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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Police and Community go on Lock Down from an Armed Commando

A group of gunmen shot and killed three people on Saturday night, which caused a lock down in the communities of Villa Ocampo and Las Nieves.
The shooting sent terror among the communities forcing residents of both towns to lock themselves in their homes, leaving the streets deserted. This also forced the municipal police department to also seek shelter in the local police station.

A heavily armed convoy of gunmen was seen driving through the town of Las Nieves, Durango where they eventually executed 3 men in a town not far called Villa Ocampo. The sicarios took over the town of Villa Ocampo and murdered the tree men in three different locations with total impunity.

One of the men executed was identified as Jose Reyes Acosta, "El Venado," 41 years of age and resident of Las Nieves, Durango. The other victim was identified as Manuel Antonio Corral Garcia, 24 years of age, also from Las Nieves. The third victims was identified as Jose Narisco Roacho Moreno, "El Chon," who lives in Villa Ocampo. El Chon is a well known businessman in the community, who was described as stocky build, with a dark complexion and about 28 years of age.

Next to the bodies police found numerous spent casings from a 9mm firearm and 7.62X39 casings consistent with "cuernos de chivo" or AK-47.

Sources: Noty Parral, El Monitor Parral.


  1. Are controlled by el chapo

  2. El dueno de plaza siempre.......GN el blanco

  3. Passage way from la sierra. Area close to Chihuahua. Chapo stronghold through out the whole area. Zetas come in time to time but get stomped and don't really do much.

  4. So these were innocents?

  5. bling bling sending reinforcements to the area

  6. that is something that they deserved

  7. Rest in Peace Jose Reyes you will be missed! Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family!!!


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