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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zetas linked to kidnapping and murder of Marines arrested in Veracruz.

        Lt: Angel Mora "Comandante Diablo" Rt: Gregorio Maldonado "El Panadero"

Semar, Mexico's Naval Ministry, announced the capture Friday of two Zeta operatives linked to the kidnapping and execution of three Marine officers in the port city of Veracruz on July 29 of this year.

The Semar communique identified the two Zetas as Ángel Manuel Mora Caberta, “Comandante Diablo”, an alleged "jefe de sicarios" for Los Zetas (a local coordinator of operations for cells of Zeta gunmen), and Gregorio Maldonado García, "El Panadero”.

Both men were flown to Mexico City and transferred to the custody of Siedo, Mexico's federal organized crime task force under the Attorney General's Office.

Angel Mora's area of operations was the Sotavento region of the state of Veracruz, which includes the municipalities of Boca del Rio and the port of Veracruz.

According to information gathered by a naval intelligence unit, the three officers were off duty and travelling in an unmarked car when they were abducted by a Zeta cell led by Mora.

In a similar incident, a naval cadet was reported missing after he failed to return from liberty on August 8th. According to naval intelligence the cadet is also believed to have been abducted by Los Zetas.

Veracruz is home to Mexico's Naval Academy.

The following video is from a Milenio TV news story released in early July of this year. The news report shows the fate of two Mexican Army soldiers abducted in Veracruz. (see at 1:17 and 4:07)

Milenio confirmed that the two men beaten to death were support troops performing administrative functions at a military base in Veracruz.

The Milenio editor being interviewed states that in the more that 4 years since President Calderon declared war on the drug cartels 236 Army troops have been killed in action and 94 have been abducted. Of the 94 abductees only 38 bodies have been recovered, and 14 were released alive after being tortured. The fate of the others remains unknown.

During this same period the editor states that 223 soldiers and officers have been prosecuted or are being tried for human rights abuses.

In another Semar communique dated September 28th, three Zetas were arrested at a Marine highway checkpoint on September 27th in the municipality of Tuxpan.

The Zetas were in possession of documents related to extortions in progress and also a "narco manta" or banner similar to those hung in municipalities throughout Veracruz on Monday.

The banners, addressed to the Mexican Senate by a group calling itself "desperate citizens", accused the Marines of major human rights abuses and of being the military arm of Chapo Guzman and the Sinaloa cartel.

The Marines have approximately 2,000 troops in Veracruz leading the Mexican government's efforts against Los Zetas.

An operation by Marines and Federal Police undertaken early Friday morning in the municipalities of Cultizingo, Ciudad Mendoza, Nogales and Río Blanco resulted in the arrests of approximately 50 municipal policemen suspected of having links to organized crime.

As of Friday afternoon federal forces continued to occupy the police stations as spouses and families of the detained police officers grew desparate for information of the whereabouts of their family members.



  1. Why does Mexico have a navy?

  2. @ October 1, 2011 7:15 AM For the same reasons many others have one.

  3. Dude marina are marines...fuerzas navales is navy. They use marines since they are smaller and way less corrupt than the other branches. Mexico is a large matter how shitty a country is, they have their ways to fight back.

  4. They need a navy to make sure the narco subs get to port.

  5. As an American (Caucasian) who lives in Mexico I am embarrassed by some of the comments the other Americans make on this web site. Who are you to judge Mexicans or Mexico until you have walked a mile in our shoes? It's easy to place blame and judgement, but why don't you try living here for awhile and see if some of your opinions change ?

  6. We have a Navy to beat Cuba's ass, and to keep the U.S. at bay if you guys keep going down your socialist path. Keep electing socialist presidents, and see what happens

    Viva Mexico! Viva el PAN.

  7. Wow, i guess the Zetas are getting hit pretty hard.. I don't care if the marina is turning zetas to the other carteles... Zetas deserve to die, no ifs and buts..

  8. How can anybody complain if Zs are being removed, its got to be a good thing. Personally I would love to see towns rounding up and exterminating Zs,Gulfo,Sinaloa--- and any other criminals that are a pain in the ass!!

  9. 10/01 @ 11:04AM,
    Embarrassed? Get over yourself! I like how you say your an American living in Mexico.."walk a mile in OUR shoes..." I got news for you, your white and the Mexicans don't like you! Plus I highly doubt your over there living in a mile in your shoes would be easy! Maybe you have been living in Mexico to long...last I heard, in America..everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you agree with it or not! I'm so very glad your no longer residing in less asshole to contend with..there you go another comment to embarrass you by. You welcome!

    I hope your not implying that Mexico is some great military power? Huh..because their not! The U.S. Navy is the greatest naval power in the the world! Your comment with regards to "keeping the US at bay" is a fucking joke! The only battles the Mexican Military has ever fought (in modern times) is on Mexican that's pretty sad!

  10. @ 10:53
    your a dumb ass. why dont you go to mexico and see if its easy for a white man. Let me guess your some old US soldier who is scarred from war like 90% of the fucks that come back all mentally unstable and your just jumping to go to war again in mexico or where ever it be. Why do you think the US can police the world the have the biggest and most corrupt gov even more so than mexico. Do u see other countries going into US to stop crime...NO! wonder why...because they want this country to go to shit why...people like u!

  11. 6 57 35% of returning troops from iraq hadif ptsd. Out of 700,000 troops. Then u called them fucks which is disrespectfull and idiotic. They left fam, freinds, and house to fight in rice fields, desserts and caves to fight for there country and the ideals they believe. Any one in the world who sacrifices there comfort to pick up a gun and putt there lives in gods hands deserve respect and care at the highest levels. I'm not a soilder either.

    10 53 mex is using there troops within its borders for the immidiate benifit of the country. Were Fighting a billion dollar per day war in iraq and afghanistan. And hows that coming? Were paying to rebuild another country when ours is in need of help. Were are the wmd's? Talibans are dragging out the war becouse they know american will to fight will end, and they will regroup. Billion dollars a day would really help here don't you think?

    Common sense isn't so common, and you both had ignorant post

  12. @9:50 35% are u serious my brother and all his best friends all went to Iraq and they will tell u themselves they had no debriefing what so ever straight off the bus to the civilian world and what let me guess they are fighting for me yea right America hasn't fought for freedom in hundreds of years believe me if it came down to that we'd all pick up guns.

  13. 6 48 dam right we'd all pick up guns. Especially if someone tried to invade the u.s. 35% is the number, I'm not sure how the debreifing process is. Now the u.s fights for intrest of a few and alot pay the price.

  14. @6:57AM,
    First of all, I have no desire to visit or reside in Mexico..why in the fuck would I do that? I have a great life right here in the States with no complaints. Second, where in my first post did I say anything about the US invading or putting troops in Mexico? Huh..I didn't dumbass..and I never said anything about the US "policing the world," so where you came up with that shit..I dunno.

    what the hell are you talking about? you know how to 10:53 post doesn't mention anything about Iraq or Afghanistan or Mexico using their military to combat the drug cartels. Wow! You and the other schmuck need to learn how to read and stop speaking for others, when you both don't have a sad.

  15. @9:50AM,
    Go cry to your Congressman, who represents your area. I don't see how posting a comment (your comment) about America's fight in Iraq or Afghanistan has anything to do with a blog site chronicling Mexico's drug war? BTW I'm sure "your contribution" to the billion dollar a day war isn't quite your bitching and try and work on improving your spelling.


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