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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mexico Seizes 'Zetas' Communications System

Written by  Ronan Graham
In Sight
Mexican army troops have dismantled a sophisticated communications network, believed to have been operated by the Zetas drug gang to conduct internal communications and monitor the movements of the security forces.

A statement from the Defense Department (SEDENA) said that military personnel dismantled the network in the northern border states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas following a 12-month operation.

Although the statement did not give the name of the drug cartel operating the network, the Zetas have extensive operations in these areas.

The military confiscated more than 1,400 radios, 2,600 cell phones and computer equipment during the operation, as well as power supplies including solar panels, according the Defense Department.

The equipment was found in rural, sparsely populated areas of the four states. According a military source, the antennas were painted green to blend in with the surroundings.

Officials claim that the dismantling of the communications network will be a blow to the gang that operated it, leaving them without any means of gathering information on the location of the security forces.

In November, the Defense Department announced that the army had dismantled a $350,000 radio communications network, allegedly operated by the Zetas in Coahuila state.


  1. I was wondering why I lost my AT&T cell signal. I thought the billing address a little strange.

  2. These idiots stole the repeater off my ranch,took the battery and the solar pannel, whats worse they "siezed" 4 trail cameras,that were used to take pictures of deer, and scared hell out of the cowboy. I don't know anything about any cell phones this was a simple low watt radio system used on a ranch.

  3. @9:12am do you have a ranch in Mexico? You must be a pinche Z.

  4. At least the zetas are going green with solar power LOL.

  5. Hey guys, look at the second picture, there is a portable decoder for digital data transmission, I have seen them before, the other one is a heavy duty signal repeater-booster. Somebody with adequate knowledge in electronic communications is helping them. I thought they were just a whole bunch of drug addicts and gang members.

  6. I read the article in another blog , authorities never confirmed that it belong to Los Zetas gang.
    They only speculated it was theirs because of the region, yet it could be another criminal organization that is responsible for this equipment.

  7. @3:28am they are a fucking drug cartel punk, what did u expect?

  8. pretty funny after challenging the government ..they got hurt at least for some nice solar panels

  9. @

    "At least the zetas are going green with solar power LOL."


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