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Monday, March 1, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Cártel de Sinaloa Interrogate a CJNG Operative


The Cartel de Sinaloa released this video back in September of 2020. In this broadcast the interrogation of a CJNG operative reveals how they purposely murdered innocent civilians in order to heat up the Fresnillo plaza in their favor. The following is just an interrogation. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario : Who’s responsible for the armed attack where 10 innocent civilians died? Elderly, children and innocent civilians were killed on that day. Who’s responsible?

Captive : The ones responsible are Los Trillizos and 2 Municipal Policemen. 

Sicario : What are the nicknames for Los Trillizos?

Captive : They are El Temo, El JJ, El Gody, La Gorda...

Sicario : Who from the Municipal Police supported you guys?

Captive : Raul Salazar, El Flaco, and another guy who goes by the name Rodolfo. 

Sicario : Rodolfo what?

Captive: They call him El Pollo.

Sicario : Rodolfo aka El Pollo?

Captive : Yes. Rodolfo aka El Pollo.

Sicario : What are the patrol unit numbers?

Captive : Their patrol unit numbers are 659 and 653. 622 also. They’re State Police units. 

Sicario : Who initiated the attack?

Captive : Los Trillizos. 

Sicario : On who’s orders?

Captive : It went down on orders of señor Ricardo. 

Sicario : On orders of señor Ricardo?

Captive : Just as well señor 25 aka Manitas. 

Sicario : Manitas?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Is it true that you guys said we were responsible for that dumb shit so that we the Cartel de Sinaloa couldn’t enter here?

Captive : Yes boss, they’re the ones responsible for that bullshit. 

Sicario : Sir, we’ve come here to do away with scum such as yourselves. Kidnappers, extortionists, fee collectors, and rapists of young girls. We’ve come here to do away with all that crap. How do you like that? Is there anything else that you’d like to say?

Captive : Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by their bullshit. These guys aren’t worth a fuck. They had us all working for free, they never paid us. These guys ain’t worth a shit. It’s just that simple. 

Sicario : Tell me once again who within the government works for you guys? Who helps you guys out?

Captive : The State Police and the Municipal Police. 

Sicario : Ok then. 

Captive : And a commander from the Metropolitan Police also. He’s a dark complexion fellow. 

Sicario : What name does he go by?

Captive : El Snyder. 

Sicario : What’s his name?

Captive : Snyder. El Snyder. 

Sicario : Got it. What about the Ministerial Police?

Captive : Agent Sala, and Agent Patricio. 

Sicario : Which patrol units are they in?

Captive : They belong to the Investigative Municipal Police. 

Sicario : Where are they stationed? 

Captive : What?

Sicario : Are they stationed here in Fresnillo or are they stationed at the Zacatecas State capitol. 

Captive : They’re stationed here in Fresnillo. 

Sicario : The guys from the State Police, I need unit numbers and their nicknames. 

Captive : Their unit numbers are 653 aka Villa, 622, those are the only 2 units that I’m aware of. 

Sicario : Give me some more info on the State Police. 

Captive : Ah, commander El Chuy. 

Sicario : Chuy what?

Captive : Chuy Medina. 

Sicario : What exactly does his job entail?

Captive : That individual has a particular job. He’s a commander within the State Police. But aside from his job within the State Police he’s also doing investigative work. He gives us the heads up on where all the drug sales are located. Just as well where the armed civilians are. And all that other shit that goes with it. 

Sicario : Who else?

Captive : There’s another individual who goes by the name Charley. 

Sicario : Give me more info on this individual. 

Captive : That guy has a motorcycle shop in the Arboledas neighborhood. But it’s just a business front. In all actuality it’s a drug distribution center. And the State Police go there often to meet with them.

Baja Ca Femicides: First Place on the National Stage as Violence Rages in the State

The State of Baja California is in First Place on the National Stage in Mexico with the highest numbers of "Feminicides" or criminal murder of women in the Republic of Mexico.

38 women were reported executed or assassinated just in the first month of January, 2021 in the State; that is the number reported by the Executive Secretary of the National System of Public Security.

The data was released last Thursday for Baja CA,  a tally higher than the States of Guanajuato or Chihuahua, where the numbers were 34 and 26 respectively, making the rate the highest in the nation.

In contrast there are other states in the Republic that reported NO criminal murders of any women: Baja Ca Sur, Aguascalientes, Campeche, Tlaxcala and Yucatán.

Violence against women also is reportedly high as violence rages in the sate of Baja Ca. 148 women have reported aggressions, while 58 have made reports that had been victims of rape.

While these statistics are high they do not reflect unreported crimes or women who have disappeared.

Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas: Cartel del Golfo Operatives Mock CJNG


Sicarios from Cartel del Golfo have released a video onto social media. For this broadcast hitmen under the command of commander El Fantasma show themselves to be in Monte Escobedo. This film was made as a direct insult against their rivals CJNG. As well as to challenge them. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: We are the absolute mob of El Fantasma. We are the absolute mob of my commander El Fantasma here in Monte Escobedo you faggots. Come and get it assholes. 

Sicario #2: You crazy fucks. 

Sicario #1: You sons of bitches.

Colombia Launches New Military Unit to Target Drug Trafficking and Armed Groups

Colombia on Friday launched a new military unit to target coca crops and cocaine production, illicit mining, and the illegal armed groups who use such activities for financial gain.

Colombia’s decision to launch the unit, known as CONAT in its Spanish initials, comes while the country is preparing to restart aerial spraying of coca crops with the herbicide glyphosate - possibly starting at the end of March - depending on the government receiving approval from the Constitutional Court.

“The unit was born to hit, repress, and break down the structures of drug trafficking and transnational threats linked to illegal mining, the trafficking of wildlife and people, and - of course - any transnational form of terrorism,” President Ivan Duque said at a military base in Tolemaida.

Colombia, considered the world’s leading producer of cocaine, suspended aerial spraying of glyphosate in 2015 following warnings by the World Health Organization that the chemical was potentially damaging to health and the environment.

The new unit, consisting of 7,000 personnel, will be deployed to zones such as the Catatumbo region on the border with Venezuela, as well as the provinces of Cauca and Putamayo, Defense Minister Diego Molano said. Colombia faces constant pressure from the United States, a major destination for cocaine, to reduce the size of crops of coca, the drug’s chief ingredient.

During 2019, coca crops covered some 154,000 hectares (over 380,000 acres) in Colombia, with a potential to produce 1,137 tonnes of cocaine, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. There are no figures available for 2020. The armed forces eradicated 130,000 hectares (321,240 acres) of coca last year, according to the government, and seized 500 tonnes of cocaine.

Drug trafficking has long fueled Colombia’s internal armed conflict, which has left more than 260,000 dead and millions displaced.

Tijuana, Baja California: Organized Crime Threatens Municipal Police


Authority figures within the Municipal Police were threatened by organized crime in Tijuana, different mantas with human remains have been found in the city this week.

Most of the messages are to launch threats against rival groups and intimidate groups of police officers from various corporations, including the high command of the municipal government.

Other slogans in the so-called narco messages are to distance themselves from crimes committed against innocent people, as has happened in the last hours where children and adolescents have been the victims.

The method of launching narco-messages accompanied by human and animal remains has become a common occurrence in the city, practically a tradition, and the authorities treat the issue as if it didn’t exist.

Manta translation is as follows:

This will be the fate of all the dirty crooks who are killing innocent civilians. We already know that you’re under the Cartel de Sinaloa payroll. This war is being fought between underworld operatives. For all the government personnel involved, we will fucking destroy you when you find yourselves at ease within your homes. We already have everyone located. Agent Santana, Agent Gómez 03, Lea 03, and Legarza. Start doing your jobs properly. Otherwise you dirty fucks will end up paying with your lives. Sincerely, The Mera Verga

Tlalpan, CDMX: Money, Cocaine, and Altars of Witchcraft

Police from Mexico City detained Olga Ramirez, mother of Óscar Andrés aka El Lunares, alleged leader of the criminal group La Unión Tepito, at an address in the Tlalpan borough.

The woman was apprehended along with José 'N', her partner after an operation in which two search warrants were executed at homes, allegedly used to store drugs, located in the Tlalpan and Cuauhtémoc boroughs.

In the property where they were detained, located in the San Andrés Totoltepec neighborhood, in Tlalpan, 23 brick packages and several bags containing cocaine were seized; two boxes with bottles of a liquid substance, apparently acetone, used to make drugs.

In addition to two scales, cash; glass containers and wooden stamps; as well as three luxury vehicles. While, in the second building located in the Obrera neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc borough, a bag with marijuana, a laptop and a cell phone equipment were secured.

Olga 'N' and José 'N', as well as the insured, were placed at the disposal of the agent of the corresponding Public Ministry, who will determine their legal situation. Meanwhile, the properties were sealed and under police custody, while the investigation files are being integrated.

On November 11, Dionisio Flores 'N', El Nicho, father of El Lunares, was arrested after the search of a property located in the Morelos neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc borough, who is identified as a logistics and financial operator of Unión Tepito, a group led by his son.

A month later, El Nicho was prosecuted for his alleged responsibility for the crimes of bribery, against health in the form of drug dealing, hypothesis of possession for commercial purposes and carrying a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army.

Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación Expands in Three States


The criminal group has expanded its operations in Michoacán, Zacatecas and Guanajuato in the last four years, as they are key points, which has increased violence in those places

In the last four years, the violent incursion of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) has increased mainly in three states: Michoacán, Zacatecas and Guanajuato.

Although the general objective would be the expansion of the criminal group to establish its routes for the transfer of drugs to the United States, in each entity the reasons why they have been present have been different and in recent years the levels of violence have increased in those places.

In Michoacán, for example, according to different sources, the offensive is due to the organization's leader, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho, seeking to seize his homeland.

In Zacatecas, the geographical location and connectivity have made the state one of its objectives, since it’s the obligatory route that connects the Pacific Ocean with the main border areas in the north of the country and with the United States; But in the last decade, Zacatecas has suffered from the settlement of at least five cartels, mainly due to the commercialization of fentanyl, which has become popular on US soil and is cheaper, stronger and more lethal than cocaine and heroin.

In Guanajuato, since October 2017, their presence was more noticeable when José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, El Marro, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL) openly declared war on them to control fuel theft in the so-called huachicol triangle. In the municipalities of Apaseo el Grande, Salamanca, León, Irapuato and Celaya.

He wants to dominate his native land

Michoacán was one of the first states in the country where the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel began its armed expansion in 2014 and, according to the inhabitants and authorities of the regions where it has attacked, everything is derived from a “whim” of its criminal leader.

Sources consulted explain that the objective of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes is to seize his native land: Aguililla.

However, it was at the end of 2019 when the CJNG offensive to enter Michoacán intensified; The first case was on August 30, 2019 in the municipality of Tepalcatepec, which cost Mencho the death of nine of his hitmen and 11 more who were injured, after the population and local police responded to the attack.

"Before the attacks we had threats by telephone, by way of messages and through emissaries that the CJNG wanted to enter, as the Knights Templar were in charge at the time," explained José Luis, a businessman living in Tierra Caliente.

The rancher reported that the residents participated to prevent the criminals from entering. On that occasion they notified the authorities of the threats and were ignored. "We didn’t understand why the Jalisco Cartel wanted to take over our towns, but now we know that it’s out of pure ego, to say that they have control of their home state and because he wants to return to retire here," he said.

On October 14, 2019, another CJNG armed criminal cells ambushed state police in Aguililla, leaving 14 officers dead and two more wounded in the town of El Aguaje, in addition to the fact that they had previously perpetrated several massacres in the municipality of Uruapan. 

During 2020, the attacks of that criminal organization didn’t stop in the Tierra Caliente region and, on the contrary, they have spread to other municipalities such as Los Reyes, Tocumbo, Tingüindín, Peribán and Zamora.

In December of last year, in just three days, CJNG cells carried out attacks in 10 different municipalities in Michoacán, most of them on the border with Jalisco.

The CJNG had a presence in Michoacán since 2014, when the self-defense groups extinguished the Los Caballeros Templarios cartel.

Oseguera spread his cells throughout different municipalities of Michoacán, especially in Tierra Caliente, Sierra and Sierra-Costa.

The split in 2018 of said cartel also caused a break between its lieutenants, who were exiled from Michoacán by the Los Viagras cartel. El Mencho's obsession to return to his land, Aguililla, made him confront the surviving armed civilian groups, which he attacked with greater intensity since 2019.

In addition, Oseguera Cervantes faces a battle with Érick Valencia Salazar, El 85, his former founding partner of the CJNG. Valencia Salazar has already snatched several municipalities in Michoacán and Jalisco, but also formed a criminal bloc with the Sierra Santana brothers, from Los Viagras.

Zacatecas, Mexico: The Battle In Zacatecas Is For It’s Northward Route


The geographical location and connectivity have made Zacatecas one of the objectives of the Cartel Jalisco Nuevo Generación (CJNG), since it’s the obligatory route that connects the Pacific Ocean with the main border areas in the north of the country as well as the United States, according to specialists.

In the last decade, Zacatecas has suffered from the settlement of at least five cartels, mainly due to the commercialization of fentanyl, a drug that has become popular in the United States and is cheaper, stronger and deadly than others.

According to the security consultant and political scientist David Saucedo Torres, for a year the alerts were turned on in Zacatecas due to the dispute between two criminal groups.

“In Zacatecas there is a presence of the Golfo, Noreste and Talibanes cartels, but for more than a year new incursions, divisions and even strategic alliances have been detected between these groups due to the entry with greater force of the Cartel de Sinaloa and Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. However, in this area the CJNG is one more actor, it doesn’t have the troops, the weapons, or the resources to be the main generator of violence. Let's say it’s a secondary battlefront for the Cartel Jalisco ”, he explained.

In April of last year, the CJNG raised an alert in the municipality of Valparaíso, where a convoy of several vehicles with their initials burst into town showing their weapons and announcing their arrival in Zacatecan territory, according to inhabitants.

Arturo López Bazán, Secretary of Public Security of Zacatecas, assures that the CJNG maintains a fight for the territory with the Sinaloa Cartel and has been advancing so much that their disputes already occur in the municipalities at the center of the entity.

Both the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel have sought to strengthen themselves with other groups that operate in the area. According to police intelligence reports, the Cartel Jalisco allegedly made a pact with the Gulf Cartel, while the Cartel de Sinaloa is in alliance with the Cartel del Noreste and a faction of Los Talibanes.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Nayarit, Mexico: CJNG Reinforcements Head Toward Zacatecas


Sicarios for El Jardinero (Audias Flores Silva) have released a video onto social media. In this broadcast a convoy of trucks full of heavily armed sicarios are descending down a mountain range road listening to narco ballads. These narco corridos are the preferred choice of music for hitmen on their warpath. Their path of travel is said to be Nayarit towards Zacatecas.

Sicario #1: You fucking pigs. Here we come down this mountain range. 

Sicario #2: Long live Nayarit! Absolute 4 letters (CJNG) motherfuckers! We are the absolute mob of El Jardinero!

Hidalgo, Michoacán: Los Correa Crime Family Confronted by Authorities


In a confrontation with State Police, Ministerial Police, and soldiers of the National Guard, in which a helicopter gunship was used, 3 individuals were detained. They are alleged members of the cartels Los Correa and Familia Michoacana. In this operation a soldier was wounded.

The events took place around 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, when elements of the Michoacán Police and military personnel carried out patrols in the Los Azufres community, in the municipality of Hidalgo.

When they were passing through a dirt road in the wooded area, the authorities were attacked with gunfire by armed civilians, sparking a confrontation.

Given the intensity of the confrontation, the support of a helicopter gunship was requested, which made its appearance minutes later, and put an end to the shooting.

As a result of the shooting, a soldier was wounded, and three men were arrested.

Likewise, 4 long guns and 8 vehicles were seized, one of which was labeled with the number 100,  nickname of Medardo Hernández Vera, also known as "Lalo Mantecas", leader of the Familia Michoacana.

The wounded man was immediately helped and transferred to a hospital, while the detainees and the seized vehicles were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority.