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Monday, October 24, 2011

Drug War Expert Urges Mexicans to Engage in Peaceful Resistance

Mexicans should “rise up peacefully” and become a “society of the indignant” to end the drug-related violence plaguing the country, an expert on the war on drugs said during the presentation of his new book over the weekend.

Journalist Jose Reveles discussed his new book, “Levantones, narcofosas y falsos positivos,” during the 11th Zocalo International Book Fair in Mexico City.

Reveles’ book is “a call for a popular and peaceful uprising by society,” which is currently asleep but “will rise up little by little,” drug war analyst Eduardo Buscaglia, who accompanied the author at the presentation, said.

“We must demand that those who govern, who we pay and are our employees, do their jobs and stop this absurd war that does not fight the roots of organized crime,” Reveles said.

The book tries to explain why the death toll from murders, kidnappings and disappearances is so high in Mexico, using first-hand accounts and expert analysis.

“I had a lot to say and I knew citizens and journalists who asked me many questions” about the situation in Mexico, Reveles said.

The war on drugs declared by President Felipe Calderon shortly after he took office in December 2006 has led to the deaths of more than 40,000 people.

The book contends that the war on drugs has become a tragedy, with the Mexican state overwhelmed by organized crime groups, citizens increasingly vulnerable and a rising number of innocent victims.

The author also warns of the appearance of “death and social cleansing squads,” and he describes abuses committed by both soldiers and drug cartel members.

Regardless of the outcome of next year’s presidential election, the policy of taking on the cartels will change because “it is erratic, dumb and leads nowhere,” Reveles said.

The book is “fundamental for understanding the situation taking place in Mexico,” Buscaglia said.

“When criminal groups divvy up the state among themselves, these tragedies happen,” Buscaglia said.

The analyst compared the current situation in Mexico to that in Colombia in the 1990s and Italy in the 1980s, noting that a corrupt business and political elite acts in complicity with the drug traffickers.

“It is impossible to understand the power of the Sinaloa cartel, of the Tijuana (cartel) or of Los Zetas without (looking at) the economic power of European and U.S. businesses which launder the money of these groups,” Buscaglia said.

“We have to start dismantling these companies that are buying the state at wholesale,” the analyst said.

Source: EFE


  1. Is this Mexico's version of Michael Moore? Crazy to hear a liberal in Mexico think the bad guys can be dealt with peacefully. Maybe if you pay them to be nice, but isn't that basically extortion on a massive scale? And would those killers be forgiven for the atrocities that make terrorists look like Cub Scouts?

  2. Unfortunately, the ones that could force this currently are the ones that want the war to continue. I can't wait for the 2012 elections. There may be a shot at peace.

  3. The Genie is out of the bottle. Even if say all of the sudden a new president comes in and says "OK, we are not going after the drug trade anymore, they will still fight amongst themselves for control and probably become even more brazen, bold and violent. With no police or army to hold them in check, they will establish firm control over the citizens of Mexico with the end goal no doubt of every citizen paying them a form of "protection tax". Even say if it were $5 a month per person, that would be billions. Those who made trouble or didn't pay - would be made examples of.

    A "Pirate's Paradise"!

  4. That dudes a fucking idiot... Follow what he says and allot of innocent people will be needlessly killed, he needs to shut his ignorant face and people should not be repeating his ignorance...

  5. There could be no such thing as vigilante death squads. Law abiding folks can't get guns or ammo! In Mexico underworld links are a must to get guns and they would be prohibitively expensive.

    Maybe 80% plus of casualties of those 40,000 are from cartel on cartel violence but Reveles and Buscaglia lay those deaths on Calderon's mantle? What a bunch of blind fools. Its the corrupt PRI and PRD that are "...erratic, dumb, and lead nowhere..."

  6. This a joke? seriously is this guy trying to make fun of the situation or something??? so everyone acts peaceful and everything gonna be fine! LMAOOOO!! maybe he's just strung out on drugs also.

    Usually when people have peaceful protests or something a drug cartel member throws a grenade and everything ends.

    Silly unrealistic solution to a serious problem. The only way to deal with this is fighting the cartels on their own terms which means arming citizens for starters.

  7. As if being a turf at war with everything ever gets anything fone besides destroying shit.

  8. October 24, 2011 11:17 PM
    let me guess youre a Murrican member of a Xtian sect that loves God but kills everything else right?
    BTW, your own government made peace with the Taliban
    get your head out of your ass.

  9. This guy is a useful idiot.

  10. Absolutely, get European and American investment out of Mexico and let them go it alone. No doubt Mexico has what it takes to develop sound and inclusive economic growth policies without foreign investment.

  11. This guy is an idiot, just another liberal moron flapping his gums.

  12. Buscaglia is great, he know a great deal

  13. and yet no comment about one of these guys's main points:

    calderon does NOT go after de rich empresarios who launder money for the cartels, all your comments are about "these silly liberals"

    don't lie to yourselves calderons war is partial, it is not a war against the financial structures of the cartels.

  14. calderon's war against the cartels is faux!

    the institutions, empresarios who launder mondey for the cartels remain untouched, being buscaglia's main point.

  15. @yoyo

    Useful idiots is so true. They are foolishly working for the wrong side. Useful Idiots is a great book btw and it should be required reading to show the effects of leftist propaganda.

  16. Don't buy drugs... Buy guns its the "American Way"!!!

  17. Thank you, BB guys, for posting this piece.

    Anyone that studies violence does so as to understand the root causes of situations.

    Your website does a great service on the Internet in informing people in a way that they can digest and look for other sources to find resolve.

    Often times, you have a hostile populace of posters who respond in negative terms instead of using respect to debate an idea with an adverse opinion; I find it often ironic that those who say the bullet is better than the hand publicly are the same who ask for a fair handshake in their own country.

    I do realize the net readers, often silent, of your site are much more educated.

    Keep up the good work.

    An interesting conversation came up today about peace and the other contributor told me, "Peace is the dog in the van with 20 people on a hot day who still can sleep through the ride."

    I responded, "It feels like peace, but it is indifference."

    In a miliatry conflict, the dog will get shot no matter whether he sleeps, barks, or begs. He in indifferent in the van, so he does not count.

    Mexico IS waking up.

    Non-violence IS the key.


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