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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Caballeros Templarios answer Sicilia's call for a truce

During the last weekend in November Mexican poet Javier Sicilia called for a Christmas truce in the conflict between Mexico's government and its drug cartels during a literary festival in Guadalajara, the scene of the country's latest mass homicide.


Early Friday morning Sicilia's truce proposal was answered by the Caballero Templarios (CT) in various "narcomantas" that were hung in public in the city of Morelia, the state capitol of Michoacan.

Michoacan is the home, and stronghold, of the CT, a Mexican drug cartel that evolved from the fracture of the Familia Michoacana. Some drug war specialists have described the CT as the Mexican criminal organization that most closely resembles an ideologically based "movement".

The messages hung in Morelia accepted a Christmas truce with the federal government while at the same time denouncing alleged human rights abuses committed by federal authorities.

“SR. JAVIER SICILIA: Contestando a la petición de una tregua por parte del gobierno federal y los grupos o cárteles existentes en nuestro país, le decimos lo siguiente: Nosotros LOS CABALLEROS TEMPLARIOS no somos un grupo de narcotraficantes, somos un grupo ejerciendo la ley, como pueblo que somos, estamos decididos a respetar la tregua, en caso de que la haya, pero nos preguntamos, acaso el GOBIERNO FEDERAL sobre todo GENARO GARCÍA LUNA aceptarán y aceptarán la tregua, ya que el 9 de diciembre del 2009 y el 8 y 9 de diciembre del 2010 han atacado a la población de TIERRA CALIENTE con toda la fuerza del GOBIERNO FEDERAL a través de la PFP y creemos que este año 2011, van a regresar a lo mismo, golpear familias inocentes que nada tienen que ver con nosotros y seguirán robando, violando mujeres y matando gente inocente.

“Por eso nuestra pregunta SEÑOR SICILIA, acatará una tregua el GOBIERNO FEDERAL cuando no han respetado los acuerdos a los cuales han llegado con ustedes y solo le dan largas, usted es el primero y el único que le ha pedido al gobierno federal que se llegara a un acuerdo con el Crimen Organizado, con la finalidad de parar la ola de violencia que hay en nuestro país y que ha generado más de 50, 000 cincuenta mil muertos, cosa que no hubiese ocurrido si hubieran atendido su petición cuando usted lo propuso.

“SR. SICILIA nosotros LOS CABALLEROS TEMPLARIOS estamos dispuestos a respetar la tregua que usted propone, sin condiciones, con excepción de que el gobierno federal no ataque a nuestro pueblo y a nuestra gente y también respeten la tregua acordada. Atentamente LOS CABALLEROS TEMPLARIOS”.

Mr. Javier Sicilia:

In response to the proposal of a truce between the federal government and the existing groups or cartels in our country, we declare the following:

We, the Caballeros Templarios, are not a drug trafficking organization. We are a group upholding the law. We as a people have decided to respect the truce, in the case that there is one, but we ask ourselves will the federal government, especially Genaro Garcia Luna, accept the truce, since on December 9, 2009 and December 8 and 9, 2010 the attacked the population of the Tierra Caliente with the full force of the federal government through the use of the PFP (Federal Preventive Police), and we believe that this year, 2011, they will return with more of the same, hurting innocent families that have nothing to do with us, raping women and killing innocent people.

That is our question Mr. Sicilia. Will the federal government respect a truce when they have not respected agreements reached with yourselves, and continue to put them off? You are the one and only person that has asked the federal government to reach an agreement with organized crime that would halt the wave of violence in our country that has led to more than 50,000 deaths, which would not have occurred if they had heeded your petition when you proposed it.

Mr Sicilia, we the Caballeros Templarios are ready to respect unconditionally the truce you propose, on the condition that the federal government respect the truce accordingly and not attack our state and our people

Sincerely, the Caballeros Templarios

(Genaro Garcia Luna: A long standing member of Mexico's security apparatus and current Federal Minister of Public Security and head of the federal police force that has been accused of corruption and links to organized crime.

Tierra Caliente: An inland agricultural region of Michoacan that extends across the border into the neighboring state of Guerrero that produces marijuana and opium poppies, with a long history of violence between rival drug traffickers, guerrilla movements and a weak federal presence.)



  1. Oh yeah, I forgot that every year the army has operations in Tierra Caliente, used to be down by the coast. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the holidays with some peace, not like last year with all the ultimatums given by the Familia, like don't go to bars, resturants, posadas and get off the roads early and stay at home.

  2. What a deal, a poet proposes a truce a drug gang answers ,what this has to do with reality is blowing in the wind. Good theater!

  3. Only in Mexico can a poet call for a truce, what a joke for the mexican people. Who gave the poet this poet the authority to negotiate with the cartels?? We need to exterminate every single drug cartel member and we should get a good price on their petroleum. We don't need to get our oil from the middle east, we have plenty south of the border.

    ....We live in the matrix, and all is illusion, what fools we are; We fool ourselves enough that we believe our own lies!!!!...

  5. December 3, 2011 9:44 AM

    Start exterminating Inside your borders,
    you panzies are good at fighting wars over ideology in every other country but your own.

  6. Layer upon layer of mexican bullshit. All of it encouraged and facilitated by the mexican media.

    The poet is still grieving his son's death. The local gangsters are trying to take the moral high-ground. Not good theater, profound tragedy.

  7. They will "respect unconditionally"..."on the condition that"...WTF?

  8. FYI: To all who are tracking, the Caballeros Templarios are Retreads from La Famailia Michocan.

    The Trolls from La Familia Michocan RENAMED themselves The Knights Templars to thrown people off.

    Same group of Clowns, just a different name.

    La Familia Michocan = Payaso Caballeros Templarios.

    Los Mismo Gente!

  9. Lol at ignorant people here that cartel runs states that's something you will never do I bet you can barely keep your chick in line that's if you have one

  10. anon 9:44 A.M.. it is clear to see how the U.S. & its citizens think & work,you want to bully every country out of their oil,you create a war or some type of problem & then offer to help in return for what it is you top it off the U.S of A wants to set the price they want to pay on what ever the product is they need.that is why the world at large dislikes you government & its policies.The U.S. of greed is what it should be named!!

  11. @ Anonymous 9:44 AM
    Are you fucking stupid or what? Go help out mexico just for the oil huh? It's very easy for ignorant people like you to agree with our country going to war in other countries when you're not the one over there doing the fighting! People like you are the reason the rest of the world hates us and sees us as just “Ignorant Americans.”

  12. heres a little something for the occupants of the U.S of A.Your country does not want to stop drug trafficking because there is profit on both many lawyers,prosecutors & U.S. government agencies would be out of a job?not to mention all those lazy correctional officers who make a nice profit supplying cell phones to those inmates who are willing to pay 500-1000.thats not counting all the dope C.Os introduce into the AMERICAN prison system.corruption?how about your private prison corporations?yeah,the ones owned by YOUR politicians such as CCA or WACKENHUT CORRECTIONS.the drug trade is a lucrative business for the U.S.A as well.white america will never accept their flaws or responsibilities."YOU" are greedy by nature & want to be the only one to profit from any type of business,be it illegal or otherwise.YOUR country is just as corrupted as ours(MEXICO).anon Dec.5 7:29 AM made a good observation,the world does see you as "Ignorant Americans"...but he forgot to mention greedy & hipocrate!Anon 9:44 you say "We need to exterminate every single drug cartel member and we should get a good price on their petroleum. We don't need to get our oil from the middle east, we have plenty south of the border".
    White America is bent on getting everything they want & need from south of the border & you (Anon 9:44)say "WE" but I bet "YOU" would do no such're a coward!a greedy coward!

  13. @ Anonymous 9:41
    The whole world is greedy and corrupt. Just look at your fellow country men that are out there killing and cutting each other to pieces for money, expensive clothes, luxurious vehicles, women and jewelry. At least the american people haven't lowered themselves to that piece of shit level. And lets not get started on your elected officials. I know how fucked up our government is but it gets annoying to hear someone constantly bitching about the problems in their country and blaming ours. I know the US is involved with alot of the problems going on mexico but what's up with your people? Are they that desperate for money that it makes them lose all respect for human life? Or is it just so easy for them to get brain washed with narco corridos? Americas drug demand shouldn't have shit to do with the moral compass of your people. You couldn't pay me enough to cut a persons head off. Btw I'm was born in mexico and I'm proud of my heritage but I was raised in America and this is my country.

  14. "this is my country" what a fag...if you were really proud of your heritage you wouldn't be saying that...Don't forget how USA got its land...ignorant mf

  15. 12/05 11:54am,
    Hey if Mexico was too weak or drunk to hold onto their land (once upon a time), then that's their problem and a heritage I wouldn't be to proud For all you "haters" out talk talk..bottom line the US is número UNO faggots! Don't believe it..then explain why hundreds of thousands of your own countrymen risk their lives and what little money they have to come here? Nobody's taking risks to bust out the US to head into Mexico..why is that? Mexico is like that "older brother," who always seemed to get into trouble because he wasn't to smart, and blamed all his problems on his "younger brother," (US). When Mexicans solve their problems with DTO's, you come talk to me..until then place the blame where it belongs on Mexicans!!

  16. Glad I got the fuck out of there while the getting was good otherwise I'd be complaining about americans and blaming them for everything going on over there like your dumb

  17. @ American_Me. You fucking said it brother,its a shame Mexico and USA,have this love hate relationship.There is a lot of history between them,and a lot of connections.Idiotic talk like that clown,actually does perpetuate the conspiracy theories that the USA faces worldwide.
    Sometimes a big brother is needed.And for the record,i am European,although i,ll get accused of being from the USA.

  18. @ December 5, 2011 9:41 AM .What a fucking clown you are."White America"?What are you whining about?You sound like a racist prick,who is raving about some imaginary conspiracy.Did you know there are poor white people to?Do you believe in the Illuminati and all that shit?And blaming the USA for your problems is so fucking idiotic.Mexicans are killing Mexicans,beheading,dismembering,raping,corrupting,or are you going to say they are white people dressed as Mexicans,and financed by the USA?Now that is a good theory,a fuckin clown like you might believe it.Man,you really got to stop blaming the USA for ALL your own problems,"but they take the drugs"blah,blah,blah.You make the drugs,now you starting to produce Heroin,or is that another White USA conspiracy.You bringing it down to race,which shows what a crank you are.Do you hate Mexican-Americans as well?Do you hate Mexicans who moved to the USA,and did well from it?Do you get it now,,no,thought not.

  19. December 5, 2011 3:01 PM youre the clown,im not blaming the U.S. for whats going on in my country,but you cant deny the U.S & plenty of its citizens enjoy invading other countries & pillaging their goods!do your homework you idiot,look up oliver north & tell me your fucking country isnt filled with corruption & greedy you know your countrys history,how the white man obtained the land of the free?and its obvious you are not aware of how your prison system works.I do,I did time in the U.S. & its a fact lots of politicians have a steak in private prisons.but youre to fuckin ignorant to know that,as for COs making a buck?its also a fact,I bought a cell phone from a hack,so I know it to be fact!scroll up to anon 9:44 AM & see for yourself how Americans think!I dont blame our problems on the U.S.Im stating facts,"White America" isnt spotless.anon December 5, 2011 10:32 AM,so the U.S. is your country?when the U.S. government turns its back on you or your loved ones as they like to do,you wont be saying that.y muchas gracias anon December 5, 2011 11:54 AM for reminding this jack ass how the white man got his land!!!and to all of thee above offended by my knowledge...just scroll up-wards & read how your fellow men think...pendejos.

  20. to all of thee above...this is 9:41 AM Ill be the first to admit my country (Mexico) is upside down,our ppl are killing each other at an alarming rate.but its a necessary evil,I do not agree with harming innocent by-standers.if youre in the game well then man-up & take your bitter pill.i dont blame the U.S for our problems.but scroll up-ward & see for yourselves how Americans think!its all about the oil!why does the U.S. go half way around the world to bring peace to the middle-east & yet cuba is only 90 miles from the florida coast & it wont throw them a lifesaver?NO OIL there!!or any type of decent profit for big brother!!

    1. They pointed nukes at us thats why still drive cars from the last century and are under economic sanctions...but to be fair yes the cuban people were horribly exploited by US interests and thats why their revolution was opposed to maintain US hegemony...they had the moral highground until they pointed nukes at us then they became an enemy of the innocents and not just corrupt robber barons and got less than they deserved for their macabre theatrics.

  21. @ December 5, 2011 6:27 PM .You are a Racist.Your own words are telling the story,"white this,white that".White people got just as many problems as you have.You believe in some kind of imaginary white conspiracy,and then you tell everyone how clever you are?The whole of civilization has had,and will continue to have violent episodes,but you bring it down to the "white man"?As the other poster said above,who is to blame for Mexicos problem?You are just bitter that you ended up in clink,and white jailors didn't treat you right.You were in prison,not fuckin holiday camp.Going on about history,mankind thru-out history is built upon conquest,right or wrong?So stop whining about the "white man",your the cause of your own problems.Every country on this fuckin planet got major faults,the shit you whining about is idiotic,we can find fault with every race and country.You the kind of idiot believing in all kind of conspiracies.Do you think i want to see Mexico going thru this shit?I don't hate all Mexicans,there's good and bad in every race.But you just a Racist crank,just like a racist white skinhead crank.

  22. December 6, 2011 7:38 AM ...this is anon December 5, 2011 6:27 PM call me a racist if you want,eventhough I have white friends that agree with me about what I shared with you in this forum.To all of you who feel offended with my comment,maybe you should read more of the articles on this blog & see for yourselves how your paisanos(Americans)think.How they criticize our ppl for whats going on down here.its our problem(Mexicos).I dont believe our country concerns its self with the problems in other countries the way your country does & its only done for financial gain.get at your fellow country man...anon December 3, 2011 9:44 AM "We need to exterminate every single drug cartel member and we should get a good price on their petroleum. We don't need to get our oil from the middle east, we have plenty south of the border." So,you were saying?Americans will never accept their reality,as for I dont expect you to agree with my views & ideology,not at all.

  23. They say the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, and I believe that is the most correct assumption one could have.
    I sincerely hope there can be peace sometime in the future in Mexico, and all glimmers of hope should be taken seriously to succeed and to build a positive trend of non-violence. Of course this is just a stupid and naive comment, but nonetheless we have to keep hoping - this is maybe one of these chances. Sincerely Naive European

  24. @ December 6, 2011 10:43 AM .Hermano,you a liar,you have "white friends"?Mexican friends,American friends,get it.Everything with you is color,as for nations taking an interest in other nations,have you heard of the UN?A good idea in principle,although they too have faults.Just because some idiot says go and take the oil,do you believe we all think like this. The USA has caused major shit,like IRAQ for one,i didn't agree with that one bit,they did not attack USA,,Oliver North,of course they get up to shady shit,but to bring it do to race.You see man,this got me pissed because you,as a racist don't solve shit,you lumping together a huge pool of people because of the color of their skin and it gets fuckin old.I got fuck all against Mexico,and i hope the decent working folks who got it hard enough already,catch a fuckin break.As for the motherfuckers who target them for extortion,they gave up their human rights when they started killing people,be it white,black,brown,or fuckin yellow.Personally i think Calderon got balls,at least he tried,at least he fuckin did that.If you talk to a "white person"some of them actually know the score,some of them even got things in common with you,"i don't expect you to agree with my views & ideology,not at all"Nah mean Hermano.

  25. December 6, 2011 5:24 PM , perhaps I made a mistake & came off like a racist...I am against "anyone" who bashes my country & pretend their country is on moral high ground.I dont agree on how things are done here in Mexico...especially when it comes to our hard working ppl & the way these parasites extort,kidnap & rob them.

  26. December 5, 2011 7:29 AM :

    Plain and simple fact, Mexico would not even be civilized without Spanish Colonization. The Europeans brought culture and the western world to the Indios of Mexico that lasts to this day and is very much alive in Mexico.

    Maybe someday when the Cartels are Eliminated.... Mexico will Step up on its own feet and be a 1st. world Nation, not a 3rd world Backwater nation living off US remittences being sent home by Illlegals.

  27. Bunch of name-calling by racists that can't admit it.

    @9:41 Name a western country that got their land legitimately. Name an indigenous american tribe that didn't take their land from a weaker tribe.

    There is a lifetime of agony waiting for you who condemn hypocrisy and greed. You must enjoy it.

  28. December 8, 2011 10:12 AM so you believe the spaniards were civilized,really?they didnt bathe daily & would defecate inside their living quarters(and it wasnt a toilet)plus they brutally & savagely forced their catholic beliefs upon the tribes in Mexico!as for "remittences being sent home by Illlegals".Allow me to remind you they(Illegals)are the only ones who will put a vegetable in your salad!Try to get enough legal citizens to go work your fields!I didnt think for cartels & corruption,they will NEVER go away,not in our country(Mexico)or the U.S.dont forget who helped Joe Kennedy obtain the presidentcy for his son!!

  29. every country and people are guilty of abusing their "weaker' neighbors PERIOD

  30. @10:32 am,Your an embarrasement.The perfect example of a traitor to your own country.Its sad,your sad,people like you are the ones that deserve to die painfully,who would wanna be from the land of HYPOCRITES,the U.S.A

    Why would anyone say they are born in Mexico but consider the USA their country???,its reverse phycology,or in other words plain stupidity.

    Im born in Mexico and will always be Mexican,and yes I believe in death of all traitors of their country.

    Muerte para los traidores de la patria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. caballeros templarios are like all cartels kidnap rape killers sadics murders extorsionist secretary national defence do your duty protect serve give security to the people love your contry do it right terminate cartels.

  32. los caballeros templarios are not a a cartel there are well adapeted men i know if any cartel got a a problem i support them and some of them are in usa soil so what u said going to south of the border we are already hier


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