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Guanajuato club massacre leaves 11 dead, message left, 2 dancers abducted, message left

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A massacre was registered inside the La Cabaña del Toro bar,  in the municipality of Jaral del Progreso, Guanajuato,  after an armed commando entered and murdered 11 people.  It is located in the Bajío (lowlands) of the state of Guanajuato

In  preliminary reporting, the dead are identified as 7 men and 4 women, in addition to 1 injured person who was transferred to the hospital.

The massacre occurred early hours today when the emergency services were informed that several injured people in the nightclub located at the exit of Jaral del Progreso.

When the emergency services arrived, they confirmed that 11 people were dead,  they then cordoned off the area.

Details are sketchy at this point, it is only known that a commando arrived and fired arbitrarily at employees and customers and then fled.

The bar is reportedly a strip club and dancers were among those shot, additionally, 2 of the dancers were abducted.

Three criminal organizations claiming one plaza presents an even greater dilemma for Guanajuato business owners paying piso

Graphic images below

Governor of Tabasco says untrained pilots render $12.7mdp drone useless, while $40mdp helicopter is MIA

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TABASCO.- The 12.7 million peso drone acquired by the Arturo Núñez Jiménez administration is kept in boxes because there is no trained personnel to man it, revealed Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández, who did not rule out it being put up for sale.

The equipment acquired in 2017 with recourse to a loan authorized by the Local Congress.

Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández, explained that it is packed in boxes and only once in the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) could it be flown but special technical capabilities are required that are not available and therefore it is not in use.

"It takes two aviators and an area of 30 hectares so it can take off That and land. It is not easy. We made it available to the Secretary of the Navy, of Defense. But not even they have been able to operate, I mean, it is a shame that equipment like that has been acquired, which is clearly inoperative in Tabasco ”, he lamented.

Mexico's drug war leaves 39,000 unidentified bodies in its morgues

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Investigation by Quinto Elemento Labs finds alarming number of people buried in common graves

Mexico’s militarised crackdown on organised crime has left nearly 39,000 unidentified bodies in the country’s morgues, which are often unable to handle the volume of corpses brought in for autopsies.

A new investigation by the investigative NGO Quinto Elemento Labs found that an alarming number of people were simply buried in common graves without proper postmortems. Some were left in funeral homes and more than 2,500 bodies were given to medical schools.

“It’s possible that [medical] students are learning with bodies of persons being searched for by their families,” said an article accompanying the report, published on Tuesday. “The forensic crisis has transformed the Mexican state into a burying machine: 27,271 unidentified bodies went from the morgue to common graves – 70% of the total.”

Mexico’s militarised war on drugs has claimed nearly 300,000 lives over the past 14 years. Another 73,000 persons have gone missing – with their families often left to search for their loved ones unassisted by the authorities.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Couple use 3 year old child to deliver drugs in the State of Mexico

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Two adults who used a three-year-old child to deliver drugs were detained by investigating agents of the Cuautitlán Regional Prosecutor's Office in the State of Mexico. This occurred in Salitrillo neighborhood where agents who were surveilling the area observed the couple using the child to deliver drugs.

Police officers approached the location where the drugs were delivered and saw that a man took out wrappers containing marijuana from the backpack the child was carrying on his bag. The man handed the backpack to another individual and then gave the woman money. They arrested Manuel (age 43) and Daniela (aged 35) for the crime.

AMLO announces military arrests for culpability in the Ayotzinapa 43 students case

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Chivis note: A Narcomanta from "Los Tlacos" was discovered today in Iguala.  It attributes responsibility to “Guerreros Unidos" for the kidnapping and massacre of the 43 (there were 44 as one named Julio Cesar Mondragon was skinned and left at the scene) The manta was hung on the bridge of the road to Taxco. At bottom of this post read further.

Six years after the Ayotzinapa case, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced arrest warrants against elements of the Army and offered an apology.

"I want you to know, arrest warrants have been issued against the military that are going to be executed," he told the parents of the 43 disappeared normalistas.

The President warned that there will be zero impunity.

"Whoever has participated and is revealed, will be brought to justice."

López Obrador said that the Ayotzinapa case is painful.

"It is an important, transcendent and at the same time sorrowful because we are remembering acts of injustice, of atrocities that were committed against young people, your children, it is a regrettable and painful fact," he said.

Former Mexican federal police officer sentenced to 9 years for human smuggling

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Former Mexican Federal Police offer Erick Ojeda Mendiga (right) was sentenced alongside human smuggler Carlos Albertos Sandoval Vazquez (left).

Former Mexican Federal Police officer Erick Ojeda Mendiga was sentenced to 9 years in prison yesterday for human smuggling. This information was confirmed by Mexico's Attorney General's Office (FGR) after their prosecution team was able to convince a federal judge to hand over a sentence. The ex-police officer was accused of smuggling 13 Salvadoran nationals, including six children, into Mexico. He was an active member of the police when he committed the crime.

Ojeda Mendiga worked alongside Carlos Albertos Sandoval Vázquez, who was also sentenced yesterday. Both men will have to pay a MXN$505,800 fine (approximately US$22,600) and will serve their sentence at the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 9, a maximum-security prison in the state of Oaxaca.

Sonora: Caborca Cartel interrogates and incinerates a Gente Nueva Delta Group member

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First there was a video filtered through social media depicting a male sitting on the ground being interrogated [ translation at bottom] about the death of a Cartel de Caborca member.  The victim was shown with a rope hanging around his neck.

The captive man was reported as being a member of the “Delta Group” of sicarios of Gente Nueva in Altar, Sonora. 

In the footage, there was no violence revealed. A second video was released with additional footage and uploaded to social media.  In the footage, the man is incinerated alive.

The executioners were sicarios of  "La Barredora 24/7 or “Cartel de Caborca”. This is not the first time the Caborca Cartel has resorted to this gruesome method.

Allegedly, the victim belonged to the Delta Group of 'El Cazador' and 'El Durango' of Altar.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Businesses set afire and vehicles damaged in Caborca Sonora

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Caborca, Sonora.- A wake of terror and destruction was generated at dawn this Friday an armed commando on the federal highway - Caborca-Sonoyta section, where they set fire to two restaurants (known as hookahs), stole two vehicles to set them on fire on the same street and then damaged at least three dozen vehicles with “poncha-llantas”, [pointed spiked devices thrown on the street to puncture tires].

Initially, they raided the restaurants located at kilometers 200 and 207, around one in the morning, beat the workers and seized two vehicles, and then set the businesses on fire.

Before leaving, they stripped workers and customers of some belongings and headed south, until they reached kilometer 165, where they blocked the road and burned the two stolen units.

But during that journey, they threw poncha-llantas,  which caused around 30 vehicles, including cargo units,  left with damaged.

There was an intense mobilization of municipal police and government forces, as well as military forces and the Caminos Division of the National Guard, but the armed group was not located.

Mexican Government Releases a New 2020 Cartel Map

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The image below is a new cartel map released last week by the Mexican Government.

According to the Mexican Government, there are 19 groups operating in Mexico.

Note: The following 3 are identified as being present in Nuevo Leon (Monterrey is in Nuevo Leon and  for more than a decade in contention between Zetas and CDG)

Omar Garcia Harfuch: First interview after CJNG's attempted assassination

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Three months after the attack suffered by the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC), Omar García Harfuch, in which three people died, the official stressed that the one who saved his life was the police who he himself directs, because thanks to the rapid response of the uniformed officers that prevented those responsible from continuing to shoot. a

“I believe that God saved my life, of course; but I think also the great response from my colleagues, the quick response from the police, because if the police don't come, these guys keep shooting all the time, they had two thousand bullets left. The same police that I lead, that I have the honor to lead, was who t saved my life, ”he said.

In an interview with Carlos Loret de Mola, the first to a media outlet after the attack, the secretary recounted how he experienced the attack.

“That day I left a little later than normal and, when I am moving forward in the front seat, Edgar was driving, and Rafael was directly behind me, when we crossed  Monte Blanco street, there is a stop that forces the truck to stop a bit, a three and a half ton white truck  crossed, it was not crossed at excessive speed (…). When it crossed, the first impact on the truck roars” he said.

García Harfuch asserted that before the first shot, he knew it was an attack against him. When the first shots rang out, he said, it was a time of much confusion, dust, noise.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pablo Escobar: Money hidden in wall found in the capo's house

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A nephew of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar has said he found a plastic bag with money worth $18m (£14m) hidden in the wall of one of his uncle's houses.

Nicolás Escobar told Colombian media "a vision" indicated where to look for the money in the apartment where he lives in the city of Medellín.

He said it was not the first time he found money in places where his uncle used to avoid capture, as Escobar reportedly hid millions in properties.

He died in a police shootout in 1993.

At the peak of his career Escobar was said to be the seventh richest person on the planet.

Rumours of Escobar's hidden fortunes have circulated in Medellín since his death, after he spent decades waging war against the Colombian state to prevent his extradition to the United States.

Nicolás Escobar told Colombian TV channel Rojo Noticias he had also found a typewriter, satellite phones, gold pen, a camera and a film roll yet to be developed.

Rancho Grande, Zacatecas: video message to Mayo Zambada which also alleges he’s a snitch

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Video translation is as follows: 

"CJNG Sicario: Mayo Zambada this video message goes out to you. Listen here you dirty old fucking rat. Where’s all that talk about you having so much money and big balls? Haven’t you tired of thieving in Durango and Sinaloa?

You sent your dirty faggots to carjack a tractor trailer loaded with cigarettes, and to battle us here in Rancho Grande (Rancho Grande Lázaro Cárdenas, Zacatecas). Don’t involve the government for your actions. Learn how to work properly. We respect the entire government unlike you.

Why did you kidnap police personnel in Jerez (Jerez, Zacatecas)?

And why did you murder the police personnel in Juan Aldama (Juan Aldama, Zacatecas)?

Stop fucking around! Those were all innocent individuals.

Otherwise go ask the DEA for some help. We all know that in the end you were discovered to be a snitch.

CJNG captures a Carteles Unidos leader "EL Ghost Rider" and torches his face-Video

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After days of fighting in El Aguaje, Michoacán, which is near Tepalcatepec, a group of CJNG sicarios abducted a leader of Carteles Unidos,  tortured him and one other,   then uploaded images of their torture on social media.

The one victim is known as “Ghost Rider”  a leader of CU which consists of several groups, allied, largely headed by Los Viagras, to fight against CJNG in Michoacán.  

The capture and gruesome torture took place this weekend.  Reports say the victim was taken to a ranch near Tepalcatepec, where his face was doused with isopropyl alcohol and set afire. The man screamed and begged to be killed.  Supposedly Ghost Rider is the right hand of Sierra Santana (Viagras) who gave him the moniker.

CJNG and CU are in an ongoing bloody war in Michoacán.  Just as in 2013 when violence experienced a massive increase with the autodefensa movement and Caballeros Templarios clashing, the federal government once again is mostly ignoring the violence.  The feds have sent “peacekeeping” units but little in the way of literal intervention.

The latest violent clash between the groups continued for 3 days in and near El Aguaje, Aguililla.

The official tally was 20 killed although social media reports put the count as much higher.

Also, as in 2013, news of the fighting, death images, and lowered death counts have been mostly absent in the national press leaving Michoacana to take to social media to spread the news.

The image below is blurred but remains graphic and video of course is

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Concerned caller leads DEA agents to largest meth seizure in Chicago region


The Drug Enforcement Administration Chicago Division recently seized 225 lbs of meth from duffel bags found along I-70 East.

DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mike Gannon said an alert caller noticed six duffel bags along the highway and called authorities in Putnam County.

“We found 225 pounds of methamphetamine, which is the largest seizure in the state of Indiana and within the Chicago Division,” Gannon said.

The Chicago Division covers Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Gannon reported 225 lbs of meth has a street value of more than $10 million.

“You can guarantee that’s coming from one of two cartels, and that’s either going to be the Sinaloa Cartel or Cartel Jalisco New Generation, known as CJNG,” Gannon explained. “They’re the two Mexican cartels that are flooding our community and our country with methamphetamine.”

These drugs are now in a lab in Chicago, but the DEA still wants to hear from anyone with information about this bust. You can call the DEA at (812) 465-6457.

Brandi Moran is a case manager for the addiction recovery program at Wheeler Mission’s Center for Women and Children. She knows the journey of struggling with meth usage, but she is in recovery and helping other women achieve this goal.

“We can recover, we do recover, and you’re speaking to one right now,” Moran encouraged.

Wheeler’s Higher Ground program is a faith-based program which boasts an 86% success rate for graduates from the program staying sober. They have tracked this number from graduates over the last five years. Program director Lisa Hoffman said of 43 graduates, 12 of them identified meth as their “drug of choice.”

“If you’re finished and you want this to be the last day of the chaos and the stronghold that’s on your life, then there’s places like here that want to help you,” Hoffman said.

Recovery is possible, and the DEA wants to stop drugs en masse before they destroy our families.

“We all live in this community,” Gannon said. “Our job is to protect people and make the community a safe place to live. When you have drug dealers that are trying to destroy people’s lives and families by pedaling that poison in our community, we take it personal, and our job is to put them in jail where they belong.”

Source for above post  

Below is DEA Presser         

Observant bystander traveling through Indiana led DEA Chicago Field Division to historic 225 pound methamphetamine seizure

TERRE HAUTE – DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Michael Gannon said, “On September 15, 2020, an alert citizen noticed six duffle bags in the grass area off of Interstate-70 East by mile marker 37 (halfway between Terre Haute and Indianapolis, Indiana).  Upon receiving the information, members of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the DEA Terre Haute Post of Duty responded to the scene, resulting in the seizure of 225 pounds of methamphetamine.  This amount of methamphetamine has an estimated street value of over ten million dollars and is the largest single seizure of methamphetamine for the state of Indiana and the DEA Chicago Field Division.  Taking this much methamphetamine off the street is a huge win.  DEA commends the concerned citizen who made this seizure possible.”

“The vast majority of low-cost, high-purity methamphetamine entering the United States is manufactured in industrial-scale labs in Mexico and ultimately smuggled into the United States. The two major transnational criminal organizations responsible for the production and trafficking of methamphetamine are the Sinaloa Cartel and Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), which are flooding our communities and country with methamphetamine,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gannon stated. “It is important for these drug trafficking organizations to know that DEA and our state, local, and federal partners are using all available resources to prevent them from peddling poison into our communities.”

Sonora: Grenade explodes in pickup with Gente Nueva sicarios

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Below: A grenade explodes while narcos are traveling in Pick Up. The attack occurred in Altar, Sonora It is attributed to the Caborca cartel against the criminal group La Gente Nueva and its leader José Bibiano alias “el Durango”.

Video footage below

Bank accounts of former police chief with alleged Sinaloa Cartel ties will remain frozen

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Ramon Eduardo Pequeño Garcia (left) worked alongside Genaro Garcia Luna (center) and Jose Luis Cardenas Palomino (right); all of them face U.S. drug charges

Federal court judge Laura Gutiérrez de Velazco Romo refused to unfreeze the bank accounts of former Mexican Federal Police chief Ramón Eduardo Pequeño García, one of the men when linked to former Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) chief Genardo Garcia Luna. Garcia Luna is imprisoned in the U.S. for multiple drug-related charges. 

Pequeño Garcia's accounts were frozen by Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) in July 2020 after he was accused by the U.S. government of receiving bribery payments from the Sinaloa Cartel. The accusation and financial sanctions also extended to his associate José Luis Cárdenas Palomino.

Both Cárdenas Palomino and Pequeño García held key positions in the Mexico's police structures throughout three presidential administrations. They were responsible for leading the entire security apparatus of the Mexican Federal Police, including sensitive intelligence efforts between the U.S. and Mexico.

CJNG leaves two bins with a dismembered corpse in Celaya, Guanajuato

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Image below is not blurred; viewer discretion is advised

Earlier this morning in the municipality of Celaya, Guanajuato, the dismembered remains of a man were found inside a box and plastic bags in Tres Guerras neighborhood. It was shortly after 6 a.m. that calls to the emergency number alerted the police about the presence of a suspicious box.

One eye-witness told the police that they saw four people leave the bins and a written message. The message was reportedly written by Grupo Elite of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) but its text was not available by press time. The identity of the victim and of those responsible for this crime are unknown.

As reported by Borderland Beat, Celaya has increased a rise in homicides since the August capture of the local Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL) leader José Antonio Yepez Ortiz ("El Marro"). The suspected new leader of the CSRL is Adan Ochoa ("El Azul") and he is competing against the CJNG for control of Guanajuato.

Graphic image below, no further text

Wave of murders on the rise in southern Veracruz following the death of CJNG member 'El Pollo'

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CJNG member El Pollo was killed in early September; his death triggered violence in the area

Narco-violence has unleashed in the southern region of the state of Veracruz after the death of Jesús Antonio González Hernández ('El Pollo', The Chicken), a high-ranking Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) member who commanded a group of hitmen under José Roberto Sánchez Cortés ("El Licenciado" or "El Huevochas") in the Acayucan, Veracaruz, area.

El Pollo was killed on September 9 along with three other people in a shootout with the Veracruz State Police. These cartel members were transferring a kidnapping victim to an undisclosed location when they were confronted by security forces.

Two months earlier, El Pollo was arrested along with "El Mandi" during an operation implemented on the afternoon of June 27 by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and the  Navy in Acayucan. Both are linked to the CJNG; days later El Pollo was released. But this was not the first time El Pollo had been arrested. According to his criminal career, he was arrested for being in possession of stolen fuel but was also released.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tamaulipas ex-treasurer linked to the Gulf Cartel is killed in latest violent saga

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Former Matamoros treasurer was kidnapped and killed; no arrests have been made

Luis Miguel Fuentes Garcia, the former treasurer of Matamoros Municipality in Tamaulipas, was found dead inside a vehicle in a dirt road near the border of San Fernando and Valle Hermoso Municipalities. He had been missing for nearly a week. As seen by the pictures taken by local journalists, the body was thrown across the vehicle's front seats and had its pants pulled down.

Fuentes Garcia was the treasurer under Matamoros mayor Norma Leticia Salazar Vázquez, who served from 2013 to 2016 as a member of the National Action Party (PAN). After her term, Fuentes Garcia returned to the private sector and managed a custom broker company that he had for over 15 years. He had recently tapped into the oil sector before his death.

Investigators have not established a motive for his death. Fuentes Garcia was recently linked to Tamaulipas Senator Américo Villarreal Anaya of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA), leading some investigators to believe that his murder was politically-driven. However, other investigators suggested Fuentes Garcia had ties with the Gulf Cartel.

The "gringo partners" of Mexican cartels, "U.S. Domestic Cartels" named

 Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  Proceso

A report from the Department of Justice confirms what Proceso revealed last February: the existence and growth of the US cartels and that they went from being simple employees of, to partners of Mexican criminal groups. The information locates the alliances that the criminal organizations of both countries forged and where they operate. As if that were not enough, the report gives a terrifying scenario about the consumption of synthetic drugs.

WASHINGTON (Process)–For the first time in its history, the United States government not only recognizes the existence of “domestic cartels”, it also identifies the areas that dominate those criminal organizations that are associated with the Mexican cartels.

A document from the US Department of Justice, entitled "Strategy Against Domestic Cartels," describes one by one the states in which the "gringo cartels" operate, the name by which these organizations are known in the world of drug trafficking.

The part of the Justice Department file that was delivered to Proceso shows the evolution of drug trafficking, distribution and sale in the United States since 1973, when Washington declared the war on drugs.

Accustomed to pointing towards Colombian and Mexican criminal organizations as responsible for the trafficking and consumption of illicit drugs in the United States, government agencies such as the Federal Anti-Drug Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Agency Central Intelligence (CIA), the Immigration and Customs Bureau (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) now look at each other to combat and understand the new reality of gringo drug trafficking.

At more than 150 pages, the Justice Department's Strategy confirms that criminal organizations in the United States –nourished by gangs and motorcycle clubs– have a “partnership” relationship and no longer a dependency on the Mexican cartels.