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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mexican Group Takes 'Justice' Into Own Hands

More on the issue of MataZetas, here Al Jazeera's Adam Raney reports from Veracruz:

A group calling themselves the Matazetas, or 'Zetas killers' in English, has emerged in the Meixcan city of Veracruz.

As the "armed wing of the people", they have vowed to take on the well known Zetas drug gang and proudly claim they were involved in the killing of 49 people last week who they say were associated with the Zetas.


  1. Mexican marines just arrested 50 police in Veracruz, maybe the group "Mata Zetas"?

  2. @October 1, 2011 1:22 PM

    I'd put my money on PoliZetas here...

  3. If the Matazetas are cng, they're definately not going to be cops from Veracruz. I think those arrests will just be another blow to the Zetas.

  4. wow! this is kind of scary because they are killing AND arresting SOOOOOOOO many ZZZZZ and yet they still are a force and seem to be growing! they are superbly talented at getting disposable soldiers and recruiting apparently because for every one that dies or get arrested, 5 more pop up! they are very similar to how a virus works in the human body, except this is a very well funded virus!!

  5. well hen someone that is working for them dies due to a confrontation with a rival gang or the federales they dont waste time and get all the males i mean brothers old enough to fight in the deceaseds family by force thats how they doit

  6. The MATA Z is more than likley a mask of another Cartel Gulfo,Sinaloa ? who knows? Killing people who are truly players is A-OK with everybody, if Mexico can get half way streight I think the drug trade will in time sort itsself out and go back underground.


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