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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Mezquital, Durango: Armed Clash Between CDS and CJNG

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Reports are coming in about an armed attack between the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) and the Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) near the Durango - Zacatecas state lines. At least 12 gunmen were said to have perished in the assault. 

One of the deceased gunmen resided in Canoas, Zacatecas. While another enforcer originated out of Mezquital, Durango. Authority figures for the municipal police in Valaparaíso notified their counterparts in Durango of the events that transpired this Saturday.

In their law enforcement briefing they gave the tally of deaths for the aggression between these 2 cartels. These events occurred this Saturday afternoon within the borderlands of Valparaíso, Zacatecas and Mezquital, Durango. Personnel from the Durango police corporations went to the scene to carry out their duties. 

Zacatecas Zona de Peligro

US Citizen Wounded and 2 Mexican Nationals Shot Dead at Cancun Beach

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A shooting at a Cancún beach left two Mexicans dead and a US tourist wounded on Friday. The American tourist was wounded by a stray bullet during a shooting attack on a Mexican beach. 

The unidentified woman was caught in the crossfire of possible gang violence on Friday. She was taken to hospital while two men reportedly died of bullet wounds at the beach.

An American tourist was wounded by a stray bullet while she was caught in the crossfire of suspected cartel violence in Mexico's Caribbean coast resort of Cancun on Friday, the Associated Press reported.

The prosecutor's office in the state of Quintana Roo said a "foreign woman" had been taken to hospital for treatment, while two unidentified men apparently died of bullet wounds at the scene, according to AP.

 The two Mexican men were the apparent targets of the attack.

Culiacán, Sinaloa: School Opened by Chapo Guzman’s Children Closes

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School enabled by children of 'El Chapo' Guzmán in Sinaloa closes its doors

The school closed its doors because the teachers could not afford the expenses for the purchase of educational material. Along with the internet bill so that the children could take their classes online.

The improvised school built in the poorest neighborhood of Culiacán, opened as a study center so that children who did not have access to a smart tablet, much less the Internet, could take their virtual classes due to the pandemic, but today it finally closed its doors and it’s unknown how long it will be before it opens again.

Esmeralda Quiñonez, who has been in charge of the center, recalled that initially it was the children of the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel who financially supported the educational project, however, after the opening of the school was made public, the Secretary of Public Education, Juan Alfonso Mejía López, promised to provide the campus with tools, help that never came.

“It’s practically closed now, because it doesn’t have the basics, which is ink, writing paper, toilet paper, all those things it no longer has. The children of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán only supported us the first two months, some people arrived who gave an amount of 2,000 a week. With that they paid for everything they needed for food, they paid for the Internet and whatever the water bill came out to, "he said.

Today the dream is on hold and the more than 100 children who are mostly the children of peasants and don’t have a cell phone, much less have access to the Internet, will stop receiving classes and thus could miss the school year.

“It is the poorest neighborhood, it has sheet metal houses, it has a lot of displaced people, a lot of displaced people who come, right now even the displaced from Tepuche have wanted to get there. It has many displaced people who take refuge in that colony, since it is a municipal land. There they make their home, there they make their little hut, because they are people who lost everything, who live from day to day ”.

The school opened its doors seven months ago and in recent days, it had been receiving support from the Food Bank, which provided the campus with breakfasts. Most parents sent their children without food due to the extreme poverty in which they find themselves.

The teacher went today to the Government Palace where she, accompanied by some students, posted cards and a sign with the legend "The Bicentennial School", so that some authority could receive it, but she was ignored.

“This is something that the governor should care about, he should have empathy, he should be supportive. Because many people approached to help and the governor never approached us. What response will he give, or the secretary of education, after promising something to the children and then not giving it to them. That’s just like promising food to a hungry person ”.

Today after struggling and requesting support from everyone when they could, the dream for these little ones ended. Despite the fact that the Sinaloa government sought to incorporate it into the state educational system, the help never came.


Videos of CDS Blockades Created After the Arrest of El Noveno in Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

As covered yesterday by Sol in this articleJesús Humberto Limón López alias "El Noveno" was arrested in Sonora on June 11, 2021. He is believed to be the leader of "La Gente Nueva de Altar" who are operators serving the Los Chapitos side of the Sinaloa Cartel. 

After the initial story of his arrest permeated, videos emerged online that allegedly depict him being escorted away by soldiers, a helicopter that was used to exfil the detainees and burning "narcobloqueos" or narco-blockades that were created by cartel members in response to his arrest. 

The above video allegedly depicts the three men who were arrested June 11 2021 as they are being escorted by authorities into a helicopter. The three are Jesús Humberto Limón López, alias "El Cazador" or "El Noveno", Judas René 'L'and Martín Enrique 'O'. They are seen being brought towards a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. A second clip shows a Blackhawk right after taking off. 

In response to El Noveno's arrest, as seen in the video above, tractor trailer trucks were commandeered by cartel members and parked in order to block traffic, then set on fire on major highways across the state of Sonora. In addition, it has been reported that tire puncture devices were place across sections of road and highway in order to further block traffic. Many videos of the blockades were uploaded to social media. 

For further details on El Noveno's arrest and the charges against him, please see the previous article here

Update: Image without censor bars of El Noveno. See photo credits. 

Sources: FGR Official Press Release, El Universal, Proceso, El Siglo de Torreon, La Jornada, El Diario

Helicopter video clips: NarcoStudios701 and video released by the FGR

Blockade video clips: LorenzaSigala 1, LorenzaSigala 2MennyValdz, Jalisciense1c,  

Photo Credit: NarcoGuerraMX

Monterrey, Nuevo León: Venezuelan Criminal Cell Apprehended With Stolen Debit Cards

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Monterrey police elements arrested two Venezuelans who allegedly stripped a woman of her debit card inside a shopping center, it is presumed that both are part of a gang dedicated to such criminal acts.

The alleged were identified as Julio César M., 40, and Maicol Jonathan A., 37, who were found 15 bank cards from different institutions, which did not justify their origin.

The arrest was recorded at 5:50 p.m. on Thursday in the parking lot of the Centrika Shopping Center, which is located in Guerrero and Ruiz Cortines.

At the time of the arrest, the men who carried identifications from Venezuela, were found with about 9,700 pesos in cash, bills of several nominations and 15 bank cards, including that of the victim.

The authorities are carrying out the corresponding investigations, while the detainees were transferred to the Secretariat for Public Security and Highways facilities of Monterrey, where they were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Armed Criminals Carjack Tractor Trailer, GPS Displays It’s Location

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The theft of the Kenworth truck, east of the city, was reported to the authorities.

The driver of a tractor trailer was assaulted and stripped of the unit by armed criminals.

The events were reported yesterday morning, but they occurred last Thursday east of the city.

The victim commented that he was assaulted and carjacked of the grey 2009 Kenworth truck. He indicated that the unit has the Express Coca emblems, on the doors.

According to the few details provided by the driver, the robbery with violence was recorded last Thursday by armed individuals.

In addition, he told the authorities that the units GPS showed that the truck was in the ejido El Guerreño.

The police corporations asked him to file a complaint with the General Investigation Unit.

El Mañana

Ortiz, Sonora: 2 Bodies Thrown From Moving Vehicle

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2 bodies were thrown from a moving vehicle on the road to Ortiz; violence continues in the Guaymas valley; they are presumed to have lived in the same rural community.

This morning 2 bodies were found, wrapped in blankets on State Highway 85, near the area where the religious image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is located, about 2 kilometers from the town of Ortiz, municipality of Guaymas.

Motorists passing by through the area discovered the cadavers and immediately gave notice to 911.

Police units from the Ortiz Police Station as well as policemen from the neighboring town of Francisco Márquez gathered to the place, immediately supported by elements from Guaymas.

The lifeless corpses, presumably of males had been thrown from a moving vehicle; they had been executed elsewhere.

They were wrapped in blankets and industrial tape.

When the news broke, relatives of the victims began to arrive at the place, but their names have not yet been released. 

Radar Sonora

Tijuana, Baja California: 3 Corpses Found With Signs of Violence

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Three bodies with traces of violence are located in Tijuana

The corpses of three people were located on Friday, June 11, in different streets of Tijuana neighborhoods, two were found in the Valle Bonito neighborhood, along with a mattress that was inspected by municipal police who reported to the State Attorney General's Office of Baja California (FGEBC).

In another violent event, the body of a male was found on Luis Donaldo Colosio Street, wrapped in a dark gray canvas, in the Vista Encantada neighborhood.

Upon the arrival of Expert Services personnel, they indicated that the corpse of the now deceased showed signs of having been violated. On account of the corpse being gagged and showing signs of having been tortured, they indicated.

El Mexicano

Friday, June 11, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Human Heads Dumped by Unknown Crime Mob

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They belong to two men and were placed on the road that leads toward the community of Santa Rosa

Investigative Police officers arrived at the site and carried out the corresponding investigations, the area was cordoned off and the heads were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, for the relevant studies. 

This Friday afternoon, they found two human heads on Federal Highway 44 Fresnillo-Valparaíso, precisely at the junction of the community of Santa Rosa, belonging to the municipality of Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

After the finding was reported to the 911 Emergency System, elements of the Metropolitan Police moved to the place, located 57 kilometers west of the municipal capital.

Upon arrival, the police confirmed the report, there were two heads that belonged to two men and were on a white sheet. There was a cardboard which had a message signed by a criminal cell.

Investigative Police officers arrived at the site and carried out the corresponding investigations, the area was cordoned off and the heads were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, for the relevant studies.

Although the area was searched, no more human remains or decapitated bodies were found.

El Sol de Zacatecas

LA County's Largest Drug Bust in History involves Suspected Mexican Cartels

Yaqui for Borderland Beat


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department documented the biggest drug bust in its history on Tuesday and officials expect Mexican cartels are to blame.

Just north of L.A. in Antelope Valley, California, officials tracked down, identified and destroyed 70 to 80 hoop- house styled greenhouses filled with illegal marijuana plots in the open desert.

Law enforcement authorities cleared numerous illegal marijuana grow locations in the Antelope Valley today in what the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deemed “the largest operation ever to take place in the history of LASD.''

Sheriff Alex Villanueva has since launched an operation with up to 500 deputies and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to hunt down and destroy other marijuana plantations.

Authorities in Los Angeles County have announced the bulldozing of 75 greenhouses in what they are calling the largest bust in the county’s history of illicit cannabis grows.