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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Hunting

 El Chapo or El Mayo, for Calderon's promised gift

A general with an incorruptible reputation starts to scale the highest peaks of the mountains that form El Triangulo Dorado, or the Golden Triangle, in command of an elite Army unit, for one of the last hunts being undertaken by the government of Felipe Calderón that's seeking a trophy before the end of his failed administration in combating narcos. The capture of el Chapo or el Mayo, the two leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, and they say, the world's most wanted.

The night of July 22, a group of soldiers belonging to the Army Special Forces entered the guarded region of San Lorenzo, dominated by the Sinaloa cartel, were they faced off against a commando of hitmen at the entrance of El Melon, receivership of Quilá.

On the night of the skirmish, it was reported that two suspected gunmen were killed and another one was arrested with guns and grenades, which was later made ​​available to the Attorney General's Office.

The elements also seized two vehicles, at least in an official manner, a black Chevrolet with TZ-04 924 plates, which had been reported as stolen, and a red Mercedes Benz, with special shielding and license plates MXD-540 from the State of Mexico.

The first unit was overturned, with the body of a gunmen still inside, while the armored car was in the middle of the road. The occupants apparently abandoned the vehicle and le
ft through other means. Inside were two AK-47 rifles and a AR-15. The escape had been unexpected.

Later, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) identified the bodies as Santiago Ibarra Zamudio, 42, originally from Gomez Palacio, Durango, and residing in the city of Guamuchil. The second body was that of Magdaleno Madriles Santos of 40 years, residing in La Cruz de Elota.

In the military operation was also arrested Alexander Mariscal Millán, who was remanded by the federal Public Ministry of the Fourth District Court in Culiacan.

The offenses brought against him were the violations of the Federal Firearms and Explosives, the modality of carrying firearms and military artifacts (granades) which are an exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

He was also accused of the crime of attempted manslaughter against the Army. The PGR information indicates that the court hearing was held on the 24th of July.

Mariscal Millan and the two men killed were identified by unofficial sources of the PGR as members of a cell that commands Orso Ivan Gastelum, alias El Ch
olo, a trusted assassin of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, who escaped from the prison of Aguaruto in August of 2009.

The night of the raid in El Melon, Army sources said, that Special Forces were going for Joaquin Guzman Loera, one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, in an intelligence operation that seeks secrecy, until the look-outs discovered the movement and the leader began the departure from Quilá.

Neither the two Bell 412 helicopters or the twenty trucks of militia, whose numbers, according to local press, were covered up with tape to avoid being identified, where they could build networks to capture the drug lord who was present in the area.

GAFES group, according to reports from officers of the Ninth Military Region that's based in Culiacan, was addressed for an operation from Mexico City, were some of them had military detachments in the base of the town of Badiraguato. 

When the story emerged that the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), had commissioned a general with an incorruptible reputation to carry out one of the last missions for Calderon, to catch el Chapo Guzman or Ismael el Mayo Zambada by establishing a military siege on the cartels influential points, especially in the so-called Golden Triangle, which covers the mountains of Sinaloa, Durango and Chihuahua.

A labyrinth for a general

The version has been confirmed from within the Department of Defense. Brigadier General Antonio Gurrola Calzada, has been described by other generals of the army as a career Soldier thats clean, honest, foolproof and very smart.

He has had a meteoric career in the military. In 1997, he was promoted to colonel of infantry and was commissioned on special operations, and was also staff during the conflict in Chiapas. In 2005, he was the leader of the Military Garrison in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Until 2010, he was commander of the Fourth Military Region, based in Hermosillo, Sonora.

With experience as commander of troops in several states,
in the sector of Armored Guns, whose members generally belong to the cavalry, and who are the Mexican military experts in the inspection and investigation of terrains.

Recently promoted to "Olympus" of the Brigadier Generals, for months Gurrola Calzada, aged at about 60 years, is leading a special operation in the mountainous area, as indicated by the military's high command. This operation focuses on only two objectives, Joaquin Guzman Loera and Ismael Zambada García.

According to testimony from Army commanders, Gurrola has an impeccable record of service and is assigned officially to the Third Military Region, based in Mazatlan, and is placed as second in command after Division General of State Mayor, Ruben Serrano Herrera, who reveal in December the general César Jiménez López.

Military consulting sources mentioned that Gurrola has under him a number of elements from the Special Forces and has a permanent command seat at the base in Badiraguato, equipped with weapons, vehicles, aircraft and technology.

In fact, according to officers of the Ninth Military Zone, the group of GAFES took by assault the community of El Melon which has a detachment in the town, the birthplace of drug trafficking in Mexico.

The fence that's maintain in the mountainous area, ranging from the native region of Guzman Loera to the
lattice paths of Cosalá, according to the same sources. Special forces constantly monitor this stretch of land, where civilians have denounced abuse by the military forces in recent months. 

Gurrola Calzada, refer, is a soldier that's very close to José Armando Tamayo Casillas, former Presidential Chief of Staff under President Vicente Fox, the same presidential term in which Chapo Guzman escaped.

He is also a close associate of Deputy Secretary of National Defense, Carlos Demetrio Gaytan Ochoa, and the Chief of Staff of National Defense, Gen. Luis Arturo Oliver Cen.

Both are senior experts in drug-trafficking, so it may be the reason why Gurrola Calzada has been sent to follow the footsteps of the cartel leaders, which in more than one occasion have been identified to be beneficiaries of the security policies of Mexico and the United States.

Eddy's war against El Chapo

It is not the first time the army and its generals throw their nets in search of the Sinaloa cartel leaders in their own territories.

Since January 2006 the general Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy had arrived to the Ninth Zone, were  he implemented strong operations in the regions of Badiraguato and Culiacan, also in Chihuahua and Durango in search of bosses, especially el Chapo, which seems to be the PAN government obsession.

By April, the entire communities were destroyed in the frantic hunt that began the general Hidalgo Eddy,
with the staff trying to recapture the capo, a native of La Tuna, as a trophy.

One of the first reactions of these operations against drug traffickers was an assault on a steep mountain headquarters in Durango, which happened on a night of early June.

A commando attacked and burned an army base near the community of Los Frailes, a town of Tamazula, apparently in retaliation for the military siege, as the government tended to drug traffickers in the area.

It all happened in 2006. On the 18th of September at 22:00 hours, the body of Enrique Parra
was thrown, wrapped in black plastic bags, at the entrance of the Ninth Military Zone. "For snitching, Eddy", said the direct message to the general commander.

The arrest of Luis Albero Cano Zepeda, nephew of Chapo, in an operation in Durango, contributed to a tense climate. According to the PGR, Cano served as a pilot of an airplane that was used to transport drugs. This took place on August 22, 2006 in Bastantitas, Tamazula. He was arrested along with four associates when a Cessna type plane was landing..

A week after they threw the body for general Eddy, senior officers of the Department of Defense sent him to Moscow as a military attache.

But the general would return to the maze on June 9, 2007, with a new determination and with the same slogan.

The troops under his charge were accused of committing the same misdeeds a year earlier, and on July 28, 2007, a supposed group of farmers from Tamazula published in the newspaper of el Debate an ad pointing out the violations of human rights in the community. He knew then that this deployment was sent from Mexico City via fax.

On September 7, a commando executed the
interlocutor among the Army, State Government and the media, Oscar Rivera Inzunza, and two days later, in three parts of the city, appeared canine remains in plastic bags and funeral wreaths with threats against Hidalgo Eddy.

Appearing in the eastern walls of the Military Zone, on Boulevard Gabriel Leyva Solano and next to the park Ernesto Millan Escalante. Among the threatening messages were: "Either you align or get aligned," General Eddy.

On the 30 of November he was revealed again. After the capture of Alfredo Beltran Leyva, el Mochomo. On January 21, 2008 in Culiacan, the army arrested a military prosecutor and three troops, identified as working for el Mochomo.

One of them, Lieutenant Luis longitud, had been escorting Hidalgo Eddy. It turned out that these soldiers sent timely information of the general's movements. Thus, the General proposed to be culminating his career with the trophy of El Chapo Guzman, turned out to be infiltrated by the capo, even in his most trusted inner circle.

Chapo caught in three stages: Wikileaks

In the cable of 3077, declassified by WikiLeaks, sent on October 26, 2010 from the State Department of the Embassy in Mexico and classified as "secret," said, the intelligence director Dennis Blair, met with Secretary of Defense Guillermo Galván Galván.

This meeting took place on October 19, of last year, on the eve of a meeting with President Calderón and members of the Security Cabinet.

Among the issues highlighted by Galvan was the role of the military in combating narcos, the cooperation of the U.S. government for fighting organized crime and the expansion of the cooperation agencies in Mexico.

The information sent to the U.S. embassy, that the general was interested in establishing the highest levels of cooperation with the Americans.

And to their institution (Sedena) responsible for capturing high-level targets, including two members of Los Zetas and the Sinaloa cartel chief Joaquin Guzman Loera, "El Chapo," said the document leaked by Wikileaks.

The diplomat also spoke with a special operation to capture Guzman Loera in three stages:

"He said (Galvan) that the Department of Defense is implementing an operation, which consists of three stages, specifically to catch el Chapo. The first stage, they have concluded, is to establish a physical force in the area of his operations to collect intelligence. "

"He noted that they
have found 10 to 15 places where he (El Chapo) moves, but El Chapo commands a wide network of support, consisting of informants and has a safety belt of up to 300 men that make it difficult to launch operations for the capture. The second phase is to move a circle of soldiers in the area where he operates, which Galván hopes to launch soon. The third stage is the capture. "



  1. Chapo is nowhere.....yet he IS everywhere....puro Sinaloa(CHOIX)

  2. hahahaha. The Mexican army couldn't catch a cold but they sure as hell can kill one.

    The idea that the Calderon administration is gonna catch Chapo is an insult to anybody's intelligence. Even if they killed him the cartel would still function. His death or capture might be the worst thing that could happen in this war. The Zetas getting primacy would bring us to a genocide level of death. The infighting that would be amplified within the Sinaloa cartel could very well cause more death than them operating as is.

    Juarez would immediately get worse than it has EVER been.

    I dunno, I guided a photog in TJ, Sonora and Juarez and I feel like Chapo is the only narco we should be talking to. Go to Empalme and people are less scared of Sinaloa than they are the police and army. I don't blame them. When criminals can offer welfare that the state refuses for rightist/christianist reasons you go with who allows your children to get medicine.

    Calderon getting killed or captured would do 10x more to improve Mexico and the USA.

    Even the right wing Arizona gun lusting plebes who run this blog know that we need to legalize everything and offer better services for the poor on both lados of the frontera if we ever want to solve this. You know this but you will never say it out loud because you hate Obama (why?). The PAN/PRI (only difference is the nonchalance in regards to their putrid hypocritical corrupt ways) and the Republican party have created this but they will never admit they were wrong and the bloodshed will continue. The fence has led to more death than the walking of guns (let me tell you no one in the ATF voted obama these were cowboy amuricans)

    The sicarios I spoke to ALL had ARs and they didn't get them from South America my friends.

    Even with the moronic and destructive right wing stance of this blog I will thank you for covering this period. You do it out of fear but at least you are doing it.

  3. the leader of the zetas have more death and murder under his belt the army should be going after him and his men without impunity

  4. Pshh 3 stages? Easier said than done. Now if they allow for the u.s. To hunt him down then thats a different story.. He'll go down one day, but no 3 stages

  5. @ BIG Baby Campbell

    You speak the truth. You speak with common sense and knowledge. You got the balls to tell it like it is. I have been saying the same things that you just said and people act like I don't know what I'm talking about. They say that I'm on Chapo's side when I think he's the devil in disguise. It's these Tea baggers who are so hard-headed that they can't look beyond their own simple values so all they know how to do is criticize anyone who disagrees with their ignorant ideologies.

    But you put it all together.

    Destroy the zetas. Recognize El Chapo as the best chance of removing the more violent cartels and pursuing a less destructive drug business. But we all know that he is not a good person. But neither are the politicians who can't run a country for shit anymore. This drug war bullshit is getting too old now. It's time for these ignorant lazy ass politicians to get off of their asses and start doing the right things, instead of always doing everything for money.

    It's time for the Democrats to grow some Balls too.

    Great F' Comment!!

  6. Big Baby Campbell- We have been bearing arms since 1776 maybe you should do the same. And by the way its Obamas handpicked attorney general that armed the cartels not the Republicans. Do your research son.

  7. Either you align or get aligned....they will NEVER get el chapo

  8. big baby you troll much?
    only a complete idiot would presume to speak for those who have not appointed you as their spokesperson.
    you are not speaking for me and my beliefs and if you are not speaking for me then i can hazard a guess that you are not speaking for everyone that visits this site.
    my stance is, I am pro God, anti drug and anti criminal.
    The fight that i fight will never be over so long as I draw breath and without speaking for anyone else I only pray that their are others that think like I do.

  9. If you really think about it,Sinaloa Cartel and CDG have alot in common,they both are waging a war against their former armed wings,Zetas and Beltran Leyvas.Their former armed wings are really contesting their plazas.So the question is how do we destroy either of these cartels?The answer is we cant,even if chapo dies his son Ivan Archivaldo Guzman which has been increasing his role in the CDS will take over.And the Zetas and Beltran Leyvas dont seem to stop in this never ending war over territory and distribution routes.I believe a private truce should be made by the goverment and all the leaders,and he who fails gets punished by the Marines.That would be the quickest way to stop all this mess.Unless you guys have a better idea?..One thats been analyzed by all angles.Anyone with logic would conclude to this,drugs are always gonna exist,also consumer,so their also has to be drug trafficking organizations.Wake The Fuck Up Calderon Your Going NoWhere With This WAr On Drugs!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Big Baby Campbell, are you serious? What has your love (why?) for Obama done to make one bit of positive change in US, OR Mexico? Throwing money and supplies to the Mexican Army is the same as giving the bad guys guns! And speaking of Obama and his great ideas, the guy can't even get his jobs bill past his own people! He could have given all the bail out money back to the people, and the economy would have hummed, debts paid, houses fixed up....but he spends it on his buddies and on projects that DO NOTHING! Lets take the 1 trillion dollars spent in the bailouts. If you spend one million dollars a day since the day Jesus was born, that would only be around 700 billion! Your people are just as guilty for the big banks and the huge companies fat cats walking away with bloated pensions and bonuses. Hell, they wont even loan you money if you have good credit or collateral. The unions that you guys line up to kiss their ass are as bad as organized crime! They take all those dues to pay themselves! But I'll concede the Republicans are just as nuts! This is Washington's fault, not a Dem or Republican. All these guys need to be run out of town!

    And gun loving? Guns are illegal in Mexico, but look at how that's working out. Guns are illegal in South Africa, but look at how that's working out. Guns will never go away. Ever. So stop wishing that it would happen, and get with reality. The ONLY thing that is going to fix Mexico is if the people arm themselves and fight it out. And I'm talking the people fighting the cartels AND the system. It's so corrupt that no matter what happens with Calderons war, there will always be bad guys running the show! And do you think these guys wouldn't have AR-15's if they didn't get them from the US? They are going to get guns from somewhere. It's the path of least resistance, just like us getting drugs from them. If we couldn't get drugs from Mexico, do you think we would all clean up and go to rehab? No, we would figure out another way to get them. It doesn't help that the ATF is sending them south, either! Look at the chemicals it takes to make crystal meth. They can't get them from the US, so what do they do? They go to China, India, Pakistan. There are a lot of countries that hate us because they are shit nuts, and they will bend over backwards to screw us any way they can. You don't think China would send a few containers of SKS's if they talked to the right guy? The Mexican cartels are ALREADY TALKING TO THESE PEOPLE!

    Pull your head out of your ass! Obama couldn't fix a squeaky door! You can't blame everyone else for your promises going up in smoke, and you can't have "change" by using Chicago politics! And all your wishing that guns went away is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!! And always remember that you are free to drive your pile of shit Prius around, shop at Whole Foods thinking that food grown with human poop is better for you, and make love to who ever you want BECAUSE SOME FUCKER HAD TO TAKE A BULLET AND DIE FOR YOU TO BE FREE! In Mexico, there is a lot who need the same bullet!

  11. Mexico needs to stop playing this game of trying to stop these assholes. If an American boys wants to kill himself with crystal meth or cocaine let him be, maybe better parenting would have stop such death. The war on drugs is a fuken joke and will continue to be. We need to stop the drugs before they get to our kids, the solution is not in some agency or some other country. Its in your house and the failure to stop such behaviors.
    I am by no means a democrat, I believe in having the right to do whatever you want. If one of those things is ingesting or shooting up illegal substances be it. I don't care, its your body and your life.
    I am more of a libertarian...

  12. Stubborn Tea party needs to be more open-minded, flexible and willing to compromise by achieving the most good in the long run for the most people. Democrats need to get a backbone, and learn to stand up for what's right. Both parties should learn to work together and should be ashamed of their recent performances and lack of accomplishments. The way they can't work together, merely means, there is no hope the US will be ever able to get it together to help Mexico solve their problems. Mexican politicians have to really get serious about the corruption problem, on top of working some new angles on tiresome drug war. Consider asking for help. Way too many people are dying. The US could be helpful if they quit quibbling over something they could solve like the debt situation. But we don't see that happening. It is just too bad and frustrating.

  13. You'll never get El Chapo. Not the priest, not the government. Jajajajaja

  14. > I am pro God, anti drug and anti criminal.
    > The fight that i fight will never be over
    > so long as I draw breath and without
    > speaking for anyone else I only pray that
    > their are others that think like I do

    And I hope there are more that don't think like this.

    Claiming to be pro God is a red flag to many a discerning reader, and rightly so.

    If you're anti drug then why do you maintain the most successful price support system available for the cartels?

    If you're anti criminal then why don't you stop creating so many of them via the direct subsidy of Prohibition? Why do you help increase their numbers by undermining respect for the law in general when you apply enforcement where it serves private interests not public interests.

    Being pro God doesn't mean you must be shallow.

  15. "If you're anti drug then why do you maintain the most successful price support system available for the cartels?"

    dude, wtf??? are you trying to say its americas fault the cartels are so powerful and rich in mexico?? if so, you sir, are an idiot. you guys need to get your shit together for real.

  16. The comment that Calderon has had a failed Presidency has pissed me off. Mexico is and has been a shithole for at least my 60 years,Calderon is the ONLY National politician in modern Mexico who has EVER actually tried to FORCE MEXICO to be a REAL COUNTRY. You little left wing shits popping of about drugs etc the real point is to create a functioning STATE where the GTovt actually SERVES the people,not ITS SELF. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT DRUGS. YOU drug people can stay high until you starve to death, the rest of us want a safe honest country without fear and crime.

  17. > are you trying to say its americas
    > fault the cartels are so powerful
    > and rich in mexico??

    Yes, as it was our fault when booze-running gangsters got rich and raised hell during the last Prohibition we had the good sense to repeal.

    > if so, you sir, are an idiot

    Surely you can do better than that.

  18. Arguing with druggies is mostly like arguing with alcoholics, it just gets you nowhere.
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ Burke

  19. Prohibitionist arguments don't get anywhere because they lack substance, something no amount of ad hominem or quote mining can mitigate.

  20. First of all legalization will do little to curtail the drug violence...your not dealing with businessmen, who bend the rules a little! Your dealing with the worst kind of people in society (chainsawing a person's head off would be the example!) Second, what about the kidnapping, extortion, gambling, large scale theft, think legalization of drugs is going to prevent or stop those crimes? No it will not! This is about greed, power, and control!

    The solution in breaking any cartel's power lies in the very same thing that allow cartel's to thrive MONEY & ASSETS! The Mexican govt and the US govt absolutely have to seize ALL monies and assets associated with the drug business..the money trail is very easy to follow..the problem is the level of corruption within the Mexican the gov't (local-state-federal).

    Also, mark my word El Chapo will be caught and brought to justice (dead or alive). He knows it too..he's on borrowed time! If he isn't slaughtered in some gun fight with the Mexican army than he will be serving his time in a supermax in the United States. Eventually, elements of the Mexican gov't who are alledgedly protecting him will give way to the political pressure of capturing or killing him. Will the removal of El Chapo affect the CDS..absolutely.

    Remember, to say "Why should I care, if someone wants to use drugs or sell drugs that's their business." On the same token, why should you care if thousands of people are being killed in the drug war being raged in Mexico! or the United States! Same logic as legalization of drugs.."people should be free to use whatever drugs they want..." Also, turning a blind eye to the problem isn't not the solution..keep in mind, the war on drugs (in Mexico) has only been raging on since 2006! Remember prior to that..Mexico's policy was to largely ignore the "business"..As far as the U.S. is concerned, Mexico really limits the U.S. in playing a role in the drug war (right wrong or indifferent).

  21. Mexico is in situation where it is now because government gave decades ago a little finger to narcos for money and when years went on cartels took whole hand.
    And now that country is crying for easy solution for that shit they let started by themselves. I'm sorry but there is no easy solution, it's never easy to build government and mentality again from roots to top.
    If next president stops this war in half way, nobody won, problems come back later. Stopping now would be plain stupid. Mexico can't get better without suffering anymore.
    People should see whole package about cartels. Of course they are ok to you when they are quiet to common people, but you got to understand they give other times hell to you. That's plain stupid too to pick one time period when they was nice to people and judge by it. They was same shit back then than they are now.

  22. This was one of the funniest articles I have ever read. The boast about Eddy and all that he has done and what an excellent general he is for 20 paragraphs. Then they have 2 sentences on his plan to capture El Chapo. Lets see, how did it go, watch him, circle him, capture him. What a joke. Like a bad western.

    8:20 PM.."The comment that Calderon has had a failed Presidency has pissed me off." Damn, I bet you stay pissed off then because Calderon has failed Mexico in every way and to depths that that poor nation will never recover from. You poor guy, don't you realize that Calderon and his crew have stollen the heart and soul from Mexico through their greed to extract every dollar and peso they can get from even the poorest Mexican along with anything the US government may give him. Isn't his motto, "It is not the governments job to protect you, protect yourself but do it without a gun,"

    And don't call me left wing, I am radical. Neither left of right works for me. I am for rearing it down and starting over. Government is broke in the US and Mexico.

  23. > you think legalization of drugs is going
    > to prevent or stop those crimes? No it
    > will not! This is about greed, power, and
    > control!

    Good. We agree, but nobody claims the end of Prohibition will bring about the end of crime and violence (except for prohibitionists putting words in the mouths of reformers).

    The idea is to pick your battles, not tilt at every windmill. Prohibition results in stratospheric profits from the drugs trade. End Prohibition and see prices for food crops become competitive with prices for drug crops. That'll have a meaningful effect on the MONEY.

    Criminality and corruption will remain, sure, somewhat diminished, but a weak state cultivates greater odds of strengthening itself if it picks its battles rather than entertaining futility.

    Prohibition serves only the profiteers on both sides of the law. Stop it.

  24. baby campbell you dont know what you talking about you idiot mexico cant find chapo he is americas most wanted the u.s. cant get him either

  25. Even after Prohibition, according to Ken Burns new documentary, there were dry counties all over the South, where organized opposition to repealing Prohibition was led and funded by local sheriffs and bootleggers

    'The Drys' were right wing religious zealots. Nothing seems to have changed.

    Its funny how Tea Party "Get the Guv'mint off my back' types don't mind government getting ON the backs of other people. Especially in Drug Prohibition. WHY? Because their dangerous drugs (alcohol, tobacco) have been grandfathered-in.

    They were hypocrites then. And they are hypocrites now.

  26. Chapo doesnt trust Mayo Zambada and his sons anymore.

    One will Soon Turn against the Other and then Sinaloa Cartel will Fall Apart.

    Chapo is on Borrowed Time and His Circle of Assasins like Manuel Felix Torres, Misael Torres, Chino Antrax, Gordo and all the rest of the scum of Sinaloa.

    Chapo no confía en Mayo Zambada y sus hijos más. Uno pronto dará vuelta contra el otro y entonces el cártel de Sinaloa se deshará. Chapo está en época prestada y su círculo de asesinos como Manuel Felix Torres, Misael Torres, tipo de tela de algodón Antrax, Gordo y todo el resto de la espuma de Sinaloa.

    1. Do you even know what you talking about Most of those you named r el mayos people lol

  27. Your dumb, all those hitman are under Mayo's command not Chapo's.

  28. If you don't stay in mexico and know people involved don't think to much Mexico's government and a good chunk of our government play everyone for fools just some do it better than others its all about money. People in some areas are living in poverty in mexico because the government and have very very little chances of anything in life all they have is farming if lucky and doesn't make much $ farming drugs is money so they join that drug trade its not seen as what we see its seen as a way of living not all people involved are monsters and some are created life effects us all in different ways. Some stay the same some adapt because some of those that came before them became monsters lead by greed only the strong survive with monsters. Part of our government saw money opportunities with the drug trade in all possible ways By bring it selling it and getting the economy hooked then outlawing it money comes in all different ways. Here's our guns mexico lol let them destroy themselves dumbasses


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