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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three Executed By CT in Apatzingán

A couple of day ago the bodies of three men were found next to a Coca Cola manufacturing plan in Apatzingán, Michoacan. The victims all had visible signs of being tortured, a knife through their chest and were left sitting on white plastic chairs.

The victims had their hands tied behind their backs, their eyes were blindfolded and all the victims appeared to have been shot in the forehead. Next to them was a narco-banner that had a logo commonly used by Los Caballeros Templarios.

"Man lives and dies according to his behavior and his actions, as it is reflected now in this case."

Authorities were not able to identify the victims during the discovery, but they did recover at the scene a magazine for a 10mm firearm.


  1. Idk about Michiocan but when El Mamito one of the leaders of Los Zetas got caught he mentioned that the reason why theres is a mess there is because none if them ever had a sence of word,none of them respected the truces that were made.Also i would like some insight from other BB readers,how do you guys view this Cartels leader La Tuta? Idk but since the beginning it was obvious that LFM were not completely one with the goverment like in other places(Sinaloa,Tijuana,Juarez) idk if its just me but its always seemed like the goverment just hates these guys to the extreme,despite president Felipe Calderon being from the same state.If things continue like this more likely La Tuta will Fall.

  2. is CT still allies with CDS and CDG

  3. Not trying to be a dick but I think it would be better to say
    " man lives and dies according to his behavior and what occured here is a reflection of that"

  4. What always get's me is a lot of times they use these professionally produced signs. That shows lots of planning and coordination and a level of sophistication and understanding of PSYOPS. Complete with brand name Logo!

    So, you have to wonder if the back-story ever comes out on these guys. Who they were, what their involvement was and if they ever did this kind of stuff to others before they got it - or not?

    Too bad there isn't a way to know with 100% proof other than speculation.

    One more thing: It seems like a very common theme across nearly all the gangs is that the victims are very often found blind-folded. Not in every case but often enough to appear to be some sort of "standard" methodology that runs across the Narco-Culture.

    Why? What does it matter if they are going to be very, very dead in the end? Is it to be more "humane"? Or, more likely, does it add to the victims terror?

  5. @ 1:06 am...

    I agree the government seems to have it out for the FM now CT. Seems like the federales work for zetas here in michoacan or just beating their asses to the ground. Eitherway, the CT keep losing men but continue to have a stronghold in michoacan.the sad part is that if ct where not in michoacan, michoacan would be infested with zetas. My parents went to michoacan in may 2011. They saw four door silverados with california plates. In each truck there was 6 to 8 Young kids around the ages of 14 to 19/20 working as sicarios. Funny thing was people all knew the sicarios as good kids and there only doing their jobs My grandmother would even wash clothing for them. She felt bad forthem because ashes knows older men control their young lives... My grandmother told me the sicarios would tell her that they feared for their lives everyday and started "estamos en guerra, somos guerrilleros" (we are warriors, we are in war) harsh as it sounds money makes the world go round. Moral of story govt is deff picking of caballeros templarios, no doubt.

  6. Fresh blood thats not even dried. This crime occur minutes before these pictures were taken.


  8. @October 24, 2011 8:36 AM

    "One more thing: It seems like a very common theme across nearly all the gangs is that the victims are very often found blind-folded. Not in every case but often enough to appear to be some sort of "standard" methodology that runs across the Narco-Culture.

    Why? What does it matter if they are going to be very, very dead in the end? Is it to be more "humane"? Or, more likely, does it add to the victims terror?"

    My guess is that victims may be more calm if they think they are going to be released (haven't seen capturer's face(/s). I think they often say there is no problem, you're going to get free.
    But it may be like you said, more terror too, part of torture and shitty end.
    It is way more easier to control blindfolded than person who sees. From kidnapping till execution.
    "More humane?" No, I don't think this guys give a F about that aspect. :)

  9. So...what do you guess?

    Knife shoved in chest first and then shot in the foreheads?

    Or, shot first and then stabbed in the heart?

    Not that it makes a whole lot of difference other than most people would rather get shot in the head first, given a choice. That would be instantaneous and you probably wouldn't feel anything.

    I'm no forensic expert but I agree that this happened not long before the photos were taken. Probably within 30 minutes. I would say probably not more than one hour.

    So those knives...I don't suppose those were real high-end knives because they left them sticking out of the chest. They love that flair for drama eh? A lot of guys would not want to leave their best knife behind. What do you think? $20.00 knock-off knives? They do look like fighting / military style knives though.

    Not that they have to cost a lot to accomplish the task. Then again, they could be $100 knives and they have plenty of money to burn.

    10mm with a hot load is about the equivalent force of a .357 mag. - which is substantial.

    There is really no way to tell exactly what grain of bullet was being used just off the photos. I wonder if they even bother with advanced forensics and ballistics testing and examinations in cases like these in Mex?

    Too much work, too much time, too much money, and why bother - eh?

    Can anyone speak with authority on these questions?

    1. Mexico is so ducked up. My brother is in prison there and gets toucher for a crime he didn't do it sucks my brother don't no any one out there we're from CA, and they won't let him come back I hope they don't kill him. the USA should step in

  10. Wow !! I noticed that comment about the 10 mm round also. Most of the time the reporters and/or media know little about the firearms used. A true 10 mm is a relatively uncommon High-powered hand gun round and firearm. It is considered a magnmum round. The 40 cal is the closest variant and the rounds are not interchangeable in firearms. 10 mm rounds are difficult to find and expensive in US gun stores. The owner of that gun is most likely a person that frequents gun shows in Texas and/or Arizona. I would also be willing to bet he was a Miami Vice when it was popular sitcom in the US years ago. Detective Crockett's firearm of choice was the Colt model Delta Elite 1911 stainless in 10 mm and he made it famous. Glok & Colt still manufacture 10 mm hand guns and they are rather pricey at about $1,000 and very expensive to shoot regularly. They are also difficult to shoot with proficiency becuase of the high recoil.

  11. Forget how much the knives are worth, I'd bet a grand that there is bloody fingerprints all over the grip, the sign, the chair, tape.... How the hell do they not AT LEAST fingerprint this stuff and create a database in order to compare them to other murders and crime scenes? Don't you think that there is an MOD to some of these murders and they can link them to certain groups? Jesus Christ, some of these guys sign their names on the posters! Of all the pictures of these murder scenes, how many do you see where they are using forensics? NONE!! All you see is gangs of people walking through the scene, playing with evidence.... Don't you think the worlds murder capital would start to TRY and solve these crimes? I guess when only a handful of those who you arrest with blood on their hands- with the guns who killed others and who's prints are all over the last crime scene actually get prosecuted, why the fuck even try? And that must be how they feel.

  12. to make them professional signs you just need a big big printer and a nice program

    if they only killing bad guys is cool but they should let up on the torture and put a slug in the head

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  13. @October 24, 2011 8:45 PM

    My opinion too is that they don't seem to investigate, they rather document those events.
    And if culprit has money, those documents disappear.

  14. 10/24 7:25PM,
    LOL..Miami Vice? C'mon dude these narcos aren't watching outdated American crime shows from the 80's..or trying to emulate what the show's characters carry for weapons..that's a bit of a stretch. As far as 10mm being expensive, not really the glock model can be had for $+500 new and even less for used. The Colt model is expensive around $800-$700 new less for used only because it's a Colt. The 10mm is an uncommon round but it is not rare or hard to's just not popular.

  15. The reason why these guys are dead is because they either kidnapped people or killed the innocent.


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