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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Juarez no longer world homicide king as it drops to second place

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Juarez is no longer world king of homicides as it drops to second spot, so says a Mexican study group called the Citizens Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice.  The findings were released this week that reveals Juarez has lost its number one spot after three years, replaced by San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
Homicides rates are predicated by homicides per 100,000 residents.  40 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are in Latin America according to the study. 
It is no surprise to learn that Mexico holds 5 of the top 10 spots or 12 in the top 50.  What is slightly surprising is that 45 of the 50 top spots are in the Americas and of those 40 in Latin America.

Of the 50:
Mexico tallies at 12, Brazil 14, Colombia 5.
As for the U.S., the most dangerous US city “honors” goes to New Orleans and the city comes in 21st in the world with a murder rate of 58.  Detroit ranked 30th with 48, St. Louis 43rd with 35 and Baltimore sliding into the 48th spot with 31 murders per capita.

The most dangerous city in the world outside of the Americas is Cape Town, South Africa, which had a reported murder rate lower than Detroit and New Orleans, the report found. New Orleans and Detroit are ranked 21st and 30th on the list, respectively.

Mosul in Iraq was the most violent city of those surveyed in the Middle East, with a murder rate of 35 per 100,000 people.
WARNING: Video contains graphic material

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
KILLINGS: 1,143  | POPULATION: 719,447 | RATE: 158.87

2. Juarez, Mexico
KILLINGS: 1,974  | POPULATION: 1,335,900 | RATE: 147.77

3. Maceió, Brazil
KILLINGS: 1,564  | POPULATION: 1,156,278 | RATE: 135.26

4. Acapulco, Mexico
KILLINGS: 1,029  | POPULATION: 804,412 | RATE: 127.92

5. Central District, Honduras
KILLINGS: 1,123  | POPULATION: 1,126,534 | RATE: 99.69

6. Caracas, Venezuela
KILLINGS: 3,164 | POPULATION: 3,205,463 | RATE: 98.71

7. Torreón, Mexico (metropolitan area)
KILLINGS: 990  | POPULATION: 1,128.152 | RATE: 87.75

8. Chihuahua, Mexico
KILLINGS: 690  | POPULATION: 831,693 | RATE: 82.96

9. Durango, Mexico
KILLINGS: 474  | POPULATION: 593,389 | RATE: 79.55
10. Belém, Brazil
KILLINGS: 1,639  | POPULATION: 2,100,319 | RATE: 78.04


  1. Hola
    For the perfectionists I saw the little typo in my video too late :)
    Paz, Chivis

  2. Only 5 cities of 10 are from Mexico. Peace is near brothers and sisters!

  3. Wow, thanks bro for the stats!!!
    I had plans to visit Honduras in July!!! I'm better off finding my "Esposa" in Mejico!!
    Ni modo,!! I really love those caliente chicas from mejico, bro!!!
    Que ricas!!!
    Pasa buen noche!!

  4. The Cartels can't win this. They will lose men everyday and run out soon. Most Mexicans are good God loving people and will never work for the cartel's.

    B. Garza

  5. What about the thousands who were kidnap and still missing in Juarez

  6. Daaaamm, I wasn't expecting Honduras.

  7. They must be running out of people...

  8. There is a new report out that Gen. Otto Perez Molina, who is just sworn in will unleash the Kaibiles on his people to combat Nixons war on pharmaceuticals. Being the Typical right Wing Warmonger, same as Calderon, i foresee these numbers changing pretty soon.

  9. i do not buy into this bullshit... you should say "most violent in the western hemisphere . . . did the douches at this research academy take into account all the violence iraq and afgan have suffered? we are talking well over 100k+ dead in both countries...this is unreal does this not take into account wartime???? because the top 5 most violent cities are in the middle east....mexico is bad dont get me wrong, but not the baddest... and if u wanna talk about cities you cant even go into without getting fucking murdered mexico is not at the top, none of its cities... this "research team" is fulll of shit....

    1. Whoa, don't shoot the messenger.

  10. and where is Los Angeles ???????

  11. What will be the excuse next for what appears to be Violence/crime dominated cultures from the Rio Grande to Patagonia. Drugs,Americans,guns,poverty?? The art of avoiding responsibility is alive and well. When will the people in these regions evolve to the point of getting off their lazy butts and accepting responsibility taking the pepsi challange and clean up.

  12. @7:54

    You answered it yourself.
    "does this not take into account wartime?"
    No apparently not, and it doesn't need to. Basically this is all about crimes.

    Well but i don't think this result is fair either, since we don't see any African cities where murder and robbery may happen even more than traffic violation or jaywalking. I guess their statistical system is too poor to tally up the annual crimes.

  13. Let's celebrate," we're no longer the worst!". You live here and see if you can tell the difference. Just a little.

  14. This is just latin america..U forgot the other nationz around the world..I didnt expect Honduras, pinche maras & military savages.. We are so close 2 WW3..Isreal & IRAN are the ones that ar gona light up Earth..I bet Jerusalem gonna be the main battlepoint.

  15. @1:31AM
    YOU get the gold star for your comment! absolutely bullseye. I am writing an article that includes the "disappeared" and my shocking estiment of the true number of drugdead.

    Lets take just one element, they missing migrants. Migrants comprise of 10-15K "disappeared" per YEAR. in 2011 in just 6 mos it was over 10K. Those missing people, targets of cartels, are never movied over to the presummed dead column. NEVER. if we do that just by that act alone on average of 12K per yr that is 72K added to the 50K or 122K. and that is just one element. There are narcofosas peppered all over Coahuila, Durango, Zacatecas etc.

    @7:54I did not think I had to define intentional homicide classifications, I should have.Of course it does not include war conflict, those numbers are a different animal.
    Intentional homicide is; interpersonal
    conflicts, over land, resource, turf etc. it is predatory violence.
    These numbers jive with the big sources such as UN report on crime etc. they are right in line. I was skeptical but checked witht he big guys and this study is accurate.

    @8:33 LOS ANGELES. LA has quietly declining rates for years now, same as NYC. LA is now at 6.2 for a populus of 10M people.

    @3:00AM Yep, Honduras. When I made the video I included a slide with a map to depict why Hon is so important to the cartels. Logistically it is gold. Belize is now on the state department of countries relevant to the drugwar and you can see where HON is positioned.
    the improverished country is powerless to do anything against narcos. Paz, Chivis

  16. That says it all, chapo is winning the war in ciudad Juarez! Getting rid of all those linea ratzzzz!!!

  17. I don't doubt these stats and for those touting Iraq or Afghanistan or parts of Africa being more dangerous...Yes for the average white American tourist they probably are more dangerous regardless of the stats. I'm not going to defend Mexico here, but I reckon as the average anglo visitor, you would be safer visiting Acapulco, Mexico (number 4 most violent) vs Karachi Pakistan. It's all perspective. Though I think a lot more innocent victims are killed than the Mex government indicates in the media, I would like to know out of all the people killed, how many were law enforcement or involved in criminal activity.

  18. I believe it is the Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for Honduras reaching #1. They have have exported their ultra violence.

  19. @9:28 U made the video too, Chivas out of pictures you entitled? That is really clever.

  20. Guatemala City with a homicide rate of between 80-150/100,000 (depending on source) should be in the ten list. I'm guessing San Salvador also.

  21. @ January 14, 2012 11:24 PM .Chill out,if you can't take criticism don't do it.I,m sure you would be the first to point it out,in similar circumstance,in fact i,m positive you would.Right or wrong?Don't get your nickers in a twist,have a cigar.South Americacacacaca,dayum,every new brutal video you see.Then again,for rapists and murderers,fuck em.They no good anyway,swift justice for behaving like an animal towards a female you want.If we all behaved like that,no woman would be safe.

  22. Now I can go to Juarez and have a nice cold beer with my amigos!

  23. 9:44 what are you so proud of? are You gn or you just really like alot and you spend your days thinking about if they won or not?

  24. @8:49 The answer to your good question is they probably will never take responsibility for their own problems. Drug cultures profiting from drug sales and suffering from related violence never see it as their fault. Deniability. They think the fault lies with those receiving or ordering the drugs and typically don't see any deeper than that.

  25. As I think about who is really the war in ciudad Juarez? Any help???any 1st person pound of views

  26. dude, man i made the comment about this being bullshit/// war time or not, what the US has done in the middle east is murder, civilian or not , people are getting MURDERED over bullshit... open you eyes, the US government IS THE #1 perpetrator of murder in violence throughout the world, shit man the drug war is a direct ccause of the shit going down in mexico today.;.;;;; to call anywhere in mexico "as dangerous or more dangerous" is just stupid, narcos kill narcos...... US MILITARY KILLS CIVILIANS collateral damage my ass.. please for the sake of the 1mill+ arabs who have lost there lives lets not make any mistake, if u want to define the real "murder capital of the world" look no farther than afgan, then to iraq to prove the point, shit wake up open your eyes, US AMERICANS ARE FUCKING THE WOLRD GOD DAMNIT.

    ps. im white male who lives in the southern USA , millitary vet as well as my father.... I have lived it, im not anti america , but everday we murder and rape innocent people for the sake of freedom.... im sick of it.. get a fucking clue u sick fucking war mongers.... if u dont have to fight, dont start the goddamnned fight , its the most yellow bellied thing to do i can think of...

  27. watch this shit maybe it might open sum eyes

  28. i would have posted the full video but the way everyones attention spans are i didnt think posting an hour video would acctually get poeple to click lol but really if u havnt seen it, look at the iraqi war files from wikilinks, if u still think the USA is fighting the war on terror please watch this movie in full:

  29. Vicente Carillo fuentes already won Ciudad Juarez now he and his two armed wings are pushing for the whole state of Chihuahua,the biggest in all of Mexico.With the help of el M10 M11 ,Zetas.

  30. If the deserts around juarez,chihuhua and tijuana where searched i bet they would find enouh people to fill up new york. those reports are shady because they only confirm dead people found . What about missing people buried face down in shallow graves ?

  31. Juarenzes rejoice! It's only the SECOND most deadly city in the world.

    Where is Los Angeles in this list you ask? Los Angeles is not even in the top 100 most dangerous of the US. World wide, it barely registers

  32. "i would have posted the full video but the way everyones attention spans are"Blah,blah,blah,ye i know,we're not as intelligent as you.Be patient with us mental midgets,we are floundering about in the dark without a mentor to steer us.Fuck outta here,minny mouse.I bet you don't believe in violence?I know,we are so much better than that.

  33. @10:14AM
    Yes I made the little slide show video. I wanted to represent each of the top 10 and sentence about that city and the video seemed a pragmatic way to conserve space on the post. Thanks for the kind words

    As for Guate and other El Salvador, they are extremely high as well and look for them to increase exponentially. Bottom line in the Americas the homicide rate is 15.6 or more than double the world average. Even Costa Rica has not been exempt from the wrath of drug trafficking cartels. as for Honduras, since Belize is now a player there is no escape for Honuras.

    This study is global not confined to the Americas

    For other studies look at: 2011 UNDOC, FBI, NIJ, Nation Master ( and even Wikipedia for a fast overview)

    I am 11:24PM and wrote the comment. I was unable to correct the typo, there is nothing to chill about and your tirade makes zero sense to me. Criticism is one thing, but I am not a professional I am a volunteer and I will make more than my share of mistakes, but when I get complaints of font style and spelling that have no bearing on content it is discouraging and confounding.

    Paz, Chivis

  34. what are we doing sitting around lets get Juarez back on top

  35. @1-15-2012 2:29 pm
    Dude quit dreaming!
    It is out on the streets already. I have a heavy duty source who confirms 100% that El Chapo owns Juarez Already! Linea is out though will still work but under new rules. The city is gettin wiped out of lacraz like the tecatos of los aztecas.
    Just so you know u can call me Juaritos if u want.

  36. What about Sudan? Somaila? Zaire? Or do they not count because they are in black Africa?

    Just curious. Not judgin anyone..

  37. @ Juaritos .If you the real deal,fuck all the clowns,yes we want the input from someone who may live there?Someone who knows what the fuck is the truth,and what is goin on.We all like old women gossiping about shit,so yes if you know the score,type the fuck away.There are lots of cheerleaders on here,CDS,Z,CDG,Juarez,you know what i mean.You not dry snitchin,no one knows who the fuck you are,so you smiling.I wish we had Zs/CDG/CDS/BLO/,fuckin everyone comin on here,to tell us to shut the fuck up,or tell us the real score.So Juaritos,you welcome up in here.

  38. @ANTN

    Sudan etc are countries not cities.
    apples and oranges, stats are kept for cities, states, countries and regions. This is for cities.

    That said if we compare Africa to the Americas as a region, Africa has roughly 36% of the worlds intentional homicides (apx 500K in 2011)
    and Americas had 31%

    As for each country you named AS A COUNTRY;
    Sudan 27.23 per 100K
    Somalia 4.1 per 100K
    Zaire (DRC) 21 per 100K

    comparatively Honduras has a whopping 77 per 100K

    as for your question about black africa not counting, I am going to respond as though you are seriously asking the question. The only criteria is being human. In case you are unaware of it, the black race is well represented in all the american countries, as well as mulitple "non white" races. intentional homicides are calulated predicated on being human, and that fact alone.

    I hope this info helps answer your questions.

    Paz, Chivis

  39. Good job CHIVIS.

    Why is it always latin countries that are the most dangerous?

    These countries have become products of their own violence.

    Have you guys seen the news in Brazil? They show everything. All the blood and guts. These people are hard. They don't cringe when they see violence on the news. Neither do Mexicans.

    Brazil's numbers should be way higher if they were to investigate the thousands of mysterious deaths that come from the favelas. Many of these deaths caused by government death squads.

    Juarez is very elusive though. The violence exists but you rarely see it.

  40. Ajuilo

    because of drug/human trafficking and so many unstable, impoverished countries filled with corruption and weak system of law/order, justice and impunity.

    numbers should be way higher in every country. for the reasons you state but also because of number manipulation, and "missing" people are not counted. if we count those in Mx just from ecomomin migrants the death number would more than double.

  41. I find it very hard to believe that cities that have high index of crime like Lesotho and other african cities don't appear on your list at all. It should say the most dangerous cities in latin america, perhaps it would be more accurate, but considering there are several wars going around in Africa, Asia, ethnic cleansing and all I find it a tad bit strange that there isn't any of those cities in a "world wide" list.


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