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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Juárez Cartel Questioning Jailguard in Video

By Daniel Borunda
El Paso Times
The New Juárez Cartel has emerged in a video showing paramilitary gunmen interrogating a Juárez prison guard claiming he and other guards worked for the rival Sinaloa drug cartel.

The New Juárez Cartel has emerged in a video showing paramilitary gunmen interrogating a Juárez prison guard claiming he and other guards worked for the rival Sinaloa drug cartel.

This video is the latest public exhibition of the so-called New Juárez Cartel, which is reportedly an offshoot of the Juárez cartel's La Linea organization and allied with reputed kingpin Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

Both in the video and banners recently unveiled in Juárez, the New Juárez Cartel makes threats against reputed Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman and his lieutenants in Chihuahua.

Since 2008, more than 8,500 people have been killed in Juá rez in a war between the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels.

Mexican federal police reportedly told Chihuahua news outlets that initial intelligence suggests the new cartel was formed by old allies of the Carrillo Fuentes brothers and the group is actively recruiting young men.

Borrowing a page from cartels that claim to protect society, the New Juárez Cartel has reportedly vowed to protect Juárenses from kidnappings for ransom, robberies, extortion and the killings of innocent people.

A U.S. law-enforcement official said it was too early to tell if the New Juárez Cartel was a new group or an existing organization with a new name.

The cartel video shows a man identifying himself as Concepcion Marquez Aguilar, a prison guard at the former Chihuahua state prison in Juárez that earlier this year was converted to a federal correctional facility.

On Sunday, Marquez was found shot to death off a highway south of Juárez, said Carlos Gonzalez, a spokesman for the state prosecutor's office in Chihuahua City. Gonzalez said there had been no reports regarding Marquez's disappearance and it is believed he was surprised by his killers going home from work.

In the six-minute video posted Monday on YouTube, Marquez casually answers questions while seated in a chair surrounded by a dozen gunmen wearing SWAT-style tactical uniforms with helmets, masks and vests stating "NCJ" for Nuevo Cartel de Juárez.

In the video, a man off camera questions Marquez about prison staff working for the Sinaloa cartel.

Marquez claims 15 to 20 guards are ex-military members from out of state who work for a prison supervisor named "Benjamin El Guasón" or "Benjamin the Joker." According to Marquez, "Benjamin El Guasón" takes orders from the Sinaloa cartel and is backed by the Artistas Asesinos and Mexicles gangs.

The guards "work in there (the prison) and in the afternoons they go out to kill," said Marquez, who had bruises on his face.

"They go out to kill at night?" the interrogator asked forcefully.

"Yes," Marquez answered.

The video does not depict any violence but stated "this will happen to all guards who support" Sinaloa cartel leaders. Similar threats were made on banners recently found in Juá rez.

Claims made on the video could not be verified. Mexican drug cartels regularly use the Internet to issue threats and boast in a type of narco propaganda.

Times reporter Marisela Ortega Lozano contributed to this story.


  1. I think this is the 'new imagining'/image of the Juarez Cartel, maybe to counter the bad PR La Linea has, in relation to civilian population, as well as being a group on the ropes. Maybe among their own organization there was some La Linea backlash too. Tired of being labeled brutal killers of women and children, while CDS looks like the guys in the western trying to save the town (in the public eye, not reality) We'll see what happens.

  2. Slick PR campaigns are officially a trend for these cartels now. I bet we see a flurry of propaganda videos. Unfortunately one of the props that they use is human beings who are later disposed of. I regard any and all cartels to be on the same level. They are just pathetic criminals without the morals or the backbone to earn an honest living and contribute to society. Each killer is a sad reflection of his mother's failings.

  3. Agree with 1:15. Seems nothing more than rebranding of La Linea, dont agree with them being on the ropes though.

  4. Anytime someone claims to be new and improved, it usually means that they are struggling. This is all propaganda made by a deteriorating cartel. Their original plan of being an ultra violent cartel has worked against them. Now they are trying to reinvent themselves. But in reality, they are only trying to imitate their rival.

    It's too late. El Chapo has the president's help and the federal police. While the Juarez Cartel have the mayor and the police chief. Leyzaola even went to DF to speak to Calderon about the assassination attempts that were made on him and the mayor by the federal police, and Calderon just turned his back.

    The masterplan was for El Chapo to take over Juarez from the start. The only thing that will happen is that more people will die in the process.

    This video of the New Juarez Cartel is just part of a new and apathetic publicity stunt to get new young recruits to sacrifice their lives for a hundred dollars a week and it's a predictable attempt to scare other young men to leave the Sinaloa Cartel and join The New and sadly Improved Juarez Cartel.

    If or when The Juarez Cartel loses this war, this whole new reinvention will have been an absolute waste of time for both the cartel and the good people of Juarez.

    But meanwhile, How many more people will have to lose their lives for the sake of greed and hate?

  5. I agree, no one re-names its org in the middle of the war. It only points out to one thing, and one thing only. The previous group didnt work.
    Just like products that come up with a reinvented formula (four loko), or a restaurant that says "under new management". This is a sign that their group is struggling. I wonder if the Carillos are now running the show and JL is out of the picture. Say what you wanna say, but taking Diego out of the picture was a big blow for the JC...

  6. Wow thats a lot of police equipment in this video and the other one with the matazetas.

  7. As long as Vicente Carillo Fuentes is out and roaming freely the Juarez Cartel will not be easily stopped,Chapo and the Goverment currently are failing to control Juarez.Supposibly CDJ and Zetas have also promised to take back Chihuahua City by next year.

  8. Mexico as a country should take an action in this revolt of this small army, it is unjust for innocent people to be executed. There is no point in a government if they are not putting a stop to these invaders. Mexico NEEDS to do something about these criminals. The Zetas are not something that are attracting, they will, and are going to be defeated in some aspect unexpectedly. These Mexican Army invader will not be allowed to continue to execute innocent people who have nothing to do with their revolts. The only reason the are having these revolts and invaded people in parts of Mexico is because they want easy money and are to lazy to work. This small army need to change their way of thinking and become more mature in the aspect of doing good not bad. They will be put to a stop soon. I DON'T hear Mexico as a whole putting a stop to these army, it's as if they are just letting them take over the country. If the goverment of Mexico doesn't do anything and are demonstrating that they are weak. Then someone, in someway will put a stop to these delinquent's.


  10. El cartel de juares cometio femicidio en los 90s y principo del 2000, por eso el govierno de usa y mexico liberaron al chapo para que sacara al cartel de juares de chihuahua. Los que apoyan al cartel de juarez son los mata mujeres y mata amarrados y se merecen que les den con lo mismo. Animo GN.

  11. Because Juarez cartel killed so many women, The goverment of mexico and usa let chapo escaped from prison to take juarez cartel out of chihuahua. Of course the contras would never accepted that the cartel was defeated and chapo's team always growing getting sicarios from the artistas and mexicles and in the other hand juarez need to import los astecas from el paso, and authorities said that chapo is in control of juarez.

  12. Why are yall so into this instead doing somthing better like working or going school ya dnt knw chet js wat u wana hear and believe ya realy think these cartels are going die no in reality is a fam organization once one dead nxt takes over or another fam member or friend its called vengence unless bitches stop popping kids one after one going take ur place like ur chety job once ur fired one takes ur place nomatter wtf u did there at work thats why there empresas companies as long theres a demand theres a product market open ur eyes even if there name changes is the people who are behind the currtin so js cus change name dnt mean chet aint sayn im for them js sayn truth like any company a name can change dnt meean that there gna stop sending product to world no cartel funished unless fam members or friends gone then its finished but to be replaced by some new fam its fam business it goes ob on on till demand stopes so teach ur kids bout drugs maby u can finish it dought it tho but try is a try

  13. The Plaza by Guillermo Paxton - I have to warn you, this book will bring you face to face with the drug war going on just south of the U.S. border. I was horrified reading it and even more horrified when I realized that many events described in the book actually took place, or rather, were based on actual events. It was a real eye opener. It will bring you to the darkest places of humanity.


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