outdoors.  Karrum's objective is to find out answers of why her son in law, Jonathan Noe Rondan, 28, was killed.  Noe Rondan was killed at he was aboard his Jeep Cherokee, on Februrary 28, 2014.  He was shot close range with three bullets to the head.

Karrum explains how her daughter is grieving, and how they always felt safe, and don't know what they did "wrong".

There are two sons in law, apparently the other is named Victor, here is part of the transcript from the video (A is the mayor T is Tony Plaza chief  Management is Tuta):

Tony prompts her to be honest, asks if she thinks they had something to do with the killing.

Karrum says: Well, yes, I feel betrayed, because I have not failed (you), I have not failed you and my life changed.

T:         I understand.

A:        My daughter was left by herself…it’s not fair…you tell me…

T:         When you say you feel betrayed, what are you talking about, honestly?

A:        No, what I want is to know, for you to tell me…I felt very safe with you…but I knew…I felt very sure about you but I must have done something wrong…if I did anything wrong, tell me.

T:         I understand.

A:      No...what I want to know is what happened, whether you know (inaudible) if I could find out who did it, why he did it. My daughter… (inaudible).

T:      Look, let’s start with that. Are you talking about Victor? (A: Yes). Look, Victor and I have a good relationship. Actually, we’ve worked out some good agreements. I was with him 2 days before this happened. 

 (A: Yes, he told me.) 

T:  We negotiated some agreements and he lived up to them. That is, on our side, it is not logical for us… when I say “us”, I’m speaking for all of management, for all of the company to which I belong. It is not logical for us to want to harm him. I’m telling you this while looking you straight in the eye. I became aware of this at 12:00 at night when I got a call telling me to –There’s your water (flunky delivers the bottled water)—(A: Thank you.) When I got a call telling me to place myself at your orders because your son in law had been killed.

The First thing that came into my mind was Victor, I’ll be frank with you, because I didn’t know you had another son in law.

A:        Yes, there were only two daughters and they’ve told me … (inaudible).  

T:       Yes, you told me, M’am. I never met him, I didn’t know anything about him, that he even existed. Believe me, no. I began to investigate. I spoke with Ricardo, Mr. Molina, and I said to him this morning, “Hey, is it true this happened?”, and he says, “Yes”.  So I told him, “Tell me something: They think we did it, right?” And, in so many words, he said, “Yes.”
That was the first…

A:      It’s not what one thinks… but I had my doubts, and I had felt so sure. I had felt so secure with you and they called me … (inaudible).

T:       I spoke with our "management", and the first thing they told me is that we will not charge you this month’s payment. (so compassionate, she doesn’t have to pay piso for a month)

He attempts to convince her that they did not have anything to do with the killing, and says these things happen;

"Just like, you know, in the U.S., which has the best police and the best control, these things happen."

and the video goes on.... it was filmed shortly after the son in law was killed. This is about half of the footage there are 3 parts, but this is a good overview. 

Read the  transcript below the video, it is long and repetitious, but has some tidbits on how the relationships work between cartels and municipalities. 

Already in custody, the mayors will be formally arrested and moved to a medium security prison in the next few hours.  (next page)

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Explosion rocks aduana building in Piedras Negras, Coahuila


Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

A  gas pipe, in the customs building,  sustained a 1 inch fracture, which exploded and effected three stories of the customs building originating in the Tax office of the ground floor.
Yesterday morning, an explosion rocked the area of the Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras bridge number  2 of the Mexican POE.  For most of the day, authorities reported not knowing the cause, however in the evening they attributed the explosion to a gas leak,resulting in the explosion that left 6 injured and 1 dead in the balance.  The deceased is said to be a child, however in other accounts, she is described as a female adult.

AP was told a different story, that it may be "an accumulation of gas", no mention of a one inch crack in a pipe, and it was in the dormitory, not in the Tax office.

Meanwhile in Acuña
Approximately 3 weeks ago, the international bridge, that separates the Coahuila city of Acuña and the Texas city of Del Rio, was closed from 10AM to 5PM, because of explosives found.  Word is, and mind you "no pasa nada en Acuña", as there is a blackout on most news such as this, however people that are reliable say a  couple who was detained.  Upon search of their home, explosive were discovered.    This part of the story is not verifiable, the explosives at the bridge is.

Update: (thank you to the reader sending in information)

From Diario Coahuila

Experts say baloney to the “gas accumulation: theory and the fractured pipe is not even mentioned…….

Experts of the National Gas Company of Piedras Negras (Conagas) denied that the explosion at the offices of the Tax Administration of Customs border town that has been caused by "gas accumulation."

 Immediately after the explosion, the company staff moved to the scene to begin an inspection with specialized equipment that measured the levels of gas in the building where the explosion occurred, said Morris Libson, Conagas manager, a local newspaper .

Experts ruled out the theory, he said, that the explosion was due to gas accumulation, because it was not detected in either the ground floor or the second floor of the building.

 Also "nearby buildings such as the Customs Agency Benito Martinez, El Mirador shopping center and the office were tested and  levels of accumulation of gas were found to be Zero.

Side note:  there is a heavy presenter of GATE and the Mexican Navy in PN since yesterday.

Thanks to "Pilot" for the image-

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Mexico is packed with tourists-Is EPN's narco news blackout working?


Boogie board heaven in Cabos San Lucas. Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Tourists are pouring back to Mexican beaches after a security image facelift
Mexico is receiving record foreign visitors. It must be safe again, right?

By Ioan Grillo for Global Post
Sunbathers stretch out along white beach after white beach on the sweltering Caribbean coast. Tequila-swigging revelers pack the glittering nightclubs wall to wall. Surfers carve up the Pacific waves.

Yup, that sounds like Mexico all right — but it’s actually been a summer like no other.

As the season draws to an end, officials here are boasting a bumper season in the country’s top resorts, including Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun, where hotels have been packed to the highest levels ever.

The total number of tourists in Mexico hit a record in the first half of the year, with more than 14 million foreigners touching down, almost 20 percent more compared to last year, the Tourism Department said.

The spike in visitors, especially Americans, comes after several years of stagnation in the travel sector here amid a slow global economic recovery and fears of gory cartel violence.
The arrivals first dropped in 2009, when cartel killings rocketed and an H1N1 flu scare swept the country. Tourists continued to arrive in fewer numbers from 2010 to 2012, as mass graves and gang massacres tarnished Mexico’s name.

Last year, tourist numbers finally recovered to just over the 2008 level. This year they soared.

The return of visitors follows an ad campaign, including images of Mexico’s crystalline waters, curving coastlines and Aztec pyramids behind soothing music and this play-on-cliche slogan: “Live it to believe it.”

The pictures of dreamy beaches, financed to the tune of $43 million, hit TV stations, websites, and print pages across the United States, reminding Americans of the nearby jewels.

But perhaps more important has been another campaign by the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. He’s talking less about the bloodshed and more about what he sees as the positives in his sweeping reforms agenda.

Previous President Felipe Calderon kept the drug war on the front page by trumpeting a head-on battle against cartels and dressing up in military uniform as he addressed Mexican soldiers.

In contrast, Peña Nieto and his officials rarely mention the narcos, sticking to a script about modernizing Mexico through measures like opening up the oil industry to foreign investors.

The switch in style impacted media coverage as soon as Peña Nieto took office in December 2012.

A media monitoring group found that in the first three months of his term, local reporting on cartel violence halved, with the Spanish words for “organized crime” appearing 52 percent less and “drug trafficking” 54 percent less.

Following the Mexican press, there was a distinct change in foreign reporting on Mexico, with pundits such as The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman highlighting the nation’s potential rather than its problems.

Rising conflicts in other places like Ukraine and the Middle East also have jerked news anchors’ attention away from Mexico’s violence.

The authorities still go after drug kingpins. Remember the February arrest of most-wanted drug lord Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman? But officials are no longer parading their prize catches in front of the cameras in perp walks.

There has also been an end to videos of cartel hit-men confessing to police about hundreds of murders. Those used to air on primetime news shows, terrifying Mexicans and foreigners alike.

Marc Murphy, who directs tourism efforts for hotels on the upscale Pacific coast’s Riviera Nayarit, says the change in Mexico’s security image has been the most decisive factor in attracting tourists back to the beaches.

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Zeta Boss arrested-responsible for deadly August 21st attack on GATE elements


Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat 

An alleged leader of Los Zetas with influence in the states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, was captured in Nuevo Laredo by elements of different federal security institutions, the National Public Safety Commission reported.

Nuevo Laredo borders with Laredo, Texas and is the most important Zetas plaza, or gateway city for the trafficking of drugs.

Mario Alberto Arce Moreno,  is credited as being the architect  of the attack Coahuila's GroupSpecial Weapons and Tactics (GATE),  that occurred in the town of Hidalgo on 21 August which resulted in the deaths of 4 (official count) with 3 gunmen and 1 GATE element.  Other reports state there was a much higher death count in the balance of GATES elements than what was officially reported. 

The pursuit began in Hidalgo, Coahuila and ended in Nuevo Laredo. In Nuevo Laredo the gunfight audio was captured on video, follow the link above to hear the intense conflict.

According to information disclosed, Arce' work in the criminal organization was to intimidate and threatened municipal heads into not supporting federal forces.

Similarly, the official report states that the cell led by the now arrested man, had threatened the mayor of Hidalgo, Coahuila, demanding removal of any operational action Group Special Weapons and Tactics (GATE).

Arce is attributed with the trafficking of migrants in the NE section of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.
Following intelligence work,  the Federal Police, determined the  whereabouts of Arce to be in a Nuevo Laredo home which was placed under surveillance.

With the information gathered, a special operations group of the Federal Police, an operation was conducted in which he stopped, without firing a shot, and taken into custody.  

The 31 year old Arce is a native of Hidalgo, Coahuila, and who is reported to be one of  the main leaders of Los Zetas in the NE area of the state of Coahuila.  

Arrested along with Arce is; Carballo Lorena Vazquez, 24 years; Aguirre Alejandro Pino, 20; and Fernando Manuel Reta, 18.

Borderland Beat-YahooNews

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Here we go again...Smurf and Viagras

Saturday, August 30, 2014 |

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

It would be amusing, if not for that fact it is so frustrating, a months old photo that we have published 3 times on BB is now newly discovered by Mexican media.  

Reforma published an article today, with the photo of  Estanislao Beltran,  aka Papa Smurf  (above)and Nicholas Sierra Santana, aka "Nico" or "El Gordo" one of the brothers who formed the Los Viagras cartel.

Reforma, along with others that form the Mexican media are reporting, "social networks are showing a video that shows links with El Gordo, of the Viagras cartel".

Even huge supporters of Mireles and Autodefensas such as Grillonautas, are reacting as though this is "news".  I am left with the impression, unless news falls in the lap of the media through social media, it will not have a chance in hell of  being exposed. 


What appears to be clear is, that only recently has  the media become interested, in what has transpired with Castillo and his thugs,  and about  those who lead and those who are members of "Rurales".

Clearly, they are not conducting simple investigation to find the pieces to splice together to create the big picture. If they would backtrack to Dr. Mireles' plane crash, and go forward it becomes crystal clear.  They will see it.

It was  during his convalescence, Smurf, his escort and friend,  threw  Mireles  under the bus, as he muscled into lead position, without a vote.

Then enters EPN, unlawfully creating the position of  "Commission for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán". Of which  no other state has, and in order to lawfully install the new position of authority, it  must be approved by congressional vote.  Alfredo Castillo, was appointed, without vote.
This was the last meeting that Dr. Mireles was privy to- you can see the concern on his face
Castillo had become frustrated that Dr. Mireles did not want to play ball,  in the type of game that Castillo had in mind........enter Smurf.  Smurf's sister was married to Chango Mendez, leader of La Familia Michoacana.  They had a son together.

When Mireles returned to Michoacán, forgoing the weeks of therapy remaining, Smurf must have been stunned at the warm, and supporting welcome Doc received upon his return.  Mireles was quickly reinstated into his former position.   

That is when Castillo made his move.  He began conducting meetings, with Americano, El Cinco, and Smurf.  Secret meetings.  Decision making meetings.  All contrary to the bylaws of CAM.  All without the leader of CAM.

The plan was placed into action,   tactics to disparage Mireles were not successful,  such as saying "he is now mentally unbalanced because of the accident and can't be a part of the group, he needed medical intervention.  They went as far as to take Mireles against his will to a mental health  facility for "evaluation" as to establish a record of  his being in such a facility.

The set up the pivotal point, which happened on April 27th in Caleta.  To read about that incident, please us this link.  

The link will also have the full two page document, back story details and familiar photos, the Americano photo, and El Gordo photo.

During the aftermath of the Caleta shootout, Mireles was a couple hrs away in a meeting with  hundreds of people.  He eventually arrived at the scene.  When he did the investigator asked Dr Mireles to help hold a corpse upright for "an identification photo" for the medical examiner. In retrospect this was part of the set up, because there were 3 persons there from the medical examinors office, but rather than asking one of them, the man ask Doc for help.  And he did so, after climbing an incline to get to the body.

The following day Castillo told the press "In the Caleta incident, Mireles took a "trophy photo" of a corpse,  "holding the head"  and "posing" with it"

The media went wild with the story.

I immediately texted Dr. Mireles asking about it.  He explained what happened. He sent me a foto depicting the inspector from the medical examiners office (wearing gloves) with  himself, as they held the torso and head upright for the photo.  He sent me the photo which I immediately posted on BB.

A day or two later it was published in the media.

We first published the Gordo/Smurf photo  it in May, and lastly on the July 28th post.  Initially I did so because of  the   document of the May 7th simply titled 'Comunicado'.  The document was to oust Dr. Mireles from his position of general coordinator and leader of Michoacán's Autodefensa Union known as CAM.  Doc Mireles says it was a creation of Castillo. 

Aside for having only a dozen valid signatures, the document reveals the name "Nicolas Sierra Santana, who I knew as one of the Viagras.  On the document, I used an arrow to draw attention to the document and type "Viagras".  See below, although I have now cropped it for clarity, please click on image to enlarge.

In the Reforma article it states, that the Viagras cartel originated in Buenavista, that is incorrect, it began in Huetamo.  Buenavista factors in with Simon El Americano.  He founded the autodefensas group of H3 in Buenavista under the direction of Viagras.  The Buenavista mayor,  Osbaldo Esquivel Lucatero, wanted to form an autodefensa group, Viagras did not want one in Buenavista, eventually they installed Americano as leader of H3, which has always been controlled by Viagras.

When Americano was called in to give a statement to authorities in Michoacán, the writing was on the wall.  I predicted they would say it was not him, but I had given a 50-50 hope they would conduct a deeper investigation than just the photo,  I was under the impression the federal agency of PGR would investigate.  They did not. 

Another song, another dance, by the corrupt state officials of Michoacán, Americano went in, said "not me, Tuta who?" and was let go. A polygraph would have been a very useful tool.

All is not lost, the photo sparked media interest, evident by this Smurf photo.  The hope is they will dig deeper, if they do they won't have to go far.  

If they have the interest. (click any image to enlarge)
Gordo is not happy with the complaints of the La Mira residents
Update: Smurf has spoken about the controversy, and speaks glowingly about the Viagras....

Gordo of Viagras is on your side???
Nico has always been with us, Nican and other have been by our side, if they have done something wrong go to the authorities. We are open to scrutiny, but you guys don't know who they are, they(Viagras) are people who joined us in the fight and that live in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlan, when the fighting started they were there present and are still in hills of Tierra Caliente, they(Viagras) are in charge of Huetamo,(where they are from) by Villa Madero, around Sahuayo they patrol also. I would like to ask legislators to do something about social-media and the way they confuse people about what really is going on with the movement.

Below is the video I saw in May, it is the full version:
click on image to enlarge
I created a this screen shot and posted it as well

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Hunger Strike at Altiplano Super Max?... yes Barbie and Chapo?... no


 Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
The Washington Post is reporting that the widely reported hunger strike, allegedly initiated by El Chapo and El Barbie, did in fact exist, but was small and did not include the two incarcerated cartel leaders.

Proceso magazine,  broke the story of the hunger strike, stating that it was El Chapo who was the author of  the grievance hunger strike which was joined by 1000 inmates over a five day period.

Rigid rules are implemented at the Altiplano No.1 super max prison. Strict regulations, mindful construction and offensive measures, assure the prison maintains its stratus of being the sole prison in Mexico that has not been confronted with a successful escape.  Many of the most notorious of prisoners are housed in Altiplano.

Visitors including attorneys, are not allowed to enter with wallets, shoelaces, pens, even tie clips.   Complaints include; inspections by guards inside underwear, and women must remove their bras.

 As in American super max prisons, for exercise inmates are allowed only one hour daily outside their cells, but are in a fenced inclosed area, they are not privy to the general prison population..
Proceso had reported that the 1000 inmate hunger strike was to protest against  prison’s poor hygiene, medical care and food, and the assertion that Chapo had organized the strike, a remarkable feat under the isolated conditions he is subjected to.

NYT wrties: Not just that the world’s most fearsome drug lord was now apparently a human rights crusader but that he had the freedom of movement and communication inside the prison to pull it off".

Prison officials confirmed the July strike occurred, but states that Barbie and Chapo did not organize the strike, adding  their isolation makes it  a virtual impossibility for them to do so.

The hunger strike had 100 people involved, and lasted only 1 day.

Some of the notorious bigs that are or have been incarcerated in Altiplano are:

  • Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias "El Chapo Guzman", former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel .
  • Mario Aburto Martinez confessed Alleged murderer of Luis Donaldo Colosio
  • Daniel Arizmendi López Known as the Mochaorejas former head of a Mexican kidnapping gang.
  • Eduardo and Francisco Arellano Félix family members Arellano Felix, leader of Tijuana Cartel
  • Mario Villanueva Madrid Ex-Governor of the State of Quintana Roo
  • Osiel Cardenas Guillen Ex-leader of the Gulf Cartel
  • Teodoro Garcia Simental Alias ​​El Teo known as who fractured the cartel of the Arellano
  • Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Alias ​​The Godfather , former leader of the defunct Guadalajara Cartel
  • Edgar Valdez Villarreal alias La Barbie Sicario and head of the armed wing of the Beltran Leyva Cartel
  • Miguel Treviño Morales Alias ​​The Z-40 premier leader of Los Zetas
  • Jesus Zambada Garcia-Known as "the king Zambada". He is the brother of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada
  • Oscar Oswaldo García Montoya alias “El Compayito” leader of the criminal organization  “La Mano con Ojos
  •  José Jorge Balderas Garza, alias "El JJ", suspected of the attempted murder  footballer Salvador Cabañas
  • Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano  alias "El Ingeniero", leader of Tijuana's CAF criminal organization

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Coahuila: A Drug Summit of Z's, BLO, CJNG Juarez Cartels seeking an Alliance

Friday, August 29, 2014 |

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Reforma is reporting that four major criminal organizations sought an alliance that would create a  cartel power alliance and reconfigure the entire map of drug trafficking in Mexico.

Supposedly, intelligence reports from both the Mexican government and the United States revealed  that the cartels seeking a pact in common, they are; The New Generation Jalisco Cartel ,the Carrillo Fuentes organization, the Beltran Leyva Organization and Los Zetas, which operate in two-thirds the country. 

What is reported is that, last June, the premier leaders of the four  organizations held a drug summit in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

Attending the meeting were;  Ruben (or Nemesio), Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho"  premier leader of CJNG;  Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, "El Viceroy", leader of Juarez Cartel, and Alejandro "Omar" Trevino Morales, "El Z42" visible leader of Los Zetas, along with another man identified as the "Z43".

Reportedly, the only capo  who did not attend,  was Héctor Beltrán Leyva, aka "El H". However, he sent on his behalf, Fausto Isidro Meza  aka "El Chapo Isidro", he considers the most trusted and reliable person to represent the leader.

Who is Z43?
The reforma article states a Z43 was present with Trevino at the meeting.  However, in 2010 David Rivera Alvarez aka " Z43" was executed.  (see English language transcript here) He was the second in command in the state of Tabasco.  Rivera had been sent to Tampico to "heat up the plaza", and had only arrived two weeks prior to being kidnapped and killed by a single gunshot.  It is uncertain who this new Z43 is but there is no doubt that a Z43 was killed in 2010.

Before being shot he admitted to being involved in the Mirage nightclub killings of 7 people  and the grenade attack during the Tampico fair.

Itzli found an article from Grupo published in 2012, saying 7 Zetas were arrested, among the 7 was another Z43;  Carlos Guízar Valencia alias "el Z-43" (also called El Charly), supposedly plaza boss of  Tabasco. This Z43 was charged with murder and other charges in 2012.  Whoever attended the meeting with 42, has substantial prominence in the Zetas cartel,.  Another article I found says Carlos Guizer at the time of his arrest was a drug coordinator with Colombia and several Mexican states.  It sounds like it may be him, but that also means he escaped, or...?

It is him, and he was released from prison because of lack of evidence.  He is a top lieutenant in Zetas and works directly under 42.   

He is Carlos Guízar Valencia  alias "E lCharly" "Superior Comandante" del Grupo Operativo Zetas La Compañia. 

Or Z43 the second

The four cartels
Each of the four organizations have different areas of specialization, for example; "Mencho" specializes in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, the Beltran and Carrillo are primarily involved, on  large scale, the importation and trafficking of cocaine, and Los Zetas, is a cartel that has  diversification, only 50% of their activities are drug related, the other 50% are criminal activities  such  extortion and kidnapping, oil theft, counterfeit merchandise, sex trade etc. 

Mencho has allied his group with the new Templarios splinter group "Los Viagras" who have a strong presence in Michoacán, a state Mencho strongly aspires to control.  Los Viagras are manufacturing in  Michoacán much of the synthetic drug for Mencho.

It would not be surprising to learn that La Familia Michoacana  would be a part of an alliance in some capacity since they are rumored to have a pact with CJNJ.  Allegedly the fracture of LFM leading to the formation of Caballeros Templarios, was due to a proposed Zetas alliance by leader Chango Mendez.  The Tuta group vehemently objected to.  Mendez was later arrested, he and Tuta are archenemies.

At least two of the Sierra Santana brothers, are godsons of Chango Mendez.  The Sierra Santanas are founders and leaders of the "Los Viagras", first and only Templarios splinter group.

Los Zetas and Beltran have a history of a close relationship, with  alliances,  or  non-aggression pacts with each other at since 2007.  

In a  PGR investigation referenced as  UEIDCS / 241/2008, it is mentioned that in 2007,  Sergio Villarreal, alias "El Grande" Beltrán representative, and Heriberto Lazcano, "El Lazca" then leader of Los Zetas, agreed to joint actions.

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Interrogation of a Viagra, provides information of Americano-Viagras-Mencho alliance

Thursday, August 28, 2014 |

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

Here is one of the other videos that I have referred to and posted previously. In this video, a member of Viagras is interrogated, he reveals he is from Pinzandaro and works for Viagras,  El Americano, and Mencho leader of CJNG is mentioned.  The video surfaced last September.

When he was stopped, he states he was transporting money for gas and food for Viagras .

He says he works at the drug kitchens in el Valle,  and that he Viagra production is for Mencho.  He says besides the drugs he also is involved in the kidnappings.

This offers further proof of  Luis Antonio Torres', aka "Simon El Americano" collusion with Viagras.  Americano is rumored to operate the majority of the drug kitchens in Michaocán.  Yet he was appointed by Commissioner Castillo to be one of the three commanders of the new EPN backed Rurales, and commander of an "elite" team searching for La Tuta". 

He also speaks of being a part of the murder of Osbaldo Esquivel Lucatero,  former mayor of Buenavista who was ordered killed because of a dispute with Viagras/Mencho over the community police.

At the time of his murder, the PRD political party member, Esquivel was the state assembly speaker.

The confession of the man in the video means he was one of four men who, using machetes,  butchered to death Esquivel and injured Pablo Madriz Rojas, a journalist who happened to be speaking with the speaker.  Because he witnessed the gruesome killing he asked for protection.

However, Madriz  was killed in a car "accident" three days later, when a man drove into the opposite lane of traffic, where Madriz was driving, striking the vehicle and killing the journalist.  

El Americano gives statement
El Americano gave his statement to authorities today, he said he is innocent and never met with Tuta.  He further states the man in the video is  Dimas Guillen Mendoza, who works for Tuta.

Unfortunately, Americano gave his statement to state and local officials so it really does not have much weight.  

Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, was with Americano during his statement.  Castillo had said previously that it may be mistaken identity.  Which is what I said they would say in order to not compromise the reputation of Castillos' baby, The Rurales.

It is easy to find the connection between Viagras and Americano if the government has a desire to, problem is, they have not up to this point, hard to know if they will now be compelled.  

To find culpability, is to concede failure in their formation of the new state corporation, Castillo doesn't look like a guy who would let the truth fall where it may, if it means revealing his errors..

PRD weighs in says "Mireles was right"

PRD issued a statement that the State and Federal Government should clarify who they are allocating weapons to, when they place them in the hands of the Rurales, to determine just what characters they are giving power to and leaving in their hands,the safety of inhabitants of the Tierra Caliente.  This was said by the President of the Party of the Revolution Democratica (PRD) in Michoacan, Carlos Piña Torres. 

Piña Torres said, " José Manuel Mireles  was right when he said that criminal groups were infiltrating these new corporations" . Moreover, the fact show the Commissioner Alfredo Castillo and his staff, in the formation of new corporations never implemented appropriate mechanisms for selecting the members of the police force.

The PRD group stated that the "newly surfaced" video widely broadcast on social media and the mainstream media calls in to question the controls and vetting by Castillo of the members of the new corporation.

Continuing he said that the media is already calling Castillo's strategy a failure, and that there has already been an abandonment  of the priority  to capture Servando Gómez Martínez.

Hipolito Mora:
Mora gave a brief statement about the controversy, he stated yesterday, he was not completely sure if it was or wasn't Americano, but then he received a call from a government person in Mexico City who confirmed without a doubt that it is in fact his nemesis, El Americano.

Owes me money" says Tuta:
in this short video Tuta says Americano owes him money, follow the link to the story  
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Worldwide Protest to be Held for Dr. Mireles on August 31st


Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

Dr Mireles continues to struggle with his health and was hospitalized for the third time since his arrest on June, 27th

On August 31st there is a worldwide protest in support of Dr. Mireles.I was able to capture quite a few of the posters depicting the city and nation, but not all are in the slide show. The video is HD and plays best full screen....

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