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Friday, January 13, 2012

47,500 Victims in Five Years?

More on the 47,500 Mexican government data figure:

Mexico's drug war has claimed more than 47,500 victims in five years, according to a government body count.

By The Telegraph
A Police officer places markers next to the bodies of several men killed by drug traffickers.
The figures came as two decapitated bodies were found inside a burning SUV early on Wednesday at the entrance of one of Mexico's most luxurious malls, feeding fears the drug violence is beginning to infiltrate privileged realms previously thought safe.

Police recovered the mutilated bodies before dawn off a toll highway at a shopping mall entrance in the heart of the Santa Fe district that is a haven for international corporations, diplomats and the wealthy. The heads and a threatening message were dumped a few yards away, Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

Hours later, the government released the drug war body count figures.

Local media published images of the charred car and reported that a note written on hot pink paper was signed by the drug gang Mano con Ojos, or Hand with Eyes. Mexican police had said the gang was weakened by the arrest of its leader, Oscar Osvaldo Garcia, in August.

The victims, a man and a woman in their 30s, had not been identified, prosecutors said. They said the SUV with license plates from neighbouring Mexico state had been stolen.

Nationwide, 47,515 drug-related killings occurred from December 2006, when President Felipe Calderón deployed thousands of troops to drug hot spots, through September 2011, the Attorney General's Office said Wednesday.

Drug-related killings rose 11 per cent in the first nine months of 2011, when 12,903 people were killed, compared to 11,583 in the same period of 2010, the office said.

The figures indicate that three-quarters of all homicides in Mexico are now linked to the drug war.

The Attorney General's Office found one small consolation: "It's the first year (since 2006) that the homicide rate increase has been lower compared to the previous years."

There was a 70 per cent jumped in drug-related killings for the same nine-month period of 2010 compared to January-September 2009, when 6,815 deaths were recorded.

Prosecutors said the vast majority of last year's killings occurred in eight of Mexico's 32 states.

The Mexican government had been periodically releasing the number of drug war dead, but it stopped a year ago when the number reached nearly 35,000. Mexico's freedom of information agency had said it would ask for an investigation if prosecutors didn't release the data requested by several journalists by Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna said during a conference in Washington D.C. that in the first five years of the offensive against drug cartels, Mexico's federal police had arrested 2,700 gang suspects and 205 gang leaders, had investigated 283,000 extortion complaints and seized 10,000 tons of marijuana, 111 tons of cocaine and seized 136,000 weapons, 11,000 grenades and 13 million rounds of ammunition.

Mr Garcia Luna said Mexico has seized $935 million dollars presumed related to illegal activities.


  1. It would help the world's perception of what is going on in Mexico, if the press would tell it like it is...such as "A Police officer places markers next to the bodies of several drug traffickers killed by other drug traffickers." or "The figures came as two decapitated narco bodies were found inside a burning SUV". Instead of calling all the dead "victims" why not just call them narcos. It's too bad there are some innocents in the mix, but by far this is a war of narcos eliminating just each other. The press´s constant portrayal of all the dead as "victims" skews public perception, frightens would be visitors who have nothing to fear and incites Mexico haters to increase their output of negative rhetoric.

  2. Why is this news it has been hammered into the public thousands of times, is this simply part of the Drug Cartel Media Campaign to try and get a PRI President, WELL MAYBY! I wish I had more faith in the Mexican Voters, But I DON'T??

  3. I can assure you that the number gang related killings in the US are about the same if you go back 5 years. Liberals use the 47,000 "victims" as an agenda against the military doing it's job in Mexico. Some are victims, the vast majority are sicarios who chose their own destiny by shooting at soldiers and law enforcement. This is not a war on drugs it's a war on criminals who terrorize innocents.


    1. Don't forget the US has about 312 million people with our Mexico at 112 million people. That close to 3 times the population. That means they are harder to compare.

  4. so what! Show the Zetas hanging the gulfos!


  5. Why hasnt Garcia Luna captured Chapo Guzman?

    Luna comes to D.C. begging for more Millions.

    Does his Dog and Poney Show....

    47,500 Deaths and a 1% Conviction Rate for All Homicides.

    In Mexico there is No Rule of Law, Nor a Respect For It.

    Whats wrong with that picture?

  6. Brazil has over 75,000 killed in the last 5 years.

  7. First we had Fast and Furious, now theres a new scandall brewing known as White Gun,
    just how many guns is the ATF selling?
    just open up a store.

  8. This is a lame lie. 47500 dead people only wtf there are at least 100 killings per day average in mexico since the so called war on drugs started so you do the math and you will find out the real number of killings

  9. Wut is Mexico waiting 4? Give the U.S. the green light already...

  10. January 13, 2012 9:11 PM Easy Robocop.

  11. January 13, 2012 8:42 PM Why don't you do the count from now on? Since you people are so good in counting the dead people, can you tell me how many innocent people got killed in Iraq?

  12. President Calderon is a failure who is responsible for unleashing the Mexican army on his own people, and looking the other way as tens of thousands of people are murdered.

    The murder rate has soared in Mexico during Calderon's reign, with absolutely no progress in the battle against organized crime.

    I believe that Calderon had some good intentions when he started this mess, but his unbelievable naivete, coupled with ample doses of hubris, has left Mexico far less safe that it was only a few years ago.

    The worst part is that Calderon won't admit his utter failure and he continues to make the same mistakes, OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN. He is a shameful little man without shame. Sinvergüenza!

    The whiny little bureaucrat wouldn't be so bad, but he soils the names of his victims, by claiming that 90% of the dead are criminals. Sinvergüenza!

  13. I love it how this article mentions incredibly narcissistic Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna.

    The same Genaro Luna Garcia who has been implicated in several scandals involving drug cartels. He has yet to explain a $20 million dollar home he was bought in Tamaulipas.

  14. Mr BORDER LAND BEAT and U.S.A. politicians STOP calling it a DRUG WAR. It is a war, although it should be against criminals that extort, embezzel, steal, rape, murder, kidnap, and terrorize honest hard working citizens. All politicians are LIARS or PUSSY'S, all of whom allow the REAL criminals that break the LAW get away with it. Impunity of corruption within a system that is upheld within the government. Both U.S.A. and E.U.Mexicanos. FUCKED UP. HYPOCRITAS.

  15. we all know the number is much higher do they in include the thousands of missing people we we already know thats dead, i think the count is close to 100,000

  16. Siskiyou_Kid $20 million dollar home he was bought in Tamaulipas.

    Are you sure about that?

    Can you give us a link of the story about him buying a $20 million dollar home

    I will give you a web site for you to see how big a 20 million property will be in Mexico.

  17. Siskiyou_Kid Curious about $20 million dollar home I did a little research and I found out that he has a $7 million pesos restaurant, a $15 million pesos summer house and a $20 million pesos house but I didn't find anything about a $20 million dollar house.

    Here I will give you a link about a video were they talk about his properties.

    or this one!

  18. @ January 14, 2012 8:07 AM .I wouldn't bother,i think he makes it up as he goes along.Do you think he doesn't like Calderon?20$ house?Corruption,oh hell ye.

  19. 47,000 ain't shit compared to certain African countries. People need to arm themselves, I've been going to Mexico for year and carry a firearm every time. If ur scared to take an actual fire arm, take a flare gun and some shotgun shells, dumb federates don't put 2 ad 2 together.

  20. January 14, 2012 10:08 AM , You obviously dont know all the shit you can get yourself into.
    Las thing we need is a BB report over your
    "I had no idea my cousin was carrying it"
    Be safe, you can get a permit you know that right? but sneaking inot Mexico right now without a permit and armed will get you into some really heavy shit, those soldiers are not fucking around.

  21. That number is a joke - 47,000? There is a lot more killing that needs to be done. It should be 470,000! How many cartel members and cartel collaborators are there in Mexico? There could be a million and all one million of these fuckers need to be killed like animals. They should have slaughterhouses they could truck them to and kill them. Calderon is a pussy - he needs to get serious about killing.

  22. Eventually there are higher numbers..Africa hasnt stop suffering..Mexico is crazy because of the gruesome things they do to their rivalz.. Casterating,peelin faces,sawin their enemies,etc.. BB, keep on posting, I feel intense when I read these..and do a SPELLCHECK..hehe

  23. @January 14, 2012 9:47 AM

    Thanks for the links. I suspect that the stories about Garcia Luna's "$20 million house" refer to the $20 million peso house, but either way this guy is corrupt up to his eyeballs.

    Genaro Garcia Luna AND his top lieutenants have close connections in Sinaloa going back almost 20 years. Garcia Luna is almost certainly working directly for "El Mayo" Zambada.

  24. No matter how you cut it, Mexico is a crime-ridden dump. What shocks the hell out of me is that Americans still travel there for vacation....

  25. I cant believe you morons comparing Africa an under develop content, population 1 billion plus, to Mexico a developed country with a population of 115 million, living next to the richest country and most powerful army in the world.

  26. @anonymous 2:21. Its good that no one listens to people like you who just want to spout about staying out of Mexico. Better you just stay at home and type away on your keyboard and hide. I'm sure you have a fantastically interesting existence.

  27. Calderon is the closest thing to a sane progressive HERO Mexico has seen in a Hell of a long time.

  28. Re the genius who posted: "people like you who just want to spout about staying out of Mexico"

    That is correct and for good reason. If it so great there why are Mexican citizens risking life and limb in the deserts to leave? Hmmmm, just jobs, right? I'm sure you will preach about how the place is a utopia - from your residence in the USA no less. Right on, perhaps that works for you. Just bury your head in the sand because ignorance is bliss.

    lo mejor de las suertes a usted

  29. @ 8:53, I dont like to pick a fight, but there are people like you, who post their ignorant two liners about staying out of Mexico, wouldn't spend money there, it's a dump, blah blah blah. If you lived in Mexico you would know the truth and you wouldn't have said what you said. Your words are just spiteful, without value, and perfectly uneducated. And actually, I live in Mexico and get paid for what I know about this place. Y usted, que calificaciones tienes?


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