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" El Chapo" Isidro Wins Amparo

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Universal

Feb 20, 2018
Extra Material from: El Debate

The narco-trafficker and heir of the Beltran Leyva Cartel, Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, has not only evaded Mexican justice in various operations implemented by the Army, the Navy/Marinas, Secretariat of Mexico (Semar) and the Federal Police ( PF), he is also litigating an arrest warrant for organized crime in the courts of Sinaloa, in order to avoid his capture and any persecution against him.

Meza Flores, known as "El Chapo" Isidro, is considered by the US DEA as one of the last leaders of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel. He has obtained the  injunction against an arrest warrant for the crime of organized crime that prevents him for the moment of being arrested, according to public documents of the Federal Judiciary.

CDL: Narco messages say corrupt judges worked with Mencho in the release of "El 85"

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Narco messages were hung in several points including Plaza de la Bandera in Guadalajara [GDL].  The messages  are a part of the ongoing, violent,  CJNG infighting in Jalisco.

These narco "cartulina" messages contain text and photos and accuse  three levels of government of assisting El Mencho, supreme leader of CJNG [Cartel Jalisco New Generation]. Specifically, saying that judges allowed “El 85” , to go free from prison.

The former leader of of Los Matazetas, Erick Valencia Salazar aka "EL 85", was released after five years in prison in  a decision by the third district judge based in Guadalajara, citing "detecting violations of due process and lack of evidence”

Cartel Independiente de Nuevo Leon reveals its existence in a narco manta

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Cartel Independiente de Nuevo Leon
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

A narco manta with threats, attributed to a criminal group unknown until now, identified as the Cartel Independiente de Nuevo Leon, was discovered this morning in the south of Monterrey.

Reporter: Luciano Campos Garza
A Police source confirmed that around 08:36 this Tuesday that Central State Intelligence C5 reported the existence of a narco manta close to a primary school located on the Avenidas San Angel and Valle Hermosa, in the San Angel Sur Colonia.

The message with "alternate spelling" can be read as follows: " Cartel Independiente de Nuevo Leon. We are not playing with the mugrozo de Choche, ( Otis: historically mugrozo while meaning dirty, is normally mentioned when other cartels talk about Los Zetas ), Chuy Gonzalez, Condeza, Katia, Buru, Canival, Borre, Pelon, Capu, Reni, Samy, Alondra, Gob Panchito, Chavalo, Cadereyta. The are located. Cartel Independiente".

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CJNG sends bloody message to CJNG faction

Posted by "Char" for Borderland Beat

Message reads..
“This happen to me for stealing and for being an asshole we are going after police that are helping the scums like:
 Águila 1 (B-17), El Gato (s-1 b-17), Ivan of the group U.I.C.P.. Reptil and his group of scums of B-12 Lawyer Cristina Piloña you are helping this scums and Policemen in Tlaquepaque I am going after all of you who are helping the scums. 
Sincerely Ex Government/

Goodbye El Chapo, there is a new leader in Sinaloa

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota

In their annual report on drug trafficking, the DEA places Caro Quintero as the leader of the cartel along with Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada. 


Rafael Caro Quintero, ”El Príncipe" or "El Narco de Narcos" is back according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and came to stay in control of the Sinaloa Cartel in the absence of Joaquín "El Chapo "Guzmán Loera.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) called Mexican cartels the biggest criminal threat to the United States.

In the Annual Evaluation on the Drug Threat (NDTA), the DEA details that the distribution of drugs in The United States is not carried out directly by the Mexican criminal organizations but by local networks of distribution through gangs.

For the US authorities, there are six major drug cartels operating in the United States.

18 Criminal Gangs fight for Guerrero territory

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat with info from Milenio and Reforma
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In Guerrero, there are a minimum of 18 criminal groups some with national presence and/or state presence, which are fighting for control of various regions of Guerrero.

“Many groups boast of being a part of a national power cartel, to intimidate rivals and the population.”  But they are not cartels, they are local gangs with around six with presence on a national scale and twelve local criminal gangs.” says Guerrero Security Chief, Pedro Almazan.

He explained that the messages posted on social networks are aimed at creating fear among the population.

Almazan warned that the messages posted by gangs have to be read with reservation.  He said “Our message to the public is that no one should be alarmed by these gang messages, while we don’t discount them, they are sent to generate fear and uncertainty.

Esteban Loaiza: the drugs linked to CJNG

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

Subject Matter: Esteban Loaiza, CJNG
Recommendation: See link to article by myself on his arrest

The ex pitcher was detained in an operation of United States authorities to dismantle a narco trafficking network under the orders of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion. Half a million dollars in cocaine in his home could cost Loaiza, who denies the accusations, which carry 20 years in prison. His girlfriend was also detained for narco trafficking. 

Reporter: Ines Garcia Ramos

As he has done regualarly, Esteban Loaiza crossed the frontier on Friday the 9th of February, when together with three other cars he was sent for secondary inspection on the frontier crossing of Otay, between Tijuana and San Diego.

This was part of an investigation by Police corporations planned to dismantle a narco trafficking network pertinent to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, an investigation that remains open, confirms United States authorities.

Captured in Tamaulipas "El Contador", a leader of the Cartel del Golfo

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Jose Alfredo Cardenas Martinez, El Contador
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: La Jornada
Elements of the Marines detained in Tamaulipas, Jose Alfredo Cardenas Martinez, alias "El Contador", identified as one of the leaders of the Cartel del Golfo, and nephew of the ex leader of this group, Osiel Cardenas Guillen.

Even though he is not on the list of 122 priority objectives of the Federal Government, achieving his capture is considered highly relevant to the Cabinet of Federal Security.

Cardenas Martinez, also known by the alias "El Sobrino", was identified by the DEA as one of the principal leaders of the group together with Jose Antonio Romo Lopez, and plaza boss in Tamaulipas.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mexican Children’s Drug and Alcohol Consumption Up %200

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

      Mondragón and Kalb: Consumption of drugs and alcohol in children increased up to 200%.
Mexico City Feb 19, 2018

The Commissioner Against Addictions indicated that if these are not taken care of in time they will lead to / cause serious consequences , physical damages, scholastic desertion, teen pregnancy, familiar violence and even the death.

The National Commissioner Against Addictions, Manuel Mondragón and Kalb, indicated that in recent years the consumption of drugs and alcohol among minors increased to 200%, mainly in the case of girls .

"I must say with regret that, both in drugs and alcohol, the difference was six men for a woman and today the numbers  are tied to  minors. That is to say, the consumption of men increased by 50% or 60% in recent years and the consumption of women by 200%, ", the National Commissioner  explained.

Nayarit: Mutilated Bodies, positively identified as SEIDO agents

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Last night the PGR agency of Mexico announced that the bodies discovered in Xalisco, Nayarit  have been positively identified as those of the abducted SEIDO agents,  Octavio Martínez Quiroz and Alfonso Hernández Villavicencio. 

The bodies could not be positively identified with the exception of DNA analysis. 

The remains were discovered in the trunk of an abandoned KIA.  

Initial reports indicated there were 3 bodies because the remains were so grossly dismembered, later the correction was made reporting there were 2 not 3 bodies.

The agents, ages 28 and 26, who live and work in Mexico City, were in Nayarit for the February 4th Christening, of a family member of one of the agents.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another Culiacan Birthday Party Gone Awry

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Debate

Extra Material from: Universal
By: Javier Cabrera Martinez

Feb 17, 2018

Culiacán, Sin.- Elements of the Military Police burst into a birthday party that took place in a auto workshop at 3:30 am on Friday, Feb 16 and held 62 attendees for 16 hours. The 62 people included men, women, seniors, children and the musicians, waiters and a taquero and his wife hired to cater the event. 

Unofficially it is reported that the auto shop "qualified as a ballroom ", the building was often used as a  salon for events and parties in the Colinas de Riviera neighborhood in Culiacan. 

The celebration had  entertainment provided  by the group of musicians , in the hall there were horns and mounted musical instruments similar to those used by "chirrines".

Gov has "Chapo Letter" sealed, "He may secretly pass messages"

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

                              With a mountain of evidence, why are prosecutors                               blocking Chapo's right to a fair trial?

Chapo Letter    

On Thursday I posted a statement written by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán.  On that same day, Chapo asked permission to address the court, so that he may   read his prepared statement.  The statement consisted of listing his conditions of confinement, his health and his inability to defend himself against the charges filed against him.

Clearly, Judge Cogan and the prosecution team were taking off guard.  Judge Cogan cautiously asked attorney Eduardo Balarezo, to put in context what his client wanted to address.  

Balarezo told the court that his client wanted to address “Special Administrative Measure” or SAMs, which he says is barring his ability to defend himself.  Further, that he wants his family to pay his attorneys.

Supposedly, his family has not paid attorneys because they want to “hear it from the horse’s mouth”. 
He also was overheard saying to his translator, “Tell him I am sick”.  Chapo is prohibited from  communicating  with anyone; not his family, the press, or his attorney privately.

Full Episode: "The Trade" A documentary look inside America's heroin crisis

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Showtime

Series Premier full film

The Trade Showtime’s Docu-Series. A documentary look inside America's heroin crisis. In Mexico, Don Miguel struggles to control the local poppy fields. In Ohio, Det. Edwards closes in on a heroin dealer. In Atlanta, Skyler moves home to get clean.

The Trade spotlights the opioid crisis through the eyes of the growers, addicts, cartel bosses and law enforcement hopelessly caught in its web. It’s directed and executive produced by Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land).

See what you think BB readers-

Saturday, February 17, 2018

8 killed: Nuns flee after relatives killed in Chilapa, Guerrero

Posted by Canadiana from El Universal and El Sur

Dialogue between the bishop of Chilpancingo/Chilapa and criminal gang bosses, appears to have gone askew, as it has been revealed that a Catholic nun’s relatives were executed last month on January 31, in Chilapa, Guerrero.

Bishop Salvador Rangel Mendoza said this week that four nuns who were operating a school in Chilpancingo have fled, after the parents and sister of one of them were killed, allegedly by the Ardillos gang.

The bodies of the nun’s parents were found in plastic bags January 30, on the outskirts of Chilapa, alongside bodies of five artisans from Veracruz.

The body of the nun’s 18 year old sister was found three days later in Chilapa. She had been brutally tortured, raped, dismembered and decapitated.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Elite Mexican Soldiers Recruited by Cartels

Posted by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Guardian

          "The training stays with you'': Say the elite Mexican GAFE Soldiers recruited by cartels.

 Feb 10, 2018

Last year, Mexico’s murder rate reached the highest level on record – and years of military defections are fueling the violence.

Delfino was handpicked twice. At 18, he was chosen by the Mexican army to join its elite unit, the airborne special forces group known by its Spanish acronym, Gafe, where he specialized as a sniper.

Ten years later, he was recruited again – this time by the very people he’d been trained to kill.

Nowadays, the only outward sign of his military background is the camouflaged hat on his head, and the Panther .308 sniper rifle slung across his back. 

A shock of violence leaves Acapulco, once a jewel of tourism, 12 dead in 24 hours

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Sin Embargo

The situation of violence in the state of Guerrero does not seem to end. In the last 24 hours at least 12 people were killed in the entity. 

Acapulco, one of the state's most popular tourist destinations, daily records deaths, executions, kidnappings and more crimes, a situation that has made it one of the most violent municipalities in the country. 

Despite the statements of Governor Hector Astudillo that the violence in the entity has been contained, the facts show otherwise. 

Guerrero / Mexico City February 16 (ElSur / SinEmbargo) - A new violent day yesterday left nine men and three women shot to death in different neighborhoods, in addition to the discovery of a human skull.

Also, two ‘’Acatianguis’’ [Acapulco outdoor market] stalls and one car were burned.

Oaxaca: 17 People Assassinated in 48 Hours

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from:El Siglo de Durango

Extra Material/ Photos from: ImparcialOaxaca
By: Floriberto Santos, Feb 16, 2018
San Juan Lachigalla, Oaxaca

At least seven people were shot dead in San Juan Lachigalla and a former mayor was killed in Ejutla de Crespo, Thursday morning; the massacre of seven people in the municipality of Lachigalla occurred around 1:30 am , Feb 15, during  a popular Valentine's Day dance celebration. 

According to witnesses, the Valentine's Dance on Wednesday began with entertainment by the musical group  Los Paniqueados de Oaxaca.


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