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Saturday, December 3, 2011

22 Policemen Linked to Los Zetas are Arrested

A total of 22 municipal and ministerial policemen including a former agent, were arrested yesterday by the Safety Group Coordination Inter-agency of Tabasco as suspected accomplices of Los Zetas, said the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

In a statement the PGJE said this arrest of the police officers is the result of an operation in the municipalities of Centro, Cardenas, Comalcalco and Huimanguillo, based in statements from Santos Ramirez Morales, aka "Santo Sapo," plaza boss of Los Zetas who was arrested on November 24 in Ocozocoautla, Chiapas.

The state agency said that of those captured, 12 belong to the Ministerial Police of Centro, 5 along with the former agent are from Huimanguillo, 4 are from Comalcalco and one is from Cardenas.

These municipalities are in the region of Chontalpa, main territory of influence of the Zetas in Tabasco.

Translated to the Special Prosecutor for Combating Kidnapping, for investigation were ministerial police officers Alfonso Rueda Palma, Lenín Silvano Pérez, Nahún Domínguez Ramos and Jorge Alberto Olvera Márquez, El Chilango.

Also arrested were Javier Alonso Hernández, El Chancla; Víctor Domínguez Hidalgo, Regino Bautista de la Cruz, Rafael Javier Jiménez López, Marco Antonio Morales Avalos, Joaquín Ruiz García, El Mechudo; Víctor Ángel Montalvo Bello and Carlos García Bautista.

The officers of Cardenas that were arrested were identified as Ever Cadena Mollinedo, Felipe Burelo Burelo, Víctor Manuel Camacho López and Aníbal de Dios Jiménez.

From the town of Comalcalco was municipal police Bertino Broca Lázaro.

In Huimanguillo authorities located former municipal police officer Eleazar Mendoza Gomez along with active officers Luis Alfonso López Castañeda, Serio León Cruz, José Manuel Garduza Gerónimo, Candelario García García and Darwin Hernández Jiménez.
In that region is where according to authorities "Santos Sapo" ordered the execution of at least 25 policemen, two of them killed along with their entire family for refusing to collaborate in kidnappings and murders.

Sapo is also linked to execution of the family of a marine Melquisedec Angulo Córdova, who was killed in an operation where Arturo Beltran Leyva, alias "El Barbas" was also killed in December 2009.

Source: Informador, El Universal


  1. Only 22 PoliZetas? Don't they corrupt an entire police force?

  2. "Santos Sapo ordered the execution of at least 25 policemen, two of them killed along with their entire family"

    Seriously how do these people sleep at night? how are they able to function at all after ordering such horrific acts or are they just so strung out on coke that they are not really aware of what they are doing?

    If these people REALLY think they can carry on like this doing this to people they are wrong. It will all catch up to them one day. Scum of the earth!

  3. December 4, 2011 2:20 AM I don't think is to hard to go to sleep after you killed innocent people. U.S. according to many the most civilized country in the world killed almost a million innocent people in Iraq, I'm sure they all go to sleep like babies at night.

  4. they get paid in double layer gum

  5. Im pretty sure all this sicarios are so fkd up on coke crack or whatever they use, that dont give a damn about anybody. watch this video on youtube COMANDO ARMADO EN CREEL CHIHUAHUA it shows how a boss passes around a bag of coke to his sicarios before killing a business man and his family.

  6. @8:59 Yeah they were high on coke, they commit these acts as they are high.. BUT that guy was no businessman. Word on the street was that he was the author of the First Creel Massacre where 12-17 were killed at a party (not sure the number), payback is a bitch. He was a dumb ass for keeping his family around.
    Give me 5 minutes with el Sapo, I hate that SOB! What he did to that family was sick. I remember watching the news that day and getting my body filled with rage.. I am actually surprise the Marines didn't kill him.. Maybe he knows to much, I just hope they are torturing the hell out of him..
    The Marines didn't kill Beltran, it was his stupid drug addiction and his inability to keep his group together. El Barbie said it "I was too scared of him. He was just too unstable."

  7. I see this a little differently. To me, it seems political. For the most part, the police forces supporting the Zetas, BLO and CDJ get exposed. Why, because these cartels operate in for the most part northern areas and get state and municipal support. LFM could have been put in this group. They state and local police cannot go out of state and make arrests. But the federal police and military can and this is what we are seeing. These arrests are very political and committed by PAN in support of CDS. PAN is more criminal that the police forces they are arresting. Remember, for a while, they were sending hit squads in to kill the police forces until publicity forced them to stop. THe feds even went in and disarmed police forces and then sent hit squads back to finish the job on unarmed police officers. Calderon and PAN are ruthless. You really can't blame the individual cops either as they have no choice if they and their families want to survive.

  8. @December 4, 2011 10:36 AM .Good info brother,its obvious that motherfucker had it coming,it was a major hit to get him.Do people really believe that they cant sleep at night?C,mon man,if you killing fuckers in the first place,then you got no problem with sleeping,drug or no drug.Life aint sacred,life isn't god given,its just life,and it can be snuffed out in a second.This,we all love one another shit,is just that,shit.The Toad,is spilling his fat guts,look at the cops all ragged in,debrief the fat fuck with bats.And no,fuck his human rights,he forfeited them.

  9. Zacatecas, Zacatecas .- One of the most wanted by Mexican authorities, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano a.ka. "El Lazca" one of the main leaders of the criminal group "Los Zetas" nationwide.

    Would come to settle in this state and was about to be arrested on the afternoon of November 15 last Tuesday on a ranch and in a hotel in Fresno, but managed to flee with Ivan Velazquez Caballero a.ka. "El Z- 50 "and / or" El Taliban "head of the organization in Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato part.

    According to reports obtained by MUNDONARCO, the spectacular operation was performed Tuesday afternoon on a ranch 15 located on the road to Valparaiso, led by the Mexican Army, Navy, and the Federal Police SIEDO was with the intention of capturing Lazcano, but apparently someone told him of the mobilization against it and was able to flee.

    Informally learned that the troops succeeded in capturing a subject known as "German", considered one of the commanders of "Los Zetas" in Zacatecas.

    Also five suspects were apprehended , identified as leaders of the same criminal organization in the state, although their identities were not disclosed so far.

    Through intelligence work, the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), the Navy Secretariat (SEMARNAT), the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO) and the Federal Police were aware that Heriberto Lazcano was in Zacatecas, Fresnillo specifically, making organized an impressive operation to try to stop it.

    They knew he was in a ranch located near Fresnillo Cereso owned by a man identified as Francisco Padilla, where there was horse racing lanes.

    On Tuesday 15, as reported through the same space, military, marine and federal agents arrived at the ranch in helicopters and planes as well as dozens of police cars.

    It was said that the site had a lot of look outs once they noticed the presence of the troops opened fire against them, so they responded in the same way, thus initiating a confrontation.

    The elements "burst" the ranch but could not find Lazcano Lazcano, deducing that someone gave the "whistle" that went for him and fled.
    It was reported that at the time of the said event there were ongoing horse races , of which "El Lazca" was participating in , but he left just before the operation.

    The site has achieved the arrest of five subjects and securing weapons and vehicles, and although it transpired that there were people killed or injured, this was not confirmed by authorities.

    The Government of Zacatecas only confirmed the operation but did not disclose details of their results, although it was said that the arrested leaders acted as "Los Zetas" in the state, which would strengthen the story that "El Lazca" was indeed in the ranch and fled before the arrival of the authorities along with the aforementioned Ivan Velazquez Caballero a.k.a. "The Z-50".

  10. Maybe US intelligence should start putting GPS devices on expensive quarter horses that are going to Mexico ;) It seems like all the high rollers love their parejeras, and most of these horses are bought from states like New Mexico, California, and Oklahoma..

  11. 12/04 7:28AM,
    Really? And you know this because you have been to Iraq! I tell you what..why don't you hop on a plane head to Iraq or better yet head to Afghanistan and join the Tailban and defend your Muslim brothers against the evil empire known as the United States! How can you sleep at night, when you know what the US is doing but you personally aren't doing shit to stop it! LOL..that's what I thought..your just a "lowly little keyboard puncher" who doesn't know shit!!

  12. @ December 5, 2011 12:55 PM .Soft ass,that is his opinion?This is a forum,for opinions.Truth is,Iraq didn't actually do shit to the USA.You know the story,daddy Bush etc.@December 4, 2011 5:51 PM.Sometimes it makes you wonder,if Lazca is this hands on,obviously he got to be seen by the main men,but what a prize for authorities.He obviously got big balls,for what he has achieved in a short time,but there has got to be collusion between the authorities and him.Why they never get caught?He must be moving in convoy?Basically,i think they can be found,but the status quo remains?


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