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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girl that was Killed had Posted Photos while Armed with Gun and Wearing a Hood on Facebook

Posted on Borderland Beat Forum by Texcoco
Norma Leticia Ramirez Cruz, 25, a native of Colima, was killed on Thursday January 5 in the business where she worked, she had a Facebook account where she posted several photos made ​​public holding firearms and using a mask.

The girl was killed by a man who came to the business located at the intersection of San Fernando Avenue and Calle Gabino Barreda, some of the album images show a .38 caliber weapons in the social network.

The woman, had 256 friends on her Facebook account, on the early days of 2012 she posted, "NEW YEAR! NEW LIFE, I HAVE TO DISCARD ALL THE BAD THINGS ... ... .!!!!!!! Ji ji ji ...:) ". (Sic)

Her last post it was on Wednesday January 4 and it said: "THIS IS A TOAST FOR US WOMEN .. CHEERS for the men who have our hearts.

CHEERS! for the assholes who had our hearts and didn't know how to keep it. CHEERS for those who want to be with us women. CHEERS for those women that are free and do not need a man to have a good time ... CHEERS! to the women who decided to send to hell those dudes who wanted to be with us women .. cheers to all women ... .. "(sic)

The last update of her account was on Thursday the day she was killed at 10:00 am, she wrote: "Being single doesn't mean you are weak, it means you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve."

More Information:
Norma Leticia's murder was perpetrated by an individual who was traveling with another man in a blue car with Colima plates, a man got out of the unit, walk to the woman and shot her repeatedly with a pistol caliber 38 super the Attorney General said.

According to the police, the truck used in the murder was report it stolen since December 13, a few hours after the incident it was found abandoned on 27 de septiembre street, in the downtown area.

Young people don't think of the consequences of some social networks.

"It is a feature of today's youth is part of their essence, to them is so natural and they can not see things as those who are not in that generation and we see things from the outside," said the Doctor of Educational Technology in the University of Colima, Alejandra Rocha Silva.

"They (young people) are recording everything, in Facebook they put 'their entire life' they relate everything they do, I'll go, I'll be with so and so, and they load images, they create a biography, but it is public , not like before like the private diary of a teenager, "he said.

The scholars do not yet know the dimensions of making public private information. He stated that it is easy to get caught in this dynamic world of disclosure, and it becomes a necessity to post the daily things you do.

He said social networking people post a snapshot of their life, seen from the area of ​​safety, that puts the individual in a highly vulnerable situation, physical or moral.

Silva Rocha said that young people now see things more natural, "they are totally open on what they feel, what they do, their way of thinking, is a generation that has a different dimension on privacy, where there is no longer privacy , the private aspects becomes public. "

The social networking sites are also a showcase for socializing with people who are often not well understood and may even endanger them.


  1. As a resident of Colima, I am laughing my ass off. Your story is BS. The business she "worked" at is a state-wide chain of tire dealerships who are rumored(jajaja) to be long-time, large-scale drug dealers. The business has been searched, clausurado and harrassed by the military numerous times in recent years. A family member of the ownership is serving or served time in the states for trafficing. This business is known to be protected by the local PRI gobierno which is constantly fighting with the feds. The girl was suposidly romantically involved with someone in the family. It looks like either an "ajuste de cuentas" or a military hit. Colima is hot, hothot these days. There have been reported murders almost everyday since new year and lots of others that don't get reported. The sirens are wailing day and night.

  2. wow, i posted the same thing on my facebook, do i have to worry about these putos coming after me?

  3. I live in Colima and I can tell you that your story is bs. She was the lover of someone in the family of this large narco business. It was an 'ajuste de cuentas' or a hit by the business she worked for because she was a pendeja.

  4. January 15, 2012 10:12 PM I think you are full of shit, it it was an ajuste de cuentas other people would have got killed as well.
    I think this is a passionate crime.

    10:12 PM what neighborhood you live in?

  5. @10:21

    You are correct. I did not buy the story either and just finished digging deep. the tire shop is a narco money laundering front and has been closed down a couple times and just reopened.

    there is absoultely no mention of FB until FOROS and Mundo (same) and one other got a hold of it. it made zero sense until I hit on the money then came so clear

  6. I too live in Colima and I know some of the agents investigating the crime. They are the ones who brought up Facebook in the first place, because they think it has a link to the criminal, who might be someone known to her and having to do about things she wrote on FB and pictures she put up on FB. The blogs did not come up with it, it was reported by a television station here locally.

    The laundering BS is old news and is not related.

  7. Of course I am correct Chivis, but you still don't have a clue, money laundering??????? LOL!

  8. Better recheck with your "agents"
    the shop has a long history of money laundering
    and was close more than once, last time was March of 2011 by the Marina for money laundering. it was recently reopened

  9. I found the original news article with images about her death from I did the translation and I post it on the forum.

    In my personal opinion this is a passionate crime.

  10. God what a stupid girl!!


  12. Mas Pendeja o pendejo no se puede estar al usat facebook, y andar en estos pedos. La pendejez la mato,,,,, buenos o malos no usen face book no sean PENDEJOS CUALKIERA T HAYA ASI.... Y MAS PONIENDO TU PINCHE JETA.

  13. 25 and she's referred to as a "girl?" The first impression I got from this without having any of the background above was from her new year's message. Discard the bad things? Was she actually trying to get out? Was she in too deep that the only way out was death, and someone she knew took her message that way. There are so many scenarios that go beyond the random person posting a picture on facebook and getting whacked. Hell, another scenario is that someone recognized her as the one last seen with his wife as she was taken away being kidnapped and killed even after the ransom was paid. The killer must have said YEAH, That's the #####&&, now it's payback time !!!

  14. I'll have to go with the passionate crime theory.
    Nothing else here ladies and gentlemen.


  15. What really happened here was that this bitch broke her relationship she had with a narquillo, that's what she means when she posted new year new life and about being single b.s....... The narquillo felt dissed and he killed her. Los agentes know this too and that's why they mentioned f.b in the first place, to see if he is still in her friends list

  16. @ January 15, 2012 10:12 PM .Brother,this is what this site is for,thanks for your input and clearing some things up.I,m always willing to listen to a resident who lives by and knows the score about the place he lives.What you saying makes sense,so keep it up man.Gracias hermano.

  17. Listen to yourselves.

    She had it coming. She was involved with narcos, kidnappers, more than one lover. She had it coming. Just another"ajuste de cuentas". Happens every day. Colima is hot right now - etc etc etc.

    The point is...another person was murdered in Mexico and no one will be held accountable for the murder. Ever.

  18. @January 17, 2012 12:42 PM:

    "The point is...another person was murdered in Mexico and no one will be held accountable for the murder. Ever."

    On Earth. No one escapes rendering his account before omniscient God and God's eternal verdict without appeal. "Watch ye therefore, because you know not what hour your Lord will come.".

  19. January 18, 2012 5:27 PM,Maybe if we had more gentle people on the planet,non violent.Not talking about religion,fuck god and all that shit,that's made up bullshit,but human beings.I don't mean no disrespect to you man.Really,i don't.I,m not one of the gentle people.But i got no problem at all with gentle people,but brother its not a gentle world,and if someone hurts me or mine,i don't go looking for police.Human justice is just as impotent as divine.Human justice takes a different course if you got the money,divine justice does not exist.But if it helps you and yours,that's ok.Don't trust in people to much tho,they not worth it.

  20. Nothin but killaz up in here! Justice is free for everyone.. Most people are cursed with fear..

  21. mira Anónimo como sabes que ella se involucro en eso o k tu fuiste testigo hijo de puta si no se apuren k a esos cabrones tarde k temprano cairan si es con la justicia de policias sera buena pero si caen con los que se encargan de limpiar les ira muy mal ya qie ellos son justicieros y no los matan directos si no los hacen sufrie les cortan los huevos y las manos ojala eso les pase a todos esos matones


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